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					                                                                                               Vol u me 2 I ssu e 3
A s s e mb l i e s o f G o d , No r t h e r n C al i f o r n i a an d Ne vad a                       Marc h 2005

                              NEWS ’N NOTES

                                                                                       James and Judi Braddy
Presbytery Report       2                                                              District Superintendent

Ministry Wives          3

World Missions          4

Missionaries            5                     A CALL TO PRAYER
Ebenezer                6
Updates                 7

Bethany College         8                             April 7, 2005
                               Each Section will be meeting during the noon hour for prayer and fasting.
                               Our Purpose is:
                                        TO SEEK GOD’S FAVOR
• James R. Braddy

                                        TO RECEIVE GOD’S WISDOM
                                        TO INVITE GOD’S VISITATION
• Samuel M. Huddleston
  Assistant Superintendent              TO HUMBLE OURSELVES BEFORE HIS MAJESTY
• Richard A. Hopping
  Secretary / Treasurer

• George Negrete
  CDE Ministries
                                                                        A Call to Prayer
• Steve Brown
  Men’s Ministries
  Royal Rangers                                          There is no greater need nor higher priority for
                                                     us as ministers and for our district than prayer. As
• Priscilla Taylor
  Women’s Ministries                                 individuals and as churches we face challenges of
  Missionettes                                       unprecedented magnitude. While God will give us
• Bret Allen
                                                     wisdom, strength, courage and answers to those
  Youth Ministries                                   challenges, they will all come through the avenue of

    Assemblies of God                                “Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come
 District Resource Center
 6051 South Watt Avenue                              down.”
  Sacramento CA 95829                                    Is.64:1

       Phone: (916)379-9600
        Fax: (916)379-9652
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       Your Presbytery met at Bethany College on January 24 and 25. The following actions were taken:

   ♦     Credentialing matter approved                       ♦   Three church move to General Council status
   ♦     2005 budget reviewed and adjusted                       approved
   ♦     2005 District Council reviewed                      ♦   Discussion regarding delinquent accounts from
                                                                 District Council churches on Fire/Liability and
   ♦     Lay Advisory Council guidelines approved
                                                                 Workman’s Compensation
   ♦     Salary Review Committee approved for
                                                             ♦   Department Quarterly Reports received
                                                             ♦   Standing Boards and Committees approved
   ♦     Guidelines for Local Church Credentials
                                                             ♦   District Day of Prayer announced
                                                             ♦   Year-end Treasurer’s report
   ♦     Three church closures approved

                                    DISTRICT COUNCIL SCHEDULE
                                         APRIL 18 - 20, 2005
                                    CAPITAL CHRISTIAN CENTER
                                         SACRAMENTO, CA

       Rev. Charles Crabtree                                                                 Rev. James Braddy
 Assistant General Superintendent                                                          District Superintendent

           MONDAY, APRIL 18                     TUESDAY, APRIL 19                   WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20

 11:15 PM—WM Luncheon                      8:00 AM—Prayer, Steve Brown          8:00 AM—Prayer, Bret Allen
  1:00 PM—WM Rally                         9:00 AM—Spiritual Life Committee     9:00 AM—Bethany College Corp.
  4:00 PM—Ordination Rehearsal                     Report/Communion            10:00 AM—Business Session
  5:00 PM—Ordination/Presbytery           10:00 AM—Business Session            11:30 AM—Food Court
       Dinner Rev. Charles Crabtree       11:30 AM—Food Court                   1:30 PM—Final Business Session
  6:30 PM—Ordination Service               1:30 PM—Business Session             4:30 PM—Food Court
       Superintendent Braddy               4:30 PM—Food Court                   5:45 PM—Missionary Parade
       “Titles or Testimonies”             6:30 PM—Evening Service              6:20 PM—Missions Service
                             Phil 3: 14             In Memoriam                          Rev. Charles Crabtree
                                                    Rev. Charles Crabtree
                                                                     Page 3

              AT C                                         SLIPPER
       Y RETRE       2005 MWWCW RETREAT
  CRAZ                                                     CONTEST

