Victory Over Sin by onlinemoneymakerpro




TEXT: ROMANS 6: 1-18


What is victory? Victory means the success you achieve when you win a battle, game, election,
etc. Your Christian race is a battle you have to win. After salvation, the deep cry of every heart
should be for holiness, to be like Christ, to overcome sin and to live a blameless and righteous
life. Some Christians try to be holy and at times, they do not succeed so they discouraged. Thjey
become fearful of preaching something they cannot practice. Some Christians have not even
heard of the victorious life of holiness, so they continue sinning and confessing from day to day
(Prov. 28:13). The Bible teaches glorious victory over sin for every believer in 1st John 5:4john
was not speaking about victory in heaven but of victory on earth: daily victory over the world
and even lusts thereof.

   1. What are the promises of god?

Did God promise victory over sin for believers? Yes, He asked us to be holy as He is holy. He,
however added that without Him we can do nothing. That is. Without His assistance we cannot
live a holy life. (John 15:5). Therefore:

         He decreed that sin shall not have dominion over us. Romans 6:14.
         We shall more than conquer sin through Him. Rom. 8:37
         He will cause us to triumph always through Christ. 2nd Cor. 2:14, our victory is
            not just sometimes but always. It is an abundant victory.
   2. How can these promises be mine?
         By having faith in Christ. Romans 1:17
         By dying with Christ. Gal. 2:20, Rom. 6:7
         Being buried with Christ. Rom. 6:4. All that is evil in me should remain
            permanently buried
         To resurrect with Christ. Rom. 6:5
   3. What shall I do now?
         Yield to the Holy Spirit. 1st John 1:9, Lames 4:7, Rom. 6:13
         Do not rely on past victories but for future victories. Rom. 6:22-23
         Always rely on Christ alone. John 15:5
         Memorize the word of God. 2nd Tim. 2:15. Anytime temptations come, quote
            them to the devil.

Christ conquered sin and gave us victory. If we yield to Christ, we shall be free from the power
of sin, claim your victory now and begin today by thanking God.

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