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					 Vicious Vikings

By: Vincent V.
                  EARLY HISTORY
 The Vikings came from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
 These three countries are commonly known as Scandinavia.
 Vikings were known as raiders, Norsemen, and/or traders.

 The   Vikings invaded parts of Europe and Asia.
Family Activities
                Viking Families
 Men   raided mostly in the summer.
 The women were expected to do all the chores.
 The most important part of the Viking home was the middle
  of the longhouse.
 The   Vikings also played a lot of games.
                   Viking Men
 Vikingmen were a fierce group of people.
 They were filled with strength and bravery.

   The men were violent and dedicated to the Vikings.
Viking Long Ships
     Short History of the Viking Ships
 The two major ships the             The Knarr and Drakkar
  Vikings used during raids were       were able to be rowed
  the Knarr and the Drakkar.           frontward or backwards.
 The sail and mast on the Knarr
  couldn’t be removed.
Facts About the Knarr
 The  Knarr was about 15 feet wide and 48 meters long.
 The Knarr was used to carry cargo long distances.
 It took a lot of crew members to steer the ship.
 The ship had spaces under the deck at the bow and the
The Drakkar
 The average size of the Drakkar was 28 meters.
 The Drakkar was a very sturdy ship.
 The Drakkar was a warship built for raids.

 The   Drakkar carried about 20-30 crew members.
       Viking Religion
 The Gods were believed to control
 Thor was believed to be the
  Thunder God.
 Thor was the the most popular
 Vikings believed that Thor’s
  hammer guarded them.
Viking Hoards

 Hoards are jewels, gemstones,
  jewelry, gold coins,silver
  coins, and precious
 Hoards were a display of
 One of the most valuable
  items found in hoards were
                Viking Runes
 Rune stones were usually large surfaced boulders.
 Runes were used for every day writing such as labeling.
 Runes were carved into stone or wood using a knife or chisel.

 Runes   were used to write and communicate..
              Viking Clothing
 The fabrics Vikings      The type of clothes
  used in the past were     Vikings wore
  linen and wool.           depended on three
 Viking men and
  women dressed more       1. Where they lived,
  for purpose and          2 . Their importance,
  comfort than fashion.    3. How rich or poor
                            they were.
Vikings Had a Hard and Short Life
        Childhood as a Viking
 The children had to      The kids did not have
  help out around the       school.
 Children had very
  little fun at all.
 At ten years of age
  children were
  considered to be
             How They Died
                          They would dress the
 The Chiefs and           person with his best
  sometimes warriors       clothing.
  would be burned in a    Poor people were
  ship.The ship was        usually just buried in
  usually a war ship.      some sort of
 They would sacrifice     cemetery.
  one peacock , one dog,  A queen’s funeral was
  and two horses, and      mostly like a chief’s
  sometimes dead           funeral but wold be
  master’s slave girl.     buried in a tomb.

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