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How to Avoid Swimming in the Bermuda Triangle of Fraud Theft


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How to Avoid Swimming in the
“Bermuda Triangle” of Fraud, Theft, and
Embezzlement: A Primer for Museums

i Blood in the Water
Why You Will Face a Media Crisis and What You Can Do About It

Member Profile: Henricus Historical Park
Prepares for Quadricentennial
              How to Avoid Swimming in th
              Fraud, Theft, and Embezzlem
   A special thanks goes to the organiza-
    tions and professionals who shared
 their stories and expert advice with us.                     Survey Results                                organization.
  In particular, The Virginia Aquarium &                      VAM surveyed our contacts to see how          • They get close to the victims, includ-
                                                              prevalent this problem really is. We          ing their friends, coworkers and often
        Marine Science Center, The                            were astounded by what we found.              co-opt them in the situation.
 Mariner’s Museum, & Edward J. McMillan,                      Sixty percent of the 197 respondents          • They ask to take on more responsibil-
     CPA, CAE. Contact Mr. McMillan at                        indicated that they were aware of an          ity so they can gain better access to
                                                              incidence of fraud, theft, or embezzle-       purchasing authority. or                            ment within an organization where             • They assume you won’t prosecute to                               they had worked or volunteered! Most          avoid the negative exposure.
                                                              respondents (77%) were from museums,          • They don’t think they will get caught
                                                              but government agencies, for-profit           and so don’t consider the very dire

                  t’s not new. Unfortunately, it’s            businesses, and other non-profits were        consequences of their behavior.
                  not unusual. An employee,                   not immune to this problem. In most
                                                                                                            According to the Association of Certified
                  volunteer, consultant, or                   cases, 53%, prosecution was not pur-
                                                                                                            Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) Report to the
                                                              sued. Twenty one percent of those who
              another ‘trusted insider’ is found                                                            Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse,
                                                              indicated they had experienced fraud,
              to be dishonest – embezzling                                                                  the most commonly cited behavioral
                                                              theft, or embezzlement also indicated
              funds, and committing fraud to                                                                “red flags” were perpetrators living
                                                              that it had occurred in the past year.
                                                                                                            beyond their apparent means, as well as
              cover their tracks. However, while                                                            those experiencing financial difficulties
                                                              Examples Close to Home
              fraud, theft, or embezzlement                   The Virginia Aquarium & Marine                at the time of the fraud.
              within a major corporation leads                Science Center                                As much as we hate to think that anyone
              to a juicy scandal for the news-                The Aquarium experienced its first case       within our organization could be dishon-
              papers, the mere suggestion of                  of embezzlement in 2008. The case             est, fraud, embezzlement, and theft is
                                                              resulted in the director-level employee       a fact of life. Managers, directors, and
              it happening in a non-profit can                being sentenced to 15 years of peni-
              cause irreversible damage to the                                                              board members should remember that
                                                              tentiary time with 14 years suspended         there is no way to know what is going
              organization’s reputation and                   (based on his good behavior for the           on within an employee’s personal life (or
Cover Story

              support base.                                   next 15 years). He was also court             a volunteer’s, a consultant’s, or a board
                                                              ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution.       member’s). Many cases of fraud have
              “It won’t happen here – we know our people      The employee was punished to the full-
              – we’re a tight-knit group.” Even the finest                                                  unfolded with the guilty person being
                                                              est extent of the law so that he would        the one who is above suspicion.
              wool attracts moths, and the effects can be     not perpetrate this crime on another
              devastating to the fabric of your organiza-     non-profit institution.                       In the case of the Aquarium, the staff
              tion. Mr. Edward J. McMillan, CPA, CAE, and                                                   was confused and frustrated during the
              fraud prevention expert, describes a fraud      During the prosecution of this em-            investigation when details could not be
              triangle (see graphic, next page) - the three   ployee, auditors and other experts            shared. Aside from fiscal loss, they spent
              corners being opportunity, incentive, and       dispensed excellent information to            an enormous amount of time document-
              rationalization. An organization has control    ensure future embezzlement cases              ing what took place. The statement to
              only of the opportunity area of the fraud       would not occur at the institution. The       the court during the sentencing said
              triangle. So how does a small organization,     organization learned the following signs      “That the Aquarium staff has success-
              a museum, a non-profit take measures to         of fraudulent activity:                       fully accommodated these additional
              reduce the opportunity for someone to           • The perpetrators often are not suspect      burdens is a tribute to their dedication
              commit fraud and embezzlement? How              because they typically have a high level      and competence.” The Aquarium learned
              can they be prepared in case it occurs?         of responsibility and authority, as well as   a great deal from the situation, and
              We’ve dedicated this space to answering         purchase authority.                           although they thought they had internal
              those questions. We hope that you’ll find       • They are very likable and say that they     control procedures in place, they have
              some nuggets of information that can help       would never do anything that would            been strengthened. As a result, they are a
              your museum avoid becoming a victim!            tarnish the excellent reputation of the       much stronger institution today.

 he “Bermuda Triangle” of
ment: A Primer for Museums                                                                                     by Heather Widener

   The Mariners’ Museum                             between 33 and 41 months). She said to the         box on page 7). In his message to members,
   No matter the size of the institution, no        criminal at his sentencing, “You did this …        John Verrill, VAM Council President, said “[We
   matter how much security one has in place        because of your greed and furthering your own      all know] the importance of taking responsibili-
   – thefts such as the one at The Mariners’ Mu-    pocketbook” but most especially, “You broke        ty when things go wrong. Your council and staff
   seum come down to a person in a position         the trust of the public…”                          are quick to do so now. Clearly, improvements
   of trust taking advantage of that trust. At                                                         in our accounting and oversight processes are
                                                    Speaking of the impact this theft had on
   the Mariner’s, an employee used his position                                                        needed, and steps have already been taken in
                                                    the Museum, a staff member stated, “Has the
   of trust to sell over 5,000 items belonging                                                         this regard.”
                                                    Museum’s professionalism and ability to care
   to the Museum on eBay between 2002 and
                                                    for one’s treasured possessions been called into   In non-profit organizations with members
   2006. Thanks to a suspicious eBay customer,
                                                    question by the Museum profession and the          (such as associations and museums), an
   the indiscretions came to the attention of
                                                    general public? It is impossible to say. What we   added dimension complicates an already
   museum staff. The employee was let go, and
                                                    can say is the primary reason for the Museum’s     intricate and painful process of addressing
   the staff launched their investigation – with
                                                    existence is to preserve its collection in the     an incident of fraud, theft, or embezzlement.
   the local police department and Federal of-
                                                    public trust for the use and education of future   These organizations are responsible to
   ficials ultimately becoming involved.
                                                    generations. That trust has been violated and it   their members, and must be transparent in
   During this investigation, it became apparent    is bound to have an impact on the Museum in        everything they do. Their resources are held in
   that items were missing - thousands of one-      ways that we cannot begin to comprehend.”          trust for the benefit of their members and the
   of-a-kind items that could never be replaced:                                                       public, and when something happens to those
                                                    Virginia Association of Museums
   Trade cards, photographs, steamship ephem-                                                          resources they must be accountable.
                                                    VAM too has learned from bitter experience the
   era, court records concerning the Titanic, and
                                                    importance of reinforcing preventive measures      However, as all three cases illustrate, the staff
   more. The thief was eventually indicted, and
                                                    to ensure that the opportunity portion of the      who are left to deal with the mess – preparing
   pled guilty. He was sentenced to four years
                                                    ‘fraud triangle” is all but shut down. In the      documentation, researching files, responding
   in Federal prison and must make full restitu-
                                                    spring of this year, VAM discovered that one of    to requests from investigators, scrambling
   tion to the Museum.
                                                    its longtime employees had embezzled funds.        to pick up the pieces while still functioning
   The U.S. District Judge in the case handed                                                          in their normal roles – must walk a tightrope
                                                    After consultation with auditors, fraud ex-
   out a much harsher sentence than even Fed-                                                          between disclosing important aspects of the
                                                    perts, and others, VAM has taken measures to
   eral guidelines recommend (which is usually                                                         situation to members and other stakeholders,
                                                    shore up its office financial procedures (see
                                                                                                                                   (continued on page 8)