                   Connecting Heart to
                       Serving Hand in

FUN FOOD FACIALS                              MARVELOUS YOUNG MOMS

                        SUPER SPEAKERS

                     WONDERFUL WORSHIP

                                           JO I       TO
                                                N U
                                          NEX       S
                                              T YE

                                     DON’T MISS A MINUTE OF THE FUN!
P a ge 4

                                                   World Missions
                                     Missionaries and Home
                                     Mission Pastors:      Many do care, they just have thanks to our Home Mission
                                                                        not been where you are or         Pastors. Thank you for your
                                     How I wish I could meet regu-      know how you feel.                prayers, support, calls of en-
                                     larly with you. Yes, you hard                                        couragement, notes of kind-
                                     working Home Mission Pas-          Since I am unable to do the       ness, and your willingness to
           Samuel and Linda          tor. Some of you serve in          above, I want you to know         work with us through the
             Huddleston              secluded places and work a         you are prayed for. Linda         Workman’s Compensation
                                     second job outside the             often joins me as together        issue.
                                     church (as we did early on)        we lift you before the Father
                                     just to be able to fulfill God’s   asking Him to meet with you
                                                                                                  We continue to believe God
                                     call upon your life.               and encourage your heart. has some exciting days
                                                                                                  ahead for us as a district
                                     I wish I could talk with you   We ask Him to empower         family as together we reach
                                     Missionaries each time you     you, and protect you from     out to the lost, strays, sick
                                     call a Pastor and they don’t   any and all onslaughts of the and weak. It has been great
                                     return your call. I want to    enemy. We ask Him to pro- meeting many of you during
                                     explain how busy some are      tect your family, your place  this year’s Sectional tour. I
  Pastor Samuel and Mission-         so you won’t think unkind of of lodging, and your vehicle. look forward to serving Him
  ary to Tajikistan, Tim Austin      them or allow the enemy of     May He open up all your Jor- by serving you. May His joy
                                     our soul to set up a foot hold dan’s allowing you to cross   be your strength today…BE
                                     of discouragement in your      them on dry ground.           ENCOURAGED.
                                     spirit.                        Let me conclude by saying
                                                                                                          - Samuel Huddleston

                                                                        Left: Pastor Huddleston with
                                                                        Ken and Brenda Moren, pas-
                                                                        tors of Family Christian Center
                                                                        in Patterson, along with the
                                                                        children’s pastor and youth
    Farewell prayer for Missionar-                                      pastor. Right: Todd and Daniel
   ies, Frank and Mary Jane Ken-                                        Churchill with their new STL
     drick and Henry and Ivonne                                         vehicle in the Congo!

                                     Chinese Student Outreach
                                     “Chinese adults are usually not willing to change
                                     their religion. New immigrants are more open to
                                     the Gospel, because they need a sense of belong-
                                     ing.” “The outreach to the Chinese immigrant stu-
                                     dent is one key to growth in the Chinese ministry.
                                     After the initial growth, Chinese adults and fami-
                                     lies can be brought to Christ,” said Timothy Yip,
                                     director of Chinese Student Outreach. If you
  Thank you to Willard Richard-
    son and Don Rudolph (not
                                     would like to reach Timothy Yip, or you are inter-
  pictured) for serving as World     ested in supporting this newly approved recognized ministry, you may contact him
     Missions Board Regional         at 415-879-0580 or
                                                                                                                                                                    P a ge 5
                                                  M is s i o n a r i e s I n v ol v e d i n I t i n e r a t i on
                           Below are the missionaries approved by AGWM and AGHM who are home and available for services. Please contact them directly.
                                       If you would like information on other missionaries, contact the District Resource Center 916-379-9600.

