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Omega necklace popular jewelry gift
By Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa
        gift of jewelry is symbolic of
A       commitment, which is why a
        necklace, a ring, or a bracelet
means so much to the recipient.
Because jewelry is so special and given
only to those closest to you, you will
want to make your purchase at a rep-
utable jewelry store with a wide array
of pieces and a knowledgeable staff to
help with your selection.
   Gold Button Jewelers, located at the
Union Square Mall on Route 35 south
in Middletown, is the place to go when
shopping for a gift for that special
someone. In addition to the vast assort-
ment of beautifully designed Italian
gold jewelry, Elyse Fradkin's premier
designs, the very latest styles, and the
excellent quality of the jewelry, co-
owners Joanne Rockafellow and
Michele Strang make selecting that per-
fect gift for the one you love a plea-
    "Omega necklaces are extremely
popular because of their versatility,"
explains Rockafellow. "Slides and
enhancers, especially gold, gemstone,
or diamond enhanced, will change the
look of the piece, which can go from                   I
casual to elegant. Not only are they
beautiful, but because they are so thick,
they are extremely durable."                                                                                      , ; . . . . . . ,   •   ~   .   :   .   '   •   '   -   ;   .

                                                      UNDERWATER THEME — An array of under-the-sea jewelry is available at Gold Button Jewelers in Middletown.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jackie Pollack/Greater Media
                                                         This brings up a good point for both      holiday gift. The newest December                                                                engagements, and the world's most
                                                      the gift giver and the recipient. Fine       gemstone, Tanzanite (with its startling                                                          beautifully cut diamond, the "Hearts on
                                                      jewelry is often delicate, and may seem      periwinkle color) will dazzle the person                                                         Fire," is exclusively sold in our area
                                                      in need of repair too often. At times this   fortunate enough to receive a piece                                                              only at Gold Button. What makes this
                                                      can be costly and downright aggravat-        containing it. Black and white jewelry                                                           cut so unique is how it plays with light,
                                                      ing. Not so at Gold Button.                  is also high on the Christmas wish list                                                          reflecting a unique sparkle, fire, and
                                                         "Most of our bracelets and necklaces      this year, and the selection of neck-                                                            brilliance. Because fewer than one in
                                                      come with a lifetime warranty, which         laces, bracelets, earrings, and pins is                                                          every million diamonds are cut to this
                                                      not only gives peace of mind, but in the     exceptional.                                                                                     extraordinary level of perfection, the
                                                      long run brings great savings. If you've        Of course, there is a wide assort-                                                            "Hearts on Fire" diamond is the perfect
                                                      ever owned a piece which breaks from         ment of two-tone chains and necklaces,                                                           choice for an engagement ring.
                                                      time to time, you know how costly            pins (with a theme such as cats, jungle                                                              Holiday gift-giving ideas aren't limit-
                                                      repairs can be," says Rockafellow.           creatures, underwater life, and specially                                                        ed to women's jewelry either. Also at
                                                         The selection at Gold Button is sec-      priced holiday pins), earrings, and 18-                                                          Gold Button is a vast assortment of
                                                      ond to none — with a piece for every         karat lockets for the traditionalist look-                                                       chains, tuxedo studs, cuff links, money
POPULAR TREND — This holiday                          taste and gift-giving          occasion.     ing for the perfect keepsake to be                                                               clips and religious jewelry, perfect for
season, Gold Button Jewelers,                         Romantic pearls and luminous opals,          passed down from one generation to                                                               both the man in your life and for your
Middletown, predicts the Omega                                                                     the next.                                                                                        year-round gift-giving needs.
necklace to be a hit among gift                       vibrant emeralds and fiery rubies are all
givers.                                               perfect for rings, slides, pendants, and         Christmas is also becoming the pre-                                                              For more information, call Gold
                    Jackie Pollack/Greater Media      earrings, and make an unforgettable          ferred time of year to announce                                                                  Button Jewelers at ( 732) 842-7777.

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