Administrative Services Staff Meeting Minutes

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					                  Administrative Services Staff Meeting Minutes
                       Moody Center Conference Room
                               September 20, 2006
                                    9:00 a. m.

Present: Dave Calvert, Dean Topper, Carolyn Lightfoot, Wayne Matthews, Laura Balaban, Will
         Wilson, Jean Sanders, Suzanne Machala

I.    Dean’s Report:

      A. Moler Hall Renovation
         The work in the one-stop shop is almost complete. The asbestos abatement of the
         vault was completed on September 22, 2006.

      B. Rundell Hall Move
         The move from Rundell Hall to 909 Decker has been stopped. The Board of Regents
         will consider asbestos abatement and renovation options at tomorrow’s board
         meeting. The exact schedule will depend on the options the board selects.

      C. Career Center at McNair
         This project has been stopped due to a dispute between Harris County and Lee
         College. Harris County wants the College to bid out both Phase I and II together, but
         the College only has a contract for Phase I. Harris County is reviewing this issue.

      D. Upcoming Events
          21 Sept 06 Board Meeting
          3-4 Oct 06 CMR Interviews for the Performing Arts Center
          6 Oct 06 Student Success Conference at Cy Fair College
          17 Oct 06 Dean Topper’s surgery, estimated return 4 Dec 06, Carolyn Lightfoot
            will manage the Administrative Services division during his absence
          19 Oct 06 Board Meeting, Dr. Ellis is planning on having some other meetings in
            the month of October, Dean Topper asked everyone to submit action items to him
            prior to 12 Oct 06
          27 Oct 06 Craft Expo and Cyber Security Conference
          Gordon Lee will be the new department chair in the English Department
            beginning spring 2007.

II.   Department News

         The Lee College auction will be this Friday, September 22, 2006 at 8am. Items
            can be viewed beginning at 7:30am.
         With the beginning of the new budget year, they have been extremely busy with
    The asbestos issues on campus are on the top of his agenda. The College has
      hired HRE Consultants and he has spent many hours with them. Dave feels that
      we are finally at a point where things will finally be done.
    He is trying to determine when he will make the final connection from the
      McNulty Haddick HVAC system to the Central Plant. This project may be done
      during the Christmas Holidays. Dean Topper reminded Dave that he actually has
      until January 5th to complete it if necessary.
    He is currently working with Carolyn in attempting to do a project the ITT
      department needs done prior to October 27th. He has a proposal in to do asbestos
      abatement in her area prior to beginning job.
    He is waiting on the TV2 building permit. Dean Topper suggested Dave contact
      someone at the City of Baytown to try to get the permit.
    The HVAC Moler Hall project is going to disturb some things. There will need to
      be some asbestos abatement in the ductwork, so they may have to either shut
      down for a day or schedule the work on the weekend.

    The ITT department has several work orders pending until the asbestos issues are
    She is currently working with Purchasing Agent Sparkes on the computer bulk
       purchases for the campus. This is the 3rd year the campus has purchased
       computers by bulk and the college gets the best price. Dell has changed the specs
       for computers so the website will be updated. Dean Topper suggested Carolyn
       make sure she has the change included with the agenda items prior to his absence.
    The ITT department is hosting the Cyber Security Conference on October 27,
       2006. Greg Abbott from the State Attorney Generals’ office will be here as well
       as their chief investigators to talk about protecting children while online. A
       forensics specialist will also be here as well as a representative from J.P. Morgan
       Chase to talk about email and credit card scams. There are several workshops
       planned through out the day.
    The Program Analyst Position is almost ready to be turned in. The documentation
       as well as the action item will be submitted to Dean Topper prior to his medical

    He has been extremely busy coordinating the athletic tournaments, Relay for Life
      and the Senior Olympic events recently held on campus.

    The bookstore had a great start to the new semester. She has had many positive
      comments about the new location of the store. She is pleased that they were able
      to handle the long lines of students with no problems.
    Beginning Thursday, September 21, 2006 bookstore staff will be meeting with
      ITT techs to get some information on some of the technology items they sell at
      the bookstore. They will show them how it works, why a student would buy it,
             what they would do with it, etc. She thinks that one of the drawbacks is that some
             of her staff does not really know what they are selling or have all the information
             about a particular product.
            The average sales for August were over a $1 million.
            Security is now picking up the bank deposit and delivering it to the bank. This has
             been very helpful, since she previously handled this task herself during her lunch

          Her officers have been busy working the athletic events. Dean Topper mentioned
            that if approved by the Board of Regents the college might start using chartered
            buses to bus athletes to and from games.
          She is still having problems in keeping part-time security officers. She has 2
            openings as of last week.
          Some employees are parking their vehicles in the lot between Tucker Hall and the
            Student Center buildings. This area has a small designated area for motorcycle
            parking, but there isn’t enough room for cars. Dean Topper asked Jean to take
            pictures and send them to him and he will talk to the employees about it. Carolyn
            Lightfoot also mentioned that students are parking in the fire zone near the
            horseshoe area at the back of the campus. Jean said the Fire Marshall has ticketed
            some of the cars; she plans to include this information in the next newsletter so
            that faculty can alert students.

          The Rebel Roost has been very busy with the Senior Olympics events on campus
             this week as well as other functions.
          She is very pleased with the crew she has working for her at the Rebel Roost.
          The custodians cleaning the snack bar area are doing a great job.

          Over-time requests need to be approved by Dean Topper prior to starting job. She
             has been getting requests up to two weeks after a job has been done.

The next staff meeting is scheduled on October 18, 2006 at 9am in the Moody Conference