         The Fraud                                                                  Incentive

                      Sphere of organizational control

                                                    Opportunity                                        Rationalization

                                                                Fall 009                                                                                  
            2010 Annual Conference
            Museums Driving Change is Right Around the Corner
                                                             Evening events will be held at the Virginia     for participants. Topics for these special
                                                             Holocaust Museum, The American Civil            “off-site insights” include Historic House
                                                             War Center, Virginia Historical Society and     Museums and Emergency Planning.
                                                             the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (where
                                                                                                             Omni Hotel Room Rate: $122
                                                             you’ll get a behind-the scenes tour before
                                                                                                             Member Registration: $200
                                                             it opens to the public)! We’ll be offer-
                                                                                                             Registration Discount: $180
                                                             ing Technology Tutorials again, as well as
                                                                                                             (this discount is available to speakers, com-
                                                             Saturday tours to Henricus, the University
                                                                                                             mittee members, and those whose member
                                                             of Richmond Museums, and Richmond
                                                                                                             institutions send 3 or more representatives)
                                                             history tour that will end at the newly
                                                             restored Capitol Building.                      The full conference program will be
                                                                                                             posted online in October.
                                                             Our Top Ten sessions will be back, added
                                                             to over 25 other educational programs           If you have any questions, contact Jennifer
                                                             throughout the conference. In addition to       at
                                                             half day workshops during the conference
                                                             on topics ranging from Ethics to Web 2.0,       Note: If you are a speaker, don’t forget
                                                             we will also be offering post-conference,       to check online for conference speakers’
                  Museums Driving Change, will               off site workshops at local museums!            information and orientation guide, presen-
Program Updates

                  be held at the Omni Hotel in               These will take full advantage of their lo-     tation tips, 2010 AV checklist and speaker
                                                             cations to provide a hands-on experience        deadlines, as well as guidelines for online
                  Richmond from March 14 - 16th.                                                             handouts.

                  VAM 2009 - 2010 Annual Workshop
                  Series is Underway!
                  Check Out These Fall Semester Workshops
                  We are proud to announce this              executed— interpretive tools used by            Speakers: Dr. David L. Butler,
                  year’s line up of workshops - the full     museums. With the advent of the Civil           Executive Director, Art Museum of
                  brochure is online now! But with           War Sesquicentennial, many museums              Knoxville; Barbara Rothermel, Director
                  Fall in full swing, we’re featuring the    and historical societies are planning living    of Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College.
                                                             history presentations and reenactments,         The key to a successful board is getting
                  workshops here that are right around
                                                             some for the first time. Experts in the field   the best people and making sure they
                  the corner:                                will discuss how to research Civil War          know what is expected of them. How do
                  Bringing History to Life Without Killing   era costuming and culture; set interpre-        you get the board to move past being a
                  Yourself in the Process                    tive/educational goals for programs; and        rubber stamp without micro-managing
                                                             explore the legal, organizational and op-       the museum? It takes a commitment to
                  New Market Battlefield State
                                                             erational requirements of reenactments.         improvement, to teamwork, and to full
                  Historical Park September 29, 2009         This workshop is designed to explain the
                  Education/Outreach credit                                                                  participation in governance, fundraising
                                                             challenges and rewards of historically          and advocacy. This workshop will examine
                  Speakers: Scott Harris, Director, and      accurate living history programs and            how to inspire, encourage, and motivate
                  Troy Marshall, Supervisor of Historical    help staff to decide if this is the correct     your museum board to face the future.
                  Interpretation, New Market Battlefield     interpretive approach for their site. A tour
                  State Historical Park; Stacy Hampton,      of New Market Battlefield, led by Director
                                                             Scott Harris, will be offered at the close of   Did you miss the Historic Structure
                  Victorian Society in America/Atlantic                                                      Care and Maintenance Workshop
                  Guard Soldiers Aid Society, and other      the workshop.
                                                                                                             in July?
                  speakers tba. Moderated by Tracy Gil-      MovingYour Board into the 21st Century          VAM is repeating it for you! The workshop
                  lespie, Director of Historic Programs,     Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College                will be held October 26, 2009 at
                  Morven Park.                               October 22, 2009                                Henricus Historical Park. You have a
                  Living history is one of the most pow-     Internal Affairs credit                         second chance to experience this popular
                  erful—and sometimes most poorly                                                            workshop.
                                                                                                                                (continued on page 7)

i                  Blood in the Water:
                   Why You WILL Face a Media Crisis and What
                   You Can Do About It           by Jason Y. Hall, Ph.D., CAE
                                                                                                           Public Trust Strategies
Smithsonian:                                 year sentence, and the museum is left         good copy when they’re in trouble.
• Larry Small, brought in as Secretary       trying to reassure potential donors           Your board, if your museum is a non-
from Fannie Mae, gives himself perks         that this will not happen again.              profit, or your political masters, if it’s a
to which he was accustomed in the                                                          government entity, are local celebri-
private sector that are way out of line      It can’t happen to you, right? You’re         ties, so their actions are by definition
for a national non-profit with 70%           not that big, your board is careful           newsworthy, especially if those actions
federal funding.                             about who it puts in as CEO, the local        look bad.
• The media uncover this, and there          press love the museum services you
is unrelenting bad coverage, driving         provide, you’ve never had problems            • Your museum is held to a higher
Congressional hearings and pressure.         like this.                                    standard. All “public trust” organiza-
• Small is gone, and the reputations                                                       tions are; that’s one of the prices of
of the Smithsonian and its board are         OK, I’ll grant all that—and still tell you    direct and indirect (tax-subsidy) public
heavily tarnished.                           with assurance that your museum WILL          funding. So a mistake that would
                                             face a media crisis—probably mul-             be shrugged off if discovered in a
Red Cross:                                   tiple—during your career. Here’s why:         for-profit organization can easily be a
• Mark Everson, brought in as CEO                                                          calamity for a public trust organization
from running the IRS to great acclaim,       • Somebody’s going to make a mis-             like a museum. Reputation is ultimate-
has an affair with a Red Cross official in   take. It happens; we’re human, we             ly everything; without reputation, your
the field, technically within his chain of   make bad judgments. We ignore the             ability to accomplish your mission is
command.                                     rules, or there are no rules in place         seriously impaired.
• The media uncover this, and there          even when there could and should be.
is unrelenting bad coverage, driving                                                       • And cultural organizations are both
Congressional pressure.                      • That mistake is going to get out.           loved and a tempting target—it’s a
• Everson is gone, and the Red Cross,        Reporters are very good at finding out        juicier story. Yes, museums and other
reeling from previous turnover at            things; it’s their full time job, and since   cultural organizations are good and
the top, is very hard pressed to raise       Watergate revived the “muckraking”            do good, but there is still a populist
funds even in the wake of Hurricane          of the early 20th century, the biggest        temptation in many reporters—are
Ike, causing reductions in its ability to    career incentives are in investigative        cultural organizations really helping
serve and major layoffs.                     reporting. It just takes an unexpected        the community like the social service
                                             lawsuit, a disgruntled insider, a loose       providers, or are they a plaything of
                                             comment, and boom, it’s out, with             the rich?
Independence Seaport Museum                  more to come.
(Philadelphia)                                                                             What You Can Do About It NOW
• John S. Carter, Seaport president for
17 years, misappropriates $1 million of
the museum’s money. He is accused
                                             • Or something is going to look like a
                                             mistake when it isn’t, and people are
                                             going to get very mad. Deaccession-
                                                                                           1.     Have a Crisis Plan in Place.
                                                                                                  Reach for it, don’t improvise it on
                                                                                           the spot; you’ll miss something essen-
of buying two boats, an espresso             ing’s like that, especially when not          tial and you won’t get the permissions
machine, and a carriage house for his        accompanied by a very careful media           in time. Standard elements include:
home on Cape Cod.                            plan, and so is locally unpopular             • A notification process. Key stake-
• The media uncover the criminal             museum programming that’s mission-            holders (CEO, board, others) are identi-
investigation that occurs after Carter       appropriate.                                  fied and contacted.
leaves the museum, and there is unre-                                                      • A position development and mes-
lenting bad coverage.                        • You’ve got a lot of VIPs associated         saging process. The team/individual
• Carter pleads guilty, getting a 15         with your museum, and they make               is identified to set the substance of

