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                            Another MulticomMedia Publication
   TRAVEL MAY 2007
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        MAY 2007 TRAVEL          

                                                            Travel Q&A – Tips for accommodation planning
                                                                  ere are the answers to the most                             teed to get the lowest online rate and where you             Q: Once on vacation, how do you keep the kids
                                                                  frequently asked questions                                  can find up-to-date photography and room descrip-         entertained?
                                                                  on the hotel planning aspect                                tions so you know exactly what to expect.                    A: To help fill your time at the hotel and in the
                                                            of your travel itinerary, courtesy of                                                                                       car, look for hotels that offer kid-friendly amenities
                                                             Irwin Prince, President & COO of                                    Q: Any tips for making hotel reservations?             and fun giveaways. This summer 2007, Days Inn is
                                                             Days Inns - Canada:                                                 A: Write down the hotel name and confirma-             offering a Shrek the Third welcome package with
                                                                                                                              tion number in your calendar and make note of the         playing cards, an activity booklet and stickers – all
                                                                 Q: What’s the best way to                                    cancellation policy. Also, don’t forget to register for   great for keeping the kids occupied enroute.
                                                              select a hotel?                                                 any free rewards programs such as TripRewards so
                                                                 A: I always suggest visiting                                 that you can earn points during your stay.                   More information is available at www.daysinn.
                                                              brand-specific websites, such as                                                                                          ca or 1 800 DAYS INN.
                                                   , where you are guaran-                                                                                                                                    –(NC)—

Helpful hints for family road trips
           ith the summer                                   the way.                                        4. Snack Attack: Be sure                                                                                hours on the road can get the
           right around the                                    2. Plan Ahead: It’s never                 to pack an assortment of                                                                                   kids feeling restless. Don’t
           corner, it’s time                                too early to book your                       snacks to keep the kids from                                                                               over pack the car with too
to start planning for the                                   summer accommodations.                       getting hungry between                                                                                     many bags and make sure
much-anticipated        fam-                                Make your reservations                       meals. Make the car ride                                                                                   they have enough room for
ily road trip. Preparation is                               well ahead of time and look                  memorable with special                                                                                     personal space. Save room
key to a stress free journey,                               for national hotel chains                    treats that they don’t usu-                                                                                for the kids to pack a pillow
from beginning to end. To                                   that cater to families, such                 ally get at home.                                                                                          – it makes all the difference
help get you off to the right                               as Days Inn hotels where                        5. Say Cheese! Don’t for-                                                                               during a long car ride.
start, here are some essen-                                 kids 12 and under stay free                  get to pack a disposable or                                                                                   9. Safety First: No mat-
tial tips to make any family                                when sharing a room with                     digital camera for the kids.                                                                               ter what the distance, make
trip more enjoyable.                                        an adult.                                    Let them help create memo-                                                                                 sure all passengers buckle
   1. Involve Your Kids                                        3. Fun For All Ages: Pack                 ries by taking plenty of pic-                                                                              up. If you are travelling
From The Start: To help cre-                                a special travel bag full of                 tures – you’ll return from a                                                                               with smaller kids, ensure
ate excitement, get the kids                                favourite items such as                      great trip with pictures that                                                                              they are secured with seat
involved in the planning                                    games, plush toys, activity                  captured the moments.                                                                                      belts and child safety seats.
process. Set aside a couple                                 booklets, CDs and electron-                     6. Schedule Stops Along                                                                                    10. Be Prepared For The
of nights to plan the trip                                  ics. These items will help                   The Way: Make the road trip                                                                                Road Ahead: Always carry
together and allow your                                     time fly by and keep kids                    exciting and take advantage                                                                                an emergency kit and keep
kids to map out stops along                                 entertained for hours.                       of sights along the way.                  Plan routine breaks so that     tainment, family attractions     it stocked with the basics
                                                                                                                                                   the whole family can burn       and outdoor adventures           like first-aid supplies, extra
                                                                                                                                                   off some energy. Before you     well in advance. Summer          water, blankets, flares and a
                                                                                                                                                   leave check out the ‘route      time is a busy time, but         flashlight.
                                                                                         Another                                                   planner’ on www.daysinn.        with a little advanced plan-        More information is

      TRAVEL                                                      MulticomMedia
                                                                                                                                                   ca for great route ideas.       ning you can avoid unex-         available at www.daysinn.
                                                                                                                                                      7. Avoid Disappointment:     pected hassles.                  ca or 1 800 DAYS INN.
       InsIdE: To go
                                     A scoTIA
                            WhERE noV RIA JAzz FEsTIVAL
                                                                                                                                                   Remember to book enter-            8. Comfort Counts: Long                     - News Canada
                                                                      Diversity Publishers & Printers                                              sUmmER TRAVEL TIPs

        Peggy’s cove,
                      nova scotia

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                                                                                                                                                   don’t let family vacations ruin your health

                                                                                                                                                          acations are a great way to restore       with a packing list.
                                                                                                                                                          your energy and vitality, and yet
                                                                                                                                                          some getaways do just the opposite.         • Eat and drink in moderation: Eating
                                                                                                                                                   Vacationers report that the planning, the        healthy foods will ensure that you have the
                                                                                                                                                   packing, the travel, the safety, the food, and   energy and strength to enjoy your getaway.
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                                          Lori Abittan
                                                                                                                                                   nation, can actu-                                                           fast food joints
                                            Publisher                                          Robert Brackett
                                                                                                                                                   ally take a toll                                                            and choose res-
                                                                                        director of Print & distribution                           on their health.                                                            taurants with
                            Joe Mastrogiacomo                                                                                                      Here are some                                                               health-con-
                         Vice President of finance and
                                                                                                Tony Baron                                         great travel tips                                                           scious menus.
                             chief financial officer
                                                                                         corPorate Production Manager                              to make it a                                                                Bring a supply
                                                                                                                                                   breeze:                                                                     of water to keep
                                                                                                James Arscott
                               Doreen Iannuzzi                                            Production PrePress Manager
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               hydrated on the
                           Vice President of new Media                                                                                                • Choose the                                                             run.
                                                                                         graPhic layout & design                                   right destination
                      Joe March                                                          Tony Lomuto, supervisor                                   to fulfill your                                                                    •      Avoid
         director, Marketing & sales, ProMotions
                                                                        Richard Vel, Mark Winer, Dino Di Maria, Shadi Raoufi,                      needs. Don’t go                                                                germs: Many
                                                                            Ross Fazio, Marlene de Jesus, Miguel Hernadez                          to a theme park                                                                people catch a
                          Danyele Capizzo                                                    Anna Maria Arcuri
                                                                                                                                                   if you really                                                                  cold or flu while
                     director of brand deVeloPMent                                         grouP circulation Manager                               want a beach.                                                                  on     vacation.
                                                                                                                                                   Don’t go to                                                                    When flying for
                                        Giuliana Beato
                                                                           for a limited time only, you can also find this travel supplement       friends and rela-                                                              example, the air
                                         Public relations
                                                                                   on our corporate website:                  tives if you pre-                                                              filters are not
                                                                                                 101 wingold avenue,
                                                                                                                                                   fer a little more                                                              always      fully
                                        Kathy Kerluke                                         toronto, ontario, M6b 1P8                            action and adventure.                            effective. This allows bacteria and viruses
                                        business Manager                               tel: 416 785-4300 fax: 416 785-7350                                                                          to spread very easily from one person
                                                                                         MulticomMedia is a wholly owned subsidiary of                • Plan ahead with a “to do” list. Become      to another. Regular hand washing, good
  Sandra Rossetto-Odorico, Marisa Schiavone                                                      Multimedia NOVA Corporation                       familiar with your destination’s climate,        nutrition and immunity boosters like Cold-
               traffic suPerVision                                                      an integrated communications company publicly              currency, language, customs, and the             fX, are all effective, pro-active measures.
                                                                                    traded on the cdnX exchange under the symbol Mnc.a             things to see and do. Pack a little at a time                                   - News Canada
    TRAVEL MAY 2007


