Asbestos remloval to continue this summer by jolinmilioncherie


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     Gay men
          and           women have the right to express                                                          Ladies
                                                                                                                    Against    Women and other clubs
                         their sexuality.                                                                          to   be enticing HCC students.

                                                                                 e Community College

                    Vol. 32, No. 14                                   A biweekly student publication                                        May 21,1992

    Asbestos remloval to continue this summer
    Michelle Washburn                     ventilation projects accom-
    Senior Reporter                       plished this summer. If every-
                                          thing goes as planned, the work
          Highline Community Col- wl beginin the middleof June.
    legestudents might be won- The asbestos . w i l l take four
    deringwhere everyone Bldg. weeks to finish and the
                                in                                 heating
    6 hasgone this summer bc- and ventilation will take an-
    cause the entire building w i l l other four. HCC plans to com-
    be evacuated and relocated, plete the project by fall.
    except for a few men in astro-             Dean of Administration
    naut-like suits. These workers Laura Saunderssaysthatthe
    will not be chasing stray      satel- asbestos i s not harmful unless
    lites: they w i l l be removing as- i t i s disturbed. “That i s when
    bestos from the ceilings of there are health risks; fibers   the
     Bldg. 6.                             are harmful when inhaled.”
          Asbestos i s knownto be              Saunders also statedthat
     harmful to one’s health i f ex- one would have to be exposed
     posed to i t extensively. but   that to the asbestos for a long pe-
     i s not why the project       to re- riod of time to be harmed and                                                                                              File Photo .’
                                                                             Bldg. 6, where the Counseling offices are located, will be undergoing an asbestos
     move i t was originally planned. says that risks of asbestosis, a
                                                                             removal program this summer so work can be done on the ventilation system.
     The reason i t i s being removed lung disease caused by expo-
     i s because HCC wanted to have sure of asbestos, i s higher for         how Betty Duncan, the office       only $2 million for an estimated. mingpool, was done a few years
     the heating and ventilation of those who cigarette smokers.
                                                      are                    supervisor of Registration, felt   $5 million- projecttoremove       agowhenthe     plumbing was
     Bldg. 6. as well of Bldgs. 14,            In 1988, an air sampling of   about working in a potentially     the hazardous asbestos.       worked     on.
      16. and 17, worked on. which HCC’s buildings was con-                  dangerousenvironment, she          Saunders said the college w i l l
     means the workers       will have to ducted. results
                                                   The     showed            said, “ think that the college
                                                                                    I                           have to see how far the money
     go up into the ceiling where the thatthe air quality was well           has been very open us and
                                                                                                 with           will stretch. Bldg. 8 was See Asbestos,
     asbestos i s located. This i s below standardregulations.               has kept us well informed.”        cleaned of asbestos last sum- Page 16
     likely to stir up the asbestos,so meaning the exposure of the                   The state i s supplying    mer and Bldg. 27, the swim-
     HCC decided to get both the asbestos i s more likely to harm

                               Local residents weigh need for a
     asbestosandthe heating and those around it. Whenasked

    HCC instructors to receive third runway at Sea-Tac Airport
    three percent pay increase                                               c              m              handled
                                                                                                              approximately                      his business travels are fre-
    Brian Kinq                         gram , the capitol budget and         Staff Writer                  338,000 flights. By the year          quently hampered by these
    Staff Writer                       for the teachers’ salaries,”                                        2000, this number will have           flight delays. He states that he
                                          Stowe said,                         As the 21st century rapidly increasedto more than , O
                                                                                                                                  41 O O
                                                                                                                                     0           i s in favor of the, third runway
         Highline Community Col-              The board i s working on a approaches, portauthoritiesare -- exceeding the capability of           because i t will help alleviate
    legehas received word from newsystem called the State faced with a newdilemma;                         the twc existing runways by           many delays by allowing air-
    the Legislature andthestate           Allocation    Model, which       while keeping the concerns   of some 3 , O flights per year.
                                                                                                                   0O O                          craft to do simultaneoustake-
    board that teachers be get- would be a general grid on how localcitizensinmind, they must
                             will                                                                              Coupled with the fact that        offs and landings. Tecklenburg
    ting a three percent increase      in much the instructor should be deal with the need.for a third only one.runway i s used most             maintains, “If people continue
    salary effective January 1, paid. I t would be based on the runway at Sea-Tac Airport.                 of the time at Sea-Tac due to         to miss thesemeetings,they
     1993. Governor Booth Gar- amount of experience and the                   The airport, at the present adverseweather conditions,             w i l l notdo      business i n
    dener has offically signed it.        degrees and creditsthe instruc- time, serves more than 16 mil- flights into and out of Seattle         Seattle ...  but will take their
         The state had not been    fund- tor has.                          lion people annually, and by could ultimately and routinely           business elsewhere.”
    ing increments, which are in-             By figuring out where the the year 2000 that number i s be delayed two   for    hours c a w             Since Decemb6r 1989, a
    creases in s a l a r y that the fac- college faculty member would expected to grow to more        than ingcatastrophicconsequences.          panel of consultants hasbeen
    ulty automatically gets,“The          fall into that grid,it would de- 25 million. These numbers a p       These delays will cost the        cooperating with citizens and
    three percent salary raise doesterminehowmuch                  salary pear to be staggering, but by airlines more than $200 mil-             the business commpnity to de-
    not cover the cost of living,” money would come to the col- the year            2020 the present num-lion by the turn of the century.        vise a possible solution to the
    said Lorain Stowe, president lege.                                     ber of air travellers will have This will mean service reduc-          third runway problem.
    of the Highline College Educa-            This, however, i s different balloonedto more than 40 mil- tions, more expensive airline                The 39 members of the
    tion Association.                     than the state-wide salary lion.                                 tickets, increasesin the cost of       Puget Sound Air Transporta-
         The state board i s the state schedule, which determines              Accommodating these goods arriving byair, and ihe                  tion Committee (PSATC)       have
    organizationthat regulates and salaries at state level, “Most 500,000 additional people
                                                      the                                             who possiblelay-off of many of the          listened to 11 public forums
    distributes all funding to com- faculty members at HCC are are expected to moveinto King 100,OOO people cmploycd by                           held in the spring of 1992 and
    munity colleges in thestate.          not in favor of the state-wide County by the year 2000 will the air travel industry inWash-
    “The state board has to decide salary schedulebecause then be quite a chore. Rachael ington state.
    how much money each           college we wouldn’t be able to negoti- Garson, Media RelationsOffi-          BruceTeckfenbura, an at-          See Runway,
    i s going to get for the admin- ate our salary schedule at all,” cer at Sea-Tac Airport, says torney who lives three miles                   Page 4
    istration, instructional pro- Stowe said,                              that during 1991 the airport south of the runway, says that