                                                      Fall 009                                                                           
                              the response, then the substance
                              is transformed into a message that
                                                                          4.     Know When to Fold ‘Em. If
                                                                                 you are in the wrong, or you
                                                                          are in the right but appearances or
                              • A spokesman. Don’t let internal           the context (previous trouble) are
                              politics drive this one; it’s critical. A   so bad that you can’t effectively
                              great message garbled is no help.           explain, you take a different course.
                              See #2, below.                              FIRST be aware of that internally
                              • Assessment of results. Various ser-       and figure out a process to fix the
Technical Insert, cont’d...
                              vices can help you assess how well          problem, THEN admit you were in
                              you did and what else you could             the wrong/missed something and
                              have done, for next time.                   explain the process you’ve created
                                                                          to fix it. Take into account, and work
                              See any standard book on media              in concert with, one of the media’s
                              relations for examples of crisis plans      favorite things to do: see itself not
                              you can adapt.                              only as a truth-revealer but also as
                                                                          a society-fixer. They will love you

                              2.     Only One (Trained, and Pref-
                                     erably Experienced) Person
                              Speaks. Multiple voices blur the
                                                                          even more than before for truly fix-
                                                                          ing something they uncovered, and
                                                                          they will praise you for it.
                              message or contradict; untrained
                              spokespeople in a crisis WILL mess
                              up, from ignorance of how the
                              media think; inexperienced spokes-
                                                                          5.     Don’t Step Into These Pits:
                                                                          • Denying wrongdoing when
                                                                                                                    Jason Hall is Principal of Public Trust
                                                                                                                    Strategies, a consulting firm specializing
                                                                                                                    in helping museums of all sizes build,
                              people, even when trained, will             you’ve been wrong. They will show         enhance, or restore deserved reputations
                              mess up from the high stress and            it’s wrong, and you will pay even         and influence with key audiences, and
                              media persistence and ingenuity             bigger when they do.                      leveraging that increased reputation
                              when they smell a scandal.                  • Saying “No Comment.” The media          and influence to secure increased and
                                                                          (and public) perceive that as “plead-     sustained funding, and enduring public

                              3.       Know When to Hold ‘Em. If
                                       it’s appearance rather than
                              substance (you’ve actually done
                                                                          ing the Fifth”—a tacit confession of
                                                                          guilt. That’s blood in the water to
                                                                          keep them investigating far beyond
                                                                                                                    trust. He is also a professor at George
                                                                                                                    Mason University, teaching masters
                                                                                                                    courses in media and government rela-
                                                                                                                    tions and in ethics for public administra-
                              nothing unethical or illegal) AND           the issue at hand. Want them to
                                                                                                                    tors. He is the former Director of Govern-
                              you can explain the appearances             find everything about your museum         ment and Media Relations for American
                              effectively, hold your ground and           that isn’t perfect—especially in the      Association of Museums (1991-2007)
                              patiently explain the background            context of the big thing that’s just      and a former senior staffer at both the
                              that helps the media understand             gone wrong?                               National Endowment for the Humanities
                              why what looks bad is not. This is          • Lying. Tempting…since we’ve all         and National Endowment for the Arts.
                              especially important where giving           done it to save face. It’s the worst      Contact Jason at jhall@publictruststrate-
                              ground would set a PR precedent             thing you can do in this situation.
                              that would restrict your museum’s           They will find out, and now you’ve
                              ability to do legitimate, essential         got zero credibility for the indefinite
                              things, like putting on locally un-         future.
                              popular programming, or deacces-
                              sioning. But be sure you are right.         Final thoughts:                            The Hampton Roads, Virginia Chapter
                              If it’s ethics and standards, and you       • Be ready. Have a plan. Think it          of the Public Relations Society of
                              have doubts, contact the relevant           through.                                   America is holding a crisis communi-
                              museum service organization, such           • Get help. If there’s breathing           cations workshop:
                              as VAM, and perhaps the online              space, get help in the moment, but
                              ethics and standards resources of           at the least, seek it out afterwards       When it Hits the Fan: Critical
                              American Association of Museums,            to see what you did well, didn’t           Communications for Critical Times
                              to confirm your thinking.                   do well, and how you can start to          October 7, 2009 from 8:00 - 4:30
                                                                          restore your reputation if the media       Norfolk Botanical Garden, Norfolk, VA
                                                                          coverage wasn’t what you wanted.

 Fall VAM Workshops
 ... continued from page 4

Anyone who was on the waiting list for the July         will be given by legal professionals involved in       THIS WORKSHOP IS BEING
“edition” will get first preference for this repeat.    teaching and by cultural institutions. Partici-        HOSTED AND ORGANIZED BY
Contact Jennifer for details.                           pants will walk away with a greater under-             COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG. Visit
                                                        standing of the role of “fair use.” A question and to register or
Emerging Museum Professional (EMP)                      answer period will follow each talk and there will     for more information.
Workshop and Middle Management                          be free time to view the copyright-laden exhibi-
                                                                                                               All workshops run from 10:00 - 3:00 unless
Institute (MMI)                                         tion Deeply Superficial: Andy Warhol’s Voyeurism
                                                                                                               otherwise specified. Workshop fees, unless oth-
(full brochure available soon—additional fee)           organized by the Muscarelle Museum of Art.
                                                                                                               erwise specified, are $50 for VAM members; $75
University of Richmond                                  Conquering the Challenges of African                   for non-members; $10 for optional box lunch.
November 12-13, 2009                                    American History Interpretation                        Register online at or call
Internal Affairs credit                                 Sponsored by the Colonial Williamsburg Founda-         Jennifer at 804-788-5823.
EMP Workshop Speakers: to be deter-                     tion to celebrate 30 years of interpreting the lives
mined                                                                                                          Carpool to Save!
                                                        of African-Americans at CW                             We know budgets are tight. To encourage
MMI Speakers: Thomas Costello, Principal,               Colonial Williamsburg Foundation                       sharing resources and saving our environ-
Cultural Resources Management Group;                    December 15, 2009 (8:30 - 5:30)                        ment, we will offer a special carpool discount
Jason Hall, Principal, Public Trust Strategies.         Education and Outreach credit                          again this year. If you ride to a workshop with
This two-day interactive workshop will pro-             Speakers: Tricia Brooks, Manager of African            two other people in your car, everyone in
vide participants with the tools to develop                                                                    your car gets $5 off their workshop fee. That’s
                                                        American Initiatives; Rose McAphee,Train-
and manage the leadership skills needed to                                                                     two gallons of gas apiece! If you need help
navigate these challenging times. Workshop
                                                        ing Specialist; Richard Josey, Manager of
                                                                                                               finding other participants in your area, call
components include discussion, case study,              Actor Interpretations.
                                                                                                               Jennifer at 804-788-5823.
and group activities. All participants will attend      Is your museum telling all sides of the story? Do
the keynote address, and then will follow either        you want to move towards a more complete
the EMP or MMI track for the remainder of the           history by incorporating the contributions of
workshop. MMI participants will explore Financial       African Americans to the story you are telling?
Management, including fundraising and balanc-           Can you tackle the topic with little or no African
ing budgets, as well as Legal and Ethical Issues in     American staff? And what do you do when
Museums. EMP participants will focus on issues          the information you have related to African
important to those in the first five years of their     American history at your site is minimal at
                                                        best? In 1979 Colonial Williamsburg became
museum career.
                                                        a pioneer in the interpretation of African
Not So Patently Obvious:                                American history and for the last 30 years
A Workshop on Intellectual Property                     has developed strategies for developing and
Co-sponsored by the Muscarelle Museum of Art            presenting interpretive programs that give life
Muscarelle Museum of Art,Williamsburg                   to the 18th century African American experi-
                                                        ence. Come and see what they have learned in
December 7, 2009
                                                        the process and get the tools you need to start
Internal Affairs credit                                 incorporating the African American experi-
Speakers: Trotter Hardy, William & Mary                 ence into your programs, or to
Professor of Law and Associate Dean of                  expand on your current efforts.
Technology; James Heller, William & Mary
Professor of Law and Director of the Wolf
                                                        Through group discussions,
                                                        site observations and practical
                                                                                                             Let’s create
Law Library; Gail Waddell, General Counsel              activities you will: examine
                                                        the challenges of mounting
                                                                                                          your next exhibit.
for The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
“Intellectual Property” is not itself an area of law,   interpretation involving race
                                                        and discrimination, learn how
but rather a term of convenience that describes
                                                        to train staff to handle sensitive
              several different areas of law, most
                                                        topics and feel more comfort-
                                                                                                                  We design graphics for
                notably copyright, patent and
                 trademark law. This workshop           able and confident discussing                            some of Virginia’s finest.
                   aims to help museum, library         them, and explore ways to
                     and visual resource profes-        use available information on
                       sionals recognize the dif-       your site to develop a narrative
                         ferences between these         about the African American
                           three areas. Lectures        presence.

