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									           $150 per day
         Automatic online
          February 2012 www.07money.com

It is possible to make money from home, yes! I will tell you my own really
working system…It is not a hype or scam or what so ever. Usually you won’t
find ready systems that really makes money for people just because nobody
want to share their “Holly Grails” if it is really working.. but I will do it for you
just because your are my valued subscribers and I want you to be happy…
 I've running this system since 2010…The system is fully automated and
works very well!

I’ll keep it short – short steps that you have to do in order to setup this simple
online system.
Once you setup is ready – the system will runs automatically – you don’t have
to do anything at all – just count your profit!

Once again, I will keep it very short, if you have any questions please email
me at alex@07money.com I will do my best to help you.

The setup takes 1 day.

I will tell you exactly what I am doing – including my niche and my settings!
With this setup I am making around $150-$180 every single day investing only
$30-$40, my pure profit is $150 a day on autopilot.
3 simple steps:

   1. Open a clickbank account and find a product with a high gravity from th
      “How To Fix Slow Windows” niche – windows registry cleaning.

      Grab your affiliate link.
      (I will skip steps “How to …on Clickbank” – please do it yourself, CB
      offers great help files.)

   2. Register an account at www.adsonar.com – in my opinion it is the best
   online ads company with high quality US traffic, adsor.com displays ads on
   the news websites ( best traffic, best buyers ). I have tried many
   advertising companies… Adsonar works the best. ( do not try google
   adsense for this system – the competion is too high..)

   3. Create a campaign ( and your ad ) directed to How to fix slow Windows.

   Adsonar ads sample:
   (I will skip step “How to …on Adsonar” – please do it yourself – check out
   adsonar online help – all is there.

   Create your ad and set adsonar to display your ad at ( best buyers!)
   political websites only ( when you setup an ad – you can choose where
   you want it to be displayed via adsonar ad system)

   your ad should be like the one below:

   How To Fix Slow Windows in 5 Min
   Ultra simple way to have your slow PC runs like a new

Set you budget $30-$40 per day, set your pay per click $0.41
this is best parameters that’s works for me right now… January-February

Done! Once your ad approved by the adsonar review team ( usually takes 1
day ) you will begin getting clicks.

Results that you can expect:

On average you will get around 100 clicks a day of the highest possible
quality traffic directly to your Clickbank sponsor product. Get ready to spend
$0.41 x 100 clicks = $41 a day.

100 clicks usually generate around 5 sales – at $33 per sale.
$33 x 5 = $165 ( almost everyday you will also get upsells from your CB
sponsor – this is another $20-$50 extra.

Now count the profit that you will make daily!

This is absolutely working laser accurate scheme that really works. I don’t
recommend to change anything in this system ( niche, pay per click…)
otherwise no guarantee you will make profit.
Of course you can try other niches with exactly the same scheme – probably it
will work too. I found that this system works great in “windows registry
cleaning niche”.

Running the system:

As you can see the system ( once setup ) is fully automated, you don’t have to
do any work! Just one recommendation: constantly monitor your
in/out stats on adsonar and clickbank and time to time adjust your pay per
click value - for example change $0.41 to $0.42 if you want to receive more

Good luck!

Alex Hitman

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