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<p>Yep, this is a static front page. Not only can you display ads on your
blog posts, but you can also display them on pages too. The theme options
page will have a list of your pages with a tick box next to each one.
Just tick the box for any page you want to display ads on.</p>
<p>The ads on this page are just for demonstration purposes &#8211; to
show you what they might look like on a site with content. You
don&#8217;t need to display ads in all three positions, you can pick and
<p>This is example content for your WordPress blog, and you can replace
this too with your own text, pictures, video or any other information you
want to share.</p>
<p>You guessed it, this is also example content for your WordPress blog.
As with the previous paragraphs, you can easily replace this content with
your own text, pictures, video or any other information you want to share
by editing your pages or creating new ones. It�s still never been easier
to create interesting and useful content for your readers. Really.</p>

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