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Short Panel Center Panel Libertine Fine Jewelry Salon


									  ...An entirely new way
to learn about, appreciate
and shop for fine jewelry.
                                                    In The Glow
                                                            Visit Libertine
  A visit to Libertine fine jewelry           at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa

  salon is like a day at the spa —                     44-400 Indian Wells Lane
                                                        Indian Wells, CA 92210
   our focus is you:
   your personal beauty,
                                                  Open Tuesdays through Saturdays
    your lifestyle needs
                                                Call ahead for special seasonal hours
    and your comfort.
     It’s relaxed, focused and                          Resort extension 4814
     unexpectedly fun.
            Short Panel                                 Center Panel                        Cover Panel
      Our warm, personal service and
     expertise in gemology ensure you
    value, lasting beauty and a look that
  is uniquely yours, every time you visit.
  Whether it’s modern, sexy, savvy, or
 classic — we’ll help you choose
jewelry that complements your
signature style.

Your visit to Libertine will leave you
 feeling as pampered as a spa
  visit and you’ll have an indulgent
   treasure — gleaming, sparkling or
     simply elegant — to cherish for
       yourself, or give as a gift.
                                      What will your gift say?

                                      I love you… more than ever.
                                      You make my dreams come true.
                                      I’m so thankful to have you in my life.
                                      You are so special to me.
     What’s on Your                                     What all you do.
                                      I appreciate all you are and will
                                      You thrill me.
   Libertine Wish List?                             your gift say?
                                      I want to thrill you.
                                                                                                 Only the Best
                                      Thank you. I couldn’t imagine a better friend.
                                      I missed you so much.                            At Libertine, we circle the globe to bring
    ◊ Shimmer cut gold necklace                I love you… more than ever.
                                      Thinking of you, today and always.               you designer collections, one-of-a-kind
                                               You make my the best!
                                      Congratulations, you’re dreams come true.        treasures and artisan pieces that embody
 ◊ Sensual diamond jewelry            You’re a gem.
                                                                                       style, quality and value. Whether your style
                                               I’m so thankful to have you
                                               in my life.                             is timeless, traditional or trendy, you’ll find
◊ Nouveau pearls                                                                       an uncompromising selection of the world’s
                                              You mean the world to me.
   Inside Cover Panel                               Center Panel                                    Short Panel
                                                                                       finest jewelry and affordable luxuries —
◊ Grown-up birthstone jewelry                 I appreciate all you are                 from desert exclusives to our dazzling
                                              and all you do.                          Made in Italy lines.
◊ Hand woven gold mesh earrings
                                              You thrill me.
                                                                                       Visit our Lobby Level salon to select basics
 ◊ A signature bracelet                          I want to thrill you.                 for your jewelry wardrobe, find the perfect
                                                                                       accent or special occasion piece or to
                                                    Thank you, my special
  ◊ Fashion-forward silver                                                             choose the perfect gift. Libertine features
                                                                                        talented female jewelry artists from
                                                       I missed you so much.             around the world, as well as exceptional
    ◊ Colored-stone candy
                                                         Thinking of you,                 men’s, fashion and children’s jewelry.
                                                          today and always.                 Libertine showcases
       ◊ Liquid gold
                                                                                            new arrivals weekly —
                                                                                              always gently priced.
         ◊ My secret wish                                 you’re the best!

            ( Just ask, I’ll tell )                      You’re a gem.

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