                                                                       Fall 009                                                                                 
     How to Avoid Swimming in the “Bermuda T
    ... continued from page 3

    while maintaining the level of discretion often       tances via the mail, and take advantage of               take their recommendations for improve-
    required while a case is pending.*                    their Positive Pay service.                              ment seriously; they visit during the “Window
                                                          5. Checks received in the mail are immedi-               of Opportunity” for embezzlement.
    “Our first responsibility is to our members,” em-
                                                          ately endorsed by whoever opens the mail,                9. You require all employees to take at least
    phasized Margo Carlock, Executive Director of
                                                          and employees other than accounting are                  one full, uninterrupted week of vacation
    VAM. “I am grateful for all the support and advice
                                                          prohibited from coming into contact with                 annually; you require key employees to be
    we have received from our museum community
                                                          original checks; all employees who handle                subject to a ‘Management Day.’
    and proud of staff, volunteers, and council mem-
                                                          cash and checks are bonded.                              10. The amount of the Fidelity Bond is ad-
    bers who have stepped up to the plate to help us
                                                          6. Your restrictive endorsement stamp does               equate and you are aware of all contractual
    move through this situation.”
                                                          not include your account number.                         obligations concerning it.
    Prevention                                            7. The amount on your manual checks is                   11. Check supply is under lock & key; checks are
    In discussions with experts who deal with fraud       protected with a check protector machine,                signed manually; check stock is non-scan-able.
    within organizations, it is clear that in addition    and you prohibit making checks payable                   12. You check the backgrounds of key employ-
    to not being rare, the problem of dishonesty          to acronyms (if your organization is known               ees, have a “Conditions of Employment Agree-
    is not confined to the problem of out and out         by its acronym, you encourage checks to be               ment,” and a “Conflict of Interest Agreement.”
    embezzlement or theft. Sometimes the dishon-          made out to its full legal name).                        When employees leave, you conduct an “Exit
    esty is more passive or harder to pin down. For       8. Your CPA firm undertakes a thorough                   Interview.”
    example, according to one expert, a prominent         analysis of your internal controls and you               13. You have instructed your bank not to
    museum director outside of Virginia was cited
    for mismanaging funds and then feigning                   VAM’s New Recommended                                 billing and a report run off for comparison with
                                                                                                                    the credit card batch report. Payments will be
    illness to escape the consequences (and to col-             Financial Procedures                                entered into Quickbooks and a report printed out
    lect employee compensation).                                                                                    to be compared and reconciled with the other two
                                                          Based on Forensic Accountant’s Recommendations:           reports. All three reports will be stapled together,
    As a front line of defense against any type of
                                                                                                                    reviewed by the Executive Director, and filed.
    dishonesty, organizations must thoroughly             1. The bank has been contacted and bank state-
    check references and conduct background               ments for both the Business Reserve and the Oper-         6. An accounts receivable aging report will be set up in
    checks on prospective employees. Another              ating (checking) accounts will be sent to the VAM         iMIS and reviewed monthly by the bookkeeper with
                                                          Office in Richmond, the Treasurer in Roanoke, and         the Executive Director to determine steps to collect
    example illustrates this. A museum employee
                                                          the home address of the Executive Director.               outstanding receivables.
    (again, in another state) had been dismissed
    from several museum jobs for embezzle-                2. VAM will separate the bookkeeper function              7. Bookkeeper will continue to handle the process-
    ment. This person applied at yet another              and membership coordinator function, and hire a           ing of payroll, but will not open the bimonthly
    museum. Because this next museum did not              part-time, permanent contract employee or vendor          payroll envelope from Paragon payroll services.
                                                          to provide bookkeeping services. The Executive            The Executive Director will continue to review the
    conduct a background check or call any of the
                                                          Director will reconcile the bank and investment           payroll reports and distribute pay stubs. In the ED’s
    employee’s references, it became the next of          accounts and a copy of the reconciliation reports         absence, the Program Director will do so.
    this fraudster’s victims. The first line of defense   will be provided to the Treasurer each month. If
    against fraud, theft, and embezzlement occurs         there are questions, backup documentation will be         Additional Recommendations:
    prior to engaging any new employee, consul-           faxed. The Treasurer will therefore be performing
                                                                                                                    8. Voided checks will have a form attached describ-
    tant, volunteer, or board member.                     a monthly internal audit of the books in support of
                                                                                                                    ing reason for void before being filed.
                                                          the annual external audit.
    In addition, it is critical for an organization                                                                 9. All checks will be signed when printed; no blank
    to have a documented system of internal               3. VAM will secure additional fidelity insurance from
                                                                                                                    checks will be signed.
                                                          our insurer, Alfa Alliance Insurance Corporation.
    controls to protect itself from employee
                                                          Current liability limit of $10,000 for employee dis-      10. All checks over $2,000 will require a second
    dishonesty. Some of the procedures Mr. Mc-            honesty will be raised to $25,000 for an additional       signature. At least one Council member residing or
    Millan strongly recommends include:                   annual premium of $125 (total now to be $500).            working in the Richmond area will be maintained
                                                                                                                    on the bank signature card for this purpose.
    1. Copies of bank statements and credit card          4. An internet-based version of QuickBooks will be
    details are forwarded off-site to the CEO. Checks,    acquired which will enable the Executive Director         11. A background check should be obtained
    debit memorandums, and charges are reviewed.          and the Treasurer to have real-time, anytime access       from Equifax or similar reporting agency for new
    2. Two signatures are required on all checks          to the organization’s accounting records from any-        employees.
    and wire transfers; two people are involved           where the internet is accessible. This will require an
                                                          increase to the monthly budget of $35.                    12. The Treasurer should be involved in the transfer of
    in preparing payroll and remitting payroll                                                                      sums over $10,000 from one VAM account to another.
    taxes; finance personnel are prohibited from          Based on Auditor’s Recommendations:
                                                                                                                    Job descriptions of the Executive Director and
    being signers on all bank accounts.
                                                          5. Credit card payments will be processed once a          Bookkeeper will be amended to incorporate addi-
    3. Accounting attaches a copy of the bank rec-        week, with a batch report printed out. Payments           tional duties and responsibilities as outlined above.
    onciliation to the monthly financial statement.       will be entered into the association management           A general review of job functions for all employees
    4. Use your bank’s Lock Box service for remit-        database (iMIS software) under the appropriate            will be conducted to assure realistic expectations.

