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									The Centre on Philanthropy

            Report to Stakeholders

                The Centre on Philanthropy

   We believe in a Bermuda where effective and efficient charities and
     nonprofit organisations collaborate with the private sector and
       government to build a more caring and giving Bermuda.

    Lead the Bermuda community in building an effective, efficient and
 sustainable third sector by: advancing knowledge skills and performance,
fostering effective partnerships, creating a unified voice for the sector, and
                   supporting and increasing volunteerism.

Integrity, Authentic Collaboration, Transparency, Leadership, Accountability,
         Compassion, Excellence, Performance, Objectivity, Courage

         Clearing House, Broker, Facilitator, Trainer/Tool Provider,
             Voice for the Sector, Provider of Safe Harbours

                  Thoughts from our Stakeholders
                         A VOLUNTEER.BM USER SAYS
“I have enjoyed using the hour logging system on At the end of 2009,
   I was excited to see that I had volunteered over 150 hours with multiple nonprofits in
Bermuda. The hour logging system shows what I have given back to the community and
 also helps the nonprofits I volunteer for to track my hours for their own data collection.”
                                             - Volunteer

                                     AWAC SAYS
 “Allied World is committed to its role as a global corporate citizen; sharing its success
in the 15 communities where Allied World conducts business. Charitable Committees in
Bermuda, Europe, Asia and the united States allocate grants to nonprofit organisations
    focusing primarily on youth education and health services. In addition to financial
  resources, we actively encourage our employees to donate their time and energy to
     a variety of worthy programs. These have included food, clothing and toy drives,
      emergency relief efforts and voluntary participation in global community days.

    Specifically, The Centre on Philanthropy advises Allied World’s Bermuda Charity
 Committee, providing information on financial need, and opportunities for volunteerism
   and outreach. With our corporate headquarters in Bermuda, it is a vital part of our
  strategic mission to continue to participate fully in the community where Allied World
   was founded. The Centre’s online site is an invaluable resource for our employees,
  giving them current information on projects and causes that need time and attention.

    The Centre on Philanthropy encourages active collaboration between Bermuda’s
private and public sectors. As a result of their guidance, Allied World has been involved
     in many positive programmes. Their leadership has made a meaningful impact
                         on corporate philanthropy in Bermuda.”
                                  - Corporate Member

                           FRIENDS OF HOSPICE SAYS
     “As the lone staff member of a small charitable organisation I greatly value having
  a resource like The Centre on Philanthropy. I have attended many of their workshops
 from fundraising to Hr management to financial management and have not only learnt
      much but have found the workshops to be invaluable for networking. It is always
    reassuring when you realise that there are many others facing the same difficulties
   and challenges that you do. The Centre is there to guide and facilitate you in finding
    solutions that will better your organisation and I think there are many of us working
                  in the charitable sector that would be lost without them.”
                                      - Nonprofit Member
Chairman's Report
It is with a sense of both sadness and pride that I deliver this, my final Chairman’s report. After five productive and
rewarding years I feel the time is right to step aside. I am however deeply honoured to be named Chair Emeritus
and look forward to continuing my involvement with The Centre on Philanthropy in that capacity.

I am also grateful to be leaving the position in such good hands with former Deputy Chairman Brian Madeiros
assuming the role of Chairman. Brian is a long-standing and committed member of the Board and I am confident
that his leadership will be both embraced and successful. I am equally delighted that Graham Pewter has stepped
into the role of Deputy Chair. We thank him for his ongoing commitment to The Centre and the community.

This year has seen The Centre and the Third Sector as a whole continue to face the challenges that emerged from
the global economic crisis of 2008. Collaboration and impact have become critical in the face of higher demands
and decreased resources. Two groundbreaking projects that require both these elements have been focal points for
The Centre.

Our 2008 three-year strategic plan suggested that The Centre explore need for a community foundation. After a
number of focus groups, visits by experts in the field, and input from stakeholders, a discussion document was
produced and presented to the Board. We have learned that the community supports the concept of this
collaborative funding vehicle. The next step will be getting down to the nuts and bolts of the legal structure and
operational model for the Foundation and ensuring that this new vehicle complements traditional funding

The Third Sector technology platform initiative, also proposed in our 2008 plan, has been taken up by the Bermuda
Civil Society Project Team and a concept document written and reviewed regarding the requirements of this
community tool. The Centre is pleased to be working with its members collaboratively on this important project.

