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					                             Suncoast Emmaus Board
                                 Meeting Minutes
                                 January 16, 2012

Present: Rick Adams, Babs Anderson, Sue Benson, Laura Clay,
Reverend Terry Cary, Dan Christopherson, Becky Doll, Lisa Edington,
Jerry Flesher, Jim Foss, Pam Hunt, Brenda Mathias, Marcia McKeen,
Caron Rivera, Diana Scheschowitz, Mike Shahon, Judy Snodgrass, and
Santha Wack

Caron advised that Dick Church will audit the books.

Distributed the Covenant to new Board Members.

A quorum was established and the meeting began at 6:40 p.m.

Reverend Cary opened with prayer.

Caron explained the elections for the weekend spiritual lay directors to the new

Reverend Cary provided a list of recommended Weekend Spiritual Directors
for the Women’s Walk. An election took place for new weekend spiritual
directors. Bonnie Cary is the Weekend Spiritual Director for the next walk.

Election of Officers – 2012 Board:

Community Lay Director - Pam Hunt, Jim Foss, Mike Shahan, Judy Snodgrass,
Sue Benson available for nomination.

Laura Clay motioned for Pam Hunt. Jim Foss seconded. Pam Hunt accepted.

Assistant Community Lay Director – Jerry Flesher, Dan Christopherson, Rick
Adams, Laura Clay, Becky Doll (available for nomination)
Reverend Cary opened nomination for Dan Christopherson.
Laura Clay seconded and Jim Foss third.
Rick Adams nominated by ???.
Laura seconded the motion.
Ballots were made and distributed.

Treasurer – Becky Doll nominated by Laura Clay. Unanimous second and

Secretary – Babs Anderson nominated by Diana Scheschowitz. Unanimous
second and vote.

Discussion took place in regards to new board members signing the Upper
Room Covenant Agreement (follow rules and elect governing body).

Votes were collected and tallied - the new Assistant Community Lay Director is
Dan Christopherson.

Jim Foss will provide a copy of the Director’s Manual to those on the board
who need them. (Marcia McKeen)

Pam Hunt discussed the Committee’s Responsibilities.

Caron Rivera discussed Mike Negeley request for Suncoast Emmaus to
consider Altar’s Gate to join Sun Coast under a cluster program as part of our
community. After much discussion, a letter will be drafted with our gathering
information, web-site information, community gatherings, etc. and to invite
that community to join ours. We will welcome Pinellas as a part of our regular

New Business

Pam Hunt – Everyone will sign a Master Covenant and discussed Committee

She is making Board of Director name tags.

Caron Rivera reserved 15 spaces at the leadership training on February 25, 8:30
– 4:30 at Florida Southern College at Lakeland. All are encouraged to attend
and an e-mail will follow.

Laura Clay is the Board Representative for the Women’s Walk.
Dan Christopherson is the Board Representative for the Men’s Walk.

Brenda Mathias – motioned
Judy Snodgrass/Becky Doll – second
All approved.

Dan Christopherson described a call he received from a gentlemen in Punta
Gorda who said that he prefers to attend gatherings in Fort Myers rather than
Suncoast because of the distance and cost. All are encouraged to attend all

Pam Hunt asked if there are any questions about the covenant.

Discussed reunion groups providing lunch for team meetings. The first
Saturday, March 3 is taken care of.

Motion to accept the meeting minutes of 12/19/11 by Dan Christopherson.
Reverend Cary seconded, all approved.

Becky Doll provided financial reports. She is preparing for the audit.

Discussed non-refundability of team fees.

Becky and Judy will meet to update the list and discuss documenting
scholarships and funds - further discussion at February meeting.

Remember to encourage applications and deposit in by February 12 (20 total
men and women to fulfill 80% obligation to Dayspring).

The men’s walk is April 12.
The women’s walk is April 19.

Reverend Cary made a motion to accept the financial report. Diana
Scheshowitz seconded and all approved.

Caron Rivera suggested Santha, Jim, Dan and Terry take a roadtrip to
Dayspring to check out the new pavilion at Dayspring and get a feel for the
new lay out (speakers, praying in/out). We will use the new facility only for the
men’s walk this time.

Discussed attending a banner workshop and making new banners.

The Fall walk will use the old facilities and both walks in the Spring will use the
new facilities.

Caron/Pam will sign the 2014, 2015 contracts in January at Dayspring.

