too many intrusive customizations The cost to migrate all of our customizations is quite the same as the cost of implementing a new release Due to by 27yaJCV


									            Save Time and Money with the
QAD Integrated Customization Toolkit (ICT)

                   Shankar Subramanian, PMP
    Manager - Customer Response Center, QAD
       Challenges - Customer Statements
        “Can’t migrate, too many (intrusive) customizations”
        “The cost to migrate all of our customizations is quite the
         same as the cost of implementing a new release”
        “Due to intrusive customizations, adding patches supplied by
         QAD Support (ECO’s) takes too much time”
        “We can only create customizations if we have the full source
        “There is too much rework with our current customizations”
        “Customizations are too expensive and take too long to
        “Very difficult to track and trace changes to the standard
         application and analyze impact of applying patches or
QAD Proprietary
       What if you could customize QAD
       applications that:
       Were not intrusive to QAD source code
       Followed a set of development standards
       Were easy to migrate to the latest release of
        QAD Enterprise Applications
       Allowed for quick modifications as your business
        needs change
       Included automatic tracking, tracing and
        debugging features

QAD Proprietary
       Need for Customization
       Non-Intrusive Principles
       Customer Case Study

QAD Proprietary
       Non-Intrusive Development

                           Custom Software

                  QAD Integrated Customization Toolkit

                      QAD Enterprise Applications
                    (Character/Desktop/.NetUI & GUI)
QAD Proprietary
       QAD ICT Components

                  QAD Integrated Customization Toolkit

                                        Security / Role Model
                  User Interface
                                              QAD Standards

                  Business Logic
                                          Tracking & Tracing

                     Database           Control & Debugging

QAD Proprietary
       Why Customize?
           alternate user interfaces
             analysis gathering
                  many reasons
            extended attributes
                       extended validation
     business rules default values
QAD Proprietary
       ICT Demonstrations
       Add a frame to Item Data Maintenance
        (including addition of a shadow table for

       Sales Order Maintenance - example

QAD Proprietary
       The Solution
        The ICT deployment includes:
                  –   A methodology for non-invasive custom development
                  –   A structured design strategy
                  –   A set of development standards
                  –   And the Toolkit (ICT)
        It eliminates or significantly reduces the need to change
         standard source code
        Additionally…
                  – No changes are required in any propath definition
                  – Monitor, track and trace features are built in
                  – It is available for any UI interface (CHUI, GUI, Desktop, .NET)
                    starting with release 8.6 and above
                  – The development standards are upward-compatible to future
QAD Proprietary
       Key Features
       Triggers for any UI required change
                  – Validation rules, messages, default setting, re-labeling
                  – Fields hidden, added to screens
                  – Passing values for re-use in other processes/functions
       Triggers to customize business logic
       Triggers based on “user group for security”
       Additional audit trail functionality can be added
       Definition of additional data entities
       Extended debugging features
       Extended reporting to monitor and control your
QAD Proprietary
       Deliverables of the QAD ICT Implementation
        Runtime version for ICT
                  – Enables users to run customizations developed by ICT
                  – Required for each user running QAD Core Enterprise Applications
                    (MFG/PRO Base Bundle)
        Customization Development Toolkit (ICT)
                  – Enables you or your service partner to develop customizations
        Annual customization maintenance of ICT
        Installation Services consisting of
                  – Installing the ICT on a server
                  – Training custom developers (2 day training)
                  – Remote coaching & support during first 3 months
        Documentation & templates

QAD Proprietary
       Customer Case Study – AEP Borden
       Original custom development:

       SubLot functionality with QAD MFG/PRO 8.5D
       Fully intrusive development
       Time Spent on Development and Migration
                  – Original development time - 60 days
                  – Migration to QAD MFG/PRO 9.0 - 25 days

QAD Proprietary
       Customer Case Study – AEP Borden
       Re-designed Sublot functionality in QAD
        applications using ICT:

       Time Spent on Development and Migration
                  – New development time - 25 days
                  – Migration to QAD eB2.1 - 6 days

       Reduction achieved:

       Re-Design solution ~ 55%
       Migration ~ 70%
QAD Proprietary
       Key Benefits
        Reduce initial development costs of customizations by
        Reduce costs of migrating customizations by 50-70%
        Increase portability to new releases
        Quickly and easily adapt applications to changing
         business requirements
        Enable changes to applications while running standard
         unmodified applications

QAD Proprietary
       To Learn More…
       Contact your Sales Representative or send a
        request to
       See / Global Services /
        Consulting / QAD Integrated Customization
        Toolkit data sheet

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