    Page 2                  Thundcr\Vurd Thursday M a y 21, 1992

    Water shortage strikes in "'TheCity of Rain"
    Water prices have gone up
    as much as 200 percent
    Robvn Nielsen                          The extra money received
    Senior Repdrter                    bythesurcharge will mainly
                                       go toward paying the pump
         Starting June 1. 1992. 1111 systcm used fetch water        from
    cnlergency water ConservationChester Morse Lake, one of the
    plan.announced by .Mayor reservoirlakes in the Seattle
    Norm Rice on May 15. could watersystem.ChesterMorse
    addsurcharges of up to 200 Lake is located in theCedar
     percentto residential water River Watershed, just on the
    bills.                             East side of North Bend.
         The surcharges, developed         On May I S . 1992, the Se-
     topromote waterconservation, attle City Council votedon the
     are designedin such a way that proposal to fine    mandatory out-                          W
    a residential water usagecut of door water restriction violators
     30 percent would balance the up to $500. For the first viola-
     difference in billing.            tion, offenders will receive a
         Thesurcharges start with courtesy notice.On the second
                                                                          I  Water conservation is no longer a laughing matter. Everyone will have to work to
                                                                             conserve during the water squeeze.

    the first 500 cubic feet of wa- violation, a warning notice      will
    ter, which i s about 3,750 gal- be issued. On third offense,
                                                      the                 Water shortage no longer a future event;
    lons. The first 500 cubic feet a $100 fine will becharged,
    would add a 20 percent increase followed by a $300 and $500           officials turn to citizen to conserve water
    to water bills. Water usageup fine for the fourth and fifth
    to 1500 cubic feet would raise offenses, respectively.                Brian Dickinson                    not be enough to make up for shavingor brushing your           teeth,
    the surcharge to a 60 percent         The list of violations in- Staff Writer                            the current and future storage and wash dishes by hand.
    addition towater bills. Above cludes watering lawns. Water-
     1500cubic feet would raise the ing flower gardens. shrubs, and           For the few
                                                                                     past months
                                                                                                             deficiency in the area's reser-
                                                                                                                             .                        Install
                                                                                                                                                                  a    low-flow
    charge to 200 percent of nor- vegetable gardensare allowed public officials have been ask-                   I n the average single-fam- showerheads should produce          a
    mal water bills. the highest providing that a sprinkler is not ing Seattle area        citizens to  vol- ily home, each person uses at water flow between 2 and 2.5
    surcharge rate.                   used and a regulating shut-off untarily conserve water, but by         least 77 gallons of water a day. gallons of water per mintue,
         Over thelast few years. the nozzle i s used. Consideration               of
                                                                          the end May, mandatory wa- Of thewaterused                  by each which i s 25 to 75 percent less
    potentialfor a seriouswater       i s beingtakento        allow new ter restrictions will go into ef- person, approximately 28 per- than a conventional shower.
    shortagehasbeen increasing. mini-sprinklers that          use low fect.                                  cent (about 22 gallons) i s             . P o not usethe toilet as a
    This year. the reservoirs are at amounts of water.                        Bellevue and Des Moines flushed down a toilet; 22 per- waste basket; flush only when
    a record low, making thisyear         Spraywashing of patios, water districts have already putcent (about 17 gallons)s used necessary.
    one for serious conservation. driveways,orsidewalks will mandatory water conservation to                   wash  clothes;       21 percent        Check all toilets for leaks
    Ideas have been      floating for also be grounds for fines. Car measures into effect. Failure (about 16 gallons) i s usedto and have them repairedif any
    the last couple of years onhow washing will be allowed under to conserve water in these ar- shower; 12 percent(about 3 are present.
    to resolve this problem. Thosecertain conditions. Under the eas will mean higherwater                    gallons) i s used from faucets; 9   ~    Keep a pitcher of water in
    ideas include using under- conservation plan, car i s to prices or fines citizens who percent(about 7 gallons) i s the refrigeratorinsteadof turn-
    ground aquifers to store water, washed from a bucket of violate conservation
                                      be                                                         rules.      wasted throughleaks in toilets; ing on the tap and letting the
    using less drinkable water i n water and running water is to              The cause of the problem and 3 percent (about gallons) water run to get cold.
    the Ballad Locks, using treatedbe usedonly to rinse, and then started with record high aver- i s usedtowashdishes.                     In a       Only wash clothesor dishes
    sewagewater for lawns, and only with a regulating nozzle age temperatures during the water-saving household, each                             if there i s enough for a full
    desalinating Puget Sound wa- that can be shut A standard months of Dccember, January, person usesonly about 60 gal- load.
    ter.                              gardenhosecanwaste up to February, and March.                          lons of water a day, a savings           StanShaw,directorofPlant
                                       120 gallons of water in 10min-         The problem   has been com-of 22 percent.                           Operations and Maintenance,
                                      utes. On the average, leaving pounded bybelow-normal                       Here are some suggestions i n a memo to faculty and staff
                                      the hose running while wash- snowfall in the mountains and from the SeattleWater Depart- stated, "Due to watersaving
                                      ing your car wastes 360 gallons a lack of rain in the lowlands. ment on ways help conserve measures, wewill reduce lawn
                                      of water, the sameamount a          TheSeattle area's growth in water.                                      watering to a minimum.**
                                      family of four normally uses in population has also had ar. ef-            Takeshortshowers. Turn               For additional information
                                      four days.                                                of
                                                                          fect on the amount water in on the shower           toget wet, turn i t on how to conserve water call
                                                                          the reservoirs.                    off, soapandshampoo,then             your local water utility, con-
          The Thunderword                                                     The recentrainfall has pro- turn the water back on to rinse.        sult localplumbing supply
        stafl i s looking for a                                           duced additional runoff to             Do not usethefaucetor            stores, or visit your local li-
                                                                          streams feeding the cities res- shower at full pressure.                brary.
           f w advertising
                                                                          ervoirs, but it has not and will       Turn off thefaucetwhen
         representatives for
      fall quarter. We will
      provide training this
      summer and w e will
                                        Earn a Bachelor o Arts
                                                                                                               i WHALE WATCHING i
                                                                                                                                   *         Valid March, April & M a y        I
        work around your                   Human Services
      schedule. For further                                                                                                                  Free brochure                     I
                                        Featuring evening classes
                                                                                                               I                           * With your HCC I.D. Card           I
       information, please                                                                                     I                         Reservations:                         I
      call us at (206) 878-                                                                                    I
            for infdnnstion:                                                                                             WHALE WATCHING HEADQUARTERS
      3710 ext. 292 or stop
        Westsm Weshlngtm University                                                                            I                   Across from Float 6
        by Slag. I , room
         1801 Broadway; NP101                                                                                  I             Box 1115 Westport, WA 98595
         Seattle WA 98122-2415
      k       (206) 464-6103

