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									                                            January 2012 Newsletter
                                            Proudly serving the employees
                                            of the City of Neenah, the Neenah Joint School District and their families

          We’re in!                                                                   219 W. Cecil St.
                                                                                      P.O. Box 533
  Pack. Haul.Unpack.                                                                  Neenah, WI 54957-0533
    Sort. Store. Done!                                                                920-886-6455
                                                                                      FAX: 920-886-6456
                                                                                      Website: www.conecu.org
                                                                                      Audio response: 1-800-837-7533
                                                                                      9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday
                                                                                      CONE Crew:
                                                                                      Scott Sauer
                                                                                      JoAnn Christian
                                                                                      Cindy Casperson
                                                                                      Marge Kersten
                                                                                      Nancy Owen
                                                                                      Faye Mitchell
                                                                                      Jessica Stoegbauer
                                                                                      Established 1959
                                  Ever move an office? We have, as these              Vital Statistics as of Dec. 15, 2011:
                                  photos from Jessica’s phone attest!                 Members: 1,778
                                                                                      Assets: $28,341,798
   Whew! It took staff muscle, careful     be open 9 a.m. to noon. However, office
packing abilities, talent for organizing   hours Saturdays will be by appointment     Services Offered:
and some long hours, but we are now        only.                                      Drive-Thru
serving our members from the new              We hope you find at least two thou-     Bill Payer
CONE Credit Union office at 219 W.         sand seven hundred forty good things       Online Banking
Cecil St., Neenah.                         about the new location. Here are a few:    Mobile Banking
                                                                                      Audio Response Line
   The new office gives you a private         aIt’s as central to Neenah and all of
                                                                                      Savings Accounts
location for your financial business.      our members as we could get.               CD’s
   With the move, CONE CU will now            aIt’s ground level. No stairs!          Money Market Accounts
offer Saturday morning drive-up hours.        aIts drive-up window allows a face-     Free Checking Accounts
   Beginning Jan. 7, the drive-up will     to-face transaction.                       Interest-Bearing Checking
                                                                                      Debit/ATM Cards

               What’s up? Attend the Annual Meeting!
                                                                                      Home Equity Loans
                                                                                      Adjustable Rate Mortgages
                                                                                      Fixed-Rate Mortgages
              aFriday, March 2, 2012, Bridgewood Conference Center                    Home Equity Line of Credit
              aCash bar opens at 5:30 p.m.                                            Residential Land Loans
                                                                                      Construction Loans
              aDinner at 6:30 p.m.                                                    Vehicle Loans
                                                                                      Kwik Cash Loans
              Business meeting to follow with election of three board positions       Christmas Club
              for three-year terms and one board position for the final year          Payroll Deduction
              of a three-year term.                                                   Notary Service
                                                                                      Money Orders
              aCasino Night! Music! Old and new friends!                              Electronic Funds
                                                                                      Visa® credit card
              aTickets: $7.50
                                                        January 2012 Newsletter

                                              CONE CU debit card restricted
      Have you                                    To protect members from losing
                                              personal financial information and to
    gone mobile ...                           protect your credit union from fraud,
                                              CONE Credit Union will now restrict
        yet?                                  debit card use in certain situations.
                                                  Members will no longer be able to
                                              use debit cards for international trans-
       Convenient.                            actions -- whether online or in person
                                              in a foreign country.
        Secure.                                   Members can use CONE CU debit
                                              cards at ATMs in foreign countries.
       The future.                            Please take precautions and be on
                                              guard against theft in those situations.
                                              Some foreign ATM transactions can             Debit or credit? CONE Credit
                                              incur fees. Please check before leaving       Union debit cards can not be
      conecu.mobi                             on your foreign trip.
                                                  In addition, debit cards can not be
                                                                                             used in certain situations.

                                              used domestically if the card number        experienced incidents in which mem-
                                              is punched in -- and not swiped.            ber personal identity was stolen in for-
                                                  The action comes after CONE CU          eign and domestic transactions.

One member finds number - congratulations!                                                More CONE CU
    Congratulations to the observant re-
tired Neenah Joint School District em-
                                            did not see their numbers in the last issue
                                            and missed out on seven hundred seven-        checking account
ployee who found their member number.
    A retired Neenah Joint School Dis-
                                            teen accolades.
                                               In each issue, we try to cleverly hide     holders rewarded
trict teacher and the daughter of a Neen-   three member numbers. Is one of them in           Are you missing out on a chance to
ah-Menasha Fire Department employee         this issue yours? Let us know.                win a gift card, one of the two thousand
                                                                                          seven hundred seventy three nice ben-
                                                                                          efits of having a CONE Credit Union
                                                                                          checking account?
                                          Could you use $500 to help pay                      It’s time to make the change to CONE
                                       for college expenses?                              Credit Union.
                                          We thought so! CONE                                 Each quarter, we draw three names
                                                                                          from among members with checking ac-
                                       Credit Union will offer two $500                   counts and award them gift cards.
  CONE CU plans                        scholarships for current high                          Our fourth quarter drawing has re-
                                       school seniors furthering their                    warded these three:
  competition for                      education or existing students                         n Missy Birr, $50 Copps gift card
  2 scholarships                       already enrolled.
                                          Stop in or call the CONE CU
                                                                                              n Bob Krueger, $25 Walmart gift
                                                                                              n Corey Earl, $25 Gander Mountain
                                       office for details over the next few                      gift card
                                       weeks.                                                 Isn’t it time you took advantage of all
                                          Entry deadline will be May 1                    CONE CU offers?
                                       with winners announced May 15.

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