THEME spa party demo outline by 3Iz2z07i


									                           Spa Party

~ Introduction, personal commercial, and thank the Hostess

~ Ask everyone to kick off their shows, put on their comfy socks,
  Lean back and get comfortable!

~ Give each guest a small amount of “Body Butter” in the palm of
  Their hand. Explain that they will be refreshed by sound,
  Fragrance, touches, and guided meditation. Relax & enjoy!

~ Begin with the pinkie finger…small, slow, circular motions…
  About 10 times between each joint. (about 30 per finger).

  Verbiage to use – you are massaging the smallest finger, do you
  Know what that reminds me of? PartyLite’s smallest candle, the
  Tealight! (Explain burn time and compare to store-bought)

~ Move on to the ring finger…same massage technique.

  Verbiage to use – the next size finger makes me think of the
  Size candle, the votive! Discuss during massage.

~ Next is the middle finger…with this finger I’d like to discuss
  The aroma melts.

  Verbiage to use – one of our newer types of candles is the aroma
  Melt, it needs the help of a tealight to liquefy, but lasts an
  Amazing 30 hours each!!

~ Moving on to the pointer finger…which reminds me that when
  You are burning our candles and you get to the point where you
  Need to extinguish them, make sure not to blow them out, snuff!
~ And, last but not least, the thumb. It reminds me to talk to you
  About our larger candles…the pillars & 3-wicks!

  Verbiage to use – again, compare burn times and give tips.

~ Use the remaining lotion to do the palm of the hand. Large, slow
  Circular motions…about 15 of them.

  Verbiage to use – isn’t this soothing? Do you know what is?
  Soothing to me…the yearly tropical getaway vacations that
  I and my husband get to enjoy for free!! Discuss trips!

~ Using fingers, lightly brush up and down forearm…do this
  About 10 times, so you can finish discussing the trips!

~ Now give another squirt of lotion in the 2nd hand.

~ Begin the finger massage in the same order as the 1st hand, and
  Discuss a line or piece of product at each finger.

  Verbiage examples:
  Pinkie – discuss Crystal Castle (bubble baths)
  Ring finger – discuss Living Stones Votive Holders (or other)
  Middle finger – Antique Brass Aroma melt Warmer
  Pointer finger – Pineapple Snuffer (or other)
  Thumb – Well Being line holders & rubbing stones.

~ Use remaining lotion to do palm massage.

  Verbiage to use – Isn’t this relaxing? Do you know what relaxes
  Me…not worrying about money anymore! (Discuss PL
  Business opportunity briefly)

~ Using fingers, lightly brush up and down forearm…about 10
  times while you finish discussing opportunity.
~ Now teach them to rub their own shoulders…start with both
  hands touching shoulder blades, fingers facing downward.
  Use lots of muscle to drag hands against shoulders up toward
   The neck and forward to the collarbone. Do this at least 5x.

  Verbiage to use – Self massage is one of the best ways to calm
  Your entire being after a long, stressful day. Combines with
  Relaxing music and PartyLite fragrances, it becomes total

~ PartyLite also understands that during your busy day, you
  sometimes need a pick-me-up! If you get frequent headaches
  or have a stressful job, our new Pulse Point Cream may be just
  what you need. Give each guest a small squirt on her pointer
  finger and instruct her to use it by applying light pressure just
  above her temples and making small, slow circles.

  Verbiage to use – The refreshing mixture of sage & mandarin
  Will awaken your senses and help relieve headaches & stress!

~ Now, to truly help you let go of the stresses of today, I invite you
  To indulge in the wonder that is PartyLite’s new Unwind Linen

  Verbiage to use – PartyLite has taken the female’s purest form
relaxation, lavender, and combined it with the masculine erotic
scent of vanilla to make a scent that will become everyone’s

~ Spritz a tissue with the linen spray for each guest and ask
  Them to lay back on their chair and place the tissue over their
  Face or on their chest as you begin their guided meditation.
~ Discuss Relax Foot Cream…blend of eucalyptus & peppermint.
   Invite the guests to use the cream AFTER they have finished
~For more personal moments try our sensual massage oil, the scent
of sandalwood, rose and jasmine will tickle your senses.

  Smelling the fragranced candles…once they use the cream, they
  Their hands will smell of the peppermint and they won’t be able
  To get a true scent from any other candle! It is a great idea to
  Use the foot cream and then put the socks back on for about 30
  Minutes! Nice and smooth and not one bit greasy!!

~ Finish the evening by passing out the Door Prize Slips. Walk the
  Guests through the questions. At question #3 (Book a show?),
  Go through the contents of the Show-What Bag (below) one at a
  Time and elaborate on each.

  Show-What Bag (contents)
   Small gift for Hostess – Thank her again!
   Show card - $100 shopping spree
   Show cards – 2, 3, & 4 booking gifts
   Catalog cut in half to represent ½ price items
   Current Hostess Specials flyer
   Stamps – none needed because you will mail invites
   Something to represent theme show ideas for that month
   Something to represent the BRIBE you are offering

~ End the show with all drawings!

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