Revival Prayers Part 2 by onlinemoneymakerpro


									Topic: REVIVAL PRAYERS PART 2

Text: JOHN 15: 1 – 16


To abide in God is to be holy. A holy person is qualified to pray to God. God answers the prayers of
holy persons.

   A. What are the words of Christ?
   I.      There are four stages of the words of Christ.
        a. Those that the father gave Him to give us. Jhn. 17:8
        b. Those that the Holy Spirit would teach and bring to our remembrance. John 14: 25-45.
        c. Those that He Himself opened to us from the old testament between the time of His
           resurrection and ascension. Luke 24:25, 27; 24:45
        d. His commandments?
   II.     What are His commandments?
        There are three basic commandments.
        a. That we should love God and one another. John 15:12
        b. That we should win souls and establish them in the Lord. John 15:16
        c. That we should continue His work of destroying the devil. Mark 16: 15 – 18
   III.    Let these words and commandments abide in you always. John 15:5
   B. The cleansed life in prayer.
        To be deeply involved in the prayer for national revival one should:
        a. Be holy and spotless without sin. Matt. 6: 9-12
        b. Forgive one another. Eph 4:31
        c. Give thanks to God in all things. 1st Thess. 5:18
        d. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:4.
        e. Witness for Christ. Acts 1:8
        f. Be humble. 2nd Chronicle 7:14; Rom. 12:3
        g. Be prayerful (the more you pray, the more you see reason to pray). 1st Thess. 5:17.

      It is only the prayers of righteousness that are answered and also the cries of sinners for
      Start praying, stop sleeping.

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