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					                              Chapter L’s Toad Tales


                                                                                    October, 2011

         “Friends for fun, Safety & Knowledge”

                            FROM THE HEAD TOAD
Hello Toads,                                Queen Wilhelmina. The 15th is
Wasn’t it nice to have good riding          Chapter X’s Rally in Clarksville. The
weather in September! It was so good        22nd is the District Memorial Picnic
to get out and ride again. Some of us       at Burns Park in North Little Rock.         What’s Inside
went to Chapter W’s Rally in Blythe-        The 28th-30th is our Branson Get-
ville and had a very nice ride up and       Away and the 29th is also the Okla-         Chapter Couple            2
                                                                                        Dinner Rides              3
back. The 17th was the Biker for Ba-        homa District Rally in McAlester,
bies and we had a good turn out for         OK.                                         On the Road Again         4
                                                                                        Birthdays/Anniversaries   5
that. Sunrise Honda had their Gold-         Jan and I are looking forward to
wing Appreciation Day on the 24th.          having a great October with our
                                                                                        Rider Education           6
                                                                                        By The Book               7
Several went and enjoyed the sales          friends of Chapter L and riding into
that were going on and the good food.       the fall season.
                                                                                        Region H Director         8
                                                                                        Wing Whittles             9
It was good to visit with some of our
Goldwing friends from other chapters        Let’s Ride!!!!                              Memorial Picnic Flyer     10
                                                                                        Chapter L Weekend Getaway 11
too. Carolen Duncan got her trike back      Bud & Jan Danner
and it was good to see her riding again.    Chapter L Directors                         Chapter J Rally Flyer     12
                                                                                        Chapter D Rally Flyer     13
October is going to be a busy month.
The 1st is Chapter J’s Rally in Russell-                                                Chapter X Rally Flyer     14
                                                                                        Chapter Calendar          15
ville. The 8th is Chapter D’s Rally in
Jonesboro and our overnight ride to                                                       CHAPTER L
                                                                                           MEETS THE
                                  TOAD TEAM                                                3RD SAT. OF
 Directors - Bud & Jan Danner—(501) 514-5882 -                       EACH MONTH
 Asst. Directors - Lee & Goldia Wilkins - (501) 679-5965 -             AT SMITTY’S
 Couple/Webmaster - Charlie Debbie Wirges - (501) 835-1430
                                                                                           BBQ ON HARK-
                                                                                           RIDER STREET
 Treasurer - Bev Stanley - (501) 743-0563 -
                                                                                           IN CONWAY,
 Rider Ed - Allen Holloway - (501) 354-1122 -
 Newsletter Editor - Vicki Humphrey - (501) 590-6031 -
                                                                                        EAT AT 5 PM
 Sunshine Gal - Amy Ball - (501) 652-6318 -
                                                                                        MEET AT 6 PM
              Chapter Couple

 Dear Fellow Gold Wingers,
 Well the weather has finally gotten right to ride, looks and feels like fall. This month Deb-
 bie and I attended Chapter J’s gathering on September 3rd. We had a good time visiting and
 eating lunch with them. They were making their final plans for their upcoming Rally. It
 looks to be a good one, Hobo Stew, yum, yum.
        On September 18th we participated in the Biker’s for Babies Ride, as most of you
 know Debbie and I were on the board this year. The event was a success and again the Gold
 Winger’s led the way. This year the Gold Winger’s raised the most money and will lead the
 motorcycle procession next year. We always enjoy this kind of event where we get the op-
 portunity to ride and raise money to help the babies who need our help.
        Sunrise Honda appreciation day was September 24th . We rode to El Paso to meet up
 with the     other members of our Chapter going to Searcy. As most of you know by now
 that was the same day our friend and chapter member David Dickerson had his seizure.
 Debbie and I spent most of the rest of that day following David from hospital to hospital,
 as I followed the ambulance. David is still in the hospital and recovering now. Please keep
 David in your prayers
       Next month is going to be very busy for us. Almost every weekend has some kind of
 event or ride for us to go on. There are three rallies, the Memorial Picnic, and the Okla-
 homa District Convention.
 We hope to visit with more Chapters next month. We’ll be seeing everybody soon.
 Your Couple of the Year for 2011
 Charlie and Debbie Wirges