                                                                                                 Thunderword Thursday May 21,1992                             Page 3

     Veteran StudentsOffice         HCC students feel secure on campus
     provides a variety of services Ellen Houahton safc. The worstcrime he can Axcoding to DorohySiegel,
     Khalid A l t a q                                                  Staff Writer                      rememberoncampus has been a vicc prcsidcnt for Studcnt Scr-
     Staff Writer                                                                                                           Te
                                                                                                         robbery by force. ‘ h campus vices atTowsonState Univcrsity
                                                                            Students and facultyHigh- ispatrolled24 hoursaday, w e n in Maryland, most crimcs com-
           Highlinc Community Collcgc has a Vctcran Studcnts Oflicc    IincCornmunityColIegcfcelsafc days a week,” he said.                 mittcdoncampuscsarccommit-
     located on thc fifth floor of the Library (Bldg. 25). which SCIVCSdcspitc estimations that acts of      HCC has five full-time and ted by students, while only 20
     approximately 200 students. Information regarding assistancc      violcnce are committed against three part-timesecurity officers, percent are done by an off-cam-
     and application for benefits i s available there for intercstcd   collcgcstudentseveryhvohours, and three student officers. Dur- pus offender.
     parties.                                                          and that a student is murderedon ing the evening theymake three          Mary Chmela, a student at
                                                                       a college campus every days, roundscheckingthe buildingsto HCC, said she fccls safe on cam-
           Glcnna Russell, who manages the office as a part of registrd-
     tion, is the vcteran student’s best advocatewith thc Dcpartmcnt   according to Sccurity on Cam- makesuretheyarelockedandm pusandhtlsn’thcardofanyprob
     of Vetcrans Affairs (VA). She minimizes between thc VA and              n.
                                                                       pus I c,a non-profit organiza- windows are broken.”by also lems.
     studcnts when bureaucratic proceduresresult in confusion.         tion dcdicatcd ,to improving check for unauthorized people               Jamie Adair, another studcnt
           “In order tobe a veteran you havc to havc served at 180
                                                                least  safcty on collcgc cmpuscs.        on campus after midnight.          at HCC, finds the campus Wc,
     consecutive days in the military,” Russell said. Most veterans         A “USA Today” study in           HCC’sContinuingEduWn although he feels being a male
     have served from two to four years; some of them are retircd.                                       has offered classes on self prs- makes him feel safer.
     There are seven1 educational assistance programs for service      ...  a student is                 tection for the generalpublic.         WhenHCCstudcntMichelle
                                                                                                         The first one, on gun safety, had Lepeska thinks of d c t y , she
     persons, vctcrans, rcscrvists and dcpendants    of vctcrans who    murdered on a
                                                                                                         only eight pcoplein attendance. thinksofnotbcing~ultod.          she
      either deceased or 100 percentdisabled. Everyonc who is
                                                                        college campus                    N t enough people signed up, finds thecampus to be safe
      entitled to any of these benefits in any capacity can get thc
      information they need the Veteran Students Office. A student      every 10 days        ....         and thc other two classes were since she hasn’t heard of any
      can discoverwhich programs he orshe is eligible for.                                                cancelled.     According to attacks.
           Payments of benefits are based on the branchof service the   1989 showed that 698 colleges Chapman, a fall and winter
                                                                                                                      s                         I comparison to larger uni-
      person is from and how much moncy the servicc mcmbcr              rcported a total of 31 murders, they only encountered four versities, Mike D a a ofHCC
                                                                                                                                                             y k n f,
      contributcd, whilc inthe servicc. Documentationo f registration,   1,800armed robberies, 13,000 pcoplccarrying guns orothcr student, f es that rhc campus is
      and vcrilication of eligibility, such as a ccrtificd copy of dis- physical assaults, and more than typcs of weapons on campus.        d e . “Nightlife isn’t a big thing
      charge, is also requircd in order to apply for bcncfits according      a
                                                                        600 rpin one ycar. N m csu br        Scott Winslow, dircctor of hem,” hc said. He fcels it is safer
      to RusFll.                                                        in actuality m$y be highcr sincc Continuing Education, said, during the day than at night but
                                                                        many crimes on campuses are “Safcty is important. We have to hasn’t S e or heardof any prob-
           A defenncnt of tuition payment i s possible if application i s                                                                           en
       made in advance, bcfore the dcadlinc, which i s ordinarily well in
                                                                             rcportcd.                    bc aware of safety on our cam- lems while he has taken night
       advance of the quarter for which thestudcnt is planning to                                              ” c
                                                                             Campus Police Chief Jack pus. H worksoncampusinthe classes.
                                                                         Chapmansaidthathedidn’thave evening and says he doesn’t feel            Another HCC student,
                                                                         any information to comparethe thcre are anyproblems. While Jaane Mackey, feels the same
            The VA offers couseling to be arranged through HCC Vct-
       e m Students Office. I t is designed to take a variablcs in a
                                                         l               safcty at HCC to any other col- Winslow belicves our campus about the campus. She hasn’t
       person’s life into account in order to help the pcrson chart an   legecampus, but the commdty safe,he isalarmcd at the incrcascheardof any problems, says,    but
                                                                         HCC is located in is relatively of stolen property.                    pay
                                                                                                                                             “I more attentionat night.”
       academic course. The V A expects a person to have a solid
       workable educational plan and will help to develop it. HCC’s
       office can suggest whether or not  counseling at C C (rather than
                                                        H               Registration for summer quarter has begun
       the V A counseling) would be advisable for the veteran studcnt.
            One change inthe degreeprogram i s allowed by the V A inthe Jessica Salazar                                       on
                                                                                                            closed to the public    Fri- want. Faculty members are
       course of a person’s education, such as a change in major, or a Staff Writer                         days, June 15 through Sept. often able to provide more per-
       change from academic to vocational. Prerequisites suchas a                                           4; consult the summer quar- sonal instruction due to the
       transfered A.A. degree to a four-year institution are  considercd         Registration for summer terly schedule forcxccp-         lower number of students   en-
       a continuation in program, not a
                                      change.       Benefits may only be quarterat     Highline Commu- tions.                                  Average
                                                                                                                                          rolled.               summer
       received for courses approved by the Veteran Services Office,nity         Collcge began May 18.          Summerclassesdifferfrom classes   are eight weeks long,
       which meansthey must lead to an educational(i.e., B.A.), Studentsmusthaveanappoint- the classes offered during theunless otherwise noted in the
       professional (i.e., CPA) or vocational (i.e.’ Diving) objective for ment to Iegister.                regular school
                                                                                                                         year in various classschedule. Classes       run
       which aperson i s not already qualified. The school the student         Currently enrolled studentsways.    According to Registrar from Monday through Thurs-
       i s attending when i ii lapplication i s made for veteran’s educa- have already been assigned Booker T. Watt, class sizes are day, and most classes last one
       tional benefitsbecomes the home school. Any transfer or change appointrncnts which are se- typically smaller in thc sum- hour and 20 minutes.
       o f school necessitates contact between the new school and the lected by the number of credits mer session;and with fewer              The last day of the eight-
       home institution.                                                   earned at H C C and by alpha- students registering, those in- week summer session will be
            Students must maintain at least 2.0 g.p.a. in order to receive betical order of students’ last terested inattending HCC dur- on Aug. 14; finals will be held
        the benefits. ‘Russell emphasised it is important that students names.                              ing the summer will be more during thelast regularly sched-
        remember to return to the office to pick up attendance cards           Registration appointment likely to gettheclassesthey        uled class time.
        which must be signed by instructors, twice during each quarter booksare located most build-
        and returnedto office by the students before thedeadlines;                              at
                                                                           ings on campus and the Fed-
        otherwise, their benefits can be denied. Withdrawing from a eral Way Center. Registration
        class requiredreimbursement, unless    extenuatingcircumstances was held in Bldg. 6, beginning
        such as poor health are present,verified and accepted by VA. at 8:30 a.m. on May 18.
             Russell commented thatveteran students, like all othcr stu-       Tuition andfeesmust be
                                                                                    u              of
        dents, are strongly advised to see an academic counselor to be paid in f lon the date rcgis-
        certain they are registered for required courses. Verification tration. Tuition will remain the
        must be made that the classes are fulfilling necessary require- samc for summer quarter, it    but
        ments before administrative procedures in the HCC office are will incrcase starting next fall
         completed and a necessary paperwork forwarded to the V A from $315 to $333.
        Regional Office, which then responds to the student with an             Bldg. 6 will be closed for
         award letter stating the amount of money he or she will be the summer due to remodel-
         receiving each month for the quarter.                             ing. Offices w i l l be moving
             “As complicated as the process seems, i t is actually quite temporarily to Bldg. 4 on
         simple if a pemnis sure to allow enoughtime by     contacting the June 10, 11, and 12. Stu-
         Veteran Students office as early as possible,” Russel said. dents can go to Bldg. 4 over
         Normal business hours are 8 a.m, to 5 p.m., Monday through thesummer i f they have                                                            P o by Chris Berge
         Friday, Summer quarmhounr will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday        questions about registration. Some stwienta enjoyedthe sunshine while they planned
         through Thursday, Por fimhcr information call ext. 285.            A l l HCC offices wl be which cIa8s6-8to take durlng the summer quarter.


