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									                                                                                                 Spring 2012
            Moundview Memorial Hospital and Clinic Partners
             President - Mary Polivka 564-7343                        Vice President - Nancy Wical 564-7753
             Secretary - Joyce Roberts 339-4712                       Treasurer – Linda Charles 339-9182

       PARTNER’S President Message                              Partners Easter Bake Sale is scheduled April 4, 2012 at
With winter on its way out, here’s hoping that spring will      Moundview. Thanks in advance to Audrey Stormoen who
gently follow.                                                  is chairing this event again this year.
As part of “Women’s Night Out” November 3, Partners             Back by popular demand, Partners will again hold another
hosted “Boutique in a Box” which included the sale of           “Buying Event” in May co-hosted with Gary’s Coin &
purses, jewelry and scarves. Thanks to everyone who             Stamps. Last year, the community received nearly
supported this event. The consensus of the committee was        $20,000 for their unwanted jewelry, precious metals, etc.
to not repeat this event next year, due to the limited time     With gold prices soaring, participants will receive the
frame available to showcase the volume of merchandise           highest return ever.
received.                                                       Avon will soon be available in the Gift Shop Marie
The 3rd Annual Gift Shop Open House.                            Fowler recommended the inclusion of Avon which will be
Chaired by Joyce Roberts and the                                significantly different from what Avon dealers sell in the
Christmas Bake Sale, Chaired by Joan                            area. Thanks in advance to Dee Witcraft, and Joyce
Albert held December 2 were both well                           Pavelec who will be coordinating this new endeavor.
attended and supported by the hospital and                      Donors and Volunteers are encouraged to participate in
the community. Everyone’s support is                            the Blood Drive on March 29 at Friendship Village Hall.
greatly appreciated.                                            Thanks to Marie Fowler who chairs all blood drives for
Partners’ Annual Christmas Luncheon was held                    Moundview.
December 9 at Carlson’s Rustic Ridge. Thanks to Goody           At Partners March 9, 2012 meeting a $10,000 cash
Koutalis for making this event special by providing             donation was approved effective July 31, to be used
restaurant and entrée options, entertainment and                toward the total renovation of one in-patient room.
reservations. Thanks to LeeAnn Roseberry for hosting the        Partners’ also donated $200 to both the Foundation’s
gifts and drawings. It was wonderful!                           Annual Dinner & Auction held March 3 and Kids Day to
Partners hosted its first Parade of Trees November 17 thru      be held on April 21st.
December 21. Diane Roekle, Sharon Mattox, and Dee               Upcoming important events include: Advocacy Day,
Witcraft, were exceptional Ambassadors of Partners in           April 27, 2012. Registration is necessary. Western
orchestrating this wonderful Christmas event with the           District Meeting in Prairie du Chien, April 19, 2012 and
community and hospital. Due to the overwhelming                 WHA State Convention - October 16-18, 2012 at Marriott,
success of this event, it will be held again this year. Don’t   Madison West.
miss it.                                                        In closing, “don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap,
Think Spring                                                    but by the seeds you plant” - Robert Louis Stevenson.
                                                                                                Mary Polivka, President
Calendar:                                                       APRIL – cont.
MARCH                                                           21st ‘Kid’s Day’ at AF High School
9th     Regular Meeting was held in Oak Room                    24th Advocacy Day in Madison – Monona Terrace
29th    Blood Drive at Friendship Village Hall                  MAY
        Donors always needed                                    11th 12:30 Partner’s Executive Comm – Oak Room
APRIL                                                                 1:30PM Monthly Meeting in Oak Room
4th      Easter Bake Slae in Hospital Concourse                 6th – 12th Hospital Week
13th     12:30 Partner’s Executive Comm – Oak Room              24th Blood Drive at Friendship Village Hall
         1:30PM Monthly Meeting in Oak Room                     JUNE
15th   – 21st National Volunteer Week                           8th     12:30 Partner’s Executive Comm – Oak Room
19th     Western Distict Spring Meeting Prairie du Chien                1:30PM Monthly Meeting in Oak Room
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                                                                                   Joyce and Dee are working on
                                                                                   bringing Avon products to the Gift
                                                                                   Shop. Watch for them soon.
                                                                                   Dee is working with Wellness Comm
                                                                                   for possible items they would like to
April 4 2012                                                                       see available from Gift Shop.
                                                                                   Gift Shop volunteers, see Lois re new