     be sure you are insured when renting an automobile
           anadians renting an automobile may experience          ker, agent or company representative.
           confusion about the insurance coverage. Before            Rental Company Insurance: Most auto rental com-
           you leave home, says the Financial Services Com-       panies offer a product called a collision damage waiver
    mission of Ontario (FSCO), it is important to familiarize     (CDW) to cover some loss of, or damage to, the rental
    yourself with some of the alternatives to the insur-          automobile. The CDW protects you by transferring the
    ance offered by the rental company. Here are the main         responsibility for the cost of the damage from you to           ditions, so ask the financial institution what they are.
    choices:                                                      the auto rental company. The CDW is charged at a daily              The bottom line is that if you are not adequately
       Your Current Auto Insurance Policy: Most Ontario           rate and usually comes with exclusions, or a list of non-       insured, you will be responsible for the costs resulting
    automobile insurance companies offer an option for            insured circumstances. Protection varies from company           from any at-fault damage to the automobile while it is
    additional coverage on automobiles not owned by the           to company so be sure to read all the terms.                    in your care. More information on this subject, includ-
    policy holder. If your policy includes the OPCF 27 (the          Credit Card Insurance: Your credit card may already          ing the brochure Protecting Yourself When Renting An
    Rental Vehicle Insurance Endorsement) you are likely          provide collision damage coverage on rented vehicles.           Automobile is available online at
    covered for rentals in Canada and the United States.          To be eligible for the coverage you will likely need to         The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)
    OPCF 27 does not insure your rental overseas so other         charge the full amount of the rental to your credit card,       is the agency responsible for regulating insurance in the
    coverage will need to be purchased. There are other           and also decline the CDW offered by the auto rental             province.                                 - News Canada
    terms too, so be sure to get all the details from your bro-   company. Credit card coverage is subject to certain con-                          Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Graphics

                                                                                                      Fun in the sun can damage
b&b                                                                                                      more than just skin
choices                                                                                             S
                                                                                                          ummer – you know you’ve been look-
                                                                                                          ing forward to it. After a long Canadi-
                                                                                                          an winter, relaxing warm breezes and
                                                                                                                                                    leading cause of blindness in people over
                                                                                                                                                    the age of 60.
                                                                                                                                                        However, there are steps Canadians can

galore                                                                                              sunny days will inspire you to
                                                                                                    peel off the layers, get out-
                                                                                                    side and make the most
                                                                                                                                                    take to protect the health of their eyes and
                                                                                                                                                    the sensitive skin around the eye, while
                                                                                                                                                      making the most of their time in the

in                                                                                                  of the warmer weath-
                                                                                                    er. And for maximum
                                                                                                    enjoyment at the cot-
                                                                                                                                                       sun. By wearing 100 percent UV block-
                                                                                                                                                             ing lenses, Canadians can protect
                                                                                                                                                                 their vision and still enjoy the

niagara                                                                                             tage, the beach or
                                                                                                    on the annual fam-
                                                                                                    ily camping trip,
                                                                                                    you should always
                                                                                                                                                                  outdoors. Canadians can also
                                                                                                                                                                         take their protection
                                                                                                                                                                           one step further by
                                                                                                                                                                            speaking with their
                                                                                                    remember to pack the                                                     eyecare professional
                                                                                                    necessary tools to pro-                                                 about photochromic
                                                                                                    tect everyone from the                                                 lenses.
                                                                                                    sun’s harmful ultraviolet                                                 Photochromic lens-
    By Jane Stokes                  Here, for example, are        the parlor room known as          (UV) rays. Don’t forget to                                          es automatically change
                                 excerpts from the listing        Fernando’s Kitchen.... the        pack sunscreen and make sure you have           from clear to dark in the presence of UV