Page 4                  Thunderword Thursday May 21,1992

Sea-Tac Airport could receive third runway
Proposed runway is necessary but will increase traffic and pollution
                                    with rubber soledshoes."           Black Lake.
                                        One consideration to alle-         Paine Field's existing run-
Runway, cont.                       viate the noise pollution prob- way i s expected to be totally
from Page 1                         lem has been i n effect for some operational by the year 2020,
                                    time -- the use of Stage I11 handling as many as 50 flights
have taken into considerstion       aircraft as opposed to StageI per day and more than 3 mil-
some legitimate complaints          aircraft.                          lion passengers annually.  This,
rrlised by peopleconcerned               Aircraft equipped with i n contrast with Sea-Tac's 900
with the project.                   Stage I 1 engines must about flights perday seems
                                                            fly                             miniscule,
    The biggest concern with        seven miles from the airport but with the addition of an-
the expansion of the airport i s    beforegrounddecibel levels other runway at Sea-Tac and
the noise  level associated with    dropbelow 80, the level at the supplemental airfield be-
more aircraft.                      which normal conversations ing consideredfor south Puget
     Steve Townsend, an 18-         can be heard. The sound level Sound, this plan       seems to have tion.                              noticed flight every two and a
yearmember of the Federd            of a Boeing 737-300, equipped some merit. Robert Wallace,                Although some people are     half minutes."
WayChamber of Commerce                             1
                                    with Stage 1 1 engines, drops chair of the PSATC, says, favoring the expansion of the                    Inapreparedmemorandum,
says that picnics have beer ru-     below the 80 decibellevel while "There isn't a magical solution airport, others have legitimate the representatives Highline
ined; windows have been             the plane i s still over airport that's going tomake everyone concernsregarding the new Community Hospital have ad-
shaken on the ridge; and the        property.                          instantly happy. But, this pre- runway.                            dressed the issue of added
Desert Storm welcome home                The phase-out of Stage I 1 ferred alternativewill work and          One of those people who      health risks.
was spoiled timeafter time by       aircraft and the implementa- will meet our regions term oppose the airport expansion
                                                                                             long                                             The memorandum      read,
aircraft noise and somespeak-       tion of Stage 111 aircraft i s ex- needs with the least possible projecti s LauraSaunders, dean "Hundreds of tons of j e t
ers could not make themselves       pected to be finished by the disruptions." *                          of Administrations at Highline emmissions will fall on neigh-
heard at the Weyerhauser            year 2001 bekauseof the Noise          The three-airport plan i s be- Community College.              borhoods around Sea-Tac for
Aquatic Center.                     MediationAgreementwhich i s ingconsidered over some           other       Saunders opposes such ex- decades to come. Many resi-
     This comment echoes the         expected to reduce the noise ideas which the PSATC has pansion onthe grounds that i t dents now wipe jet fuel from
 sentiments of many citizensn  i     level by to 50 percent by the rejected.                              has an adverse effect on teach- the vehicles daily. Pollutants
 the region, butsome healthhaz-      turn of the century.                  One of the alternatives that ing and learning at HCC. At a such as benzene,        toluene,
 ards have been raised as well.          A recommended solution to was turned down s the ideato community forum, she ex- formaldahyde, and nitrous ox-
 M.C. Scheerer,another resi-         the airports problemsi s to use just do nothingabout the prob- plained, "Weare suffering       from ide, some of these are known
 dent of Federal Way, has quite      the three-airport plan.           lem. This ideanot acceptible the present levels of noise, to carcinogens and others of
 a complaint. He says, "Now,             This plan calls for an addi- because there will be more de- say nothing of theexpanded            which can cause respiratory dis-
 you talk about no health haz-       tional runway at Sea-Tac, one lays and passengers not be effects of additional traffic. eases, are being and will con-
 ards. Ihave had planes over
                         fly         at PaineField in Everett, anda able to get to their destina- Despite an expensive program tinue to be released. The com-
 my home, dump kerosene on           supplemental airfield at either tions   on    schedule. There that cost HCC over $500,000 bined effects adverse     and        health
 my deck, and it's so slippery       Fort Lewis, McChord Force would also be more air pol- to add double-paned windows impactswill not be fully known
 you can't walk out out     there    Base or south of Olympia near lution and noise as a result to classrooms, which are inter- for years to come. The addi-
                                                                       o f the delays.                    rupted several timesduring an tional effects of jet noise vi-
                                                                           On June  17,     1992, the hour for an interval of 5 to 30 brating schools, hospitals
                                                                        PSATC will make a final rec- seconds. Last night, I had an and many             thousands      of
                                                                       ommendation to the Puget opportunity to observe an ac- homes, contribute to stress
                                                                       Sound Regional Council and counting class,andbetween                and relatedphysical ail-
From the Must Have Been              From the Some Folks Just the Port of Seattle Commis- 7:30 and 9:OO in the evening I ments."
Taco Bell For Lunch File:            Can't Be Satisfied File: An sion. If these two committees
On April 16. Security "received      HCC student reported to Secu-     accept the plan, they will work
a report of a 'gas' odor in the      rity that her purse, which had with city, county, and regional
rear storage area of Bldg. 8."       beenrecovered i n themen's        planning committeesand will                  Advertise with the
No odor wasdetectedwhen              restroom in Bldg. 6, was miss- begin to put the plan into ac-
officers policed the area.           ing $36.                                                                         Thunderword
      Need Financial Aid                                                                                     Discounts include:
        For College?                                                                                            *
                                                                                                                Buy an ad, get a free classijied ad
      A. Scholarships                                                                                        space
      B. Fellowships                                                                                            *
                                                                                                                Receive a 10 percent discount if you
      c. G r a n t s                                                                                         Prepay
      D. Internships
      E. L o a n s                                                                                              *
                                                                                                                Receive a 25 percent discount ifyou
      F. Cooperative Work                                                                                    have a camera-ready on-campus ad
                                                                                                            L                                                      J
      $6.6 billion of Financial
      Aid from private sector
      has gone unclaimed each                                                                                           ATENTION COUEGE GRADUATESII!
      year. Normally, you will
       receive 25-50 sponsors
        to contact. Steps are
        given to follow up on
            these awards.