9AM – til sold out                                                                 location to retrieve the key.
Hospital Concourse                                         The Gift Shop Committee “thanks” everyone who
                                                           supported the Gift Shop the past year. Joyce Pavelec and
Partners’s Annual Easter Bake Sale will be held April 4 th Sharon Mattox enjoyed bringing in new items and keeping
from 9AM til sold out on the concourse at Moundview        the cost of item within the financial reach of the
Memorial Hospital. Partners need everyone to bring as      community.
much as they can. Bring your treasured baked goods at      Success of the Gift Shop is not possible without the many
8AM. Place suggested sale price on items. Extras are       volunteers. There are 40 available shifts of 3 ½ hr per
always welcome. Audrey Stormoen is the Chairperson         month, Monday through Friday. We are always looking
this year.                                                 for more helpers. It takes lots of busy hands to make the
                                                           Gift Shop a great place to shop.
                                                           One of the many questions that is frequently asked is
                                                           ‘Why do you not have more sales?’ Yes, occasionally we
                                                           have sales ie the Christmas Open House – the reason we
                    Great Success!
                                                           don’t have more sales is because we try to keep our prices
The Spirit of the Season was well demonstrated in the low. We mark items up enough to cover our cost and
       decorated hospital lobby and concourse. 30          shipping (which increases every month) and to make a
community participants worked with the Partners and small profit to donate back to the hospital. Therefore our
  12 student groups were involved in the decorating.       margin of mark-ups is much less than most retail shops;
Committee sent out thank-yous and asked for feedback –     thereby, not leaving much room for discounts. We hope
the following were some of the comments:                   we create a good value for our customers so they will
 It is a great program and looks like fun for the kids    return. Please encourage your family and friends to shop
 Was a pleasure!!                                         at the Gift Shop as it is a win-win for them and for the
 Thank-you for sending the letter –photo! Nice job!       hospital.
     Love the theme!                                       Another big thank you to Joyce Robert for all her
 Enjoyed it. Would welcome a chance to do it again        beautiful and unique arrangements that she provides to the
 I thought it was a very nice event. Heard many           Gift Shop. These are donated by Joyce and she has been
     favorable comments thanks for the pictures you sent – doing this for several years. Give Joyce a big ‘Thank
     that was a very nice gesture!                         You’ The arrangements are a huge success; check for new
 Great job! Do it again.                                  masterpieces frequently. Thank you Joyce for your
 Nice addition to our Community Christmas                 commitment of time and talent; we really appreciate it!
 Know it was a big job. Every fine detail was great –
     Do it again.
 Enjoyed showing off our hospital
A committee will be
organizing in August.
Plan to join us! Diane
Roekle and Sharon Mattox
will be co-chairman
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           National Volunteer Week
               April 15th – 21st
Reasons why I volunteer:
                I take great pride in giving…
                                                                   1st week-end in April or May !
                     I make new friends…
                   I improve my hospital…                              Watch for more details
          My life is enriched when I help others…                      re specific times, place
                I like it when others smile…
                                                              being done by Gary’s Coins & Stamps from Wi Rapids
                    I like to show I care…
                                                                       Gary has over 30 years experience.
I like to build a better community and caring interactions.      Bring in you unwanted gold, silver, platinum, coins,
                                                                                                 jewelry and stamps
Let’s share these feelings with others.                                                                to the hospital
                                                                                                    and see how well
   Bring a new member to Partners!                                                                        you can do.
                                                                                       Need few volunteers to direct
                                                                                 traffic and to keep Gift Shop open.
              Kid’s Day is Coming                                    Advocacy Day – April 24, 2012
            Saturday, April 21, 2012                                    Monana Terrace, Madison
          10AM – 2PM at AF High School!                         Keynote address by Kellyanne Conway “Pulse of the
     Hands-on Activities; Juggler; Helicopter tours.          Nation.” Other speakers could include Gov Walker and a
     Partners have donated to this event. Encourage            legislative panel discussion. Evelyn Baerbock, Sharon
          community kids to come and enjoy.                   Mattox, LeeAnn Roseberry, and Audrey Stormoen will be

