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Client Rights Policy by 1F7dHgk


									                                L&M MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INC.
                                    CLIENT RIGHTS POLICY
POLICY: It is the policy of L&M Management Services, Inc. to inform clients/guardians of rights, rights restrictions or other
notifications upon admission to the Company’s programs. The client/legal guardian must be informed of their rights and information
identified in ASPM 95-2, “Client Rights in Community MH/DD/SA Services”. Client/guardian must sign a “Notification of Client
Rights” form upon receipt of the information.

INFORMING STAFF: L&M Management Services, Inc. shall assure all staff is kept informed of the rights of clients as specified in
182C, Article 5, all applicable client rights, committee rules and policies of the governing body. It is the policy of L&M Management
Services, Inc. to Inform all staff of client rights statutes upon hiring, during the program orientation process, and on an annual basis
thereafter and/or as revisions occur in the client right policies.

Orientation and review shall include, but not limited to, review of:
         a. Client Rights Handbook;
         b. L&M Management Services, Inc. - Policies and Procedures

Each employee must sign a form signifying he/she was informed of client rights statutes, rules and policies. Documentation of the
receipt of this information shall be placed in the employee's facility personnel file annually.

INFORMING CLIENTS: The client/guardian shall receive the following policies and notifications no later than 72 hours subsequent
to admission. This information should be reviewed/discussed in a manner consistent with the client/legally responsible person’s level
of understanding.

The information to be given shall include:
          a.      The rules that the client is expected to follow and possible penalties for violation of the rules;
          b.      The client’s protection regarding disclosure of information as delineated in G.S. 122C-52 through G.S. 122C-56;
          c.      The procedure for obtaining a copy of the client’s treatment/habilitation plan;
          d.      Fee assessment and collection practices;
          e.      Grievance procedures including the individual to contact and a description of the assistance the client will be
          f.      Suspension and expulsion from service;
          g.      Search and seizure policy
In addition for the client’s whose treatment/habilitation is likely to include the use of restrictive interventions or for the client in a 24-
hour facility whose rights as specified in GS 122C-62, may be restricted, the client or legally responsible person shall also be informed
     a. Purposes, common goals and reinforcement structure of any behavior management system that is allowed.
     b. Potential restrictions or the potential use of restrictive interventions;
     c. Notification provisions regarding emergency use of restrictive intervention procedures;
     d. That the legally responsible person of a minor or incompetent adult client may request notification after any occurrence of the
         use of restrictive intervention;
     e. The competent adult client may designate an individual to receive notification in accordance with GS 122C-53, after any
         occurrence of the use of any restrictive interventions;
     f. Notification provision regarding the restriction of a client’s rights
Documentation of explanation of client rights should maintained in the client record.

                                                           DID YOU KNOW?
As our client you have certain rights. These rights are based on L&M Management Services, Inc. policies as well as Article 3 of the
North Carolina Statutes. Article 3 is what defines a client’s legal rights in receiving mental health, developmental disabilities, or
substance abuse services.


To protect your legal rights                                               The right for humane care
To treat you with respect                                                  The right to refuse any treatment offered
To inform you of emergency procedures                                      To honor your privacy
An individualized service plan                                             The right to dignity
To help you see your choices                                               The right to confidentiality
To include you in writing your service plan
Not to sell any goods to you or buy any goods from you
Freedom from mental and physical abuse, neglect, and exploitation
To be informed of any potential risks of the services
The right for you to see your service plan or any other information that   L&M Management Services, Inc. has written reference you

PLUS: We believe that you have the right to the best service we are able to provide. We will continually try and improve our services.

1. All L&M Management Services, Inc. staff signs a confidential agreement that states that we cannot share any information about you
or your family without your written permission, except:
         a. When you sign a release of information form
         b. When we believe that you or a family member might harm yourself or someone else, or that you have committed a crime;
         c. In an emergency medical situation;
         d. When a judge issues a court order directing the release of your records.
2. If we come to your home and we suspect client abuse or neglect, we are required by law to make a report to the Department of
Social Services.
3. In order to provide you with the best care, L&M Management Services, Inc. staff may need to share information on your case with
other L&M Management Services, Inc. supervisors or representatives from the local mental health center that referred you to us.

1. You can contact Disability Rights North Carolina (DRNC), the statewide agency designated under Federal and State law to protect
and advocate the rights of persons with disabilities. Their number is (877) 235-4210.

2. If you don’t like our services you have the right to file a grievance or complaint. Please contact a supervisor at our 24-hour pager
(336) 598-2368.
 We welcome comments.

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