SANCTA MARIA COLLEGE NETBALL CLUB – Registration 2012

Registration    Tuesday 21 February             3.30 – 5 pm Year 5, 6 , 7 & 8
Day             Wednesday 22nd February        3.30 – 5 pm College, Senior and Ex school girls
                Please complete and return the attached Registration Form together with your payment via one of the following options.
                     1. Registration day – see above for dates.
                     2. Post to: Sancta Maria College Netball Club, c/o PO Box 1110 , PUKEKOHE.
                     3. Direct credit to SMNC ASB 12 3233 0147277 00 Please state your child’s full name on the deposit
                        Registration packs are also available from the website
                Full payment must be made at registration. This includes a non-refundable deposit of $70 per player. Payment terms
                can be arranged. Please contact Tasula to arrange payment terms. (2722361)

Club Trials     Trials will occur over 3 sessions at Howick and Pakuranga Netball Courts as follows:
                Year 7 / 8
                      Tuesday 28 February 2012               from 5pm – 7 pm
                      Thursday 1 March 2012                 from 5pm – 7 pm
                      Saturday 10 March 2012                from 9 a.m to 11-30 a.m
                College (Year 9 &10 )
                      Tuesday 06 March 2012                 from 5 pm – 7 pm
                      Thursday 08 March 2012                from 5 pm – 7 pm
                      Saturday 10 March 2012                from 12-30 p.m to 3-30 pm
    College / S Senior / Prem ( Year 11 -13) and Ex school girls
                      Tuesday 13 March 2012                  from 5 pm – 7 pm
                      Thursday 15 March 2012                from 5 pm - 7 pm
                      Saturday 17 March 2012                 from 9.00am - 12.00pm
                Year 5/6
                      Saturday 10 March 2012                from 4-00 to 6 pm
                          Saturday 17 March 2012            from 4-00 to 6 pm
                If selectors are unsure of the teams after the set trials another may be called. This date would most likely be Sunday 18
                March. Players are expected to attend all trials but if you are unable to attend any you must notify Mrs Vercoe or Mrs Judd
                before the trials. Please wear shorts/skirt and t-shirt (school PE gear may be worn) and bring your own snack and
                drink.Please Note: The students will not be allowed to go across the road to MacDonalds and the Cafeteria will not be
                ALL teams will be named by Wednesday 21st (Earlier if possible) at school. Team lists will be available.

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Uniform        27 March and 28 March 2012 at Sancta Maria College Auditorium 3-30 to 5 p.m . Please contact your Manager
Day            if you are unable to attend.

               HPNC Netball dates
Dates to       Registration of all players in the Sancta Maria College Netball Club will be done by the Committee at Howick &
diarise:       Pakuranga Netball Association on Wednesday 28th March 2012
                                                                          th                  th
               Senior               H & P Ass Grading Day           Sat 28 and Sunday 29 April 2012
                                                                   th                th
               College              H&P Ass Grading Day Sat 28 and Sunday 29 April 2012
               Junior Teams (Yr 5, 6 , 7 / 8) H&P Ass Grading Day: Sat 05 and Sun 6 May 2012
               7x Grading Games Sat 12 May - Sat 30 June (excludes QB 2 June)
               Promotion Relegation Prem/Sen A Mon 02 July
               7x Competition Games          Seniors          Sat 14 July - Sat 25 August
                                             Jun/Coll         Sat 21 July - Sat 1 Sept
               No Play Sat 02 June (QB), Sat 7&14 July(Hols),Sen to play 14 July
                                                      th                       st
               Fundraising weekend: Saturday 30 March and Sunday 31 March 2012
               Camp for all College and Senior teams: Proposed date 24th March TBC
               Auckland Secondary School competition for selected teams (3 April Entries Close)
                th      th       th
               5 and 12 and 19 May Grading all grades
               14 May Grading for Premier & Senior A Only
               26 May Competition Commences – Week 1
               8 August Premier & Senior A Week 8 (WEDNESDAY 5pm 6pm 7pm & 8pm)
               15 August Premier & Senior A Week 10 (WEDNESDAY as above times)
               18 August Premier & Senior A Semi-Finals (SATURDAY)
               22 August Premier & Senior A FINALS (WEDNESDAY)
               25 August Sec Schools Competition Ends           (NO PLAY) 2 June, 30 June, 7 July, 14 July
              Netball fees for Juniors (Yr 5 – 6) $130 (Yr 7-8) is $140.00 for College (Yr 9 -13) is $150.00. Senior teams $160
Netball       This covers the following:
Fees and
Fund          All HPNC fees: Hire of Courts, Registration per player , Umpire / Coaching courses, Coaches Association Levy,
Raising       Umpires Association Levy, First Aid Levies, Building Levy, Floodlights
              Payment of Umpires. First Aid Kits. Netball Equipment. Uniforms. Prize giving. Trophies
              An additional fee of $65 is required for all players who are selected to play at Morrin Road
              Fundraising is organised throughout the season and everyone is required to help.
              Fundraising events: Movie night, Social, Biscuits, sausage sizzle.
              The club is a non-profit making organisation and depends on fundraising and donations to meet commitments.