Triangle” of Fraud, Theft, and Embezzlement
   change authorized signers without manage-           Summary                                                      government entities around the world and
   ment approval.                                      Well, he wasn’t a Virginian, but Benjamin                    indicates expertise in all areas of fraud preven-
   14. You occasionally test cash, check, and          Franklin knew what he was saying with the                    tion and detection. CFEs on six continents have
   credit card transactions, and you do not            addage “an ounce of prevention is worth a                    investigated more than one million suspected
   have employee credit cards.                         pound of cure.” Never was this more appro-                   cases of civil and criminal fraud.
   15. You have approved vendor files and you          priate than in the case of employee dishon-
                                                                                                                    The AFCE publishes a Report to the Nation
   investigate new vendors.                            esty. We hope that this article provided you
                                                                                                                    as well as Occupational Fraud: A Study of
   16. You have a system in place whereby em-          with a primer to use as a reference as you
                                                                                                                    the Impact of an Economic Recession. Both
   ployees are encouraged to report suspi              review your own organization’s hiring and
                                                                                                                    are free for download and can be found
   cious or unethical activity; you have a formal      financial procedures. The stories of organiza-
                                                                                                                    online at The AFCE bookstore
   ‘whistle blower protection’ policy.                 tions that have fallen victim to employee
                                                                                                                    offers the titles above, as well.
                                                       dishonesty attest to the fact that this is
   How to Respond if you are Victimized                a common and serious issue. By sharing
   If, despite your organization’s best efforts, you
                                                       experiences, enlisting the help of experts,                  NONPROFITGURU.COM is a website providing
   find yourself a victim, have a plan for how you     thoroughly checking prospective employee                     valuable resources and services on not-for-
   will respond and what actions will be taken         backgrounds, having sound financial proce-                   profit policies and procedures, budgeting and
   (see our Technical Insert, Blood in the Water:      dures in place, and by prosecuting to the full               financial management, accounting, tax and
   Why You Will Face a Media Crisis and What           extent of the law when a case of fraud, theft,               reporting requirements and preventing fraud.
   You Can Do About It for expert recommen-            or embezzlement occurs, we can shut down
   dations on how to respond appropriately to          the “opportunity” segment of the fraud
   stakeholders and to the public). You need to        triangle and swim in safer waters.
   contact your attorney and CPA for advice on
   first steps in handling the situation.              *VAM’s case is still pending.

   Of course, one of the first orders of business is   Books and Resources
   usually to confront the suspect/perpetrator. Here   Fraud and Abuse in Non-
   are some tips that may help in this situation:      profit Organizations, by                               PROFILE                        Collection of the New-York Historical Society.

   • To protect yourself and other employees, in       Gerard M. Zack, CFE                        Location
   case an incident occurs during the con-                                                        The New-York Historical Society
   frontation, plan to discuss the incident in a       Sarbanes-Oxley for Non-
   neutral location, before or after work hours.       profits, by Peggy M. Jackson,              Nature and the American Vision:
   • Have a witness present!                           CPA, CPCU & Toni E. Fogarty,               The Hudson River School

   • Gather keys and organizational credit cards       Ph.D., MPH                                 Time
                                                                                                  September 15, 2009 - March 25, 2010
   from the offender and change door locks,            The Safe Hiring Manual, by
   notifying security personnel if applicable.                                                    Glazing
                                                       Lester S. Rosen, J.D.                      Tru Vue® Optium Museum Acrylic®
   • Do not allow the perpetrator back into the
   office for any reason. You can convey to the        Association of Certified
   person any personal belongings.                     Fraud Examiners
                                                       ACFE is the leading anti-
   You must also:                                      fraud association in the
   • Freeze all accounts until the situation is
                                                       world, providing knowledge                 The Finest Collections Depend
   • Change computer passwords.
                                                       and training used to reduce
                                                       the occurrence of corporate
                                                                                                  on Optium Acrylic Glazing    ®

   • Reset or re-route phone lines and email           fraud. Together with nearly                Optium® combines the best of both worlds, anti-reflective safety glass and
   messaging appropriately so that your office         50,000 members, the ACFE is                UV filtering acrylic, in one product, for all your design and conservation
   can continue functioning.                           reducing fraud and inspiring               needs. And now, Optium® Museum Display Acrylic™ is available for display
   • Arrange for a forensic audit if deemed ap-        public confidence in the                   cases, vitrines and framed exhibits. Find out why museums around the
   propriate by the CPA and attorney.                  integrity and objectivity                  world depend on Optium to protect, conserve and display their most
   • Preserve all evidence; safeguard original         within the profession.The
                                                                                                  valuable and historic collections. Optium. The Difference is Clear™.
   documents.                                          ACFE offers its members
   • Keep records of the incident and all actions      the unique opportunity for
   taken.                                              professional certification
   • Know the requirements of your Fidelity Bond.      (Certified Fraud Examiner).
   • Work with your CPA to review your internal        The Certified Fraud Examiner
   controls and correct any deficiencies.              (CFE) credential is globally
                                                       preferred by businesses and

                                                                  Fall 009            000_TRU_099 Ad_VAM_C.indd 1
                                                                                                                                                                                              9/8/09 3:12:47 PM
                 Henricus Historical Park Pre
                 by Margaret Carlini

                                                                                                            Chiefdom. Captain John Smith’s fa-
                                                                                                            mous 1607 Map of Virginia shows one
                                                                                                            major village and five smaller settle-
                                                                                                            ments situated on both sides of the
                                                                                                            James River. With the coming of the
                                                                                                            English to the area, the cultures some-
                                                                                                            times co-existed together through
                                                                                                            treaties and barter, but as often fought
                                                                                                            against one another. Chief Powhatan’s
                                                                                                            daughter, Pocahontas, figured into the
                                                                                                            politics between the two cultures. As
                                                                                                            a young girl she is credited with saving

                                                                                                            the life of Captain Smith; in 1614 she
                     n preparation for its Quad-
                                                               Although the original site of Henri-         met and married colonist John Rolfe,
                     ricentennial -- Henricus                                                               initiating a peace treaty between
                                                               cus has not yet been found, Henricus
                     Historical Park, the second               functions as a living history museum.        Powhatan and the English settlers that
                  permanent English settlement                 Through exhaustive research, some of         lasted until March 22, 1622.
                  in the “New World” -- is gearing             the earliest days of American life have      With peace came the movement away
                  up for its 400th commemoration               been re-created: the first represen-         from secured fortifications to private
                                                               tative English government, the first         land ownership and an emphasis on
                  in 2011.
                                                               development of economic trade, the
Member Profile

                                                                                                            developing trade with England in furs
                  On September 19th and 20th, Henricus         first English-speaking hospital and the      and tobacco especially. Military rule
                  is holding the 398th anniversary of          establishment of the first college in        gave way to an early form of repre-
                  the founding of the Citie of Henricus.       the “New World”  .                           sentative government, still a part of
                  Jamestown Settlement’s re-created                                                         today’s American government.
                                                               In the fall of 1611, Sir Thomas Dale
                  17th century sailing ship, the Godspeed,
                                                               sailed upriver from the Jamestown            However, as the colonists began to
                  will make a rare appearance at the
                                                               settlement to relocate the colonial          prosper, their increased numbers and
                  Park. Seventeenth century Colonial
                                                               capital to a higher, “healthier” and         aggressive expansion strained their
                  and Indian living history re-enactors
                                                               more secure site than that afforded          relationship with the Native Indians. On
                  will provide interpretation throughout
                                                               by swampy lands at Jamestown. They           March 22, 1622, Opechancanough, Pow-
                  the Park. There will be militia men
                                                               located near the Indian village of           hatan’s younger brother and successor,
                  and tradesmen such as carpenters
                                                               Arrohateck, named for the head chief,        led an attack against English settle-
                  and blacksmiths; men and women will
                                                               Arrohateck. The city was located ap-         ments up and down the James River.
                  demonstrate such colonial skills as the
                                                               proximately 80 miles upstream near           During this uprising, the Citie of Hen-
                  usage of herbal medicines and surgi-
                                                               the fall line of the James River; it stood   ricus was badly damaged. Although
                  cal tools, cooking, and the harvesting
                                                               “upon a neck of very high land, three        Opechancanough did not succeed in
                  of tobacco.
                                                               parts thereof environed with the main        driving the English from the area, some
                  A special event for students grades 1        River.” There was already enough             of the settlements were abandoned,
                  – 12 will be A 17th Century History Tour     wood for “timber, pales, posts and           including portions of Henricus.
                  on September 21st and 22nd; it is an         railes” available at this new site. Water
                  educator-guided tour of the colonial         was plentiful and more potable than
                  Citie of Henricus and the Indian venue       at Jamestown and it was a defensible
                  of Arrohateck. This program con-             site against the neighboring Indians
                  centrates on Social Studies & History        and the Spanish. Dale became High
                  and Science SOLs with information            Marshall of this new colony.
                  regarding life along the James River
                                                               By 1611, Native Indians living in the
                  400 years ago. A tour of the Godspeed
                                                               area near today’s Park (in what are
                  includes working with 17th century
                                                               now Chesterfield and Henrico coun-
                  mapping tools and maps that will add
                                                               ties) were known as the Arrohateck,
                  the final historical touch to this special
                                                               one of over 30 groups in the Powhatan