     f you’re planning a few     for Globetrotters B&B/Gal-       aroma of the proprietor’s         hats for each family member.                    rays, so the more UV light that is present
     days in Ontario’s pret-     lery at 642 Simcoe Street in     famous breakfast dishes               Family fun in the sun can damage more       the darker the lenses get. Transitions lens-
     ty wine country this        Niagara-on-the-Lake:             fills the morning air, tempt-     than just your skin.                            es, the number one brand of photochromic
season, the Niagara Bed             *Globetrotters B&B/Gal-       ing your taste buds — all of          According to a recent survey, 92 percent    lenses recommended by eyecare profes-
and Breakfast Association        lery. It’s welcoming haven       it included in your luxury        of Canadians know that extended expo-           sionals worldwide, block 100 percent of the
( lists doz-      where you are treated to the     accommodation experience          sure to the sun causes skin cancer, but only    sun’s harmful rays and also reduce painful,
ens of private accommo-          highest standards of com-        in Niagara-on-the-Lake.           nine percent of Canadians are aware of the      discomforting glare, providing convenient
dation possibilities on its      fort and warm hospitality        Additional information:           harmful effects that prolonged UV expo-         protection and helping to maintain long-
website for Niagara Falls,       in elegant surroundings at       Globetrotters B&B/Gallery,        sure can have on the eyes.                      term eye health.
Welland, Port Dalhousie,         affordable prices.... Guests     1-866-835-4446, and online            “Rain or shine, our eyes are bombarded          So whether your summers are spent by
and Niagara-on-the-Lake.         choose one of three luxuri-      at        by UV radiation from the sun and most           the lake or by the pool, whether it’s the
It is also a valuable site for   ous, internationally themed      Nightly rates per couple are      of the time we don’t even know it,” says        longest day of the year or the shortest,
all the sights and sounds        bedrooms, each with its          $115 to $135 single/double,       Wael Yassein, optician at The Eye Shoppe        protecting your eyes from UV radiation is
of the region, including         own private bathroom.            plus 6% GST and include a         in Oshawa, Ontario. “Just as it’s important     an important part of sun safety. And, even
information on the Shaw             For just a small premium      full gourmet breakfast for        to protect our skin, we need to be equally      though your vision may be clear, regular
Festival.                        in price, ask for Le Moulin      two. Guestrooms for three         vigilant and protect our eyes from harmful      eye exams can detect changes in the eye
    To find just the right       Rouge Room decorated by          and four available.               UV rays, which can be extremely damag-          caused by underlying health problems.
B&B, you are invited to          award-winning Canadian                        - News Canada        ing over time.”                                 Making yearly eye exams part of your fam-
explore the listings catego-     designer, Jane Hall.                                                   Research indicates that damage from         ily’s regular health routine will help ensure
rized by general location,          Globetrotters is a house      Photo: Pretty garden is part      the sun’s harmful rays is cumulative over       healthy sight for years to come.
or you can conduct a search      of fine art. It is also a WiFi   of the experience at Globetrot-   time and may contribute to serious age-             More tips about healthy sight are avail-
based on availability and        hotspot, or you can use          ters B&B/Gallery, Niagara-        related eye diseases including cataracts        able online at
other requirements.              the house computer. In           on-the-Lake.                      and macular degeneration, which is the                                       - News Canada

 Your checklist for buying travel medical insurance

    f you get sick unexpectedly or have an accident while         cal costs covered. In some cases, you may                                            5. Will I have to pay a deductible or a
    away, the health services in other countries may be           have to find an insurer willing to write a                                          percentage of medical expenses?
    much more costly than those which OHIP covers. It is          policy tailored to your circumstances.                                                  6. Will I have to pay the full amount
wise, therefore, for travellers to buy travel medical insur-         When comparing policies before pur-                                                myself, and be reimbursed later?
ance, says the Financial Services Commission of Ontario           chase, consider these key questions:                                                      7. Does the policy exclude any sports
(FSCO), the agency responsible for regulating insurance in           1. What coverage do I already have                                                  or activities I plan to do on my trip?
the province.                                                     through credit cards, employee ben-                                                       8. Does the company provide a toll-
   Be sure, says FSCO, to take all the time you need to fully     efits, etc.?                                                                           free, 24-hour help line?
understand the coverage offered by the insurance, as well            2. What is the maximum the policy                                                      More information on this subject,
as the coverage limitations of the policy. It is important to     will pay above Ontario medical insur-                                                 including a copy of the electronic bro-
shop around to compare price, the amount of coverage,             ance limits?                                                                         chure Shopping For Travel Medical
treatment of pre-existing conditions, deductibles, limita-           3. Will my pre-existing condition affect                                         Insurance is available online at ww.fsco.
tions and exclusions. Your health, age, the medication you        my coverage?                                                             
take, the length of your trip and the destination are all fac-       4. Are there any medical exclusions that                                                                     - News Canada
tors that affect the price of a policy and the types of medi-     apply to me?                                                                         Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Graphics
                                                                                                                                                                        MAY 2007 TRAVEL             

                      By Edrick Thay
                                                        Jazz Capitol of Europe
                                                                 The city too was laid out along a new grid, resulting in the     Bonaparte formed the Tiberina Republic with Perugia as

