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Project Hvc


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									Appreciation goes to APPNA that helped conduct this
campaign by providing all printed material in the form of
posters, work books, banners, brochures and certificates.

Participating Institution:

  • Nishtar Medical College Multan (NMC)
    The Multan’s (city of saints & shrines) first oldest and
one of the largest medical college with about 2000 students
enrolled in MBBS & BDS programs (excluding the B.Sc
programs etc.). This is also the first medical institution of the
Southern Punjab.
  • Nishtar Institute of Dentistery
     In the beginning, it was housed in Nishtar Hospital, but
independent dental block was constructed in 2008. The
college also houses a dental hospital of over 70 chairs. It is
also 1st dental college of Southern Punjab.

    Name of the campaign:
     The Hepatitis C awareness compiagn at the above 2
institutions was conducted by NMC Alumni Association
Pakistan, with suggestions from the core committee.
    Duration of the campaign:
     The program was essentially structured to highlight the
symptoms & causes of HCV & its cure. 15-20 feb 2012 was
the duration of campaign.
    . General Public Outreach
    . Poster Competition
    . Public Awareness Walk
    . Students Awareness Walk
    . Barbers Awareness Walk
    . Special Walk to Blood Bank Staff

    The Following units were covered:
Nishtar MedicalCollege & Hospital;
  • Medical Wards
  • Surgical Wards
  • Gynecology Wards
  • Radiotherapy Ward
  • Dermatology Ward
  • Opthalmology Ward
  • ENT Ward
  • Thoracic Surgery Ward
  • Thoracic Medicine Ward
• Nephrology Ward
• Cardiology Ward
• Orthopedics Ward
• Neurosurgery Ward
• Emergency
• Blood Bank
• OPD’s
• Lecture Theaters
• Assembly Hall
• Dissection Hall
• Medical Laboratory

2,Nishtar Institute of Dentistery
  • Lecture theaters
  • Surgical Ward
  • Pediatric Ward
  • Dental OPD
  • Radiology Ward
  • Dental Laboratory
The names of Schools covered outside:
1.The Public School Multan For Boys
2. The Govt. Muslim High School Multan
3. The Nation Public School Multan

The acts done in above mantioned institutes;
  • Meeting with the Principal & Teachers

  • Distribution of Instruction Books among them
• Brief lectures about HCV to Classes

• Distribution of pumflits among students
  • Discussion with Lower Staff
  • Instructions of specail cleanliness to them

Outside Walk to Barber’s Shops

 • Meeting with them
  • Awareness about HCV, HBV & HIV
  • Alarming them about causes spreading by them
  • Asking them not to use blade more than 1 time
  • Also distribution of pumflits to them
Guidance Through Posters:

   Pasting the posters on
. All main entrances of hospital
. Outside the emergency
. Outside the Lecture Theaters
. Outside the School Gates
. Outside the all main entrances of Wards
. Outside the Barber’s Shops

. Outside the Blood Bank

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