As ever, the Board continues to evolve to ensure stakeholder representation. This year saw Peter Durhager and
Alan richardson retire from the Board; I would like to thank them both for their dedication and expertise. I am
pleased that Peter will remain on The Centre's Advisory Board. Other changes saw Curtis Dickinson step down as
Treasurer but remain on the Board, taking the position of Chair of the Audit Committee. Jane Edgett is now the
Treasurer. Jane is a CA and is already proving an invaluable member of our team. Chiara nannini joined the Board,
bringing legal skills critical to The Centre’s work. Justin Freisenbruch, Vice President of underwriting at
rennaisancere, also joined the Board and his planning and execution skills will be put to good use. Matt Ambrose
moved from the Advisory Board to the Board of Directors where he will complement Andrew Beek's IT skills.

We also said a fond farewell to Gregory Slayton, a member of The Centre's Advisory Board, and welcomed Grace
Shelton, Gregory's replacement as uS Consul General. We thank Gregory for his enthusiasm and energy and have
enjoyed Grace's guidance since assuming her seat.

As noted I have taken the honorary role as Chairman Emeritus. The Board created a class of Emeritus directors and
I am pleased to have been nominated to that class along with The Centre's founder Cummings Zuill.

I would also like to say a special thank you to The Centre’s committed staff and volunteers. They are the everyday
force that sustains The Centre and so many of its initiatives. Their dedication is to be recognised and commended.

Finally, a word for our members whose support allows us to do our work in the community - I know that The Centre
will continue on its mission to help build a better Bermuda and I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire Board
for your continuing support.

Brian Duperreault

Executive Director's Report
The Centre on Philanthropy worked hard in the last year to meet our stakeholders’ growing demand for services. As donors
and nonprofits tried to ensure every dollar and hour given achieved maximum impact, The Centre saw helpdesk calls and
visits increase and participation in all programme areas grow. We are pleased that in these leaner economic times we can
provide leverage and guidance to our members and the community at large.

At the core of The Centre’s mission remains training and education. This year we successfully transitioned to a
curriculum-based programme focused primarily on the principles outlined by the Bermuda national Standards Committee.
We also hosted seven member forum meetings and completed a governance research project that will guide our future
offerings in this area. In total the Training and Education programme held 37 sessions, providing valuable training to 523
participants – an increase once again over the prior year!

In its position as a connecting point for nonprofits, donors and the public, The Centre continued to engage all three through
special events and communications. We were pleased to participate in the Learn-a-Lots TV programme. I loved interacting
with the young actors and actresses, talking with them about the benefits of volunteering in Bermuda.

The Giving section that ran quarterly as part of The royal Gazette was successfully transitioned into the Hands Across
Bermuda supplement. We thank the Donor Forum for their support of this initiative and are now excited to collaborate with
the royal Gazette on the new insert.

The Centre’s volunteer programmes continued to assist nonprofits. Our core tool supporting these programmes,, saw over 10,000 visits from over 6,000 visitors and recorded a 60% increase in new users over the
previous year. Over 900 connections were made between charities and volunteers. We are thrilled that this tool is proving
useful to the community!

The Centre also completed three Community Days that facilitated 80 staff members from ten participating companies
volunteering at 11 charities. Those man hours were put to important use with volunteers engaging in everything from soil
sampling to mural painting.

As The Centre’s programmes and initiatives grow and change we continually review our human resources requirements.
The retirement of our Chair was the most significant change in our volunteer ranks – I personally wish to thank him for his
careful guidance and unwavering support for me and The Centre team. I look forward to continuing our relationship in his
position as Chairman Emeritus. I am also thrilled that Brian Madeiros has assumed the role of Chairman and I am confident
he will lead The Centre with purpose and compassion.

In other areas we welcomed Sally Clinton as our Membership Coordinator, Tracy MacDonald as Community Engagement
Coordinator and Shirlene White as Office Manager and Executive Assistant. We bid a fond farewell to our Communications
Manager Kristin White who is now the full-time Executive Director of raleigh International. Kristin was with The Centre for
five years and we will miss her considerable talents and valuable input.