       Call Your Dreams
         at 8784342

. .
 '*                                 ".   ..
                                                                                                               Thunderword Thursday May 21,1992                          Page 5

                                                                      Opin6                                    f

                Steve Stearns                      Chris Berge
                Co-Managing Editor                 Photo/Graphics Editor

                Brian Johnson                      Scott McEndree
                &-Managing Editor                  Newsroom Manager

                Mark Valentine                     Jennifer C. Balston
                News Editor                        Assignments Coordinator

                Susan cozzetti                     Jennifer L. Hl
                Features Editor                    Advertising Manager

                DougMcCormack                           u hs
                                                   Bob H g e
                Sports Editor                      Technical Advisor

                Heidi VanGesen-Morman              Susan Landgraf
                CopyDpinion Editor                 Advisor

                F                              A                             C

                L                             4
                                              a                              0

                I                             6                               I


                P                                                            N
                                             sense.                            Steams: *But what about‘ e ’ s thebestmorof Kool-                       the risk of having thousands of
                                             Johnson: M y idea of a parki s people who in colder cities Aid?
                                                                                           live                                                        estrogen-crazed monsters beat-
                                             a place that can be mutually      - why should they be penal- Stearns: Purplesaurus Rex.                  ing down my front door,I’ll   say
                                             enjoyed by that decide go ized for their weather? Artifi- Unquestionably. The delicate
                                                          all               to                                                                         ...yes and no. Womenare de@-
                                             there, With people drinking,t cial turf allows for a clean, grape bouquet wafts to your
                                                                             i                                                                         nitely smarter than men when    it
               Managing Editors              is often difficult to have a nice,                                                   s
                                                                               equate surface that canused nostrils as it washes i way
                                                                                                    be                                                 comes togettingsomething done
                                             quiet afternoon at the   park. In year-round. And,  of course, down your palate, frisky yet               practically. However,these are
                                             theend, everyonewouldbe           it’s cheap.                  with a hint of finesse. And                also the  same creatures that
                  Rather than debate about better off.
                                           a                                                       -
                                                                               Gurth Brooks musical ge- then after you’ve swallowed,                   sometimescan’t quite figure   out
               meaningful,sociallyrelevant   Tiregreatest athlete all time nius or the seventh sign f the a delightful finish tintedwith
                                                                   of                                o                                                                  can
                                                                                                                                                       what a manual opener does.
               topic o the day, this week’s i :
                      f        for           s                                 Apocalypse?                  Florida citrus. Every sip in-              (Idon’thave to worry about
               column Stearns and Johnson Johnson: Bo knows, but his Johnson: Anyone can        who         vites a perkywaltz with your               beingin the doghouse     anymore,
               have chosen to answer some o career was too short. There- sell twenty million records by tastebuds.
                                           f                                                                                                           so screw it.)
               those nagging questions that                                                                                                            Johnson: In a vast state of
               have surfaced lately   ...                                                                                                              confusion, Iaskedmy girlfriend.
                                                                                                                                                       She said that women are defi-
               I s the erotic music biU CUI ef-                                                                                                        nitely smarter.
               fective pieceo legislalion?                                                                                                             Less filling or tastes great?
                Steam: Absolutely not. It’s                                                                                                            Stearns & Johnson: Who
                yet anotherthinly-disguised                                                                                                            cares? As long as it’s not in a
                censorship bill targetedata                                                                                                             park ...
                specific kind of music, Rather                                                                                                         Moving on to something more
                than havethe state take control                                                                                                        serious,just what is the mean-
                over what kids can and can not                                                                                                          ing o rife?
                listen to,howabout       having fore Iwould have opt the
                                                                    to     for                   u
                                                                                     twanginga g i r has to qualify
                                                                                                   t                   Johnson: For once, I con-        Stearns: Let meask Ren and
                parents take some responsibil- nonsteroid using Cr Lewis,
                                                                       a l           as oneof the greats this cen-
                                                                                                        of             cede.                            Stimpy first ...
                ity for achange?                 Still breaking records in more      tury.                             Do the people behind the         Johnson: First you have con-
                Johnson: Parentscan’tcon-        events than anyone else.            Stesrns: Anyone whocan    title counter at Registration ever                            of
                                                                                                                                                        sider the meanings the words
                trol what their kids do on the Stearns: ThelDtmocraticParty
                                                                                     their album “Ropin’ Wind”       go to the bathroom?                “what”, “is” and“the”before
                way home from school. If - 1-5 (withfive crushing                    with a straight facehas got to  Johnson: I dare say   .......
                                                                                                                                                no?     we can even start to define the
                music i s pornographic,why       KO’s) for the last24 years and      be in league with Satan. Strap  Actually they might haveex-        word “life.” All relative terms
*   r r         should it be treated in any dif- they’re still staggering into the   downyercats,gotochurchand       traordinarily trained bladders,    must be  definedto state any true
                ferently thanadultvideosor       ring for another round.             pray for forgiveness! ‘Nuff     Maybe some     sort of will        revelations.
          i:    magazines?                       What’s bet&r-naturalgrass           said.                           against body type of thing. I      (note: Our fearlessManaging
                Shoulddrinking be allowed at or artifiiial tu@                       Ross Perot for President in     know I have stood in line for      Editorscan barely remember to
                all stalcparts?                  Johnson: Natural grass. Only         ’92?                           hours without any of them so       put on clothes every morning,
                Steams: Definitely, as longas the money conscious, new                Johnson: Why not? Ibelieve much as wincing.Whatever               let alone discuss the meaning  of
                people clean up their empties. school sports fans who enjoy           this country needs hisambi- their trick, it should be com-        life. Be realistic.)
                The state spends tax money fast pacedgamescan be propo-
                                  my                                                  tion, loyalty and checkbook, mended.                              Andfinalb’ what is the sound
                to put barbecue pits in every nents for the career wracking           Stearns: Why not? I too be- Steams: For once, Iconcede.            f
                                                                                                                                                        o one hand clapping?
                campground, and yet I can’t artificial stuff. Remember the           .lieve he could make this coun- Are women smarter than             Stearns: Hmmm     ..,
                haveabecr with my hamburger good old days of 1s year vetcr-                              ...
                                                                                      try what it once was a barren men?    ’                           Johnson: Presumably, it’s qui-
                or hot dog? T h i s makes no am and muddy goallines.                  wasteland covered with ice.    Steams: That’s a    toughie. At    eter than one  brain exploding.     t