Lisa Edington discussed Chrysalis – Meet 2nd Sunday of all even numbered
months. Need volunteers for the Girl’s Flight, February 25 and 27. The fee is
$85, spend the night and a background check is conducted. The Boys’ Flight is
March 3 – 5.

Discussed the insurance quote – operating as Heart of Suncoast Chrysalis.
Becky will file. They are a sub-entity of us.

Lisa also mentioned that preview weekend (sleepover weekend) is January 27 –
29. Someone from the Board should sit on the preview ($125).

Requested that a reunion group or individual make a donation to provide the
60-day devotional, “Taking Flight”, $3/book. Reverend Cary motioned for
Sun Coast Community to buy 50 books. Unanimous second and approved by
Board. We will put a sticker in the back of the book acknowledging Sun Coast
Emmaus. Jim will order the books.

Caron talked about the book, “Sustaining the Spirit”. Discussed giving the
Community access to the book. The Board will purchase 10 books and make
them available on the educational table.

Laura Clay requests each board member send her your phone number and
contact information, (cell number is best) by e-mail for board use.

Mike Shahan advised there will be voting in March for the lay directors for the
Fall walks. Add names after the Spring Walk.

Reverend Cary described how he was dropping of Suncoast Emmaus literature
at a church and received two phones on the same day inquiring about the Walk
to Emmaus.

He also discussed his opportunity to introduce young boy scouts to Chrysalis.

Caron asked to pray over Signs of Faith and talk about in the future providing a
table for the deaf.

Committee Reports

Asked Rick to provide an update of Saturday’s fundraiser. No training at the
fundraiser, expect about 350 people. Discussed using funds – general fund.
Board Members need to go to tables and introduce themselves, offer ways for
the community to help. Rick needs help on his committee (recruiting).

Sue Benson – Will contact Lisa to get information on Chrysalis responsibilities
and meeting dates.

Brenda Mathias – There will be books at the table for sale at the fund raiser.

Marcia McKeen – Questions on the database. Caron will give everyone access
to their area. The Executive Committee has access to all areas. Check your
contact information and experience.

Judy Snodgrass – Needs registration information. Send to her e-mail address.

Laura Clay – The newsletter is ready for distribution except for reunion group
information. Will send the newsletter quarterly.

Reverend Cary closed in prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Babette Anderson

Suncoast Emmaus Board
                                      Meeting Minutes
                                      February 20, 2012

Present: Rick Adams, Babs Anderson, Sue Bensen, Rev Terry Cary,
Dan Christopherson, Becky Doll, Lisa Edington, Jerry Flesher, Jim Foss,
Pam Hunt, Brenda Mathias, Marcia McKeen, Caron Rivera,
Diana Scheschowitz, Mike Shahan, Judy Snodgrass, and Santha Wack

A quorum was established and the meeting began at 7:01 p.m.

Rev Terry Cary opened with prayer.

Pam Hunt asked if everyone received the minutes from the last meeting and
sought approval. Lisa Edington did not receive the minutes. Corrections for
minutes include correct spelling of last names “Shahan” and “Bensen”. Pam
Hunt motioned, Rick Adams seconded and carried unanimously.

Secretary sent an apology along with the minutes to Lisa Edington via e-mail on 2/28/12.

Becky Doll, Treasurer advised that Dick Church agreed to conduct the audit –
Becky has everything prepared. He will also prepare the tax return. Discussed
the treasurer’s report and answered various questions brought forth. Dan
Christopherson, made a motion to accept the report, Diana Scheschowitz
seconded and Rick Adams carried.

Committee Reports

Rev Terry Cary - Community Spiritual Director: Received clergy applications
for the walks – met with Lay Directors (Jamie and Debbie White) - all set to go.

Santha Wack – Agape: Learning new things, asked about registering the prayer
clock for the walk, putting together a list of names for processing packets,
Caron will take pictures on Friday for both walks, maybe Cindy Sibley (back-

up). Putting together a list of people who helped in the past and going to ask
reunion groups to help, made aware that people want healthier, individually
wrapped snacks. Will look at the banners and make necessary repairs. The
registrar will handle personal agape (sponsor-generated letters) and Santha will
make a receptacle for the letters.

The prayer clock needs repair. Santha asked about registering the prayer clock
on the website (Emmaus Suncoast).

Lisa Edington - Chrysalis Rep.: Provided an update on the number of
caterpillars taking the upcoming flights. Very excited about the upcoming
flights and the cooperation between Chrysalis and Emmaus Communities. She
secured insurance for Heart of Suncoast Chrysalis.

