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					                             Learn Italian before Moving In
Before you embrace an expat Italy life, you must be prepared in all sense of the word.

Preparation is not just about having all the necessary documents. It is not just about having
enough sum of money to live through a totally different surrounding. It is also about learning
the culture and tradition in the country you see yourself settling down. That includes learning
the language.

You may study Italian abroad since there are lots of schools offering short courses. But the
most ideal is that you learn the language before hand so when you move in, there will be very
little adjustments to take on.

Speak Before you Move

Majority of Italy’s population speak the local language. That’s why it is so important that you
first take language lessons before you move in. That way, you will not have difficulty mixing
in with the locals. Learning Italian will be useful in your everyday life. By doing so, you will
discount any danger of being misunderstood. You will also easily feel right at home if you
already know their language before stepping into their land.

Tips on Learning the Language

The first best step to learn the local language in Italy is doing your homework. Go online and
research all that you can about the language. You can pick a couple of tips online that will be
useful in your assignment. Here is a sampling:

Understand that when you talk about the Italian language, it is not just about a single one.
There are regional dialects that you need to deal with if you do not intend to live in the city.
Half of the population speaks a regional dialect. So before deciding to learn, determine first
which place is your target dwelling place.

It is not enough that you learn the country’s official language as most of the regional dialects
are totally different. That’s why they are quite incomprehensible even to the locals in other
sides of the country.

If you intend to settle in areas that are considered tourist spots, being armed with a little
Italian might be enough. It is more difficult to get by, however, if you are looking to buy a
property in rural areas.

The locals appreciate foreigners trying their very best to learn the language. So speaking even
a little in their local tongue will allow you to a nice impression.

Some online sites offer ‘Learn Italian’ software. For convenience, you may start with that.
You may also enroll in a short language course for better experience. Hiring a private tutor is
another option. That is, if you want to learn the language quickly. A private tutor will be able
to layout a learning process most suitable to you so you will be working at your own pace.

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Description: Study Italian abroad is an option for those who intend to live in Italy. But for best results, you must learn the language first before deciding on an expat Italy life.