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                        The                                    Solution
A study of shopping and buying habits of more than 1 million US consumers published
in April 2009 by comScore, a global internet information provider, found that 63% of
respondents obtained price quotes for insurance online compared to 25% who called a
local independent agent. That same study showed that 30% of those consumers
bought a policy online, compared to just 4% only 5 years ago. The percentage of
people who purchased through an agent has dropped more than 20% in the past 5
years. Clearly, the online channel is the first place consumers go to research insurance
prices, and more and more insurance companies understand that it has become crucial
for them to communicate to prospective clients through this channel.

                                                    THE     SOLUTION
                                                    Now for the first time, carriers and agents alike
Direct writers, those insurance companies
                                                    have a practical and cost-effective solution to
who can distribute insurance products
                                                    the problems of competing with direct
directly to consumers without the use of an
                                                    writers. ClickAndBind represents an "engine"
agency force, are claiming large chunks of
                                                    that powers the distribution of insurance
market share by taking advantage of
                                                    products online. Through a powerful and flexible
consumers' growing appetites for shopping
                                                    IT platform, ClickAndBind serves as a critical
for and purchasing insurance products
                                                    intermediary between carrier and consumer or
online.    By contrast, traditional insurance
                                                    carrier and agency. ClickAndBind creates a
companies, built to distribute products
                                                    portal through which carriers can distribute their
through a network of agents, are losing
                                                    products electronically—allowing consumers to
competitive advantage to direct writer
                                                    buy, allowing agents an online distribution
companies, like Progressive and Geico, who
                                                    platform, or both.
offer consumers the ability to seek their own
quotes AND make their own purchases of              ClickAndBind offers a suite of both strategic and
certain insurance products online at any time       tactical solutions for insurance providers,
of day or night.                                    ranging from business process reorganization
                                                    strategies to the creation of rating engines and
Switching to an online distribution method          consumer and agent-based interfaces. The
simply is not an option for most carriers.          ClickAndBind delivery platform is customizable
Redesigning a company's sales and delivery          to provide unique carrier-centric opportunities
architecture means extraordinary expenses.          for online distribution of product throughout the
To dismantle entire systems of software and         enterprise channel: from online rating and
distribution would be inordinately disruptive       quoting to online binding, payment, and issue.
to sales cycles and potentially devastating to
thousands of agents accustomed to being the          The ClickAndBind system automates and
point of interaction and distribution. Those        streamlines many processes that typically
direct writers who ALSO distribute through          hinder profit in the insurance industry. Because
an agency channel risk alienating their             agents can distribute product online through
agency force because of the channel conflict        ClickAndBind—day or night, seven days a week,
inherent in competing for customers with            year round—agencies increase productivity and
their own agents.                                   decrease cost, allowing carriers to regain
                                                    valuable market share by competing head to
              THE   BOTTOM LINE                     head with direct writers.

      In an increasingly digital insurance marketplace, ClickAndBind makes it
      possible for insurance providers to compete with direct writers and maintain
      critical market share. From the coding and construction of customized online
      distribution systems to the online delivery of product to agents and
      consumers alike, ClickAndBind is The Solution for today’s carriers.
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