Sue Bensen – Expressed heartfelt feelings about the Chrysalis meeting she
attended and said the Chrysalis Community wants to attend Emmaus Suncoast
Gatherings. She suggested sending an e-mail to let people know when/where
the next gathering is.

Caron Rivera – Communications: Shared a draft newsletter with everyone.
Will put the newsletter on the web site and provide copies at the gathering.

Discussion followed about the database and the username.

Brenda Mathias respectfully requested permission to change the web site
provider. Edits and updates do not save and it is very time consuming and
inefficient. There is a provider who will cost < $100. Marcia McKeen
motioned, Santha Wack seconded and all in favor to carry.

Rick Adams - Community Activities: Numerous people volunteered to help
with the last gathering – fantastic turnout. Discussed candles for candlelight –
buy batteries and go back to using rubber tip candles. Also discussed
luminaries and buying those. More discussion to follow after prices are
obtained. Mike Norrito is the contact for Candlelight for the upcoming Men’s

Brenda Mathias – Education: Would like to continue the education process
that Pam started, get pilgrims into reunion groups, send an e-blast to the
community inviting sponsors/pilgrims to announce training before the next
gathering, keep the 4th day experience going. Also discussed educating the
community about the web site, what is available, update their information,

provide laptops at a gathering so the information can be updated on the spot.
Discussed assembling a manual to provide information on writing a talk (101),

A suggestion was made to create a transition-mentoring group (Weekend Lay
Director paired with someone).

Jim Foss – Facilities & Supplies: Staple supplies are plentiful. Need to pick-up
poster boards, cups, etc., as we get closer to the walks. Pam asked if there is a
written inventory and where is it? The written inventory is at Jim’s house. An
inventory is completed after each walk to prepare for the next walk.

A discussion took place in reference to the crosses and having them ready to go
upon delivery to Dayspring. We do not want the pals to spend their time
untangling the crosses. On March 10, Jim will separate the crosses, put them in
small, plastic bags and have them ready for the Chapel Pals.

The members of the Facilities & Supplies Committee are: Jim Foss, Mike
Norrito, George Strohm, and Dave Greenwood.

Pam and Dan will go through the Lay Director Box after the current walk to
ensure all supplies are readily available and up-to-date before handing off to the
next lay director.

Dan Christopherson – Gatherings: Checking the information on the web site,
upon talking with people at Pine Island they did not know about the next
gathering until they went to the Englewood Fund Raiser. Can we call the
church prior to and talk with a housing person to arrange for the gathering?
Next gathering everyone brings a dish.

Rick will check with Grace and talk with people from our Community there.
Need people to help breakdown the room for Sunday Service at after the
gathering. Will check with Dawn Bizer about the PA system.

Diana Scheschowitz – Music: Dawn Bizer will lead music for March gathering.
Discussed the order of service for the gathering. Provided plans for the music
committee - within the next six weeks visit the next church, use their praise
team, provide a good introduction at a gathering, hasn’t recruited other
committee members yet but is touching base with other people.

Judy Snodgrass – Registrations: Provided a hand-out, discussed duties,
working closely with Becky (Treasurer), hasn’t received team money yet,
updating correspondence, will correct the roster at send-off, maintain and
update records after the walk, working on streamlining the process, encourages
the committee to participate, and considering her replacement.

Marcia McKeen – Reunion Groups: All lunches are scheduled for the team
meetings. She is updating all the reunion group information and indicating
whether men or women’s group.

Jerry Flesher – Sponsor’s Hour: Getting the crosses ready for use.

Mike Shahan – Team Selection: Always use Rev Terry Cary, current Lay
Director and last Lay Director and meet 2 – 3 meetings before.

New Business

Rev Terry Cary discussed a potential deaf pilgrim and how we might broaden
our scope to provide an Emmaus Walk for those who are deaf. A suggestion
was made to check with Gallaudet Emmaus Group in Washington, DC to
think about the logistics and get more information to research. The Board will
discuss this further at a later date.

Pam Hunt discussed an invoice received from Tom Jensvold to print 250
songbooks. Board will ask him to get another quote – this is a bit high.

Pam Hunt asked for final count for next Saturday’s leadership training.
Training begins at 8:30 at Florida South College.

Communications Chair, Laura Clay was asked to temporarily step down
because of health reasons. A motion to accept the temporary step down was
made by Brenda Mathias, seconded by Santha Wack, Rick Adams, carried and
all in favor.

