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									Children’s Hospital                  Mr. Joseph M. Farley
2009 Board of Trustees               Balch & Bingham
Mailing Addresses                    1710 6th Avenue North
                                     Birmingham, Alabama 35201
Mr. J. David Brown, III              Phone: 251-8100
Jemison Investment Company           Mr. Ralph Frohsin, Jr.
2001 Park Place Tower, Suit 320      115 Point Clear
Birmingham, AL 35203                 Alexander City, Alabama 35010
Phone: 324-7681                      Phone: 256-329-8084

Mr. Thomas N. Carruthers, Jr.        Keith E. Georgeson, M.D.
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings         Professor and Chair, Pediatric Surgery
One Federal Place, 1819 5th Ave. N   Joseph M. Farley Chair of Pediatric
Birmingham, Alabama 35203            Surgery
Phone: 521-8130                      The University of Alabama at Bham
                                     1600 7th Avenue South
Ms. Gayle Cunningham                 Birmingham, AL 35233
Executive Director                   Phone: 939-9688
300 8th Avenue West                  Mrs. Gillian White Goodrich
Birmingham, Alabama 35204            3320 Dell Road
Phone: 327-7550                      Birmingham, Alabama 35223
                                     Phone: 879-6882
Derrol Dawkins, MD
Metro Pediatrics                     Mr. Raymond J. Harbert
401 Valley Avenue                    Chairman & CEO
Birmingham, Alabama 35209            Harbert Management Corporation
Phone: 941-1414                      P. O. Box 1297
                                     Birmingham, Alabama 35201
Mr. David E. Dixon                   Phone: 987-5605
Phone: 802-7802
3809 Timberline Way                  Mrs. Susan N. Haskell
Birmingham, Alabama 35243            2964 Cherokee Road
Phone: 967-1550                      Birmingham, Alabama 35223
                                     Phone: 879-2070
Mrs. Beth G. Dubina (Joel)
3259 Bankhead Avenue                 Mr. Beverly P. Head, III
Montgomery, Alabama 36106            3620 8th Avenue South
Phone: 334-265-9423                  Birmingham, Alabama 35222
                                     Phone: 599-7069
Mr. Donald M. James                   Mr. L. Gwaltney McCollum, Jr.
Chairman & CEO                        Chairman & CEO
Vulcan Materials                      First National Bank of Jasper
1200 Urban Center Parkway             P. O. Box 31
Birmingham, AL 35242                  Jasper, Alabama 35502-0031
Phone: 298-3224                       Phone: 205-384-8208

Mrs. Virginia Walker Jones            Mr. Charles D. McCrary
Community Relations Director          President & CEO
Coca Cola Bottling Co. United, Inc.   Alabama Power Company
P. O. Box 2006                        P. O. Box 2641
Birmingham, Alabama 35201             Birmingham, Alabama 35291-0001
Phone: 849-4729                       Phone: 257-2733

Mr. Philippe W. Lathrop               Mrs. Ann D. McMillan
Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch   4208 Harper’s Ferry Road
420 North 20th Street, Suite 2600     Birmingham, Alabama 35213
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-5204        Phone: 871-7462
Phone: 326-9543
                                      Mrs. Beverly B. McNeil
Mr. James C. Lee, III                 3530 Redmont Road
CEO                                   Birmingham, Alabama 35213
Buffalo Rock Company                  Phone: 986-8281
111 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35209             Mr. C. Phillip McWane
Phone: 944-2247                       President, McWane, Inc.
                                      2900 Hwy. 280, Suite 300
Mr. Thomas H. Lowder                  Birmingham, Alabama 35223
Chairman of the Board                 Phone: 414-3132
Colonial Properties
2101 6th Avenue North – Suite 750     Mr. Hugh J. Morgan, Jr.
Birmingham, Alabama 35203             3121 Brookwood Road
Phone: 250-8759                       Birmingham, Alabama 35223
                                      Phone: 967-2741
Mr. W. Charles Mayer
Oaktasasi Partners                    Mr. Craft O’Neal
2 Rockdell Lane                       Chairman, O’Neal Steel, Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama 35213             744 41st Street North
Phone: 205-960-7400 (cell)            Birmingham, Alabama 35222
                                      Phone: 599-8147
Dr. W. Jerry Oakes                   Mr. Temple W. Tutwiler, III
Surgeon-In-Chief                     President
Children’s Health System             Tutwiler Investment Company
1600 7th Avenue South                P. O. Box 12045
Birmingham, Alabama 35233            Birmingham, Alabama 35202
Phone: 939-6914                      Phone: 933-2288

Mrs. Margaret M. Porter              Mr. Marc Bryant Tyson
2500 Manor Place                     CEO, Ready Mix USA
Birmingham, Alabama 35223            P. O. Box 101868
Phone: 879-8483                      Birmingham, Alabama 35210
                                     Phone: 986-4831
Mr. Frederick W. Renneker, III
CEO, WillisHRH                       Mr. James W. Wright
P. O. Box 10607                      Chairman, First Tuskegee Bank
Birmingham, Alabama 35202-0607       660 Adams Avenue
Phone: 868-1377                      Montgomery, Alabama 36104
                                     Phone: 334-262-0800
Stuart A. Royal, M.D.
Children’s Hospital
1600 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone: 939-9730

Mr. Ben Russell
CEO and Chairman
Russell Lands, Inc.
2544 Willow Point Road
Alexander City, Alabama 35010-6219
Phone: 256-212-1401

Sergio Stagno, M.D.
Professor and Chairman, Pediatrics
The University of Alabama at Bham
1600 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone: 939-9650

Mr. Lee J. Styslinger, III
Altec Industries, Inc.
210 Inverness Center Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35242
Phone: 991-7733

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