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					                     Accounting Do's and Don’ts
          American Cancer Society, South Atlantic Division, Inc.
"Protecting our donor's dollars is a very important responsibility of our leadership volunteers and
Society staff. Therefore our accounting practices are under constant review so that we are setting the
standard. We want our donor's to be comfortable donating their money to the American Cancer
Society to fund our mission of saving lives and creating more birthdays. After the 2010 Relay season
we evaluated the current accounting practices and have made some updates so that we continue to
protect all donations. These updates will insure that the Society staff, volunteers and donors are
protected and any type of fraudulent activity and continue to feel secure."
                                             ~ American Cancer Society, South Atlantic Division, Inc.

   1. Please make checks payable to the 'American Cancer Society' (not
   tax deductible if made out to team, school or business)
   2. Please roll ALL change or convert it to bills (We are limited on
   amount we can drop deposit)
   3. Do Not open bank accounts using Relay For Life or American
   Cancer Society name – this a violation of ACS standards.
   4. Teams are not tax-deductible (if buying items to use for
   5. Please turn all monies in at beginning of meeting, therefore if we
   have a question about your envelope we can talk before you leave.
   6. Please use Team Accounting Sheets – triplicate forms
   -Team member (pink), Team Captain (yellow), ACS (white)
   -Write donor info in ( ) by team member name so we can properly
   recognize the donor online. This is required of cash and/or check donors.
   -The Offline Donation form (found on your participant page
   online) is a great alternative. Please make copies for your record.
   7. Fill out all forms completely!
8. Only large envelopes are being ordered to save money for ACS. If
you have any leftover small envelopes you can use them till gone.
9. Enforced changes for this year:
    * Registration: You cannot register your team members.
Everyone must register themselves.
       -If one does NOT have email then they will need to fill out
registration form entirely so they can sign the waiver at the bottom
of form. The waiver is a requirement of ACS in the event of an
accident at Relay or related events.
    * You cannot create fake emails or use same email for multiple
       -Incentive prize certificates will be emailed to those
participants with email AND mailed USPS to all others without
an email.

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