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									                                        Financing Your UMBC Education

This worksheet is a tool for estimating UMBC charges, financial aid and out-of-pocket expenses for the Fall
2012/Spring 2013 academic year. Charges listed are subject to change.
Step 1: Tell Us About Your Undergraduate Academic Plans.
1. I will be an:                       resident for tuition purposes.
2. I will be a student on the:                                       campus.
3. In Fall 2012, I will:
                   a. Register for:               credits
4. In Spring 2013, I will:
                   a. Register for:               credits

Step 2: Review UMBC Cost Estimates.
                                                                                Fall 2012        Spring 2013
                                                      Tuition and Fees
Based on your choices above, you should
expect the following billing charges during           Room
the 2012 - 2013 year.                                 Board
                                                      Total                                 $0             $0

Step 3: List the Financial Aid found on your myUMBC.
                        A. Grants and Scholarships                              Fall 2012        Spring 2013
    If you plan to enroll in less than 12             SEOG
    credits for either semester, your awards          UMBC Grant
    may be reduced. Be sure to consult with           Athletic Scholarship
    a Financial Aid Counselor.                        Merit Scholarship
                                                      State Scholarship(s)
                                                      Misc Funding                                                         e.g. Private Scholarship

                                                      G & S SubTotal                        $0             $0
                        B. Loans                                                Fall 2012        Spring 2013
                                                      Stafford (Subsidized)                                     1 % Loan Fee
                                                      Stafford (UnSubsidized)                                   1 % Loan Fee
                                                      Plus                                                      4 % Loan Fee
                                                      Less Loan Fees                                            (sum of all Loan Fees)

                                                      Loans SubTotal                        $0             $0
                                                                                Fall 2012        Spring 2013
                        C. Sum of All Financial Aid                                         $0             $0
Step 4: Below Are Your Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses towards UMBC Costs.
   Please Note: You should estimate an expense of $600 each                     Fall 2012        Spring 2013
   semester for books.

If you would like more information on additional resources to help pay your out-of-pocket costs, please visit our website.

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