epares for Quadricentennial
    Today, Henricus Historical Park is run      cut through Farrar’s Island (begun         century Virginia. Through methods
    cooperatively by the Counties of Ches-      during the Civil War and finished in       such as archaeological reconstruction
    terfield and Henrico and the Henricus       the 1930’s) that connected the mean-       and role playing, middle and high
    Foundation. Begun more than 20              dering arms of the James River. The        school students compare and contrast
    years ago with one building, the ulti-      resulting wetlands are today home to       different James River cultures living in
    mate goal has been to re-create and         a myriad of native plants, birds and       the same environment.
    interpret both the Citie of Henricus        woodland animals.                          Henricus Historical Park regularly
    and the Indian venue of Arrohateck.                                                      networks with other museums to
    Since then, the site has grown into                                                      provide added venues for the public.
    a campus of 13 re-created interpre-                                                      Agecroft Hall, Jamestown Settle-
    tive structures on 34 acres. Although                                                    ment, and the Chesterfield County
    the original sites have not yet been                                                     Museums team with Henricus to
    archaeologically located, the plan                                                       provide enhanced opportunities for
    was to use intensive historical                                                          the public such as school programs,
    research to re-create both villages,                                                     day camps, seasonal weekend
    not only in their physical form, but in                                                  events and camp-ins. Henricus has
    their cultural, economic and political                                                   three buildings in which special edu-
    formats as well.                                                                         cational, historical or catered events
                                                                                             are held: the Education Center, Mt.
    English-costumed interpreters
                                                                                             Malady and the Ordinary Tavern (just
    provide the public and educational
                                                                                             completed last year).
    groups with hands-on historical ac-
    tivities such as militia drills, farming,                                                Where do we go from here? Both
    household activities and blacksmith-                                                     the venues of Henricus and Ar-
    ing. Indian-costumed interpreters                                                        rohateck are currently undergoing
    provide activities in hunting and                                                        major upgrades. On the colonial
    food preparation, tool and pottery                                                       side, a Carpentry Shop is being ex-
    making, and farming. Arrohateck has                                                      panded and a large bread oven has
    re-created long houses – Yehakins                                                        just been completed. Rocke Hall, the
    – and a functioning village including       Visitation at Henricus has grown from      building in which a captive Pocahon-
    agricultural fields growing corn, beans,    the occasional visitor in 1985 to a tar-   tas was kept at Henricus, is currently
    squash and native tobacco. The public       geted destination for families, school     in architectural planning stages; its
    program, People of Pocahontas (held         groups and other organizations. Over       completion is targeted for the 2011
    yearly in November) and the Summer          25,000 visitors and families visited the   Quadricentennial Celebration. Numer-
    Day Camp, Camp Pocahontas, are ex-          Park in 2008. School programs target       ous capital projects are planned over
    amples of some Indian programs held         the State of Virginia’s Standard of        the next ten years. Arrohateck is
    throughout the year.                        Learning (SOL) Guidelines and current-     currently being expanded and new
                                                ly serve 18,000 school children learn-     interpretation is being planned.
    The Citie of Henricus contains militia
                                                ing about the Algonquin Powhatan
    fields, a barracks, armory, outposts                                                   Actively working with the Virginia
                                                Indians, early colonial settlements,
    and attending weaponry. The trades                                                     Indian community and as a member
                                                and the English colonists. All school
    area contains a carpentry shop and                                                     of VAM, AAM, AASLH and ALFAM,
                                                programs include hands-on activities
    blacksmith’s forge. The plantation                                                     Henricus Historical Park is continuing
                                                that are grade-level dependent. They
    venue includes a planter’s house,                                                      to grow and to provide a professional
                                                include Colonial mapping skills, role
    tobacco fields and barn. A fourth                                                      forum with historically accurate 17th
                                                playing the exchange of tobacco for
    venue includes Mt. Malady, the first                                                   century interpretation, serving Eastern
                                                English goods and bartering with
    English speaking hospital in the “New                                                  and Central Virginia and the East Coast
                                                the Indians. Corn preparation, canoe
    World” the Ordinary (a tavern), and a                                                  as a Museum of Firsts.
                                                scraping, and farming emphasize Indi-
    soon-to-be constructed Rocke Hall,
                                                an life. Pre-Kindergarten and Elemen-
    home of Reverend Alexander Whitaker.
                                                tary grade level children learn how
    All of this lies within the Dutch Gap
                                                each culture used the environment
    Nature Preserve – at the apex of the
                                                and their technology to survive in 17th

                                                     Fall 009                                                                        11
     Museum News in Your
                 VAM News                              books. The book will feature a photograph        celebrate ordinary people doing extraordi-
                 Jenny Brockwell has been hired to     and description of the museums that partici-     nary things.
                 serve as VAM’s member services        pate in the program, along with a space for
                 and development director, as of       stamping or stickers. A cross-marketing tool     Business Member News
                 September 9th. Welcome Jenny!         that will also earn revenue, museums will sell     Tru Vue, a leading manufacturer of high-per-
                 For more about Jenny and this         the passports at a profit and can watch their      formance glazing options, announced they
                 new position at VAM, see the          investment grow with visitation!                   have hired a new Fine Art Market Manager,
                 Director’s Corner on page 14.                                                            Julie Heath. Julie will be reporting to Patti
                                                       VAM has received a $5,000 grant from the           Dumbaugh, VP of New Business Develop-

                                                       Virginia Foundation for the Humanities to          ment and will support the museum com-
     Su Thongpan has been hired to serve as our        develop a resource lending program for
     bookkeeper. Su brings to VAM an extensive                                                            munity and conservation professionals to
                                                       museums using artwork and other materials promote awareness and use of the Optium
     background in accounting. Welcome Su!             from NEH’s Picturing America project. Stay         Acrylic Glazing product line.
     VAM has a new volunteer Time Travelers co-        tuned for details on how your museum can
     ordinator, Mary Dibble. Mary has worked at        be involved and benefit from this program! Avitecture, Inc. has added two industry veter-
     the Valentine Richmond History Center, the                                                           ans to strengthen its dynamic digital signage
                                                       We are updating the Teacher Seminar /              and commercial window treatment divisions.
     Smithsonian Archives of American Art, and         Teacher Workshop page on our website. If
     Wilton House. She graduated in May with an                                                           Alan Ackerman’s specialty is commercial
                                                       your museum hosts or sponsors any teacher window treatments and Warren Rosen’s
     MA from VCU. Welcome, and thank you Mary!         activities, please send a description to Heath- expertise is dynamic digital signage. For
     VAM will be electing six members of its           er Widener at              three decades, Avitecture® has been in the
     governing Council at the Annual Meeting held                                                         business of design-build, integration, service,
     in conjunction with the 2010 Conference in        Member News                                        and support for sustainable a-v systems.
     Richmond. Serving on VAM Council is a great       Staff members at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar
     way to become more involved in the Virginia       Forest are preparing to unveil a new dimen- Member Kudos
     museum community! Please take a moment            sion in the interpretation of Jefferson’s retreat. Recently Travel Channel host Eric Hastings
     to nominate someone with the ability and          Beginning on Saturday, September 26, 2009 and the Travel Channel visited Lynchburg
     willingness to serve. Deadline for nominations    visitors to Poplar Forest will be the first to     and film our locale for a video on tourism
     is December 1, 2009. The positions open are:      walk the grounds with hand-held electronic attractions. Historic Sandusky was one of the

