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					                                                              RNSG 1327 – Transition to Professional Nursing

Unit I – Transition from LVN & Paramedic to ADN Role

          Behavioral Objectives                               Content Outline                           Clinical Objectives                Learning Opportunities
1.   Discuss professional role              I. Professional Role Development                     Serve as a positive role model   Read:
     development and the transition from       A. Role socialization                             for students, peers, and         Lewis (2011)
     the LVN or Paramedic to the RN role.      B. Role transition                                members of the
                                               C. Role conflict                                  interdisciplinary health care    Berman & Snyder (2012)
                                               D. Change process                                 team.
                                               E. Returning to student role                                                       Zerwekh (2012)
                                                                                                 Support the client’s right of
2. Compare and contrast the roles of the    II. LVN & Paramedic vs. ADN roles                    self-determination and choice
     Licensed Vocational Nurse &                A. Historical Origins                            even when these choices
     Paramedic and the Associate Degree            1. Nursing models                             conflict with values of the
     Nurse.                                        2. Nursing theories                           individual professional.
                                                   3. Paramedic origins
                                                B. Knowledge, skills, and abilities              Act as a role model in           Videos at HSC:
                                                   1. Education                                  maintaining client               #1008 – Delegating effectively &
                                                   2. Job analysis                               confidentiality.                 Appropriately.
                                                   3. NCLEX test plans
                                                   4. Competencies                               Provide nursing care within      TVCC Library – Nursing Education in
                                                C. Scope of practice                             limits of professional nursing   Video
                                                D. Roles                                         knowledge, education,  
                                                   1. Provider of client centered care           experience, and ethical/legal    HIPAA for Health Care Workers
                                                   2. Member of health care team                 standards of care.
                                                   3. Member of a profession
                                                   4. Patient safety advocate
                                                   5. Change agent
                                                   6. Counselor
                                                   7. Teacher
                                                   8. Resource person
                                                   9. Client advocate/principles
                                                E. Regulations, policies, standards
                                                   1. Nursing Practice Act
                                                   2. RN vs. LVN vs. Paramedic licensure
                                                   3. BON policies
                                                   4. Standards of practice
                                                   5. Professional boundaries
                                                F. Directed nursing practice vs. autonomous
                                                   nursing practice
                                                G. Collaborative nursing practice
           Behavioral Objectives                               Content Outline                     Clinical Objectives   Learning Opportunities
                                                 H. Role in varying heath care services
                                                    1. Primary settings
                                                    2. Secondary settings
                                                    3. Tertiary settings
                                                 I. Role in health care team
                                                     1. Patterns of nursing care delivery
                                                     2. Clinical pathways
                                                     3. Collaboration with multidisciplinary
                                                     4. Delegation/supervision
                                                     5. Referral & community resources
                                                     6. Working within organizations
                                                         a. Chain of command
                                                         b. Group process
                                                 J. Current issues/trends affecting profession
                                                     1. National patient safety goals

3.   Review factors affecting ethical         III. Ethical nursing practice
     nursing practice with regard to the           A. Factors affecting ethical decision making
     level of the associate degree nurse.               1. Legislative and judicial factors
                                                        2. Scientific and technological advances
                                                        3. Societal influences
                                                        4. Values clarification
                                                        5. Professional values vs. client values
                                                        6. ANA Code of Ethics
                                                        7. Patient Bill of Rights
                                                        8. Client advocacy
                                                        9. Ethical principles
                                                             a. Autonomy
                                                             b. Nonmalficience
                                                             c. Beneficience
                                                             d. Justice
                                                             e. Veracity
                                                             f. Fidelity
                                                   B. Ethical decision making
                                                        1. Ethical dilemmas

4.   Review legal factors affecting the       IV. Legal parameters
     nursing practice considering the level       A. Classifications of law
     of the associate degree nurse.                   1. Civil law/torts
                                                           a) Assault & battery
                                                           b) False imprisonment
                                                               1) Restraints
                                                               2) Seclusion
           Behavioral Objectives                          Content Outline               Clinical Objectives   Learning Opportunities
                                                   c) Invasion of privacy
                                                   d) Defamation
                                                   e) Fraud
                                                   f) Negligence & malpractice
                                               2. Contract law
                                          B.   Accountability
                                               1. Documentation
                                               2. Standards
                                                   a) Standards of practice
                                                   b) Joint Commission
                                                   c) OBRA
                                                   d) Occupational Safety and Health
                                                         Administration (OSHA)
                                               3. Unprofessional conduct/disciplinary
                                                    a) Sexual misconduct
                                                    b) Sexual harassment
                                                    c) Boundary crossing
                                          A.   Liability
                                          B.   Risk management
                                          C.   Legal issues
                                               1. Advance directives/wills/DNR
                                               2. Informed consent
                                               3. Confidentiality
                                                    a) HIPAA
                                               4. Impaired nurses

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