I want to give a big thank you to all of our volunteers that worked alongside the staff during the year. They ranged in age
from 14 to …well we will not go there….We appreciate every hour they give us. Without their dedication and support many
of our initiatives would not come to fruition. I want to give a special shout out to the brave volunteers who joined the staff
on a very rainy and blustery February day to launch our inaugural Walk the Walk event with Argus.

I am excited about the year ahead. We look forward to working with our stakeholders and hope to see all of you at our 2011
Conference! 2011 will also mark The Centre’s 20th anniversary!


Pamela Barit Nolan
Executive Director

Treasurer’s Report
Members, corporate sponsors, grants, donations and contributed services continue to serve as the financial
foundation of The Centre on Philanthropy.

Membership - Overall renewal rates trended positively this year. A slight decline in corporate renewals was
attributable to changes in the international business sector. This was offset in part by new corporate members,
including the addition of our first international-based insurance company. nonprofit membership reached
nearly 100% renewal. The number of individual memberships increased gradually, with growth budgeted in this
category in the upcoming year.

Sponsorship - The Centre’s programmes would not be possible without the ongoing commitment of corporate
sponsors. Sponsorship levels will increase next year as The Centre prepares to host the third Biennial Third
Sector Conference.

Grants and donations - The Centre received the first of a three-year operational grant from The Atlantic
Philanthropies. This funding allowed The Centre to budget additional resources to community awareness,
training and education.

Contributed services - Professional fees are subsidised significantly by the generosity of key service
providers. Donated fees with respect to audit, IT and other consulting services continue to be critical to The
Centre’s ability to meet its annual budget.

Other revenue - The Centre continues to build capacity as a fiduciary agent. This function now includes the
administration of the Bermuda Civil Society Project, which is funded by various community sponsors.
Additionally, under an agreement with The Atlantic Philanthropies, The Centre will continue to build capacity by
taking on the role of a regranting agent for designated nonprofit organisations, all with the purpose of
strengthening the local capacity for social change.

Operations - Staffing and occupancy represent a significant portion of the annual budget, reflecting The
Centre’s primary mission as a service provider.

Finally, the accompanying five-year financial summary offers an overview of The Centre’s operational trends.
notably, the last three years reflect a gradual growth in net assets, which places The Centre in a relatively solid
position heading into the next fiscal year.

I wish to thank Pamela Barit nolan, her staff, the finance & investment, and audit committees for their valued
support throughout the year.

Jane Edgett, CA

        The audited financial statements are available in electronic format on The Centre’s website or
                                    in hard copy at The Centre’s offices.

The Centre on Philanthropy
Summary of Five Year Financial Information

                                  June 30, 2010   June 30, 2009       June 30, 2008   June 30, 2007 June 30, 2006


Contributions                        317,330         411,179              358,226        724,364        341,904

Membership                           339,650         386,620              185,184          3,398          7,925

Other revenue                        207,747         342,090              171,512        299,133          1,235

Total revenue                        864,727       1,139,889              714,922       1,026,895       351,064


Operations                           663,656         857,160              623,924        637,131        345,554

Programmes & Services                168,489         253,749              135,653        208,010          3,588

Total expenses                       832,145       1,110,909              759,577        845,141        349,142

Excess revenue (expenses)             32,582          28,980             (44,655)        181,754          1,922

net assets, beginning of period       346,954        316,086              353,066        171,312        169,390

Changes in accounting policy               -               -                8,946               -             -

unrealised gains (losses)
on available-for-sale
financial assets                           -           1,888              (1,271)               -             -

                                     379,536         346,954              316,086        353,066        171,312

Assets                             1,107,635         754,188              810,425        536,814        454,270

Liabilities                          728,099         407,234              494,339        183,748        282,958

net assets                           379,536         346,954              316,086        353,066        171,312

Comprised of:

restricted net assets                200,413         232,766              155,999        143,719        160,222

unrestricted net assets              179,123         114,188              160,087        209,347         11,090

                                     379,536         346,954              316,086        353,066        171,312

Highlights from the Financial Year
2010 and a look ahead to the
objectives for 2011

A year in Review
                                                                    Above: The Give Back Games on Horseshoe Beach.