     Director, Northern Virginia                       devices that provide audio and visual infor-       sites featured. The video was sponsored by
     Director, Tidewater                               mation about the landscape and plantation          the Lynchburg Regional Convention & Visitors
     Director, Specialized Audience Museums            community at Poplar Forest. At twenty points Bureau and will air on the Travel Channel.
     Director at Large (2)                             of interest, triggered by GPS (Global Position-
     If you are uncertain what cities each             ing System) visitors will be able to access data VMFA Director Alex Nyerges was in Paris
                                                       about the retreat landscape, the plantation        Monday, Sept. 14, for a preview at the
     region encompasses, or if you would like
                                                       and Jefferson’s designs for the space.             Museé du Luxembourg of one of the most
     information on the roles and responsibili-
                                                                                                          significant exhibitions ever mounted of
     ties of Council Members, contact Margo at         The Teen Council, a new Manassas Museum works by the master of American glass, Louis                           initiative designed to encourage area teens Comfort Tiffany. The exhibition, Tiffany: Color
     VAM is pleased to announce that AASLH is          to become more involved in museum                  and Light, will have its American premiere
     launching the STePS! VAM staff served on vari-    programs and activities, will hold its first       next May at VMFA - the only American venue
     ous committees as this program was being          meeting on Tuesday, September 22 at 7 p.m. for the exhibition.
     created. This new program offers tool that will   at the museum. Museum Public Programs
     help organizations improve in realistic and       Coordinator Nicole Wilfong, who has worked The Maier Museum of Art at Randolph
                                                       with a number of teen volunteers during            College is celebrating the museum’s latest
     meaningful ways.
                                                       various programs, envisions the council as a publication, Water Lines: Poems Inspired
                                                       way to channel young energy and enthusi- by the Water Marks Exhibition at the Maier
                                                       asm into programs that might appeal more Museum of Art.
                                                       to their age group.                                The Tobacco Indemnification and Commu-
                                                       The Richmond County Museum, with the             nity Revitalization Commission has awarded
                                                       help of Arcadia Press, is putting together a     the Robert Russa Moton Museum $520,000.
                                                       pictorial history of Warsaw. Curator David       The funding will allow for complete exhibi-
                                                       Jett, Brenda Harhai, and Francene Barber are     tion planning of the five classrooms, which
     VAM’s TimeTravelers program will be new
                                                       working on the project. The book should be       will form the heart of the Museum’s perma-
     and improved in 2010! With only 210 slots to
                                                       available in time for Christmas shopping.        nent exhibit, known as Moton 2011.
     fill, interested museums should act fast once
     we open up registration. Intrigued? Details       From the Valentine Richmond History Center: The Journey Through Hallowed Ground
     will be available soon but we are printing a      October 20th is the Fifth Annual Richmond   Partnership has been honored for its service
     new, multi-year passport book, modeled on         History Makers Celebration, 5:30 p.m. Come learning program: Of the Student, By the Stu-
     the popular National Park System’s passport

Backyard, and Beyond...
dent, For the Student. The program received the     The National Civil War Life Museum in Freder-          The Journey Through Hallowed Ground (JTHG)
Partership Commendation for Federal Preserve        icksburg was recently awarded a Museums for            Partnership is offering certified hospitality
America Accomplishment by the Advisory              America grant from the IMLS. The museum will           training to some 4,000 front-line professionals,
Council for Historic Preservation.                  use its award to support the design, fabrication       who interact with visitors throughout the JTHG
                                                    and installation of two exhibits, Life in Camp and     National Heritage Area. If you or your organiza-
Hails/Farewells                                     Technology and Armament and War.                       tion is interested, please contact Kristen Dueck
Christine Carrico, Ph.D.; Gen. Richard Cody, USA                                                           ( at 540.882.4929.
(Ret.) and Walter Kansteiner, III have been elected The IMLS announced the recipients of the 2009
                                                    MAP program. The following Virginia museums            VCU Department of Art History is introducing
to the Marshall Foundation Board of Trustees.
                                                    were included:                                         a Curatorial Track in its PhD in Art History pro-
The Taubman Museum of Art has announced             Eastern Shore of VA Historical Society, Onancock       gram. This unique track combines coursework
the appointment of David Mickenberg as execu- Giles County Historical Society, Pearisburg                  in Art History, Museum Studies and Nonprofit
tive director. Mickenberg succeeds Georganne Historic Dumfries Virginia Inc., Dumfries                     Management. Applications for Fall 2010 admis-
C. Bingham, who retired from the museum in          Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection, University       sion are due January 15, 2010. For more infor-
May. Welcome!                                       of Virginia, Charlottesville                           mation, go to:
                                                    National Sporting Library & Museum, Middleburg
Farewell to Cortney Honaker, Assistant Direc-
                                                    Nauticus, Norfolk                                      Conference: “Oh Shenandoah!” Migration and
tor, Historic Crab Orchard Museum in Tazewell.
                                                    Robert Russa Moton Museum, Farmville                   Settlements Across the Valley, October 10, 2009,
Welcome to Mary Parham, who is the new mem-
                                                    Univ. of Mary Washington Galleries, Fredericksburg     Winchester, VA. Hosted by the Virginia Genea-
bership & development coordinator at Crab Or-
chard Museum, with extensive professional and The Governor’s Conference for Science, Tech-                 logical Society and the Shenandoah Valley
volunteer experience in sales and fundraising.      nology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)            Genealogical Society.
                                                    Education will engage key STEM stakeholders            Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC) in
Robert Trio recently accepted a new position in
                                                    from formal and informal learning environments,        Charleston, WV, October 13-16, 2009
IMLS Office of Library Services, where he will be
                                                    government agencies, policymakers, and the cor-
working with the Institute’s National Leadership
                                                    porate sector to create a blueprint for the future     The Costume Society of America’s Southeastern
Grants program for Library and Museum Col-
                                                    of STEM education in Virginia. Reserve November        Region invites all VAM members to its 2009
laboration Grants.
                                                    15 -16, 2009 and join the forum that will highlight    symposium and annual meeting, Past, Present, &
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has hired Bob successful efforts across all sectors, showcase the         Future: Costume Across the Centuries, in Freder-
S. Tarren to be its director of marketing. “Bob     range of opportunities currently available, and        icksburg, VA from October 22 - 25. For a sympo-
will be a key member of our team as we achieve      extract the principles, policies, and practices that   sium schedule and registration form, contact
greater recognition of our place among the Top 10 have yielded evidence-based success in enhanc-           Colleen Callahan. VAM members register at the
encyclopedic art museums in the country,” says      ing STEM education in Virginia.                        CSA member price!
Alex Nyerges, VMFA’s director.
                                                                                                           AASLH’s 50th Seminar for Historical Administra-
                                                    The 5th annual Virginia Forum will take place at
                                                                                                           tion (SHA) will take place October 31 - November
Suzy Szasz Palmer has been named deputy             Christopher Newport University April 15 - 17, 2010.
                                                                                                           21, 2009 at the Indiana Historical Society in India-
librarian at the Library of Virginia. She served as
                                                    In 2010, Heritage Preservation will celebrate the      napolis. *In celebration of the 50th SHA in 2009,
director of the research and information-servic-
                                                    Conservation Assessment Program’s 20th year            the SHA partners are providing $1,000 housing
es division at the library for the past two years.
                                                    of helping museums obtain general collec-              stipends to all selected applicants who are stay-
She earned her bachelor’s degree in political
                                                    tions assessments. The 2010 CAP applications           ing at the headquarters hotel.
philosophy and her master’s in library science
                                                    were mailed on Friday, September 4, 2009, to           Colonial Williamsburg is offering the following
from Syracuse University.
                                                    museums on the CAP mailing list and are avail-         at a rate of 50% off for full-time museum em-
                                                    able from Heritage Preservation. The postmark          ployees: “Foodways in the 18th Century”: Bring-
The Virginia Living Museum announces the
                                                    deadline for applications is December 1, 2009.         ing Virginia’s Bounty to the Royal Governor’s
appointment of Sarah Wilcox as manager of the
                                                    CAP staff can be contacted at 202.233.0800.            Table (November 2009)
Wild Things Museum Store and Mikki Lubertazzi
as assistant store manager.                         Professional Development                               Upcoming Grant Deadlines
                                                  The Hampton Roads, Virginia Chapter of the
More Virginia / National News                     Public Relations Society of America is holding a
                                                                                                           Connecting to Collections: Statewide Imple-
Yesterday’s Tomorrows is now available to all mu-                                                          mentation Grants 10/15/2009
                                                  crisis communications workshop:
seums in Virginia and the District of Columbia                                                             Connecting to Collections: Statewide Planning
                                                  When it Hits the Fan: Critical Communications for
for 8-10 week periods for $400 plus shipping.                                                              Grants 10/15/2009
                                                  Critical Times
For information, contact Barbara Rothermel at
                                                  October 7, 2009 from 8:00 - 4:30                         IMLS Museums for America 11/01/2009
                                                  Norfolk Botanical Garden, Norfolk, VA                    Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) IMLS/
Are you one of the many Virginia museums par-                                        Heritage Preservation 12/01/2009
ticipating in Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum
                                                  AAM Announces Free Online Advocacy Training!             National Science Foundation: Archaeology
Day on September 26, 2009? Find out more at
                                                  Visit for more.                Senior Research 12/01/2009