Page 2                                                                         Chapter L’s Toad Tales
Inside Story Headline

              There will only be 1
              dinner ride for Octo-
              ber due to our being in
              Branson for the 2nd

                                               14 - Quitman
                                               Catfish Barn
                                               Hwy 124

                                               SICK BAY

                                 David ―Drifter‖ Dickerson (blood clot)
                                 Carolen Duncan (shoulder surgery)
                                 Please remember these and that they
                                 will have a speedy recovery.

  October, 2011                                                           Page 3
                              ON THE ROAD AGAIN
                                     By Carolen Duncan

As many of you are aware, I was involved in an accident July 14, 2011 while Fred and I were
on our way home from WingDing. On I-40 in Memphis, a van ran into the back of my trike and
totaled the trike kit. After much hassle that always goes along with dealing with insurance
companies, my trike was repaired by Horizon Trike Center in Clarksville, who by the way did
an awesome job and were some of the nicest folks we have ever known to work with. I now
have a 2012 Adventure Motor Trike kit on my trike, and it is beautiful.

The wait was about 9 weeks from date of accident until we were notified that my trike was ready
for us. I was so anxious and excited to see my trike after all this time that I barely slept the night
before! Ready to ride, but still somewhat nervous to get back on it. We arrived in Clarksville
shortly after lunch on September 21; had planned on leaving there and riding hwy 123 north, but
due to being short on daylight hours once we were actually ready to leave Clarksville, we de-
cided to just stay there for the night, and pick up on 123 the next morning.
Next morning, after watching the weather, we decided that if we rode north on 123 we were
bound to run into rain, so we rode south on hwy 109 intending to go to Mt. Magazine; got into the
rain anyway and the closer we got to Mt. Magazine, the harder it rained. We turned back east to-
ward Dardanelle, then south on hwy 7 to Hot Springs; the rain stopped for awhile, but started
again, and was raining when we pulled in the parking lot of Hampton Inn in Hot Springs. Gave it
up and stayed in Hot Springs for the night, along with 10 other motorcycles who had the same
idea we did. While riding hwy 7 south, I met a northbound motorcycle in one of the curves; he
came across both yellow lines into my lane; coming straight toward me! I moved to the shoulder
of the road as far as I could go, trying to give this other biker room to NOT hit me head on. He
barely missed me; when he passed by me, I felt his 'BREEZE.' Don't know if it scared him as
much as it did me, but I hope it did! I really don't need anymore of this!! God continues to take
care of me!
Morning of September 23, leaving Hot Springs, we rode hwy 7 north to hwy 5 east to hwy 9
north, then hwy 60 east back into Conway, then on home to Searcy. All in all, we had a great
ride; still working on trying to relax and not be so nervous.
I am enjoying the new setup; hope to get some riding in within the next couple of days with this
great weather we are having..

Page 4                                                                                   Chapter L’s Toad Tales
                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                               10th - Debbie Likert
                               14th - Debbie Wirges
                               21st - Kay Fortson
                               25th - Melvin Harris
                               27th - Carolyn Banks

                Happy Anniversary
                Paul & Roberta Belivy
                October 19th