4000 volunteers in 400 Days
On July 23rd, 2009 The Centre on Philanthropy launched a campaign to enroll 4000 volunteers in 400 days on its
website The campaign coincided with Bermuda's 400th Anniversary celebrations and was driven
by The Centre’s previous findings that about 44 percent of Bermudians volunteer their time with nonprofits. Many of
those not presently volunteering identified ‘lack of time’ as the main reason. registration with
means individuals can quickly and easily connect themselves with charities recuiting on to the site (currently 179)
by identifying their interests and available times. On August 26th 2010 The Centre not only reached its goal, but
surpassed it having signed up 4146 individuals in the preceding 400 days!

Training & Education – BoardSource visit
Board members play a vital role in the success of nonprofit organisations. In January 2010, as part of our continuing
programme supporting the development of successful boards, The Centre on Philanthropy hosted three workshops
by Vernetta Walker, Senior Consultant of BoardSource International. BoardSource is recognised around the world
for its dedication to advancing the public good by building exceptional nonprofit boards and inspiring board service.
One hundred and four nonprofit representatives attended these comprehensive sessions which covered topics
including; the fundamentals of effective governance, the basic roles and responsibilities of all board members and
the skills of a successful board chair.

Community Engagement
The Centre on Philanthropy created and held two special fundraising events, which helped raise awareness for
participating member charities and connected them with supporting donors and the general public.

The Give Back Games, held on Horseshoe Bay in September 2009, featured nine international companies
competing in an afternoon of “Beach Olympics” to raise money for the charities of their choice. In turn the charities
were tasked with creating the games (which included everything from a sand castle competition to the flipper relay)
and providing volunteers to run them. This team building exercise saw the companies “win” a total of $56,500 for
the charities, a clear embodiment of the Games’ tagline: Compete to Give, Everyone Wins.

The Argus Walk the Walk, held in February 2010, was a charity walk with a twist – each walker’s registration fee was
passed on as a donation to whichever charity they chose. Over 520 ‘donors’ traversed the 5K course and over
$12,000 was given to 64 charities. Creative organisations such as schools, companies and church groups banded
together to raise as much money as possible for their charity.
In May 2010 was launched through The Centre on Philanthropy’s Donor Forum. The
website features the most complete listing of educational awards available to Bermuda residents. Parents and
students can easily search and shortlist appropriate scholarships, upload and distribute transcripts, and apply online
to multiple scholarships through a standardised form. With literally thousands of dollars of scholarships going
unclaimed each year, addresses and facilitates an important service to both Bermuda’s
students and donors.

Objectives for FY 2011

l	   Host our third Third Sector Conference in February of 2011, attracting 250 participants and
     engaging the entire nonprofit community.
l	   Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Centre on Philanthropy through special events and
l	   Pilot the Consultants Training Programme to provide greater assistance to nonprofits in areas
     through specific services from experts in relevant fields.
l	   Increase the effective use of by continuing the awareness campaign and
     one-on-one work with charities and the community.
l	   Publish the Volunteer Management Guide to assist nonprofits is making best use of the
     valuable time given by willing members of the community.
l	   Complete improvements to the online nonprofit and Donor Directories facilitating regular
     updates by listed organisations and increasing the quality and reliability of the information
     listed in the directories.
l	   Create a steering committee for a Community Foundation with the aim to creating a viable
     structure and implementation plan.
l	   Continue to manage and facilitate events that collaboratively allow nonprofits to raise funds
     and develop new donor relationships.
l	   Continue to work with the Bermuda Civil Society Project Team with a goal of bringing the
     community accurate and timely information regarding social issues facing Bermuda through
     the development and implementation of an integrated technology platform.
                                                                    Below: Celebrating Bermuda's Volunteers.

                                                                                                               PHOTO BY CHArLES AnDErSOn.