Selection     Independent selectors are given alphabetical lists of all girls trialling for the group they are selecting for. All those
Process       trialling will be given a number on the first day of selection. They will be put on court based on their preferred
              position first. It is a first come first on basis. If there are gaps on court a player may be asked to fill in. If this is the
              case they will be given a chance to play their preferred position in the next game. (If this does not happen they
              should speak to whoever is in charge on the day i.e. a committee member).
              The selectors discuss the performance of those trialling. Forms are completed and collated.
              Based on performance, players are then placed on court for further trials. This process is repeated until teams are
              finalised. Selectors will discuss their selections with the nominated coach.

              Selector: A person who has had experience selecting. They will not be a family member of a player, or have any
              association with the age group trialling that they are selecting for. The coach may be included if required in the final
              If you are interested in selecting please request more information from Kathryn 09 238 4444.
              A selector’s course will be run by HPNC The date for this will be advised as soon as it is known.
Practises      Practises will be held at both Sancta Maria School and at the Howick & Pakuranga Netball courts. The coaching
               dates and times will depend on the availability of the coaches. Some coaches like to do two practices a week. Your
               coach will advise their preference. Some teams are selected to play at the Secondary school tournament at Morrin
               road. This is typically the top teams i.e Senior A, College 1 and 2 , Year 10 A and Year 9 A. Additional teams may be
               entered on application.

Coaches,        As any Netball club, we require many coaches, managers, umpires and volunteers. Each team requires a coach and
Managers        manager, but co-coaching will also work. Normally parents of team members will do these jobs, but other family
and             members (older siblings), relatives or friends can also very successfully undertake them. Please consider how you,
Umpires         or others you know, may be able to help.
                The Howick and Pakuranga Netball Association hold various coaching and umpiring courses through out the netball
                Please Note new umpires classes are on Mon 20, Wed 22, Mon 27 Feb, 29 Feb; 6.45-8.30pm
                 If you are considering umpiring, please contact Amelia Chambers on 2661031
                or Felicity Caldwell on 2999761 or 0211026068 or by email on
                All Sancta Maria Netball Teams attending overnight tournaments must follow the school / club rules.
Overnight       All students must stay with their team / coach at the accommodation booked through Sancta Maria Netball
Tournaments     Club. If parents are attending, it is expected that they will also stay at the accommodation booked through
                Sancta Maria College.
                Sancta Maria Netball Club is growing and becoming more and more successful each year. To continue our growth
                and become a true leader that will continue to attract talented netballers we need to invest in the club. We really
                appreciate the support that the parents give to the club and we do not want to increase the annual fees, therefore we
                are seeking SPONSORSHIP. If you have a business that you would like to promote and help Sancta Maria Netball at
                the same time we would love to hear from you. Sponsorship forms are attached or you can contact
Sponsorship     Kathryn Stonehouse via email or 027-4655054 or 09-238-4444.
                A sincere THANK YOU to current sponsors
                SkillSoft New Zealand, Athenry Electrical, Kaspa Transmissions, Dataprint, Compass and Target Pest
                Below are the names of the current Netball Committee, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of the members if
Current         you have any queries:
Committee       Kathryn Stonehouse – (09) 238 4444, Felicity Caldwell – 299 9761, Corina Dunne – 272 3620
                Geraldine Wing – 535 2021, Karen Conner – 292 9382, Amelia Chambers – 09 2661031 Olivia Caldwell – 299 9761
                Tasula Pervolianakis – 272 2361 School Representatives –Janette Vercoe & Marise Judd – 274 4081 (during
                School hours)
POLICY          Please note that the following policies.
                A player must play for the Club at HPNC to be able to be selected for any Secondary School tournament. An
                exception can be made on application e.g If it is determined that a player has reached the top level with SMNC and
                needs to be developed further. An example of this is if a player is at premier level and is invited to play for a club at
                the RPL/Lois Muir challenge level.
                From Year 7 to Year 10 players are selected in their Year level. If the selectors have identified that an exceptional
                player should trial for the Senior team as their ability warrants this, an exception may be made. (Year 9 and 10’s trial
                before the College 11-13 to allow for this) A year 4 player aged 9 can play for the year 5 team.

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