                                                                 star-shape for which Perugia is noted today.                     its capital but merged with the Roman Republic a scant
        he capital of the green heart of Italy is Perugia, a        The 14th century was a particularly bloody period in          two years later.
        city of just over 160,000 inhabitants. Dominated         Perugian history as it became a coveted asset in the battle
        by green hills, the Tiber and woodlands, Perugia         between the people, known as Raspanti, and the nobles,              The Roman Republic’s collapse, however, in 1848, led
        sits perched atop a hill in the Tiber Valley and is as   the Beccherini. Adding to the city’s hardships was the           to yet another sacking. An uprising in the city had led
much a living museum as it is a city. It is a mosaic of Etrus-   fact that the Pope Urban V was determined to bring all           to the partial destruction of the Rocca Paolina, which
can, Roman and medieval architecture, silent reminders           Umbrian cities under his control. In 1370, Perugia was           provoked the rage of Pope Pius IX. His troops sacked the
of Perugia’s past as a crossroads for the                                                                                         city, bringing Perugia to heel. In 1861, Perugia joined the
exchange of ideas, cultures and trade.                                                                                            Kingdom of Italy.
Given its central location in Italy, it’s
not surprising that much of Perugia’s                                                                                                Today, Perugia’s bloody history serves as ironic coun-
history is dominated by warfare as                                                                                                terpoint to its position as a cosmopolitan destination for
successive tribes and groups jock-                                                                                                lovers of art, culture, history and music. Best known, per-
eyed for dominion and power.                                                                                                      haps, as the home of Perugina, the makers of Baci choco-
                                                                                                                                  lates, Perugia is a major student center as the home of
   The earliest known settlements in                                                                                              the University of Perugia and the University for Foreign-
Perugia date to the 9th century BC                                                                                                ers. Its heart is the Piazza IV Novembre, a grand square
but serious development and settle-                                                                                               ringed with medieval architecture and steep twisting
ment did not take place until the 6th                                                                                             alleys. Known as one Italy’s most beautiful piazzas, Piaz-
century BC. Its first settlers were the                                                                                           za IV Novembre’s defining monuments are the Fontana
ancient tribe of Umbrians who even-                                                                                               Maggiore, a medieval marble fountain built in the second
tually gave way to the Etruscans.                                                                                                 half of the 12th century as testament to a city then at the
Under Etruscan rule, Perugia became                                                                                               peak of its power, and the Palazzo dei Priori, a stunning
one of the region’s most important                                                                                                palace that dates back to 1298. Inside the Palazzo dei Pri-
settlements. The works erected at                                                                                                                      ori is the National Gallery of Umbria,
this time are still visible today, nota-                                                                                                                  which boasts the most extensive and
bly the Etruscan Arch as well as the                                                                                                                      important collection of medieval and
underground caverns of San Manno                                                                                                                          modern art in all of Umbria. And
and the Volumni. In the 1st century                                                                                                                       that most hated of monuments, the
BC, Romans conquered Perugia and,                                                                                                                         Rocca Paolina, is today a remarkable
in 40 BC, the city became a casualty of the civil war                                                                                                     example of medieval architecture, a
between Mark Antony and Octavian. The latter razed the                                                                                                    fascinating underground warren of
city to the ground, reducing it to little more than rubble                                                                                                arched alleyways and vaulted ceil-
and ash save for the massive Etruscan terrace-walls. Ironi-                                                                                               ings. Dating from the 3rd century BC
cally enough, Octavian soon rebuilt the city and to make                                                                                                  is Augustus’ Arch, a gateway that
certain that the populace knew who ruled them, renamed                                                                                                    once served as the main entrance
it Augusta. Over the next few centuries, the settlement                                                                                                   to the Etruscan city center. Walk the
prospered and flourished, expanding beyond its walls.                                                                                                     streets of Perugia, and there is little
But with the fall of the Roman Empire and the accompa-                                                                                                    that won’t catch the eye. Churches
nying rise of the Ostrogoths, Perugia once again fell to                                                                                                  and their vivid frescoes dominate,
the sword.                                                                                                                                                each one a perfectly preserved relic
                                                                                                                                                          offering a glimpse into Perugia’s
   In 548, the king of the Ostro-                                                                                                 past. The National Archaeological Museum of Umbria in
goths, Totila, destroyed Peru-                                                                                                    the cloister and former monastery of the church of San
gia after a lengthy siege, deter-                                                                                                 Domenico displays the full breadth of Perugia’s influ-
mined to restore the Gothic                                                                                                       ences.
kingdom. In an unusual act of
cruelty (Totila was known to                                                                                                         Small and walkable, Perugia is dominated by the
treat prisoners exceptionally                                                                                                     wide avenue of Corso Vannucci and is a true haven for
well), Totila is said to have                                                                     forced to accept the Peace      travelers. Its many historical sites allow anyone to come
ordered Perugia’s bishop,                                                                         of Bologna, wherein it was      up with endless itineraries of discovery and exploration.
Herculanus, to be flayed and                                                                      forced to recognize papal       Beyond the city limits lie the woodlands, a backpacker’s
killed. With Totila’s death at                                                                    authority. But chaos con-       and nature enthusiast’s paradise with acres of downy
the hands of Justinian I in                                                                       tinued to rule over the fol-    oaks and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean. Wildlife is
552, Perugia came under the                                                                       lowing centuries as fami-       in abundance here and Perugia has truly found that elu-
dominion of the Byzantines.                                                                       lies and parties connived       sive balance between the rural and the urban.
In the 9th century, it became a                                                                   to rule; conspiracies, mas-
possession of the popes, until                                                                    sacres and assassinations          Landlocked and mountainous, Perugia exhibits a typi-
the 11th century, when Peru-                                                                      were the rule. Morals and       cal Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and
gia began asserting its inde-                                                                     politics went into rapid        relatively cold winters. It is a perfectly functional tour-
pendence and power as a city-state, waging war against           decline. Finally, in 1540, Pope Paul III gained direct rule of   ist destination all year, but the ideal time to visit is from
neighboring lands and cities like Foligno, Assisi, Spoleto       Perugia. To mark the occasion, Pope Paul III ordered the         the beginning of spring to the end of fall. Given its high
and Todi. It is during this time that many of Perugia’s          construction of the fortress Rocca Paolina to bring to heel      altitude, Perugia can be cool at night. For more informa-
most beautiful monuments were erected; among them                the audacious Perugians. Papal rule continued except for         tion on accommodations, getting there and itineraries, see
were the Palazzo dei Priori and the Fontana Maggiore.            brief breaks in 1797, when French troops under Napoleon
   TRAVEL MAY 2007

                                                         Jazz             FEsTIvAl
      J    azz may have come to late to Italy, but
           it has taken root and flourished, with a
           scene reminiscent of its bourbon-soaked
      past when it was the province of the American
      south and Jazz Age France. The great musical
      art form is celebrated annually when the capi-
      tal of Perugia hosts Umbria Jazz, a summer fes-
      tival spanning 10 days. For what must feel to
      be a tragically short week and a half, Perugia                                                  George              Warwick
      is transformed into a musical village with an                                                   Benson
      atmosphere unmatched. The very air crackles
      with electricity and anticipation as musicians
      transform the city’s storied and ancient town
      squares, gardens, arena, theatres and buildings
      into impromptu stages and concert halls. What
      began as a small celebration in 1973 has since
      grown into the single most important jazz fes-
      tival not only in Italy, but also throughout all of
      Europe. Indeed, Umbria Jazz has secured its place among
      the pantheon of jazz festivals, with a prominence to rival
      even those of Montreal’s, Monterey’s and Montreux’s.

               Jazz has long been associated with both America
      and France and served as the soundtrack for the tumult
      and chaos of the early 20th century as the world reeled
      from the devastating hammer blows delivered by the
      Great Depression and the two World Wars. But while
      Americans and French readily embraced the art of jazz, its
      reception in Italy was not quite so warm. Italy was firmly
      in the grips of fascism, remade and recast in the granite-
      jawed image of Benito Mussolini. The improvisation and                                                                                                 Brad Mehldau
      innovation that defined jazz were affronts to a regime                                                                                                 & Pat Metheny
      built on state propaganda and strict censorship. As a for-
      eign art form, jazz had no place in Mussolini’s Italy. It was
      driven underground, where its adherents found respite
      from oppression in jazz’s bold and brash soundscapes.
      With Mussolini’s fall toward the end of World War II, jazz,          Stefano
      kept alive by impassioned fans and musicians whose zeal              Bollani
      went unbowed, was able to bloom.