Nonprofit Members                                           Hamilton Lions Club
nonprofit members are grouped by the size                   Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda
of their financial budgets.                                 It Takes A Village Support Group
                                                            Just Between us - Breast Cancer Support Group
Budget < $250,000                                           Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation
African Diaspora Heritage Trail Bermuda Foundation          Keep Bermuda Beautiful
Aid 4 Africa                                                Knowledge Quest
Altrusa International Inc of Bermuda                        Learning Disabilities Association of Bermuda
Alzheimer's Family Support Group (Bermuda)                  Lions Clubs of Bermuda
Amnesty International Bermuda                               Live Healthy Bermuda Foundation
Association of Canadians in Bermuda                         Lupus Association of Bermuda
Bermuda Asthma and Allergy Support Group                    Meals on Wheels Bermuda
Bermuda Audubon Society                                     Mother Eve School
Bermuda Autism Support & Education Society                  Mount St. Agnes Foundation
Bermuda Botanical Society                                   Order of St. John (Bermuda) Ambulance Brigade
Bermuda Christmas Boat Parade                               Paget Community Football Club
Bermuda Council on Ageing                                   Paget Lions Club
Bermuda Environmental & Sustainability Task Force           Passports to College of Bermuda (PTC)
Bermuda Environmental Alliance                              Pembroke rotary Club
Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau                            Phenomenal People - Living, Loving & Learning
Bermuda Girl Guides Association                             Prison Fellowship Bermuda
Bermuda Heart Foundation                                    Project 100
Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust                          restorers of Hope
Bermuda Housing Trust                                       The Sequoia Learning Foundation
Bermuda Islands Association of the Deaf                     Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality Bermuda
Bermuda Junior Service League                                   Chapter
Bermuda Karate (Kick Boxing) Organisation                   Specialized Youth Arts
Bermuda Mental Health Foundation                            The St. David's Island Historical Society
Bermuda nurses Association                                  St. George's Historical Society
Bermuda Occupational Therapy Association                    The Storehouse Charitable Trust
Bermuda Overseas Missions                                   Tall Ships Bermuda Limited
The Bermuda Philharmonic Society                            Team Tuned Motorcycle racing
Bermuda rowing Association-Bermuda Pulling Together         Visitor Industry Partnership
Bermuda Sailing Association                                 Waterstart Limited
Bermuda Sailors' Home                                       The Willing Workers of Bermuda
Bermuda Senior Islanders' Centre                            W.O.V.E.n.
Bermuda Society of Arts                                     Word of Life
Bermuda Volleyball Association                              World Vision
Bermuda's Brazilian Soccer School                           Young Life Bermuda
The Black Alliance Charity
Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Bermuda                       Budget > $250,000
CADA                                                        Adult Education School
CArE Computer Services Scholarship Fund                     Aerie Foundation
Charles Bascome Music Scholarship                           Age Concern Bermuda
Citizens uprooting racism in Bermuda                        Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association
Committee of 25 for Handicapped Children                    Bermuda red Cross
Construction Association of Bermuda Scholarship Fund        Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre
Continental Society of Bermuda                              Bermuda Council for Drug Free Sport
Cornerstone Foundation                                      Bermuda Craft Market Ltd.
Dolphin Swim Team of Bermuda                                Bermuda Cricket Board of Control
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Bermuda                    Bermuda Diabetes Association
The Eliza Dolittle Society                                  Bermuda End-to-End
Elliot Primary PTA                                          Bermuda Festival Purpose Trust
Fair Havens Christian Care Association                      Bermuda national Gallery
Focus Counselling Services                                  The Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies
Friends of Hope Academy                                     Bermuda Gymnastics Association
Friends of Hospice                                          Bermuda High School for Girls Charitable Trust
Friends of the Bermuda national Library                     Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Greenrock                                                   Bermuda Insurance Institute
Haiti Village Health                                        Bermuda International Film Festival Purpose Trust
                                                            Bermuda Maritime Museum Association

Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society Charitable Trust        STW Fixed Income Management
Bermuda national Trust                                     Tokio Millennium re Ltd.
Bermuda School of Music                                    Validus re
Bermuda Sloop Foundation                                   XL Foundation
Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The Bermuda Track and Field Association                    Community Partners ($5,000)
BuEI                                                       Allied World Assurance Company Ltd.
Bermuda Zoological Society                                 Bacardi International Limited
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda                        Bank of Bermuda Foundation
Calvary Gospel Chapel                                      BELCO
Caron Bermuda                                              Capital G
Centre Against Abuse                                       Ernst & Young Ltd.
The Centre Limited                                         Flagstone reinsurance Limited
Chewstick Foundation                                       Guy Carpenter & Company LLC
Family Centre                                              Hannover re Bermuda Limited
The ISIS Foundation                                        JLT re
The Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association                  The OIL Group of Companies
Makeda Trust                                               Partner reinsurance Company Limited
Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art                          Towers Perrin re
The Menuhin Foundation
Montessori Education Trust                                 Community Advocates ($2500)
The national Dance Foundation of Bermuda                   Advent re Limited
Open Airways                                               Amlin Bermuda Ltd.
P.A.L.S. Cancer Care in Bermuda                            Aspen Insurance Limited
Pembroke Hamilton Club Foundation                          Butterfield & Vallis
PrIDE Bermuda                                              Canopius underwriting Bermuda Limited
radnor road Christian Fellowship                           Conyers Dill & Pearman
raleigh International Bermuda                              FIL Foundation
The reading Clinic                                         HSBC Insurance Solutions
ross 'Blackie' Talbot Charity Classic                      Max Bermuda
Salvation Army                                             PricewaterhouseCoopers
Sandys 360 Foundation                                      SWBC re, Ltd.
The St. George's Foundation                                Willis Bermuda Limited
Sunshine League Children's Home
Teen Services/Teen Haven                                   Community Sponsors ($1000)
Tomorrow's Voices - Bermuda Autism Early Intervention      Access reinsurance Ltd.
   Centre                                                  A.F. Smith
uptown Market Association                                  The Argus Group
Westmeath rest & nursing Care Home                         Aurigen reinsurance Limited
Windreach Bermuda                                          The Bermuda Telephone Company Limited
Women's resource Centre of Bermuda                         Coldwell Banker Bermuda realty
Youthnet                                                   Colonial Insurance Co. Ltd.
                                                           Cox Hallett Wilkinson
Corporate Members                                          Jupiter Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited
Corporate and Individual Members are grouped by            Kitson Group of Companies
membership category.                                       north Atlantic Asset Management Ltd.
                                                           Orbis Investment Management
Community Leaders ($10,000 and above)                      SHA Holdings Limited
The Atlantic Philanthropies (Bermuda) Limited              The Total Group
ACE Foundation                                             Zurich Global Energy Limited
Aon Benfield
Argo Group                                                 Individual Members
Ariel reinsurance Company Limited
Butterfield                                                Community Leaders ($10,000 and above)
Catlin Insurance Company Ltd.                              Mr. and Mrs. Brian Duperreault
Endurance Specialty Insurance Limited                      Mr. and Mrs. William H. Williams
Investors Guaranty Foundation Bermuda Limited
Maiden Insurance Company Ltd.                              Community Advocate ($2,500)
Munich re                                                  Mrs. Barbara Bufkin and Mr. Michael Wybar
risk Management Solutions, Inc                             Mr. and Mrs. Peter Durhager

Friend ($500)                                                   David Lang
Ms. Jennifer Ayres and Mr. Caspar Young                         ralph richardson
Dickinson Family                                                Karen Stovell
Cheryl Harney                                                   William H. Williams
Gordon Johnson
David Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Madeiros                                     Programme Sponsors
Frank Mutch
Graham Pewter                                                   Bermuda Civil Society Project
Pastor Gary Simons                                              Platinum Sponsors
Ann and robin Spencer-Arscott                                   Anonymous
Cummings and Katherine Zuill                                    Bank of Bermuda Foundation

