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					Scarborough’s Login “Cheat Sheet”
Please place this document in a secure place that you can refer to when needed.                         The following “network” drives can be found
Note: A “personal” password is one that was determined by the employee.                                 when you log in to Novell with your e# and are
ACTIVE DIRECTORY (AD) LOGIN                           UserName: e#                                      backed up nightly:
Access H: , I:, G:, drives                            Password:                                         G: -- where students save their work; Projects folder
ERO – Register for Staff Dev.                         UserName: 6 digits of e# w/ no “e”                is for class projects, Specials folder is for work done
Available from Intranet                               Password: 6 digit # assigned                      during computer rotation.
                                                      Phone: 1 (877) 453-3443                           H: --personal place to save “your” stuff.
                                                                                                        I: --where you can find items placed in the
Online Gradebook –                                    UserName: e# (same as above)                      Teacher_Share, or Staff Share folders.
Go to NISD webpage, Employee Links,                   Password: (same as above)                         Teachers/admin./specialists have rights to see both
Gradbook                                                                                                folders, other staff see only Staff
GroupWise email                                       UserName: e# (same as above)                      NOTES:
                                                      Password: (same as above)                             1. You must be logged in with your e# or
INTRANET—to access district network                   UserName: e# (same as above)                             as “student” to print to a networked
programs from home (also server files                 Password: (same as above)                                printer!—make sure the networked
from efiles.nisd.net)                                                                                          printer is on and has paper.
NEAR                                                  179###          Password: last 4 of SS#               2. Student computers should be logged in
enter reading data…see reading                        The #’s are your three-digit teacher # that              as:
specialists for more info.                            can be found on your gradebook or CMS “section”             id: stu01-179 (179 is our campus TEA#)
                                                      chooser. Ex: 301, 402….                                     Password: 5tu01#!S
CMS-Curriculum Management System                      UserName: e#                                      ** To login as a teacher go to start--- shut down--- “log
-locate student information                           Password: personal                                off stud01-179”- and while you click OK hold down the
https://nisd.schoolnet.com                                                                              shift button!! A login will appear and you can login as
                                                                                                        your self using you AD login! BE SURE TO LOGOUT!!!
SEMS                                                  UserName: 6 digits of e# w/ no “e”
Employee Absence System                               Password: 6 digit # assigned
Available from Internet                               (same as ERO, above)                              Employee AUP training
https://sems.nisd.net/logOnInitAction.do                                                                http://elearn.nisd.net/
                                                                                                        UserName: e#
PDAS                                                  UserName: e#                                      Password: same as AD network password
Enter through Intranet                                Password: first four digits of last name in
                                                      ALL CAPS, last four of SS#                        UnitedStreaming- videos, video clips, images,
TRIAND                                                UserName: e#                                      etc. available for streaming, or download. DO
                                                                                                        NOT SAVE TO H: or other network drives!
www.triand.com                                        Password: first four digits of last name in
                                                      ALL CAPS, last four of SS#                        UserName: e#
eLearning—online training                             UserName: e#                                      Password: first four letters of last name, and the four
http://elearn.nisd.net/                               Password: Same as AD network password             digits of your birth year. Generic login is:
                                                                                                        nisd179 and password: research
eSPED (www.esped.com)                                 UserName: e#@nisd.net
                                                      Password: first time was e#, now is:

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