               In the post-fascist 1950s, jazz’s position on Italy’s
      cultural landscape received a substantial boost from the         medieval town squares of Perugia and redefined
      presence and notoriety of legendary American trumpeter           Umbria’s then quaint reputation. Within years,
      and singer Chet Baker. In Perugia, Baker found a home of         Perugia and Umbria both had earned a reputa-
      sorts in a little club known simply as Jazz Club Perugia.        tion in Europe and America as one of the globe’s
      Opened in 1954, Jazz Club Perugia was the brainchild of          premiere music destinations. Indeed, a list of
      Carlo Pagnotta whose role in popularizing jazz in Italy          performers past and present at Umbria Jazz reads
      cannot be emphasized enough. He is often called the Ital-        like a Who’s Who of jazz’s leading lights: Count
      ian George Wein, an American jazz promoter who has               Basie, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis,                  Keith Jarrett Trio
      been dubbed one of the most important non-players in
      jazz history. In addition to Baker, Pagnotta’s club hosted
      jazz luminaries like Louis Armstrong and Dexter Gor-
      don. And then, in 1973, Pagnotta started Umbria Jazz,
      just an obscure little music festival that transformed the


                                                                                                            Buena Vista
                                                                                                            Social Club
                                                                                                                                      MAY 2007 TRAVEL     

                         Sarah Vaughan, Gil Evans, Charles Mingus, Chet Baker,              uled to take place from July 6 to July 15, Umbria Jazz
                         Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett. And while Umbria Jazz               07’s lineup features some of jazz’s biggest and most
                         is devoted to that medium, titans of pop, rock and soul,           charismatic performers. Sonny Rollins, Keith Jarrett, Gary
                         like James Brown, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton and Elton           Peacock, Jack DeJohnette, Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny,
                         John, have also performed at the festival. It’s a concession       Paolo Fresu and the Enrico Rava Quintet are just a few of
                         that has drawn Umbria Jazz some criticism, but jazz, as            the names expected to perform. Notably, never before has
                         a musical genre, sorely lacks the huge fan base of pop             Umbria Jazz featured so many Italian musicians in its pro-
                         and rock. How else, then, to expose jazz to an audience            gram. These include the aforementioned Fresu and Enrico
                         weaned on the hyped-up and cash-driven commercialism               Rava Quintet as well as pianists Renato Sellani, Gianni
                         of its more mainstream cousins?                                    Basso, Danilo Rea and Carlo Negroni, best known for
                                                                                            his work “Millennium Bach,” an exploration of the great
                                   As a result of Pagnotta’s efforts, as well as those of   Baroque composer’s works using the language of jazz.
                         celebrated Italian jazz musicians such as bassist Giovanni
                         Tommaso, pianist Danilo Rea and trumpeter Paulo Fresu,                      But while this year’s edition has renewed its
                         Italian jazz has come into its own, embracing local musi-          emphasis upon jazz, organizers have also created a pro-
                         cal influences to create a form utterly unique in character,       gram to reflect soul, pop, the blues and Latin rhythms.
                         pulse and spirit with an aesthetic as influential as those         Returning for an encore are Al Jarreau and George Benson
                         American or French. The genre’s vitality in this country           who, unlike last year, are scheduled to perform together.
                         has given birth to what many critics consider the best jazz        Dionne Warwick, famed for her definitive recordings of
                         in all of Europe. Jazz has a thriving scene in Rome, Milan         Burt Bacharach, brings her elegance and grace to Perugia
                         and Sicily, the latter home to teenage saxophone prodigy           while soul-funk pioneers Sly & the Family Stone will
Sonny                    Francesco Cafiso. But jazz’s Italian heart beats in Umbria         mark their Umbria Jazz premiere. Due to overwhelm-
Rollins                  Jazz.                                                              ing demand, the king of rock and soul, Solomon Burke,
                                   Entering its 34th year, Umbria Jazz continues            returns for a second consecutive year. Bluesman Keb’ Mo’
                         to grow in acclaim; its marriage of jazz with Perugia’s            is expected to bring his particular brand of socially con-
                                                                      ancient structures    scious blues to Perugia too. And, as if the names couldn’t
                                                                      may strike some       get any bigger, Brazil’s Gilberto Gil, that giant of samba
                                                                      as jarring, but       and the Tropicalismo movement, returns for another
                                                                      bringing old and      engagement while countryman Carlinhos Brown and
                                                                      new together cre-     Cuba’s Roberto Fonseca, a young pianist who has already
                                                                      ates something        played with the Buena Vista Social Club Band and the
                                                                      truly alchemi-        legendary Ibrahim Ferrer, will make their Umbria Jazz
                                                                      cal—a rhapsodic       debuts.
                                                                      ode to jazz that
                                                                      reveals itself in               Given this constellation of music stars, tickets
                                                                      every       corner,   will be at a premium, but despair not. Even if the head-
                                                                      every shop and        line acts performing at the main concert venue of Santa
                                                                      every face. Art-      Giuliana Arena have sold out, there are a host of other
                                                                      ists are feted with   options. Almost half of the concerts at Umbria Jazz 07 are
                                                                      ecstatic applause,    free, a nod to its origins when Umbria Jazz was a free out-
                                                                      cheers and bou-       door event. These concerts are concentrated in Perugia’s
              Doctor 3        Solomon                                 quets and though      center, in the medieval square Piazza IV Novembre and
                              Burke                                   the travelers who     also in the Carducci Gardens. Perugia’s main avenue,
                                                                      make their way        Corso Vannucci, will once again be the site of daily street
                                                                      to Perugia speak      parades and feature the Tuscan street band Funk Off. A
                                                                      a multitude of        host of other Italian Dixieland bands will perform nightly
                         languages, turning the city into a veritable Babel, they all       as the Corso Vannucci, with its restaurants, shops and
                         speak and connect through their love of jazz. Pastry shops         cafes, becomes a sea of colors and faces that only recedes
                         turn out cakes and other confections baked in the shapes           well after midnight. Throughout the day, from afternoon
                         of saxophones and trumpets; music from the outdoor                 to early morning, concerts are also held at the Morlacchi
                         concerts fills the air and when there’s no concert sched-          Theatre, the Santa Cecilia Oratory and in the Sala Can-
                         uled, shopkeepers take the lead instead, piping Louis              noniera of the Rocca Paolina, a 16th century fortress.
                         Armstrong, Miles Davis and Joao Gilberto through their             Three different venues also feature jazz lunches and din-
                         speakers. Patrons and residents alike don’t walk down              ners, where diners can experience a total immersion in
                         Corso Vannucci on their way to a free concert in Piazza IV         both music and the culinary delights for which Perugia
                         Novembre; they bounce, they bop, they sway. Mingling               is noted. At Umbria Jazz 07, there is something for every-
                         amongst the crowds too are the very performers and band            one. The Berklee School of Music, based in Boston, even
                         members whose contributions to the art are visible in the          runs clinics for roughly two hundred young musicians
                         jazz paintings and photographs decorating the city. Sim-           from all over the world to study jazz with a school whose
                         ply put, Umbria Jazz is heaven for any music lover.                prestige and acclaim are second to none, thus helping to
                                                                                            seed the next generation of jazz musicians.
                                  While Umbria Jazz has a habit of proclaiming
                         every year’s edition as the best yet, Umbria Jazz 07 may                    Jazz may have come late to Italy, but through the
                         well surpass all expectations. In a nod to their critics,          tireless efforts of devoted aficionados and musicians, it
                         organizers have scaled back the festival’s emphasis on             has become an integral component of Italian culture, as
    Ornette              the worlds of pop and soul and have assembled a lineup             indispensable now as its wines, foods and people. For
    Coleman              clearly dedicated to the more orthodox forms of jazz—the           more information on the festival, see www.umbriajazz.
                         kind of pure and simple jazz beloved by purists. Sched-            com. The box office is now open.
   TRAVEL MAY 2007

