Project Hvc by Adisweet77


									Appreciation goes to APPNA that helped conduct this
campaign by providing all printed material in the form of
posters, work books, banners, brochures and certificates.

Participating Institution:

  • Nishtar Medical College Multan (NMC)
    The Multan’s (city of saints & shrines) first oldest and
one of the largest medical college with about 2000 students
enrolled in MBBS & BDS programs (excluding the B.Sc
programs etc.). This is also the first medical institution of the
Southern Punjab.
  • Nishtar Institute of Dentistery
     In the beginning, it was housed in Nishtar Hospital, but
independent dental block was constructed in 2008. The
college also houses a dental hospital of over 70 chairs. It is
also 1st dental college of Southern Punjab.

    Name of the campaign:
     The Hepatitis C awareness compiagn at the above 2
institutions was conducted by NMC Alumni Association
Pakistan, with suggestions from the core committee.
    Duration of the campaign:
     The program was essentially structured to highlight the
symptoms & causes of HCV & its cure. 15-20 feb 2012 was
the duration of campaign.
    . General Public Outreach
    . Poster Competition
    . Public Awareness Walk
    . Students Awareness Walk
    . Barbers Awareness Walk
    . Special Walk to Blood Bank Staff

    The Following units were covered:
Nishtar MedicalCollege & Hospital;
  • Medical Wards
  • Surgical Wards
  • Gynecology Wards
  • Radiotherapy Ward
  • Dermatology Ward
  • Opthalmology Ward
  • ENT Ward
  • Thoracic Surgery Ward
  • Thoracic Medicine Ward
• Nephrology Ward
• Cardiology Ward
• Orthopedics Ward
• Neurosurgery Ward
• Emergency
• Blood Bank
• OPD’s
• Lecture Theaters
• Assembly Hall
• Dissection Hall
• Medical Laboratory

2,Nishtar Institute of Dentistery
  • Lecture theaters
  • Surgical Ward
  • Pediatric Ward
  • Dental OPD
  • Radiology Ward
  • Dental Laboratory
The names of Schools covered outside:
1.The Public School Multan For Boys
2. The Govt. Muslim High School Multan
3. The Nation Public School Multan

The acts done in above mantioned institutes;
  • Meeting with the Principal & Teachers

  • Distribution of Instruction Books among them
• Brief lectures about HCV to Classes

• Distribution of pumflits among students
  • Discussion with Lower Staff
  • Instructions of specail cleanliness to them

Outside Walk to Barber’s Shops

 • Meeting with them
  • Awareness about HCV, HBV & HIV
  • Alarming them about causes spreading by them
  • Asking them not to use blade more than 1 time
  • Also distribution of pumflits to them
Guidance Through Posters:

   Pasting the posters on
. All main entrances of hospital
. Outside the emergency
. Outside the Lecture Theaters
. Outside the School Gates
. Outside the all main entrances of Wards
. Outside the Barber’s Shops

. Outside the Blood Bank

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