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									Creating a Movement
Secondary Mathematics
News and Next Steps

           Staff Development Day
                   March 18, 2011
Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
aka Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS)

   2010-2011 School Year
    NYS grades 6-8 Math Assessments and
     Regents exams aligned to current (2005)
     math standards
    Districts “unpack” and become familiar with
     the NYS P-12 CCLS for Mathematics
    Districts begin to analyze local curricula and
     instruction and prepare to align to the CCLS
     (full implementation of CCLS September 2012)
2011-2012 School Year
 Districts continue to develop curricula and begin
  implementing instruction aligned to CCLS
 NYS grades 6-8 Math assessments and
  Regents exams still aligned to current (2005)
  math standards
 The reporting of state assessment results for
  2011-12 will include performance mapped to
  both the existing NYS standards and the CCLS
2012-2013 School Year
 Curriculum and instruction is fully aligned with
 Assessments will test achievement of the CCLS
 CCSS Interim Assessments are administered
 Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for
  College and Careers (PARCC) field testing will
2013-2014 School Year
 Curriculum and instruction is fully aligned with
 Assessments will test achievement of the CCLS

2014-2015 School Year
PARCC assessments based on Common Core
 State Standards are operational, pending Board
 of Regents approval
NYS Common Core Curriculum

K-8 Algebra Crosswalk (sample)
What is PARCC?

  Leaders from 26 states formed the
  Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for
  College and Careers (PARCC) to create a
  next generation assessment system that will
  ensure students across the country are
  expected to meet common, high standards
  that will prepare them for their futures.
PARCC Assessments will…..
  Be made up of 3 through course assessments
   and an end of year test
  Measure students’ learning closer to the time
   when classroom instruction takes place and
   give feedback throughout the year
  Be computer based
  Include sophisticated items and performance
  Are designed to produce a more complete
   picture of student performance
Secondary Math Curriculum Committee
 Vertical alignment of curriculum grades 6-12
 Begin integration of CCLS into our district
   curriculum maps

 Committee Members:
 Representatives from each building for each
  course/grade level will act as liaisons
 Committee will determine when to meet
  3 times a year - half days? After school?
Middle School
 NYS Assessments
  NYS Exams will be administered May 11-13,
  Field Testing will occur in all schools in May
   16-19, 2011
     Beginning in spring 2012, multiple-choice field
      test questions will be included in the operational

  Scoring will take place May 19, 23, 24
Middle School
 District Assessments

  Cumulative district final exams at each grade
   level will be administered on June 22

  Exams will count as 20% of the students’ 4th
   quarter average

  Final exam grade will be on report cards
Middle School
 MS Algebra Updates:
  “Screening Rubric” has been formatted to be
   consistent with Science
  The “cut-off” is now recommended rather than
  All students who enroll in MS Algebra will
   complete a course commitment form
  Algebra Readiness Assessment – 7th grade
   teachers will have the option to administer via
   Castle Learning
Middle School
  MS Algebra Updates:
   PPT was shared in all 6th and 7th grade
    classes at open house
   PPT and Screening form are located on MS
    Math webpage
   MS Acceleration Info Night – April 5th 2011
    will share ppt and screening rubric again
High School

  HS Honors Policy Updates
   Language changed from required to
   Students who enroll in honors will complete
    course commitment form
   District scoring of regents exams in June,
    location tba
Technology Updates
  Projectors installed in all classrooms by the
   end of summer
  Yellow calculator orders will arrive October
  Black calculators should be available in
   libraries for rental
  Microsoft Office 2010 rollout begins next year
  Aver Pen vs Tablet
Common Formative Assessments

  CFA training this spring for MS ELA teachers,
   administrators, CLSs
  6th grade teachers beginning to administer CFA
  Feedback on format, logistics, data collection
  Teachers should begin using smaller formative
  Formative Assessment category in Starportal






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