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        URUGUAY                                                                                                                                                   Do you speak over 60 languages?

           Rural Tourism
     “Estancias” and “gauchos”
                                                                                                                                                                  We do…
         There is in Uruguay, about one hundred farms or
    “estancias” where you can enjoy rural tourism and step
     into the boots of a “gaucho” for a few days, feeling the
         freedom of these plains. The roads are good and
                   distances are relatively short.

       There is a varied offer for spending a day or more at                                                                                                             Our community interpreter service
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                                                                                                                                                              MAY 2007 TRAVEL            

Caribbean and Alaskan Cruises are still most popular
       But European Cruises are gaining fast
                                                                                                                                           cruise line are more crucial to the decision
                                                                                                                                           process than price. With the seemingly
                                                                                                                                           infinite choices available, the expertise that
                                                                                                                                           our owners and agents provide custom-
                                                                                                                                           ers is invaluable. Despite the increased
                                                                                                                                           strength of the Euro, we’ve shown our
                                                                                                                                           customers how they can stretch their dol-
                                                                                                                                           lars by cruising in Europe, thereby having
                                                                                                                                           the ability to see many fabulous sights
                                                                                                                                           while still enjoying the value, pampering,
                                                                                                                                           and stress-free vacation experience cruis-
                                                                                                                                           ing provides.”
                                                                                                                                              Closer to home, we are seeing continued
                                                                                                                                           interest among our customers in spending
                                                                                                                                           a significant amount of time exploring the
                                                                                                                                           Alaskan wilderness. In addition to 7-day
                                                                                                                                           Alaskan cruises being our top mid-length
                                                                                                                                           cruise booked, four of the top ten “long’
                                                                                                                                           itineraries were also Alaskan cruises.”

          ruise Holi-                                                                                                                            “Top Cruise Destinations”
          days – the
          o l d e s t                                                                                                                           for people living in Ontario :
          and larg-
est cruise specialty                                                                          top two trends, according to Cruise
retailer in North
                                                                                                                                             Top Cruise Destinations - ON Only
                                                                                              Holidays owners, have to do with trav-
America – is pleased                                                                          eling farther from home and Europe
to announce the                                                                                                                              1. Caribbean                      47.49%
                                                                                              bookings being up over last year. “Our
authoritative results                                                                         research shows that nearly 82% of all          2. Europe – Mediterranean       12.20%
of the 2007 Cruise                                                                            cruises booked so far this year are six        3. Hawaii                         9.01%
Holidays       Travel                                                                         days or longer,” said Thomson. “The            4. Alaska                        7.48%
Trends Survey, in                                                                             Mediterranean is becoming ‘must-see’
which the Caribbe-                                                                                                                           5. Europe – Baltic               5.23%
                                                                                              territory for repeat and first-time cruis-     6. Panama Canal                  4.14%
an ranks as the top                                                                           ers alike.
cruise destination                                                                               “Our data shows, across the board,          7. Asia                           2.61%
for the third year in                                                                         that 12-day Mediterranean cruises are          8. Mexican Riviera              2.11%
a row (with Alaska                                                                            the top European itinerary. We also            9. Trans-Atlantic               1.89%
coming in second)                                                                             know the selection of both itinerary and
and Ft. Lauderdale
                                                                                                                                             10. South America                1.74%
ranks as the top
embarkation point.                              Cruise Holidays. “While the Caribbean

                                                                                              classy on the coast
This survey tracks actual bookings made         continues to be the most booked overall
between January 1 and March 31, 2007, of        for the first quarter, we know from our
Cruise Holidays stores in the Canada and        data that it is due in large part to 7-day
the U.S., supplemented with information         Western Caribbean itineraries, not the
and perceptions of Cruise Holidays’ fran-       shorter 4- or 5-day cruises. We have also
chise owners.
                                                                                                     Myrtle Beach
                                                tracked and compared bookings from
   “The level of detail we can provide with     year to year and are excited to report they             yrtle Beach has                                        When       completed,
the results of this year’s survey is tremen-    continue to increase. ”                                 always      been                                   it’ll be the single largest
dous, if not overwhelming,” said Peter
D. Thomson, vice president and COO of
                                                   Additionally, Thomson pointed out the                offers
                                                                                                        known as one of
                                                                                              the premier tourist attrac-
                                                                                                                                                           investment in tourism in
                                                                                                                                                           South Carolina history.
                                                                                              tions in North America.
                                                                                              What visitors to Myrtle           high-end                       Also new and unique
                                                                                                                                                           is MagiQuest, a fantasy
  The following information is based on actual bookings made between January 1 and            Beach may not realize is                                     game park for kids of all
  March 31, 2007, by Cruise Holidays stores throughout Canada and the U.S.:                   that the popular resort          attractions                 ages. The 20,000-square-
   2007 Top Cruise Destinations                % of Bookings          2006 Ranking            city also offers many                                        foot facility at popular
                                                                                              upscale attractions for the   na Inn. The inn offers dis-    Broadway at the Beach
   1. Caribbean                                46.7%                          1               business professional or      tinctive furnishings of a      is packed with more than
                                                                                              the busy family.              European-acquired style        150 dazzling, wand-acti-
   2. Alaska                                   19.4%                          2                  Beyond its popular         and every thoughtful           vated effects.
   3. Mexican Riviera                          6.4%                           5               theme parks, family res-      convenience and amenity            Visitors will have
   4. Europe – Mediterranean                   6.2%                           3               taurants and hotels, din-     is within reach.               grand adventures as they
                                                                                              ner theaters and miles           Meanwhile, work has         complete “12 Quests for
   5. Hawaii                                   5.0%                           4               of beach, Myrtle Beach                                       12 Runes of Power” and
                                                                                                                            begun on the first Hard
   6. Bermuda                                  4.2%                           8               remains a prime golf des-     Rock Park. The first of its    then embark into the
   7. Panama Canal                             2.5%                           6               tination and has added        kind in the world, the park    “5 Great Master Magi
   8. New England/Maritime Canada              1.9%                           9               some top-shelf layouts to     will include more than 40      Adventures.”
                                                                                              the list. For example, the    attractions, a multi-pur-          The Myrtle Beach Area
   9. Europe – Baltic                          1.4%                           7               Resort Course at Grande                                      Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                            pose live music amphi-
   10. Trans-Atlantic                          0.9%                           New             Dunes along the Intra-        theater, shows and state-      directs visitors to these
                                                                                              coastal Waterway. Named       of-the-art sound systems       and other attractions and
   2007 Top Caribbean Itineraries              Percentage of Bookings                         by Golf Magazine as one       - uniquely developed for       offers a world of infor-
                                                                                              of the “Top 10 You Can        the project – along with       mation at www.visitmy-
   1.   7-day   Western Caribbean                      29.4%                                  Play” courses, the golf-      roller coasters, children’s By phone, the
   2.   7-day   Eastern Caribbean                      19.1%                                  ers’ haven is a definite      play areas, restaurants,       Chamber can be reached
   3.   5-day   Western Caribbean                      11.5%                                  must see.                     cafes and retail stores, all   weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5
                                                                                                 Grande Dunes also          with the Hard Rock Café        p.m. at (843) 626-7444.
   4.   7-day   Southern Caribbean                     9.2%                                   offers the luxurious Mari-    theme.                                     - News Canada
   5.   4-day   Western Caribbean                      5.2%
10   TRAVEL MAY 2007