AGWM Missionaries Home               Mueller, Ron and Donna                    Davis, Glen & Paula                     Nelson, Dennis & Kay              US based Missionaries
on Itineration                       Angola, Africa                            Chi Alpha                               Iranians in USA                   available for services
Arzouni, David and Linda             759 Joaquin St.                           908 Middle Ave, Unit E                  2301 Chief Rd.
West Africa                          Manteca, CA 95337                         Menlo Park, CA 94025                    Copperopolis, CA 95226            Christiansen, Jane
1942 Ajay Dr.                        209-470-7676                              650-380-0896                            209-785-5116                      AGWM Int.
Roseville, CA 95678                                                                                                                                      PO Box 14781
916-783-7478                         Pede, Danell *                            Devoll, Jeff & Tanya                    Peavy, Russ
                                                                                                                                                         Springfield, MO 65814
                                     Lithuania                                 Youth Alive                             Intercultural Ministries
Austin, Tim and Eve                  9055 Tavernor Rd.                         28 Westwood Ave                         6051 S. Watt Ave.
Tajikistan                           Wilton, CA 95693                          Napa, CA 94558-5610                     Sacramento, CA 95829              Hiatt, Ralph & Frances
635 Crimson Court                    916-687-7898                              707-333-9089                            916-379-9600                      Missions Awareness Team
Chico, CA 95973                                                                                                                                          3813 Julene Dr.
Phone: 530-893-5664                  Peters, Dennis & JonJulienn               Fred, Terry & Rita                      Rhoads, Dick and Carla
                                                                                                                                                         Modesto, CA 95357
                                     Japan                                     Chi Alpha                               Sac Teen Challenge
Brown, Mark *                        7036 Silver Knoll St.                     PO Box 33220                            PO Box 276737
Philippines                          Rio Linda, CA 95673                       Reno, NV 89533                          Sacramento, CA 95827              Johnson, Doris
1370 30th Ave. Apt. 218              916-991-6176                              775-327-4555                            916-362-2800                      Brazil
Santa Cruz, CA 95062                                                                                                                                     1201 S. Winchester Blvd.
831-212-6519                         Rance, De Lonn & Valerie                  Gaiduchik, Victor & Irina               Richardson, Ron & Mary
                                                                                                                                                         San Jose, CA 95128
                                     Latin America                             (Slavic Ministry)                       Chaplain 7010 N. Marks
Butrin, John and Gayle               995 B Bethany Dr.                         PO Box 4202                             Ave. #103-409
Germany                              Scotts Valley, CA 95066                   Citrus Heights, CA 95611                Fresno, CA 93711
                                                                                                                                                         Jones, Joe & Nadine
1926 Ajay Dr.                        831-227-6691                              916-726-0483                            559-448-0220
                                                                                                                                                         Global University
Roseville, CA 95678
                                     Salmon, Adam & Janet                      Hammond, Jack & Renee                   Rowe, Randy & Dana                1075 E. Delmar St.
                                     Eurasia                                   Chi Alpha                               S. Bay Teen Challenge             Springfield, MO 65804
Crowe, Michelle                      1930 6th Ave. W.                          4005 Cowell Blvd. Apt. 107              PO Box 24309                      417-866-0432
Ecuador                              Seattle, WA 98119                         Davis, CA 95616                         San Jose, CA 95154
                                                                                                                                                         Kirsch, Bill & Judy
4538 D Lybrook Loop                  206-284-7122                              530-219-7953                            408-358-3435
Redding, CA 96003
                                     Smith, Jerry & Janice                     Hughes, Jennifer                        Siam, Sam & Debra                 4020 N. Williams
                                     Equador                                   Chi Alpha                               S. East Asians in USA             Springfield, MO 65803
Evans, Steve and Glenda              8048 Butte Ave.                           312 A. St.                              3708 Drakeshire Dr.               417-833-3974
South Africa                         Sutter, CA 95982                          Davis, CA 95616                         Modesto, CA 95356
                                                                                                                                                         Souza, Rick and Sharon *
1515 Kooser road                     530-822-5532                              530-867-3195                            209-575-4413
                                                                                                                                                         MAPS Project Development
San Jose, CA 95118
                                     Williams, Bill & Jo Anne                  Jorquez, Augustine & Cindy              Smith, Tim & Julie                3324 Spiess Rd.
                                     Life Publishers                           Native American                         Chi Alpha                         Acampo, CA 95220
Good, Mark and Dalene                5649 S. Grande Vista Dr                   354 “B” St.                             6051 S. Watt Ave.                 209-368-9867
Sensitive Region                     Springfield, MO 65804                     Hayward, CA 94541                       Sacramento, CA 95829
                                                                                                                                                         Sun, Benjamin & Fanny
519 E. Wingedfoot Rd.                417-619-4851                              510-581-5522                            916-379-9600
                                                                                                                                                         Asia Pacific
Phoenix, AZ 85022
                                                                               Lastivka, Anatoliy & Alla               Wilford, Daryl                    23232 Peralta Dr. #212
                                                                               (Slavic Ministry)                       Deaf Ministries                   Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Inman, Tim & Lauri *                 Nationally Appointed US                   5985 Devecchi Ave Apt 276               PO Box 292483                     949-582-8636
N. Ireland                           Missionaries                              Citrus Heights, CA 95621                Sacramento, CA 95829
                                                                                                                                                         Wagner, David & Mary
1933 Lindsay Dr.                                                               916-334-4122                            916-682-3210
                                     Cogan, Wade & Susan *                                                                                               Builders Int. Coordinators
Roseville, CA 95678
                                     Alaska                                                                            Yandell, Chris                    PO Box 1969
916-781-9925                                                                   Neau, George & Gerlyn
                                     32906 Bluebird Loop                                                               Chi Alpha                         Ozark, MO 65721
                                                                               School of Urban Missions
McGaffee, Dan & Noreen               Fremont, CA 94555                                                                 2414 Martin Luther King           417-582-0003
                                                                               2901 Susan Lane
Nambia, Africa                       510-324-4596                                                                      Jr. Way
                                                                               Castro Valley, CA 94546
                                                                                                                       Berkeley, CA 94704                *Candidate Missionary
7273 Cutting Ave.                                                              510-567-6174
Orland, CA 95963                                                                                                       510-540-7072
Page 6