                        .   .

Page 6                 Thunderword Thursday May 21,1992

HCC student requests stricter smoking policies      A ChiId's educat ion
Somestudentssufferpoorhealthdue to second-handsmoke should.begin at home
                                   side the boundaries of my things 1would like to be doing
                                   house, 1risk the chance of be- instead of sitting athome with PXel7ts Should Stop blaming te2lChers and take
Davina Nolten                      ing exposed 10 unwanted see- achmnic cough        and taking    my                  for children's
                                                                                                        responsibility their                 educations
Senior Reporter                           cigarcttcmedication
                                   ond-hand smoke.                                 to fight it.
                                       During the lasttwo quar-         I t is verydisturbingwhen a
    Sccond-hand smoke is not       ten, Ihave hadtheopportunitysmokerarrives             in front of a dillian Willinaham
bcncficial to everyone. There      to be exposed to more second- group of non-smokersandde- Senior Reporter
are those of us whohave                                               cides to light up. The smoker
chronic lung diseasessuch                                             can clearly see that the non-         Imagine the conflict that would arise if i t wassuddenly
as asthma. On more than onc                                           smokers aren't smoking, yetdiscovered that the current illiteracy rate, the number of high
occasion at Highline Com-                                             he still continues allowing school dropouts, and many current      social problems  were not the
munity College, have had
                 I         to                                         the smoke to blowin the di- consequences of poor educational institutions but,. instead, of
stand nextto smokers while                                            rection of the non-smokers.
waiting for my next class. I                                             Specific areas need to be
have had asthma six years
                 for                                                   set aside for smokers,
and nothingirritates me more                                           preferrably in areas away
than having to breathe sw-                                            from classroom doors that   so
ond-hand smoke.                                                        the rest of us can steer clear
According to the National                                              of the smoke.A strictercam-
Jewish Centerfor Immunol-                                              pus smoking      policy needs to
ogy and Respiratory Medi-                                             be
cine, cigarette smoke i s one                                          developed soon, such des- as
of the most common irritants        hand smoke than1 wanted. ignating specific areas for
for asthmatics andastrong  trig-    smoketriggeredmyasthma,         smokers. If a person wants to
ger of asthma.  They advise         causing me todevelopachronic smoke and destroytheir lungs
that no one should smoke  in the    cough and                       that way, fine but they should
home of an asthmatic. Fortu-        start wheezing. This i s not a respcctthe rights of those
nately, I i n a family of non-
         live                       pleasantexperienceat all. around them. We ahave the       l
smokers, but once Istep out-        There are a thousandother       right IO, breathe clean     air.

 Highline's counseling department is confus-                                                            poor parenting.
                                                                                                            In an age of quick fixes, that idea would set us back quite
 ing and is oftena waste of students' time                                                              aways. To think that the home is where the problem may upset
                                                                                                        a lot of hard-workingparents.
 Many students think thesystem should be simpified                                                          In the May 12, 1992, issue of the "Seattle Times," i t was
                                                                                                        reported that The Sylvan       Learning Center        and the National          4       -5.