       By liz Campbell                        Maritime Madness
            he Maritimes have many
            hidden treasures and off-
            the-beaten-path gems to
     explore, yet most visitors head
     straight to Halifax. One reason
     may be that Halifax was the
     point of entry for many thou-
     sands of immigrants to this
     country. Indeed, between 1928
     and 1971 more than a million
     immigrants disembarked at Pier
     21 from virtually every part of
     the globe. Many were war brides
     and their children. Incredibly, it’s
     estimated that one in five Canadi-
     ans can trace a link to Pier 21.
        In 1999, the city restored the
     pier, opening a series of interpre-
     tive exhibits reflecting the confu-
     sion, trepidation and relief with
     which most of these immigrants
     landed. The displays are divid-
     ed into three sections: the initial
     boarding of the ship, the Atlantic
     crossing and the trains via which
     the newly arrived immigrants were
     sent across the country. A film and
                                                                            s t o r y
     even a simulated train ride with
                                                  of these people has captured the
     comments from actual immigrants
                                                  imagination and empathy of many
     help to recreate the experience. And
                                                  generations of Canadians.
     a resource centre upstairs, complete
     with computers, provides additional
                                                     The story begins almost exactly
     research for those trying to trace their
                                                  four hundred years ago, with the
     own roots.
                                                  first settlement of Port Royal in 1605
        Those early immigrants left Halifax
                                                  by Sieur de Mons and his cartogra-
     behind and as lovely as this city is, I
                                                  pher, Samuel de Champlain. This
     recommend you do the same. Nova
                                                  is the oldest settlement in North
     Scotia has many treasures.
                                                  America apart from St. Augustine,
        A short drive from the city brings
     you to one of Canada’s most famous
                                                     The beauty of the Bay of Fundy
     scenes. According to legend, Peg-
                                                  and its sheltered harbour had long
     gys’ Cove was named after Marga-
                                                  been known to the Mi’kmaq people
     ret – later nicknamed Peggy – the
                                                  who had lived here for centuries.
     only survivor of a schooner that ran
                                                  The French and Mi’kmaq began a
     aground and sank in 1800. The origi-
                                                  long and enduring friendship in the
     nal lighthouse was built in 1868. This
                                                  land that became know as Acadie,
     picturesque spot can be almost eerie                                                  graveyard tour. We walked, lantern       fields for their crops.
                                                  perhaps from the classical name,
     when the mist rolls in as it did on the                                               in hand, while our guide – an 18th           We walked along those dykes and
                                                  Arcadia – a place of lasting peace.
     day we visited. Take a walk along the                                                 century undertaker – led us between      marveled at the beautifully recon-
                                                     Today, the Port Royal national
     cliff paths to get away from the hustle                                               tombstones, telling us about the ritu-   structed homes and church. And of
                                                  historic site features a reconstruc-
     and bustle of tourists. You’ll find vis-                                              als of death and the early families      course, we admired the statue of
                                                  tion of early 17th- century build-
     tas the postcards haven’t yet thought                                                 laid to rest here. He’s a wonderful      Evangeline which has become a sym-
                                                  ings representing the former French
     to capture.                                  colony. Costumed interpreters and        storyteller. As we return to the Gar-    bol of the struggle of Acadians.
                                                  period demonstrations help recreate      rison House across the road from the         Nearby Wolfville is a picturesque
       The Acadian Trail                          the daily life of Port Royal, which      cemetery, now a handsome bed and         little town known for its superb dining
        Point your car toward the Annapo-         was a focal point for French and         breakfast, we couldn’t help but muse     and elegant older homes. One such is
     lis Valley for a completely different        British settlement as well as the seat   on the many inhabitants this original    the Blomidon Inn which features gor-
     picture of Nova Scotia. Rolling hills        of government of Acadia (under the       house must have known. Were any of       geous décor and four-poster beds so
     covered in orchards, fields and even         French) and then Nova Scotia (under      them buried across the road?             plush and high you need a little lad-
     a couple of vineyards, lead to an area       the English). It was also the scene         A short drive away is Grand-Pré,      der to get up onto them. This beauti-
     steeped in history.                          of numerous battles as France and        French for large meadow, which was       fully renovated nineteenth century
        Perhaps it’s the romance of Longfel-      England fought for control of North      first settled around 1680 by French-     sea captain’s mansion was built dur-
     low’s poem to Evangeline or perhaps          America.                                 speaking Acadians from Port-Royal.       ing the glorious days of sail. It makes
     it’s the patent injustice of the treatment      Directly across the water stands      They built dykes to hold back the        an admirable harbour from which to
     of the thousands of Acadians who             Fort Anne. Its ramparts offer superb     tides along the basin, creating rich     explore the region. For example, pop
     simply sought for a simple life, but the     views of the basin but a must is the     pastures for their animals and fertile   into the winery of Domain de Grand
                                                                                                                                                MAY 2007 TRAVEL          11