October, 2011                                         Page 5

       Recently I was asked, ―Where do you ride in the lane?‖. My answer is always the same:
    ―It depends‖. Lane placement is an age-old, and often discussed subject that might
    need a little thought today. A motorcyclist was killed when he was struck by a car as he
    was negotiating a left hand corner on a two lane highway. The car going the opposite di-
    rection, drifted wide in the right hand corner, crossed over the centerline and hit the
    motorcycle head-on.
      My first thoughts when I read this were, ―Where was he in the lane? How much space
    did he have? Did he have time to swerve?‖ We will probably never know the answers to
    these questions, but thinking about them is a useful exercise.
      The book says that you should ride in the left hand tire track (if you are by yourself,
    or the leader of a group) to give maximum visibility to oncoming traffic. However, you
    should ride so as to give yourself ―maximum space‖. In other words, place your motorcy-
    cle so that you have a cushion of space around you. (That includes the shoulder of the
    road, particularly if the shoulder is paved, like an interstate). Space equates to time,
    which gives you an ―out‖ when things go wrong, like a car suddenly appearing in your lane.
      If a car suddenly appears in your lane in a left hand corner, could you execute a
    swerve maneuver? Odds are, that if you ride long enough, this will happen to you. If you
    have any doubt about your ability, I strongly suggest that you take an Experienced
    Rider Course. (I’ve taken it many times, and still learn something every time.
      So, the next time you are out riding our beautiful back roads, think about that left
    hand corner uphead. Drift over toward the right hand edge of the lane as you approach
    the corner and visualize a car coming in the opposite direction.
       Give yourself a cushion of space and thing about the swerve.
       Remember, your brain is the best piece of motorcycling equipment you own. USE IT!!
       Ride Smart,
      Dave Roberts
    Chapter B, Knoxsville, TN

                                                                                            Page 6
October, 2011
                                               By the Book
                                                 By: Steve Cotton—Region H Trainer

         A few months ago (in the April 2011 “By the Book”), I discussed the traits of an exceptional Chapter Director (or
 District or Region Director). One topic that is worthy of a more in-depth look is delegation. We are all aware of the
 concept, and the general approach of how this works. Let’s discuss delegation a little deeper.

     When we decide to delegate, we typically approach it from the realization that we cannot “do it all” ourselves. So,
 we select things that need to be done – and choose people that we think will be successful in doing those tasks. We try
 to use all that we’ve learned about delegation and human interaction to get someone else to absorb those tasks. We
 “ask” them, rather than “tell” them; we compliment them on their skills or talents, let them know how we depend on
 them, and thank them for their commitment and dedication. When a member of my team approached me with an idea,
 it was an opening for me to delegate that task to them, because they have already “bought in” to that idea as being
 good, and they feel an ownership to see it is done. All of this is appropriate (assuming it is sincere), but let’s back up a
 few steps to the WHY we delegate.

         There are more good reasons to delegate than just sharing the workload. What about development? Skillful dele-
 gation can assist in developing other individuals to become more skilled at a particular task, or to assume more responsi-
 bility in the future – like becoming the ACD or CD! If these Members are already a part of your team, use them – that
 is why they assumed that position on your team, so give them some things to do! The common pitfall is “we can probably
 do it better and/or faster ourselves”. But, this is only true because we were afforded the opportunity at some point to
 better ourselves. The person that afforded us the opportunity was probably better and faster than we were, but did
 so for our development. So how can we expect someone to get “as good as we are” if we never give that person the

         There is a risk to delegating for development, however. Delegation for development must be accompanied with the
 appropriate amount of oversight and guidance. The less experience someone has, the more oversight and assistance we
 should be ready to provide. If we don’t provide the appropriate assistance and guidance, especially the first time some-
 one attempts something new, we might unknowingly be setting them up for failure. We must remember, however, not to
 “take over”! Let them be responsible for their assignment. The second time this person is assigned that same task, we
 may only need to be a “consultant” to them. After executing this task a few times, this person will become quite
 skilled. We need to entrust this person with the task (i.e., let go), but be there to help to the degree required.

         A final thought on delegation. There is satisfaction associated with accomplishment. People are typically willing to
 contribute in an area where they already have skills because they are certain that they will be successful, and hence
 realize the accomplishment. What if someone is willing to help, but we don’t know what his/her skills are? Simple – we
 can let them choose what is “delegated to them” as it supports our objectives. Then we can use delegation in the best
 way possible – to provide satisfaction to others. A successful Director may not actually do many tangible things herself
 or himself, but they will be developing their team and providing satisfaction while “doing very little”.

