Acrostic Poem Rubric - DOC by 3a5jEc3


									                            Acrostic Poem Rubric

Student Name: ____________________

  Category               3               2                 1                0
Spelling          All words in    There are 1-2     There are 3-5     There are
                  poem are        spelling errors   spelling errors   more than
                  spelled         in poem.          in poem.          5 spelling
                  correctly.                                          errors.
Creativity        Student         Student tried     Student hardly    Student did
                  creatively      to use            used any          not use any
                  used powerful   adjectives,       adjectives,       adjectives,
                  adjectives,     phrases, and      phrases, or       phrases, or
                  phrases, and    facts about       facts about       facts about
                  facts about     him/her but it    him/her.          him/her.
                  him/her. It     does not flow     Descriptions      The poem
                  flows nicely    well or make      do not make       is
                  and makes       sense.            sense at all.     incomplete.
Keyboarding       The poem is     The poem is       The poem is       The poem
and Overall       pleasing to     somewhat          difficult to      does not
Appearance        the eye and     pleasing to       read, not         meet
                  has             the eye, and      spaced            standards
                  keyboarding     includes few      proportionately   at all.
                  no errors.      keyboarding       and there are
                                  errors.           many
Images            No more than    Pictures have     Pictures are      No pictures
                  4 relevant      been included     not relevant      have been
                  pictures have   and are           and are not       included or
                  been selected   somewhat          positioned        less than 4
                  and             relevant and      properly.         have been
                  positioned      positioned                          used and
                  properly.       properly.                           are not

Updated July 22, 2010

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