                                              As I am sitting here trying to find the words to fulfill the assignment from the
                                     Superintendent to write this page, I am looking at the “Ebenezer” on the coffee table in
                                     our family room. It contains many rocks with inscriptions of milestones in our married
                                     life. One of the rocks is inscribed “District Office January 1, 1985”. And, now here we
                                     are…20 years later.

                                           How long ago that 1985 date seems. Looking in the District Archives, I found an
                                     article in the January 1985 Glad Tidings magazine that I wrote as the newly appointed
                                     District CE/MM Departmental Director “it is with a sense of eternal destiny my family
                                     (wife-Judy, daughter-Cori 15, and son-Jason 13) and I have left our pastorate in Red-
                                     ding, California and are presently settling in our new home in Santa Cruz. We are ex-
                                     cited about serving you and this great district.”

                                         And now…20 years later we can look back and say it truly has been a privilege to
                                     serve you and this great District.

     How many hundreds of thousands of miles have we traveled across this District covering Northern California and Ne-
 vada, celebrating building dedications, pastoral installations, baby dedications; participating in mortgage burnings, the
 resolution of an occasional congregational disagreement; conducting
 church board seminars, Crown Ministry small group training; and, of course
 the “meetings” – Staff, Executive Committee, Executive Presbytery, District        Thus far has the Lord helped us.
 Presbytery, Bethany Board of Trustees, Finance Board, Insurance Board,                         I Samuel 7:12
 and the General Council Presbytery.

      We have cultivated many new wonderful friends as a result of the hundreds of thousands of miles of travel and the
 hundreds of meetings. We have had the privilege of celebrating with you at births, graduations, weddings, ball games and
 the like. We have prayed together at difficult and sad times. And all of you have provided us the wonderful opportunity of
 looking at our family photos and hearing our grandson stories.

     Similar to our 1985 “sense of eternal destiny,” Judy and I met with the District Presbytery at its January 25, 2005
 meeting sharing with them that we believe the Lord is giving new direction to our future ministry and because we feel so
 strongly about this, I have decided to not let my name be placed in nomination for election of Secretary Treasurer at the
 next District Council. The information was received well and
 former Superintendent William Vickery led in a time of prayer.

      We do not yet know what our ‘future ministry’ will include.
 But we do know the Lord will give direction. Judy and I be-
 lieve there are wonderful days ahead for this great District and
 we are anxious to see what the Lord will do.