         In summary, use your team to help you as the Director meet all the objectives for our Members. By doing that, it
 will also be helpful to you by preventing your own “burn out”, while sharing responsibility and preparing your team for
 future teamwork.

 Learn Something New - Then Teach Someone!

Page 7                                                                                                       Chapter L’s Toad Tales
                                    Director’s Corner
                                    Harry and Joan Dollarhide
                                    Region H Directors

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October, 2011                                                                                                           Page 8
                               Wing Wisdom Whittles
                       Prepared by Steve & Carolyn Cotton, Region H Trainers

 Great Possibilities

    Stop for a moment and think. Think of all the things you have going for you today. Sure, you have your
 challenges and difficulties (they always have a way of demanding your attention!). Look past them for a
 moment, though. Remember that life, on the whole, is actually quite good.

    You live in a world that is bursting with opportunities, at a fascinating time in history when knowledge is
 expanding faster every day. You’re able to get things accomplished. You can think, you can take action, and
 you can turn the challenges and obstacles into opportunities.

     You can be creative. You can have compassion. You can make a difference. The world around you is
 filled with beauty, energy, and possibilities. You are alive to experience it all – to follow the very best of
 those possibilities.

     Robert Frost once said, ―The best way out is always through‖. Though setbacks are an inevitable part of
 making progress, nothing can hold you down for long when you keep in mind all the great things you have go-
 ing for you right now.

    And speaking of great things, consider ―Hugging‖. Hugging is healthy: It helps the body’s immune sys-
 tem, it keeps you healthier, it cures depression, it reduces stress, it induces sleep, it’s invigorating, it reju-
 venating, it has no unpleasant side effects, and hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug.

    Hugging is all-natural: It is organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingre-
 dients, and 100% wholesome.

    Hugging is practically perfect: There are no movable parts, no batteries to wear out, no periodic check-
 ups, low energy consumption, inflation-proof, non-fattening, no monthly payments, no insurance require-
 ments, theft-proof, non-taxable, non-polluting and, of course, fully returnable.

         Have a happy life – the joy is in the journey.

Page 9                                                                                              Chapter L’s Toad Tales
October, 2011   Page 10
          This year we will be going to Branson for our annual chapter
          get-away weekend. We will be staying at the Savannah House
          located at 165 Expressway Lane.
          Everyone is responsible for making their own reservations the
          number is 1-800-383-3132 or on the web at

          Free hot deluxe breakfast included with cookies and cobbler
          in the evening before bedtime.
                             Oct. 28th—29th

                             Come join in the fun !!!

Page 11                                                         Chapter L’s Toad Tales
October, 2011   Page 12
Page 13   Chapter L’s Toad Tales
October, 2011   Page 14
                     October 2011
     SUN         MON             TUE              WED             THU             FRI             SAT

                                                                                                  Chapter J Rally

     2           3               4                5               6               7               8 L over
                                                                                                  night ride

                                                                                                  Chapter D Rally

     9           10              11               12              13              14 Dinner
                 Birthday                                                                         Chapter X Rally

                                                                                  Birthday        Chapter L
                 Debbie Likert
                                                                                  Debbie Wirges

     16          17              18               19              20              21              22
                                                 Anniversary                      Birthday        District Memorial
                                                 Paul & Roberta                                   Picnic
                                                                                  Kay Fortson
                                                 Bleivy                                           Burns Park, NLR

     23          24              25               26              27              28              29
                                 Birthday                         Birthday                        Chapter L
                                 Melvin Harris                    Carolyn Banks                   Weekend

     30          31

    8th Chapter overnight ride - Stay at The Baymont in Ft.Smith
    14th Dinner Ride to Quitman Catfish Barn—HWY 124 Quitman
    29th Chapter L Weekend Getaway - Branson, MO The Savannah House 800-383-3132

October, 2011                                                                                                  Page 15