                                          A former HCCstudent,Tina ferrals and questions that can
                                                                                                                                                                                        %   '

                                                                                                        Association of Secondary School Principals had sponsored a
 Meridee Aibrecht                     Shimizu, who has since be answered in five minutes.                                 kids                              were
                                                                                                        survey asking how involved theirparcnts inthe students'
 Senior Reporter                      transferedtoSouth Seatlle, had        Full-time students  should  schooling. Outof 1,300 students surveyed, 14 percent said thcir
                                      related similar incidents. She have     a faculty adviser by theirparents took a very active role in thcir school experiences. The
     I t is vcry frustrating going was given conflicting informa- secondquarter.Students            can survey reported that overall, teachers received A's from the
 to coilcge when your unsure tion about a Humanities credit. also goto the advising center             if
                                                                                                        students while the parents gotD's.
 what classes younecd. I t i s "Ireally liked Highline, but I their faculty adivser i s unsure              I t i s surprising that with all the talk of the horrible American
 ridiculous for a student to reg- didn't have much confidence of infomation or details.                 education system, surveys are      showing that parentsmay be more
 ister and take course that does in the advisingcenter," Shimizu            Iamconcernedabout fac-      responsible for the problems.Schools are not flawless, but
 not apply towards their degree.says.                                      unsure
                                                                        ulty being         of the infor-                                         has n
                                                                                                        apparently thc homc environment a evcn biggcr impact                  on
 Thc student i s wasting thcir            Kathy Wagner, an HCC mation they are giving to stu-           the students. For parents who tend to dump the problems of
 timc and money,     two things thestudent, says "as far as choos- dents. This could lead to stu-       society into the lap of thc tcacher, i t may be hard to     look a little
 averagecollegestudentdoes            ing an adviser it was very con- dents being confusedor unsure     closer to home.
 not havea lot of. This is to fusing."
                              not                                     believe
                                                                    and who they                            This will, of course, upset all those two-income families in
 put down    HighlineCommunity            I t can b confusing to the taking the wrong classes.
                                                   e                                                    which the parentsare working and trying to theirchildrenthe
 College. HCC students who I averagestudent when class       the            I think the new system i s
 have talked to have praised courses aren't given the same more organized, and will be         it
 HCC as a school, butthere h s name inallcatalogs and forms. easier for students to get the
 got to be a easier and simpler There i s a program called new information theyneed. Hav- It is surprising that with all the talk of the
 wal for studentsto find the students advising where new ing a few people with a com-
 classes they need their de- students can go to get basic pleteunderstandingofthesys- horrible American education system, sur-
 gree.                                information. Getting a gradu- tem is better for students in- veys are showing                   that parents may be more
     When I started at HCC two ation evaulation very helpful stead of the interpretation of responsible for the problems.
 years ago, I went to what was in figuring out which classes several groups. I t will be h l        e p

 then the counseling office. I youneed. To do so students ful for students to talk to                                                              ~~~~~   ~

was given informationpertain- pay $15 at the registration of- someone who send them    can             in best of everything.Theymaybe;wondering                how they are
ing to what classes take for a fice, once they make sum
                           to                                     that the right direction.               expected to be the providerand the teacher. The question comes            d,                'f
TV production      certificate.    I all theirtranscripts areinorder.       Part of being in college i s downto what the child will valuemore later on: material                                           ?
was told that a certain course     I      Last fall the systemwas       learning how tofind informa- possessions or the attention and help of their parents. I t seems to
needed would be available changed, there i s now distinc- tion and being more resource- be the answer that parents who stay home andparent raise
                                                                                                                         is                                         will
throughout the school year, tive difference between coun- ful. I think the system should better educated children.
after I hadregistered, I was selors and advisors:' Counsel- be borganizcd in a manner so                      Irealize that i t may beunrealistic to suggest a parent try to be
informed that this course was o n are forconfidentaland per- that information i s easily in two places at once. But, from looking at the apparentlack of
only available quarter. This sonalissues including career available. Students                   have                                for               I've
                                                                                                          interest education holds most people, got to wonder what
was very frustrating.Luckily, I decisions.Theadvisingcen-               enough of a run-around trying the parent's i s in a this. Education begins the home,and
                                                                                                                       roll       lof                        in
was able get into this class at ter, located in Bldg 6, i s for to find information for their parents had better start taking some more interest before the
the last minute.                     students,
                                      new                          re- classes.
                                                                           whole                                 system deteriorates.

                                                                                                                             Thunderword Thursday May 21,l ,992                         Page -


                        Homophobia is not an excuse for discrimination
                        Denial of homosexual feelings sometimes leads to homophobic actions
                                                                                               homophobia. Iknew a male in They are taught that gay men most pcoplcare in betwecn tho
                                                                                               high school with a speech im- andlesbians are badpeople.            two extremes. Thc dwial 01.
I                                                                                              pediment who attempted sui- They fear having any homo- these feelingscan tun] into
                                                                                               cide because he was being sexual           thoughts whatsoever.     homophobic attitudcs.
                                                                                               harrasscd by people who There i s an intense passion to                Extensiverc.scarc!.t backs u;)
                                                                                               wrongly associated his effemi- prove to everybody       (including the notionthat homoscxuds3rc
                                                                                               natevoicewithbeinggay. Even themselves) that they are het- born                    homosexuals.
                                                                                               if he was gay, i s that any reason erosexual by lashing out ho- Homophobics are not born
                                                                                               to drive someone to commit mosexuals.                               homophobics. I t takcs strong
                                                                                               suicide?                               It's reallytoo bad people influences from close people3
                                                                                                    My stepsister's friend    had don't realizc that sexuality to give someone an irrational
                                                                                               to change schools because he should be viewed on a con- fear.
                                                                                               was tired of being called    "fag- tinuum, with heterosexualityon      I f peoplc can intellectually
                                                                                               got"and gettinghis windshield       one side and  homosexuality on look at their actions and start
                                                                                               smashed. Did these actions the other. According to A.C. acceptinggays and Icsbians,
                        Brian Johnson                           Homophobia can be much make anyone feel any better? Kinsey, few people are either we could begin counter this
                        Managing Editor                    more destructive in thesense             I have a hard time undcr- entirely one or the other, so harmful fear.
                                                           that it affects not only the vic- standing why people are           so
                                                            tims of the phobia but those        afraid of homosexuals. If you
                            Discriminating against whosurroundthem.             Sincethere      ask the typical heterosexual                         Toll-free Hotlines
                        someone    because youdon'tisabsolutelynowayto               tell whomale,he        will probably say        Vational Lesbian and Gay Hotline
                        understand himher i s inexcus- i s gay and who i s not, a person something about the            fearofget-   1-800-SOS-GAYS
                        able. I t doesn't matter i f some- couldbe insultingsomeone sit- ting raped by homosexuals
                        one i s Black, white, Catholic,                                         while he isn't looking.
                                                                                                     Other people will say that
                                                                                                                                     National AIDS Hotline
                        Buddist,heterosexual        or ho-
                        mosexual.                           Hornphobics arecannot            condone
                       peopleMost          would agree                                                    the
                                                                                                sexuality because            Bible
                        with thatstatem'ent.exceot for taught that there is condemnshomosexualacts.                                  Nationl Runaway Switchboard
                        thelastpart.Nonheteroseiuals One correct way to The Bible dso condemns sew                                   1-800-621-4000
                        of abackgrounds should be lave. Thev aretauaht era1 heterosexual acts. I'm re-
                              l                              '