Member                                                          Silver Sponsors
Matt Ambrose                                                    XL Foundation
Melvyn Bassett
Andrew Beek                                            Website
Doreen Blee                                                     Platinum Sponsors
Jane Edgett                                                     Anonymous
Justin Freisenbruch                                             renaissance reinsurance Limited
rolisa Furbert
Mr. and Mrs. rory Gorman                                        Silver Sponsors
Elicia Hollis                                                   The ACE Group
Dr. Janet Kemp                                                  Association of Bermuda International Companies (ABIC)
Chiara nannini                                                  The Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (BFIS)
Amanda Outerbridge                                              Bank of Bermuda Foundation
Aideen ratteray Pryse                                           The Donor Forum
ralph richardson                                                XL Foundation
Kennette robinson
Grace Shelton                                                   The Centre on Philanthropy Website
Gladwyn Simmons                                                 Endurance Specialty
nancy Smythe
reverend Paul Voisin                                            E-Bulletins
Elizabeth Walker Sobhani                                        Colonial Insurance Company Ltd.
Elizabeth Ward
Hector Watson                                                   Give Back Games Participants
Sonia Whayman                                                   ACE Tempest re
                                                                Allied World Assurance Company Ltd.
                                                                Aon Benfield
Government Member                                               Arch reinsurance Ltd.
The Mirrors Programme                                           Argo re
                                                                AXIS Specialty Limited
                                                                Catlin Insurance Company Ltd.
2010 Donors                                                     Guy Carpenter
                                                                Validus re
Corporate/Foundation Donors
ACE Foundation                                                  Giving Insert
Argo Group                                                      The Donor Forum
The Atlantic Philanthropies (Bermuda) Limited
The Atlantic Philanthropies Director/Employee Designated        Giving Starts Here
  Gift Fund                                                     Catlin Insurance Company Ltd.
Bank of Bermuda Foundation
E.S.C. Ltd.                                                     Third Sector Resource Centre
Horseshoe Insurance Services Holdings Ltd.                      Bank of Bermuda Foundation
Profiles of Bermuda
renaissance reinsurance Limited                                 Training and Education Platform
Tyco International Limited                                      Platinum Sponsors
                                                                XL Foundation
Individual Donors
Brian Duperreault                                               Gold Sponsors
Gordon Johnson                                                  Bank of Bermuda Foundation

Silver Sponsors                            Sandys 360 Foundation
Argo Group                                 Specialty Cinema & Grill
AXIS Specialty Limited                     Strands
Walk the Walk                              The Total Group
The Argus Group
                                           Nonprofit Executive Leadership
Platinum Sponsors
                                           Forum - Executive Committee
                                           Wendy Augustus
ACE Bermuda Insurance Ltd.
                                           Jacqueline Browne
renaissance reinsurance Limited
                                           Cathy Belvedere
                                           Tina nash
Gold Sponsors
                                           Ann Spencer-Arscott
Argo Group
Catlin Insurance Company Ltd.
Flagstone reinsurance Limited              Donor Forum
                                           Executive Committee
Silver Sponsors                            David Lang
Bermuda End-to-End                         Joanne MacPhee
HSBC Bermuda                               Gail Miller
                                           Amanda Outerbridge
Youth Give                                 ralph richardson
Capital G                                  Myra Virgil

Gifts in Kind                              Faith in Action Forum
(Donated Goods and Services)
                                           Executive Committee
ACE Group                                  Pastor nick Dill
A.S. Cooper & Sons Ltd.                    reverend Betty Furbert-Woolridge
BGA Limited                                Pastor Mark Hall
Barritts                                   Pastor Gary Simons
Bermuda red Cross                          Pastor Terence Stovell
Brown & Co
Bulls Head Car Wash                        Bermuda Civil Society
Buzz restaurant
Catlin Insurance Company Ltd.
                                           Project Team
                                           Pamela Barit nolan
Capital G
                                           Martha Dismont
Colonial Insurance Company Ltd.
                                           Tamara Gaithwright Fritz
                                           Margaret Hallett
Down To Earth Ltd.
                                           David Lang
Dunkley & Pioneer Dairies Limited
                                           Dr. Kimberly Mills
EWS Consulting
                                           Amanda Outerbridge
John Elsegood
                                           ralph richardson
Ernst & Young
                                           Myra Virgil
The Fairmont Hamilton Princess
Greg’s Steak House
Impact Media
Island Press Ltd.
JP Morgan
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Logic Communications Ltd.
The Market Place
newstead Belmont Hills Golf resort & Spa
new World Wines
north rock Communications Ltd.
The royal Gazette