The Board discussed in detail the music at gatherings. It was too long at
Englewood, people were not familiar with all of the songs, people couldn’t
hear; feeling by the Community that they would rather sing than be entertained,
use both books to participate (worship).

The Board recommendation is to provide words (books/screens), sing
traditional Emmaus songs and mix with a contemporary, provide music
materials to praise and worship and have them lead the praise and worship.

Discussed the availability of weekend lay directors for the November walks –
there are two qualified women and neither can participate (board members).
After the current walk, two will be available. Need to review the list – Mike
will present at the next board meeting. We are in the same position for the
men – 2 men only, 2 ALD, 5 – active.

Board assignment – agree that the next walks ALD’s that only worked once will
go onto the list for the next team, voting next month and will be e-mailed a
week before. Do not share the list – closed to the board.

Caron Rivera and Pam Hunt met with Dayspring and discussed prices and
bunk use for the walks.

On March 10, Santha is going to check out Dayspring for banner stands. Jim
Foss, motioned, Diana Scheschowitz carried, all approved.

It was brought to the board’s attention that there are several versions of the
covenant for the Weekend Lay Director. This needs to be updated and put in

Rev Cary closed in prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Next meeting on Monday, March 19 at 7:00, St. James United Methodist

Respectfully submitted,

Babette Anderson

Suncoast Emmaus Board
                                  Meeting Minutes
                                  March 19, 2012

Present: Rick Adams, Babs Anderson, Sue Bensen, Rev Terry Cary,
Dan Christopherson, Becky Doll, Jerry Flesher, Pam Hunt, Brenda
Mathias, Marcia McKeen, Diana Scheschowitz, Mike Shahan, Judy
Snodgrass, and Santha Wack. Also present Loretta and Dudley, Wilcox,
Chrysalis Reps.

A quorum was established and the meeting began at 7:05 p.m.

Rev Terry Cary opened with prayer. The candle was lit. Referenced the
Southwest Regional Meeting and the four questions on the card – reminder to
glorify God with questions we ask.

Pam Hunt clarified from the last meeting minutes that at the end of the
upcoming walks/closing, the new lay director receives the Lay Director Box.
Jim, Dan and Pam will go through the box and ensure everything is updated
and correct for the new Lay Directors. With the clarification the motion was
made to approve the minutes. Motion, Santha, seconded, Marcia, all in favor.
Minutes were approved.

Committee Reports

Becky Doll – Treasurer’s Report: Team and Pilgrim fees are coming in. Lee
Martin collects the men’s fees. The audit is complete, due 5/15.

Santha Wack – Agape: Asking the Community to provide drinks and snacks
for the walks. Asked the Community and Reunion Groups to assemble packets
and the prayer clock. Accepting agape letters. Cindy Sibley will take the
pictures. Judy will make copies of the wall agape, 4 copies. Will collect
letters/agape at each gathering ahead of time, will e-blast the prayer clock
assignments to the community and ask for snacks.

Discussed the book table – Rev Terry Cary, Spiritual Director goes through the
books and determines which to keep. Agape Coordinator collects the books
and gets them to the walks.

Loretta Wilcox - Chrysalis: Provided an update on the recent Flights – 17 girls
and 11 boys.

Pam Hunt (for Caron Rivera), Communications: Tom provided another
correction to publish the music books. Does Diana have the music
electronically? Yes, she will send to Pam and Caron by e-mail. Caron will
check with another source. Is the document book size because of the chords?
Need pre-PDF format, does Diana have?

Brenda requested for the web-master that any documents sent to the web-site
for posting are proof read first. The web-master simply posts, she does not
change/alter the documents before posting. Make sure times, dates and
locations are correct and send the document as an attachment (not PDF).

Rick Adams - Community Activities: Not present

Brenda Mathias – Education: Asked past Lay Director’s to serve as mentors
for the committee. Those asked are looking forward to serve in this capacity.
Asked about men serving as mentors for the committee. She will ask Eric
Rivera to assist in that capacity.

Discussed the spreadsheet that Barbara Nowling has, names and walk numbers.
Plans to begin classes in June, have laptops set-up at post walk so people can
check their information in the database and make corrections, if needed. Will
also remove people from the database/list if they can’t serve.

Jim Foss – Facilities and Supplies: Not present.

Pam advised that Lisa sent the source for the metal crosses, will verify with
Fred Watson to keep ordering the metal crosses rather than use wooden
crosses, $3.85/each // run by Upper Room.