      We covet your prayers and thank you for the wonderful
 privilege of serving.

     Richard and Judy Hopping

  1985 ~ 1991 District CE/MM Departmental Director
  1991 ~ 2005 District Secretary/Treasurer
                                                                                                                                       Page 7

 D I S T R I C T S E C R E TA RY - T R E A S U R E R :

MINISTER UPDATES:                                                         Transferred Out:

                                                         Ballwebber, James—N West
The following individuals are either seeking minis-
                                                         Dean, Cherilyn L—Or
                                                                                                                  Office of
terial credentials for the first time, upgrading, or
applying for reinstatement. Our bylaws instruct us                                                          Secretary/Treasurer:
to share with you their request. If you have any                        Deceased Ministers           
information that you feel should be shared with the
Credentials Committee regarding any of these ap-         Gilbert, Ruth – Auburn, CA
plicants, please send this information to our District                                                           (916) 379-9600
Secretary immediately. The source of any informa-
                                                                Ordained / SR
tion we may receive will be kept confidential.
                                                                Spouse: Julius Gilbert                          Executive Assistant
          Seeking Ministerial Recognition:               Lagmay, Opal - Mustang, OK                             Kim Allen - Ext. 127
                                                                5/4/1915—3/24/04: Ordained             
     Abille, Genevieve—Lic*
                                                                Spouse: Romulo Lagmay
     Aguilar, Able A—Lic*                                                                                   Legal Records Administrator
                                                         Marks, Robert—Baroda, MI
     Aguilar, Bardomiano—Lic*                                                                                Carolyn Sheley - Ext. 123
                                                                2/3/1923—1/27/05: Certified
     Bacio, Paul D—Lic*                                                                               
                                                                Spouse: Betty Marks
     Berg, Denee—Lic*
                                                         Rhodes, Harold—Santa Rosa, CA
     Bloomfield, Loni—Rein Lic*                                                                             Credentialing Administrator
                                                                6/27/1916—1/13/05: Ordained
     Boore, John—Lic                                                                                         Doug Haggard - Ext. 121
                                                                Spouse: Geraldine Rhodes
     Clayton, Amanda R—Lic*                                                                          
                                                         Tyler, Deloise—Las Vegas, NV
     Cornejo, Barbara J—Lic*
                                                                7/16/1940—12/3/04: Certified
     Findlaytor, Alton D—Lic                                                                                  Properties Administrator
     Foster III, James—Lic*                                                                                  Leanna Sheley - Ext. 118
                                                                         Deceased Spouses
     Hartley, James G—Lic*                                                                             
     Hines, J Karen—Ord*
                                                         Larson, Reba—Redding, CA
     Luevano, Gerardo—Lic*                                                                                     Accounting - Ext. 116
     Mafua, Otulea—Rein CM*
                                                                Spouse of : Walter Larson
     Quintanilla, Victor—Lic*
                                                         Phillips, Florence– Olivehurst, CA
     Rance, LaDawn— Lic*
     Rhodes, Nathaniel—Lic*
                                                                Spouse of : John C Phillips
     Snow, Tarah—Lic*

     * published twice
                                                           CHURCH UPDATES:                                        ATTENTION
                                                                                                              Newly Credentialed
                                                                          New Pastorates:
                                                                                                                 Ministers and
                    Transferred in:                      District Council:
                                                           Greenville, CA :                                  Ordination Candidates
     Davis, Christopher D— Wisc/N Michigan
                                                           Indian Valley Christian Center
     Davis, Matthew—Southern California                                                                     Mark your calendars! Your
                                                           Pastor: Cynthia Christensen                      presence is required on April
     Lewandowski, Steven—Arizona
                                                                                                            18, 2005 for the Annual Dis-
     Rountree, Alfred—Southern California                            Church Address Changes:                trict Council Ordination Ser-
     Seumanu, Saf a’usi—Rocky Mountain                   Citrus Heights, CA                                 vice. Special seating will be
     Triggs, Frank—Southern California                      New Life Community Church,                      made for you and your
                                                            Mail to: 8101 Sunset Ave, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
                  New Credentialed
                                                         Church Location Change
                                                                                                            The Credentialing Administra-
     Bidaurreta, John F—Lic                                                                                 tor, Doug Haggard, should be
                                                         Citrus Heights CA:                                 contacting you by Mid-March
     Wooten, Michael W—Lic
                                                         Reality Church                                     with detailed information.
                                                         Loc to: 8985 Central Ave, Orangevale, CA
Page 8