Board of Directors                                             Volunteers*
Brian Duperreault - Chairman                                   Kristin Alexander      Carol roberts
Brian Madeiros - Deputy Chairman                               Hadiyah Barnett        Haile roberts
Cheryl Harney - Secretary                                      Paul Basden            Pete Saunders
Jane Edgett - Treasurer                                        Adam Birch             Tashay Simmons
Matt Ambrose                                                   nadine Blake           Alexandra Simpson
Dr. Melvin Bassett                                             Elizabeth Blankendal   Karen Skiffington
Andrew Beek                                                    Jessica Bohus          Cadre Smith
Barbara Bufkin                                                 Ciindy Bragg           Eva-Jean Smith
Curtis Dickinson                                               Berkeley Brown         Molly Smith
Justin Freisenbruch                                            Andrea Burrows         Paulette Smith
Gordon Johnson                                                 rickai Burrows         nancy Smythe
David Lang                                                     richard Calderon       Jennifer Southern
Chiara nannini                                                 Sahima Choudhury       Carla Stemple
Graham Pewter                                                  nicole Clarke          Dashalae Symonds
Aideen ratteray Pryse                                          Alex Crampton          Taj Terry
ralph richardson                                               Emily Crawford         roberta Tucker
Kennette robinson                                              Liz Cunningham         Meghan Ward
Gladwyn Simmons                                                Kennisha DeShields     Twanna Watson
Pastor Gary Simons                                             Miguel D'Estella       Kristin White
Ann Spencer-Arscott                                            Francine Dill          Michael Williams
reverend Paul Voisin                                           rose Dill
                                                               Verdelle Dill          * Note that Board members,
                                                                                      staff members, and Advisory
                                                               Kimoy Dixon            Board members also volun-
Advisory Board                                                 Ann Durhager           teered their time to The Centre
Jennifer Ayres                                                 Carol Faries           during the year.
Frank Mutch                                                    nicola Feldman
Amanda Outerbridge                                             Logan Franklin
Grace Shelton                                                  Sudan Furbert
nancy Smythe                                                   Kitty Haines
Myra Virgil                                                    Cynthia Harding
Sonia Whayman                                                  Gwen Hill
William Williams                                               Diana Hindess
Cummings Zuill                                                 Tekira Hypolite
                                                               Debbie Jackson
                                                               Lawal Kaura
Staff                                                          Hazel Kim
Jennifer Adams - Development and Engagement Manager            Camille Koo
Pamela Barit nolan - Executive Director                        Maria Kozlova
Sally Clinton - Membership Administrator                       Andrew Laing
Tracy MacDonald - Community Engagement Coordinator             Lynnesha Landy
Danielle riviere - Programme Manager                           Elizabeth Lee
Kristin White - Communication Manager                          Patience Lowe
Shirlene White - Office Manager and Executive Assistant        Sherline Lowe
                                                               Carol Martin
                                                               Dodi Mason
Consultants                                                    Jordan Masters
Expertise – Hr
                                                               Walia Ming
Maven Concepts – Website
                                                               Ari Minors
Total Office Management – Accounting/Bookkeeping
                                                               Carol Minors
                                                               Tammy Musson
                                                               Chelsea nelmes
                                                               Derek nelson
                                                               robin O'neil
                                                               Jennifer Osmond
                                                               Sherrie Outerbridge
                                                               Marijke Peterich
                                                               Khetiwe richards

Foundation Circle 2009/10                                           Supporting Charities
Members that have contributed over $25,000 in grants,               A one-time recognition of those charities that maintained a consis-
sponsorships, membership fees, and in-kind gifts during the 2010    tent membership with The Centre since the inception of the paid
fiscal year:                                                        membership programme until June 2007:

The ACE Group                                                       Adult Education School
Argo Group                                                          Age Concern
The Atlantic Philanthropies (Bermuda) Limited                       Bermuda Autism Support & Education
Bank of Bermuda Foundation                                          Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Catlin Insurance Company Ltd.                                       Bermuda International Film Festival
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Duperreault                                      Bermuda riding for the Disabled
Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.                                   Bermuda Technology Education Collaborative
KPMG                                                                Bermuda underwater Institute
renaissance reinsurance Limited                                     Bermuda Zoological Society
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Williams                                    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda
XL Foundation                                                       CArE Learning Centre
                                                                    Charles Bascome Music Scholarship
Founders Club                                                       Friends of the Bermuda national Library
A one-time only award given to individuals and organisations that
                                                                    Open Airways
consistently supported The Centre during its development through
June 2007 in amounts greater than $100K:
                                                                    The reading Clinic
                                                                    St. Georges Foundation
The ACE Foundation                                                  Women’s resource Centre
The Atlantic Philanthropies
Bank of Bermuda Foundation
Brian Duperreault
renaissancere Services Limited
William H. Williams
XL Foundation

                                                                                      Below: FY 2010 Foundation Circle members.

                                                                                                                                          PHOTO BY CHArLES AnDErSOn.

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