                                                                 Fall 009                                                                                  1
Director’s Corner
                                        member needs.
                                                                                   Our Governing Council                      O u r Co nt a c t s
                                         Prior to that, she was a reporter         President, John Verrill                    Phone:     804.788.5820
                                         for TV3 in Winchester, a fast paced                                                  Fax:       804.788.5826
                                                                                   VP, Planning & Resources, Joe Gutierrez
                                         position that included establishing       VP, Programming, Bill Obrochta   
                                         a business and economic develop-          Secretary, Tracy Gillespie       
                                         ment beat, interviewing, filming,                                          
                                                                                   Treasurer, Mary LaGue            
                                         writing, and producing, in addition       Past President, Scott Harris
                                         to presenting live news nightly.                                           
                                                                                   Ex-Officio Member, Robert C. Vaughan
                                         Her experience while with both
                                                                                   Directors                                  O u r News D eadlines
                                         Harrisonburg Tourism and the Har-
                                         risonburg Economic Development            Barbara Batson          Mike Henry         Spring:  February 1st
                                                                                   Al Schweizer            Adam Justice       Summer: May 1st
                                         Department afforded Jenny valu-
                                                                                                                              Fall:    August 1st
                                         able experience with the tourism          Lacy Ward, Jr.         Jennifer Esler      Winter: November 1st
                                         industry, non-profits, museums, and       Kym Rice               Sandy Rusak
 Dear Friends & Colleagues, other community based organiza-                        Gary Sandling          Jeff Liverman
                                                                                                                              Our Mission
                                         tions. In particular, she created a                                                  The Virginia Association of Museums
                                                                                   Sean Fearns                                is a non-profit, professional member-
 VAM is embarking on a new chapter new marketing campaign for the
 in the area of member services.                                                   Barbara Rothermel                          ship organization for museums and
                                         city tourism department, and acted
 We are very excited to welcome a        as liaison for Harrisonburg Down-         Page Hayhurst          Cheryl Robinson     individuals associated with museums,
 new full time staff member, Jenny       town Renaissance, Jamestown 2007,         O u r St a f f                             primarily in Virginia and Washington,
 Brockwell, as of September 9th. She and the Downtown Merchants’                   Executive Director, Margo Carlock          DC, serving all museum disciplines.
                                                                                   Program Director, Jennifer Weiskotten      The Association provides education,
 will fill the newly created position of Association.
                                                                                   Membership Services and Development
 Member Services and Development                                                                                              information, resource and support ser-
                                                                                   Director, Jenny Brockwell
 Director (MSDD), This new staff posi- She is a life-long museum-lover             Publications Coord., Heather Widener       vices, facilitates communication among
 tion will give VAM an opportunity to who served a Youth Residency at                                                         the institutions and individuals of its
                                                                                   O u r Vo i ce
 reach out as never before into the      the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in       VAM Voice is a member benefit pub-         membership, fosters inclusiveness and
 Virginia museum community.              her high school years. While with         lished quarterly for museum profes-        serves as an advocate to governmental
                                         the City of Harrisonburg Economic         sionals and volunteers. The editor         and other decision-making authorities
 In the past, our membership coor- Development Department, Jenny                   encourages readers to submit article       on issues relating to museums.
 dinator primarily maintained the        worked to create and establish the        proposals. Contact the publications
                                                                                   coordinator for more information.
 database, processed memberships, Valley Turnpike Museum , which
 and managed VAM’s information                                                                                               D.C. museum community.
                                         tells the story of US Route 11 from
                                                                                  We had an amazing number of                Please be sure to welcome Jenny
 processing needs. While this is still a its beginnings as a buffalo path to
                                                                                  highly-qualified applicants for this       when you see her at an upcoming
 facet of the MSDD job, technology Stonewall Jackson’s famous Valley
                                                                                  job – several of them dear friends         VAM event, or drop her an email at
 has made much of that work auto- Campaign to the present. The
                                                                                  to VAM. We had an extraordinarily!
 mated. By refocusing the position       development of the museum was
                                                                                  tough time narrowing the field. In
 and upgrading it, we hope to serve essential for the renovation of the
                                                                                  the end, the Selection Committee
 our current members and reach out historic Hardesty-Higgins House,
                                                                                  looked for someone who was the
 to new members as never before.         built in 1848 and was home to                                                       Sincerely,
                                                                                  best fit for VAM’s current and future
 Specifically, Jenny will be coordinat- Harrisonburg’s first mayor. With
 ing networking events for current       virtually no information previously
 and prospective VAM members,            gathered, Jenny was in charge of
                                                                                  Even though we are one of the larg-
 assessing needs among museum            research and soliciting artifacts such
                                                                                  est, most active state museum asso-
 professionals (and helping to devise as photographs, company ledgers                                                      Margo Carlock
                                                                                  ciations in the country, there are still
 benefits and services to meet those and toll receipts. She was also
                                                                                  many Virginia museums that have Executive Director
 needs), and reaching into areas that responsible for the overall layout                                                   Virginia Association of Museums
                                                                                  not discovered all that VAM has to
 may have been underserved by            of the museum and how the road’s
                                                                                  offer them and their staff members
 VAM.                                    story would be told. She worked
                                                                                  and volunteers. It is our goal to
                                         hands-on with Thayer Designs
                                                                                  reach out and work to expand the
 Jenny brings to VAM the perfect skill to create the look and feel of the
                                                                                  already vibrant network of Virginia
 set to help us do this and more. A      museum.
                                                                                  museum professionals. We know
 2005 graduate of JMU, Jenny most
                                                                                  that the whole is greater than the
 recently served as director of mem- As a television reporter she cre-
                                                                                  sum of its parts, and we hope by ex-
 bership development for Top of          ated a “museum beat” for TV3, and
                                                                                  panding our member base into new
 Virginia Regional Chamber of Com- was helping to create a young
                                                                                  areas, we can help create profes-
 merce, where she reached into the professionals “friends” group for
                                                                                  sional opportunities, development,
 community, led volunteer groups,        the Museum of the Shenandoah
                                                                                  and networks that will strengthen
 recruited new members, planned          Valley when she left Winchester for
                                                                                  the entire Virginia and Washington,
 networking events, and addressed Richmond.


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