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Living Costs in Germany


If you’ve been offered a job to be an expat in Germany you may have two major concerns: how will it be like living in this foreign country and how much will living here actually cost? Briefly, two general areas that cover the bulk of the cost of living in Germany are food and transportation. Food prices for dining out cost an average of € 8.40 per meal for one person while public transport costs about € 2.30 for a one-way fare.

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									                 Moving to Germany? Average Cost to Live Here
So you got a tempting job offer but you have to move to Germany in order to enjoy all the
perks and benefits that go with it. Before you sign on the dotted line and be an expat
Germany, you of course, would want to know how it will be like to live in this country for the
duration of your contract.

Is it expensive to live in this European country? What are the food prices, on average? What if
you want to dine out, will you be able to afford to do so several times per month? How much
is it to get around the cities here?

Cost of Living in Germany


The above questions are major considerations for most future expatriates to Germany. To give
you a rough idea of how much you might be spending for food; on the average, dining in a
cheap restaurant will cost you about € 8.40 per meal, per person.

Meals at popular fast food chains cost around € 6.30 while sodas in groceries will cost you
about € 1.86 per bottle of a little more than a quarter of a liter.

Of course you will not be dining out all the time as this is rather expensive. Stocking up on
food, a loaf of bread is around € 1.89 per 500 grams while a liter of milk is about € 0.73. A
one and one-half liter bottle of water costs around € 0.85.

Fruits range from € 2 to € 2.44 per kilo while vegetables are anywhere from less than one
Euro to € 1.03 depending on what you will be getting and whether or not this is in season.


Whether you will be given your own car to drive around the city you will be assigned or you
will be taking the public transport, it is important that you also know the prices of gasoline
and local transport services.

A considerable portion of your monthly expenditures will go into these costs. Local
transportation in Germany costs roughly about € 2.30 per one-way fare. You may want to get
a pass which is valid for one month so you can save on your transportation cost.

This one-month pass costs around € 57.38.

A liter of gasoline averages about € 1.47. Bear in mind that gasoline prices may increase or
decrease depending on world supply and demand ratio.

Other Cost Considerations

There are other cost considerations, as well, such as payments for water, electricity and gas
for cooking average around € 129 per month while cable or ADSL internet connection is
around € 22.50 per month.

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