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Architecture, Building and Planning; Arts; Economics and Commerce; Education; Engineering;
Land and Food Resources; Law; Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences; Music; Science;
Veterinary Science; Environmental Programs

3.0 GPA and second-year standing (2 semesters of studies)

About the University of Melbourne
The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853 to train and broaden young minds to lead a
new country. Today, the University continues to educate future leaders. Melbourne graduates
hold prominent positions in business, industry, government, science and the arts both in Australia
and overseas. The University holds a prominent place in international surveys, and was recently
ranked third of all universities in the Asia-Pacific region. The University has won prestigious
national awards for first-class support to international students and for excellence in teaching.
University of Melbourne graduates are recruited to top jobs in Australia and overseas.

The University of Melbourne is Australia’s leading research university, with extensive research
links to industry, government and other institutions. In the last five years it has been at the top of
the National Competitive Research Grants ranking, attracting the highest number of research
dollars in competitive funding for new projects. International research collaboration is a priority
at Melbourne, where they boast more industry-linked awards than any other Australian university.

The City of Melbourne
Melbourne is a vital and dynamic capital city. As the gateway to Victoria, Melbourne enjoys an
international reputation as a global city on a path to growing prosperity. Proudly pre-eminent in
business, international trade, arts entertainment, sport and major international events, the city of
Melbourne is home to around 50,000 people and welcomes more than 400,000 workers, visitors
and tourists every day. The greater Melbourne population is 3.5 million.

Celebrating a rich multicultural diversity, Melbourne’s residents combine to represent 110
nationalities and speak 151 languages. Melbourne’s strategic location in the Asia-Pacific region
and its central role in decision-making and coordination for Victoria, is helping to build
cooperative business and trade partnerships and to bring research and development, innovation
and international investment to the city.
The University offers extensive accommodation services for international students through the
Priority Placement Program.

If have not used the Priority Placement Program and have arrived in Australia wishing to share
accommodation with other students or rent an apartment on your own you should also consider
availing yourself of the services offered by the SOAAP program.

Semester 1:        early March – early June
Semester 2:        late July – early November

UVA Students will pay their regular tuition rate to UVA for the term
they are on a UVA Exchange Program.
Students are additionally responsible for room and board, transportation, and personal expenses
while on a UVA Exchange Program. Students will pay the host institution or make their own
arrangements for accommodations. Check the host institution web site for accommodation
choices, cost, and application procedures.
Students are responsible for booking and paying for their own international airfare.
UVA students are required to purchase the ISIC: International Student ID Card that provides
medical and accident insurance while abroad. For more information go to
OR STA Travel in Newcomb Hall or Peace Frogs Travel in Barracks Road shopping center.
Expected Expenses:
        -UVA Tuition and Fees
        -Host institution Room and Board
        -Insurance and ISIC Card
        -Books and Supplies
        -Local Transportation
        -Passport and Visa
        -Personal Expenses

This program is a UVA Exchange Program. All UVA Students who want to participate on a
UVA Exchange Program should obtain the UVA Exchange Program Application Form from the
Study Abroad Library, 216 Minor Hall.

                     APPLICATION DEADLINES
      Deadline For Spring semester: July 31 (UVa deadline: July 20th)
         Fall Semester: January 20 (UVa deadline: January 10th)
                     Exchange program information, requirements and conditions change regularly.
         It is the student’s responsibility to check that the information in this flyer is accurate and up-to-date.

UVA Study Abroad Office  216 Minor Hall  982-3010  

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