                                                    SAGE QUIPS:
    Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections!
     God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but HE did promise
     strength for the day, comfort for the tears & light for the way.
    Opportunity may knock once, but temptation bangs on your front door forever.
    He who angers you, controls you!
    The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.
    We don't change the message, the message changes us.
    Forbidden fruits create many jams.
    God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
    God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.
    If God is your Co-pilot - swap seats!
    Prayer: Don't give God instructions -- just report for duty!
    Don't put a question mark where God put a period.
    Don't wait for 6 strong men to take you to church.
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                                                                     March 29;
                                                                     May 24; July 26

                                                                       Friendship Village Hall

                                                                                  Donors and volunteers
                                                                                    always welcome
                                                                        We appreciate your support – Marie Fowler,
                                                                                   Blood Drive Chair
         Partners awarded above certificate for contributing can
          tabs. Thanks to Jan Fiene and her husband Don for
                      taking tabs to Marshfield.                          Open House door prize
                   Thanks to all who contribute!
    Updates:                                   Western District Spring
    Historian – Judy Ward is                   meeting to be held in Prairie du Chien
    working on re-organizing our pictures      April 19 . We need people to
                                               represent our Partner’s group. If you
    and articles into 4 scrapbooks. Please                                                 Welcome!
    forward to Judy anything you have or       would be interested and would like to
                                               attend, contact Mary Polivka.               To Nancy Burdick/Seelenbinder –
    leave addressed to her in gift shop.                                                   a hospital employee and new
                                               Registrations need to be in by April
            Many Thanks to Judy.                th                                         member of Partners.
                                               9 .
                                                                                              Have you paid your dues??? For
                                                                                                2011-2012. Our year is from
    4th – Carol Timmerman                                          February – gone……
    4th – Sharon Mattox                                              but not forgotten.!       July 1 – June 30 and dues are
    12th – Marie Fowler                                                                         due the month of July. If you
    21st – Dorothy Schwartz                                                                       have a black dot on your
    25th - Jackie Weber                                                                       address label you still owe your
                                                                                                 dues. Send dues to Linda
    26th – Elizabeth Sawa
    26th – Nancy Weinner                                                                       Charles in care of Partners at
    28th – Alice Jones
    MARCH                                                                       MAY
    1st – Joan Albert                                             Judy Hampson – 1st       Don’t Forget: Looking through
    4th – Lila Oakes                                          Dorothy Galbraith – 3rd      the Years Partner’s pictorial
    5th – Don Williams                                     Nancy Burdick-Seelent – 7th     History Booklets Available in
    11th – Elaine Babcock                                         Donna Hayes – 14th       Gift Shop for $10.00 We need
    22nd – Frances Coon                                      Maxine Elkington – 19th
    25th – Joan Daily                                              Elaine Kotek – 26th
                                                                                           to sell these. Does anyone
                                                                                           have ideas re how to promote?
    APRIL                                                                      JUNE
    4th - Joyce Roberts                                         Florence Koehler – 1st             Next Newsletter in June. Send
    9th - Evelyn Baerbock                                              Jan Fiene – 4th            articles and information for next
    10th – Diane Roekle                                            Nancy Wical – 18th             newsletter to Diane Roekle, 408
    11th - Roberta Ebert                                       Marilyn Coleman – 28th             Hillwood Lane, Friendship, WI
    11th - Dee Witcraft                                         Verniece Wesely – 28th             53934 or leave at gift shop by
    14th - Georgene Seaman                                                                                   __May 31__


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