Dan Christopherson – Gatherings: Issue in New Business

Housing: Pam spoke with Sue Bensen about taking on “Housing” – call
churches to verify gatherings, paper products and drinks for gatherings, meet

with Caron and Pam, someone from the Community to be there. Hospitality is
encompassed here. Sue will verify with the churches, schedule and follow-up.

Diana Scheschowitz – Music: Discussed committee responsibilities (back up
and sing with the music director). Diana will serve as the lead for leading the
community singing.

Judy Snodgrass – Registration: This is a busy time – as of Saturday night, had
nine men and 17 women, pilgrims with promise of three more. Looking for
more pilgrims and stay in prayer for our pilgrims.

Jerry Flesher asked for clarification re: financial obligation. If we met our
financial obligations, then why are we asking for more pilgrims? Discussion
followed. Pam explained and will e-mail the formula to Jerry.

Back to Judy – Distributed a list of the pilgrims (so far). There is potential for
a special needs applicant (deaf) to take the walk. For the Fall Walk, there are
seven from Englewood. Discussed first priority (pick) for pilgrims for the Fall

Judy advised this is her last year on the board – let her know if anyone is
interested in chairing the position next year.

Marcia McKeen – Reunion Groups: Sent Santha an updated list for agape.
Hasn’t been able to download a roster – only individual names. Asked if there
was any database training. Pam will see if Eric Rivera can come to the next
board meeting and give training. Marcia will give a final list of Pilgrims to
Santha on Thursday night.

Discussed reunion group list on the web-site with the name of a contact person
and phone number.

Santha asked if anyone has objections to the cover page being black and white
(Pilgrims packets).

Jerry Flesher – Sponsor’s Hour: Will get the crosses, lanyards everything
necessary to make them ready on Saturday (from Jim).

Mike Shahan – Team Selection: Having a hard time finding walk number for
the women, most the men’s information is there. Lisa Edington tracked down

the information and put it into the database. Pam suggested the board get
together on a Saturday and enter names and walk numbers.

Rev Terry Cary - Community Spiritual Director: Distributed a report from the
regional leadership meeting – Upper Room and Rev Terry Cary would like to
see all of our clergy attend and become certified.

Spoke very highly of Rev. Garry and the need to treat spiritual leaders as part of
the team. Spiritual Leaders (clergy) need to also read the team manuals, go by
the procedures, rules established in the manuals and then turn them back in.

Shared a copy of a letter he received at the leadership training and suggested we
might use the letter (sent out by registrar).

Terry and Santha worked on banner stands.

Old Business

Discussed getting the music books completed and music at the gatherings.

The current Board of Directors signed the 2011 Covenant – need to sign 2012
as see at the Leadership Training. All Board Members should have a copy.

Pam talked with regional rep, Fred Watson. There is a large deaf community in
Maryland. Their walk is Cursillo based rather than Emmaus. Shared concern
for support on-going as a 4th Day. Need Community involvement. Need a
committee to research and report to the board and asked for a board
facilitator/volunteer. Judy and Mike talke in the community, Board in reunion
groups, talk in church and form a committee and give names to Judy. All
Board Members will put the word out.

New Business

Leo and Joan Masucci want to buy three dozen t-shirts to sell at gatherings as a
fund-raiser . Motion – no objections.

Rev Terry Cary and Mike Shahan were asked to leave the room and count the
votes for the next weekend Lay Directors.

Discussed Team Final Potluck Dinner . If the dinner were held, it would be
during Holy Week and we could expect low attendance. Brenda made the

motion to cancel the team potluck dinner. Carried and approved –

Mike Shahan advised Dick Church is looking for someone else to take charge
of the Suncoast Emmaus Banner. The person in charge needs to bring it to all
the gatherings and the weekends. Santha will take the banner for the next two
walks. The suggestion was made that each year a different board member takes
it (under Agape). Motion - Brenda, second - Diana, second and all carried.

Discussed plastic bottles at Dayspring – need to have something available for
those who take medications at bedtime. Pam will send an e-mail to Jackie for
an answer. Dayspring is trying to go green.

Brenda needs Jackie’s e-mail address to get the chapel schedule.

Pam will send an e-mail to Debbie and Jamie White to advise there isn’t a
potluck team dinner.

Pam reminds us to be in prayer for the pilgrims and our women’s team. Also
pray for the Board to make God glorifying decisions and to remember whose
walk in His service this is.

Rev Cary closed in prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01.

Next meeting on Monday, April 16 at 7:00, St. James United Methodist

Respectfully submitted,

Babette Anderson


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