Nova scotia                                                                                                         You want to go
                                                                                                                    WHERE for your

                                                         form the back-     to whale watch here. Minke,
                                                         drop.       And    Humpback and the endangered
                                                         then there are     Right Whale can all be spotted on
                                                         those fabulous     a good day.
                                                         coastal hikes         We had a good day. Seabirds
                                                         which afford       wheeled, porpoises leapt and we
                                                         one endless        watched a mother humpback
                                                         panoramas of       teaching her baby to dive, serene-
                                                                                                                    By Jacqueline McKinnon
                                                        ocean and sky       ly disregarding our little boat a

                                                        as they meet        dozen metres away.                          o, the North. That evoc-
                                                        little inlets and      Sadly, a dead humpback came              ative imagery and per-
                                                        coves.       And    into sight, floating on the water           ception that the North
                                                        that’s where        with a gull riding sentry on its      stimulates…cold, remote,
                                                        Luke’s exper-       back. This was quickly identified     undeveloped, wild. Only
                                                                                                                  those intrepid explorers,
                                                        tise comes in.      by the crew (did you know hump-       hunters and anglers venture into its regions, coming
                                                        Although the        backs can be identified by their      for specific purposes, and often missing the varied
                                                        trails are well     tail markings?) and the informa-      and boundless mosaic of opportunity and activity.
                                                        sign-posted,        tion called in to the research sta-       The Northwest Territories (NWT) is an expansive
                                                        Luke offers an      tion.                                 region, encompassing many communities of various
                                                                                                                  sizes and cultures, with Yellowknife as its capitol. The
                                                        extra measure          Rocking over the waves as we
                                                                                                                  primary aboriginal groups in the region are the Dene
Pré, just outside Wolfville, which     of security.                         returned to harbour, hair blown       (28 per cent), the Inuit (10 per cent) and the Métis (9
was bought in 1993 by Hanspeter           This tiny island on the Bay of    by the wind, clothes damp with        per cent), who influence the cultural tapestry of art,
Stutz, a Swiss businessman who         Fundy offers one other activity      the spray and looking less than       music and lifestyle so prevalent in the locale and
fell in love with the region. Lunch    which has made it famous. Visi-      Toronto-chic, I could not have        available in shops, galleries and museums.
                                       tors come from all over the world    cared less. What an amazing day!          Yellowknife, as the largest population centre,
among the vines in a real treat.
                                                                                                                  boasts festivals, tournaments, shopping, a vibrant
                                                                                                                  music and artist community, restaurants, and an
  Brier Island                                                                                                    unlimited choice of activity, all situated on one of the
   No visitor to Nova Scotia should                                                                               largest freshwater lakes in Canada, Great Slave Lake.
miss the Bay of Fundy. Its legend-                                                                                This lake is a mecca for paddlers, anglers, swimmers,
                                                                                                                  and recreational boating, hosting races for the Yel-
ary tidal bore – as much as 50 feet                                                                               lowknife Yacht Club (power boats) and Great Slave
– creates islands in low tide which                                                                               Cruising Club (sailboats). It doubles in the winter
are completely engulfed when the                                                                                  as a method of transport and area for recreational
waters return. Fundy is also home                                                                                 snowmobiles, snowshoeing, and cross-country ski-
to some very special sea life.                                                                                    ing. It is also the location of the Snowking Festival
                                                                                                                  held annually in March, with an ice castle built out
   We found ourselves on the path
                                                                                                                  of the ice and snow covering the lake.
to Seal Cove (no seals in sight                                                                                       In and around the region, Folk on the Rocks,
today) which twists and turns.                                                                                    the Solstice Festival, and Raven Mad Daze in the
Luke, our four-legged, German                                                                                     summer months celebrate the array of artists and
Shepherd guide is more sure-foot-                                                                                 preserve the distinct culture of the North. The Cana-
ed than we so we followed more                                                                                    dian North Midnight Classic Golf Tournament, the
                                                                                                                  Commissioner’s Cup Sailboat Race, and the hiking
slowly – one of the many dis-                                                                                     and sightseeing trails around the region cater to the
advantages of being two-legged.                                                                                   more sports minded. Art shows abound throughout
Cliffs with spectacular views of                                                                                  the year, and events like the Wine Gala and the Festi-
the ocean have to be one of the                                                                                   val of Trees, hosted by different groups, deliver great
most enduring sights of this prov-                                                                                entertainment and fun.
                                                                                                                      In 2008, Yellowknife will once again host the Arc-
ince, but no two ever seem the
                                                                                                                  tic Winter Games, involving more than 2,000 athletes
same and the prospects never                                                                                      and coaches across the circumpolar world. Cel-
dull.                                                                                                             ebrating the 20th Games, Yellowknife will host nine
   Luke lives on Brier Island, Nova                                                                               teams from five regions, including Alaska, Northern
Scotia, at Brier Lodge, owned by                                                                                  Alberta, Yukon, Nunavut, Nunavik, Northwest Ter-
Ray and his wife, Virginia. While                                                                                 ritories, Russia, Greenland, and the Sami of Norway
                                                                                                                  and Finland, and promises to be a great celebration
the lodge is of simple construction                                                                               of sport, competition and culture.
and offers comfortable accommo-                                                                                       So, the North? One of the best kept secrets in
dation, the resident chef’s obvi-                                                                                 Canada, and not so far away any more.
ous talents have resulted in this                                                                                     More information is available online at www.
spot being listed in the prestigious                                                                                         - News Canada
Where to Eat in Canada. While
                                                                                                                  Photos, left to right: Face painting and crowd enjoyment
you dine, you can feast on magnif-                                                                                 at the Folk on the Rocks music festival in July, one Foot
icent views of the harbour which                                                                                    High Kick, traditional Inuit Arctic Sport played in the
                                                                                                                                   Arctic Winter Games (Yellowknife 2008).
1   TRAVEL MAY 2007

              N is the portal for the promotion of
                       tourism, the natural environment and culture of
              Nova Scotia. If offers current information on events,
              happenings, performances, theatres, museums and the
              many opportunities for outdoor recreation. Here you can
              make reservations for accommodations, research travel
              packages and plan your Nova Scotia itinerary. Canada’s
              seacoast is just a click away. n

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