                                   New Graduate Psychology Studies underway at Bethany College!
      Dr. Maximo Rossi          Bethany College is expanding            Sciences, the licensing              for graduate studies and a
          President             its academic horizons. A Mas-           body for Marriage and                counseling training center
                                ter of Science degree in Clini-         Family Therapists in the             in Scotts Valley. This new
         Dr. Rich Israel
                                cal Psychology has been                 state of California. It is a 2       program will have a lasting
         VP Academics           launched and is currently en-           year program designed to             impact on the mental
         Dr. Marty Harris       rolling students for its first          meet California’s educa-             healthcare needs of many
         VP Student Life
                                cohort this fall. Interested            tional requirements for              within the community and
                                parties are invited to attend           MFT licensure. The cur-              beyond.
        Eric Stemm              an Open House on Thursday,              riculum is practical, di-
   VP Business & Finance        March 3rd, 7-9pm at 125                 verse, personalized, and             For more information, con-
                                Bethany Drive, Scotts Valley.           spiritually-sensitive. This          tact Dr. Heather Kelly at
      Bethany College           Visitors to our Open House              program is the only ac-              (831) 438-3800 Ext. 1530.
     800 Bethany Drive          can meet members of the                 credited, Christian gradu-
   Scotts Valley CA 95066       faculty and administration,             ate program in psychology                   Pastors Getaway
                                learn about scholarships and            in the Monterey Bay area.                     Apartment
                                assistantships, tour the
                                                                                                                  Bethany has a wonderful
                                graduate training facilities,           It has been a long held                way to bless the pastors and
                                complete application materi-            goal to add graduate pro-              credentialed ministers of the
     Here is a great opportu-   als, and find out more about            grams at Bethany College,              District, by providing a qual-
 nity to GIVE for the future    career opportunities in clini-          but only under the present             ity, clean, and well-equipped
 of your College! With your                                             administration of Beth-                place for meditation, reflec-
 contribution of $200 or
                                cal psychology. For more in-                                                   tion, and rest, at no charge!
 more toward the Capital        formation, visit                        any’s president, Dr.
                                                                                                                 The Pastors Getaway
 Building Campaign, OUR or contact              Máximo Rossi has the im-               Apartment is managed
 GIFT TO YOU is this fabu-      the Program Director, Dr.               petus been realized for                through the President’s Of-
 lous 3-CD collection. Here     Heather Kelly.                          this, Bethany’s second                 fice. Ministers may make
 are 100 of the all time                                                graduate program. The                  reservations by calling Janet
 Favorite Hymns of the          The Masters in Clinical Psy-            Masters in Clinical Psy-               Hill at (831) 438-3800, ext.
 church. They will bless                                                                                       1468.
 your home and office for       chology is regionally accred-           chology is under the lead-
                                                                                                                 Take advantage of this
 years to come!                 ited by the Western Associa-            ership of Dr. Heather Kelly,           wonderful way to spend
     Send your contribution     tion of Schools and Colleges.           licensed Psychologist and              some time on the Bethany
 today to:                      It also is approved and listed          tenured professor. Plans               campus and our beautiful
 Capital Building Campaign,     by the Board of Behavioral              also include a new facility            surrounding area!
  President’s Office,
 800 Bethany Drive, Scotts
 Valley, CA 95066
                                                             Donate a CAR or RV to Bethany College!
                                Your vehicle donation is simple and convenient, and you can receive the full fair market value as a tax
                                deduction. Plus, you’ll be investing in the Kingdom-building work of Bethany College! You can drop off the
                                vehicle, or we can pick it up, free of charge. Simply call the Office of the President at (831) 438-3800, ext.
                                Bethany College is an IRS registered tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization.

                                  CAMPUS DAYS
                                         April 7th—April 8th                                                        05