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                                       長光正明ⒸMasaaki Nagamitsu 2003


Your name and address have been learnt from The Trading Directory 2003 that you are dealing in the
Frozen Foods in your city, and we are mailing you with a desire of opening an account with you.

We are manufacturers of various kinds of frozen foods, especially Frozen fish and vegetables; for more
information, please click our website:

We look forward to your reply by return.


Thank you for your e-mail of May 9, 2003, proposing to do business with us in the Frozen Foods.

Also we accessed your website; so, we are prepared to accept your proposal if your frozen products
prove suitable for our market.

Our payment is by an irrevocable letter of credit, under which a draft at 60 d/s has been drawn.

We hope this would be the beginning of mutually prosperous business between



Offering you the following at greatly reduced prices-Each of the following prices is FCA Kansai Airport:
 1) School Bags made of PVC starting from US$1.00-/pc
 2) Briefcase made of PVC starting from US$5.oo-/pce
Very good payment terms to our regular buyers are given and they may always inspect the goods before

Please visit our following website to see our items above-mentioned:

Your own samples for our duplicating are always welcome.


On your website, we are interesting in the following products:
 1 Model # 001
 2 Model # 002
 3 Model # 003

Could you please send us a complete range of their samples, accompanied by your best price list.

Also please let us know what quantity of each product you can supply, the size of each product, number
of products to be packed in a case and case measurements.

Your prompt reply would be appreciated.


1 We have visited your website.

2 We have learned your name from your website.

3 Your name has been given us by Jetro.

1 見積依頼
 Please quote us your best prices for the following goods:
   Product A
   Product B

2 至急入り用
 We are in urgent need of the goods and request you to ship them by May 31 at the latest.

3 見込み客からの引合受領
 We have received an urgent inquiry from one of our prospective customers for your goods.

4 価格良ければ多量注文
 If your prices are reasonable, we may give you a large order.


We are glad to enclose our Purchase Order No.115 for one(1) unit of Food Processing Machine.

We have instructed our Bankers to remit by cable money for the amount of this order and believe that
you will be duly notified of it through your Bankers.

The machine is urgently required, and we ask you to dispatch it by the end of June in 2003.

We trust you will give this order your prompt and careful attention.


                          FAX MESSAGE
We have the pleasure of advising you that your order has been shipped as per the relevant Shipping
Documents attached herewith.

For the amount(US$10,000-) of the Invoice No.1234, we have drawn on your bank under the L/C
No.1155 of the American Bank dated June 6, 200, at 60 d/s, and ask your kind protection of our Draft
No.0105 on presentation.

We trust that you'll be satisfied with the goods when they arrive safely.

Best regards,


1 弊社は、貴社の名前と住所(your name and address)をA氏より(from Mr.A)承りました(have learned)。

2 当社は1950年に(in 1950)設立され(be established)、これらの製品(these products)の製造業者として
(as manufacturers)好評を博しております(has enjoyed an excellent reputation)。

3 当社は、通常(usually)、信用状(a Letter of Credit)条件で(on the basis of)取引しています(trade)。

4 6月15日付けの貴社の手紙(your letter)受け取りました(be in receipt of又はhave

5 6月15日付けの貴社の引合い(your inquiry)ありがとうございます(thank you for又はappreciate)。

6 当社の商品(our goods)の定価表(a price list)を同封します(enclose)。

7 以下の商品(the following goods:)の貴社の最低値段(your lowest prices)を当社にお見積もりください
(please quote us)。

8 当社は、上記住所に(to the above address)移転しました(have moved)ことをお知らせします(inform you

9 ABC社(ABC Co., Ltd.)の財政状態(the financial standing)についてお知らせください(please inform

10 遺憾ながら(we regret that)、貴社のご要求(your request)に応ずる(comply with)ことができません。

11 貴社の小切手(your check)をお送り(send us)くだされば、まことにありがたいのですが(we shall be
much obliged if you will)。

12 貴社の至急のご返事(your early reply)をお待ち致します(await又はwait for)。

13 貴社の6月15日付の手紙の返事として(in reply to又はin answer to)、当社は喜んで(be glad to又は
be pleased to)当社のカタログ(our catalogs)を貴社にお送り(send)します。

14 貴社の6月15日付の手紙にてご請求のとおり、(as requested)、当社のカタログ(our catalog)を一部(a
copy of)同封(be inclosing)します。

15 弊社は、貴社のご注文品(your order)を、本日(today)汽船現代丸で(By又はper SS "Gendai Maru")、
積送しました(have shipped)ことを喜んで通知申し上げます(have the pleasure of informing you that)。

16 弊社は、商品(the goods)が無事到着し(arrive safely)、ご満足を与えること(give you satisfaction)を確
信いたします(we trust that)。


1 We have learned your name and address from Mr. A.

2 Our company was established in 1950 and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as
manufacturers of these products.

3 We usually trade on the basis of a Letter of Credit.

4 We [are in receipt of/have received] your letter of June 15.

5 We [thank you for/appreciate] your inquiry of June 15.

6 We [enclose/have enclosed/are enclosing] a price list of our goods.

7 Please quote us your lowest prices for the following goods:

8 We inform you that we have moved to the above address.

9 Please inform us of the financial standing of ABC Co., Ltd.

10 We regret that we cannot comply with your request.

11 We shall be much obliged if you will send us your check.

12 We [await/are awaiting]又は[wait for/are waiting for]your early reply.

13 In [reply/answer] to your letter of June 15, we are glad/pleased to send you our catalogs.

14 As requested in your letter of June 15, we are inclosing a copy of our catalog.

15 We have the pleasure of informing you that we have shipped today your order by/per SS "Gendai

16 We trust that the goods will arrive safely and give you satisfaction.


The goods on your Invoice No.011 have been reached us, but we regret to say that their quality is
inferior to the sample on which we placed the order with you.

You will find enclosed some cutting samples from the goods we received and admit that your shipments
do not come up to the sample.

Please investigate the matter and let us know what you can do about it.


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