                        treated Wu&ly. That     might be that-                men    and        ally curious what difference
                                                                                                                                               Local Gay Ot#anizations
                        easier for most         to digest.                                      is.
                                           people afraid lesbians are bad
                        Why i s this? Are -~                                                         Itend to go along with the      Oasis Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth Association
                        or just ignorant?                    people.                                               have
                                                                                                 theory that homophobics             59 1-6060
                             By definition homophobia                                            a lack of sexual identity.
                        i s an irrational fear of homo-                                          lack of identity comes from
                        sexuals, I t affectspeople   the     ting across the tablewithout        growing up in a repressed,
                                                                                                                                     Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
                         way          a fear of heights knowing it.                              closed
                        would. All phobias be  can Throughout    my               life, I haveHomphobics          are taughtthat
                        harmful.                             witnessed the effects of thereisonecorrectway        tolove.            Metropolitan Community Church

                       Though no longer a drive-in,                                                                                     Kitsap Gay 81 LesbianYouth Association
                       Midway still needs improvements                                                                                  American Mends Service Committee
                                                                                                                                        322-7900 (Seattle)
                         ary Lewis                               the speaker
                                                                           boxes         mov- people.
                                                                                     for the meet
                        Senior Reporter                          ies. Who what be
                                                                          knows may                    I think the loss of a drive-in
                                                                 next?, They might even knock won'tbe a great loss to the               Lambert House-Gay & Lesbian Teen Center
                                                                 down the   screen.
                                                                                  The       fact is community,because we still          322-2735 (Seattle)
                           Recently the Midway                   Midwaywilljustbetwothings: have        the Palley Drive-in the-
                        Drive-in, parkinglot and swap            a parkinglot and a swap meet. aters,                                   AU fuunbers are Goutesy o ihe Lesbian and Cay Public Aware
                        meetbecame the Midway                         I think that this change    This       will make i t easier on      ness Froject and ofOasts Guy, k s b i a n and Blsexuat Youth
                        parking lot and swap meet. In            should have been madea long                                                                     Assocation.
                        name i t is still Midway, butt i s
                                                    i            time ago. Those posts have been
                                                                 i n the way for Highline Com-                                          .
                                                                  munity College students who
                        The next thing the                        have to park there. It's easier
                                                                  to get around now, This will
                        owners of Midway                          also givea little more room to
                        should work on is                         those people paying for spots
                        getting rid of those                      at the swap meet.
                        cement doughnuts                              The next thingthe owners
                                                                  of Midway should work on i s
                        that they have left                       getting rid of thosecement
                        behind. .                                 doughnuts that they have left
                                                                  behind. They get in the way
                        not showing  movies any more.             just as muchas those ugly posts those o f E that couldn't make
                            The owners have cut down               did. They could just use paint up ourmindsabout which
                        all the posts that used to hold            to separate the spaces for the drive-in to go to.

    '   a
        ""    -
            ._ .   .        "   .

                       ~~   ~.
            HCC instructor’s formula for success makes an impact
            Morris starts his classes by informing students that the formula for success is “in effect” whetherthey believe it or not

            Tina Talianis                             According
                                                             to                                                                   or don’t do good in out the bclicf that thcy can do
            Staff Writer                         Moms, studcnts must                                                              math.” The best thing to it, i t just won’t happed*
                                                 first know what thcy                                                             do i s find people with        Morris became aware o f the
                 Anyonc who   has takcn a        wantandwhat          thcir                                                       similar goals or accom- principles whcn he started his                     -
            msthclasswith Highlinc Com-          goals and desires for                                                            plishments andspend Amway business seven years                             c.

            munity Collcgc Instructor Ed         the future are. T h e stu-                                                       time with them to find ago. H e started      hearing the
            Morris knows that the first 15       dents need to bc spe-                                                            out what thcy or are
                                                                                                                                                 did          term “positive mcntal  attitude**
            minutesof the class will not be      cific;“making           it                                                       doing to achieve their and decidedtodo some re-
            spnt going ovcr algebraic for-       through college”s not
                                                                     i                                                            goals.                      search on the subject. Moms
            mulas. For the past six years,       good enough. Listing                                                                                                            with
                                                                                                                                    The last principle i s to started associating people
            M o m s has started his math         the steps thcy need
                                                                 will                                                             have a plan, write i t      that had positive attitudes and
            classes with a lecture of what       to taketo get through                                                            down and look at i t of- reading books on the subject.
            hc has found tobe thc formula         college will set the                                                            ten. That doesn’t mean He realizedthat hc was already
             for SUCCCSS.                         course for action.                                                              people can’tmodify the usingthese principlesthrough-
            * Moms has yct to find a                   The second prin-                                                           plan from time to time. out his life.
             community college    course that     ciple Momssuggested                                                              Sometimesgoalschange           Besides teachingmath
             tcaches  success principles.         was to be willil:s to                                                            and force people to take classes at HCC, Moms sewes
             Besides wanting his students                                                                  Photo by Gary Lewis     a new course of action. as division chairman for the
                                                  give up something.
             to know the four principles          People need to pay a      Ed Morris believes failure is when you quit trying. “Ifyoudon’thaveaplan, Pure and          Applied Sciences De-
             dealing with goals, sacrifice,       price; otherwise the goal w up a lot to be where thcy are
                                                                                  i                                        you are like a ship with nopartment and also S C C V ~ S            on
             association, andlife planning,       not be worth anything to them.      whenwe see them.Success              direction,” Moms said,add- variouscommittees on cam-
             he doesn’t want them to have         M o m s equates this principle to doesn’t just jumpup and bite ing, “Don’t be surprised if you PUS.
             any excuses for not succeed-         his own experienceof beingon you in the tush,” Moms added. f i class if don’t fol-
                                                                                                                            amyl             you                  Morris has found that not
             ing. ‘”hey (his students) won’t      track teams in high school and          Associationis the thirdprin- low  my       syllabus.”                  theprinciples
                                                                                                                                                               using                  w i l l not
              be ablc to say no one them,”
                                   told           college. He had to give up ciple. “You are who you hang                 +    Some peoplecan be using make students fail but w i l l
              M o m s said.                       many hours sleep and social around with. I f youwant to all four principles and still not make i t harder for them to
                  Morris starts his classes by    time to achievehis goal.            loseweight,hangaround                go anywherebecause of their succeed. Once a student
              informing studentsthat the for-           “The problem with people peoplewho are weight-con- lack of self-esteem. Morns succceds in one thing, their
              mula for success i s “in effect”    i s they want successbut don’t scious,” Moms said. “If a stu- said,“If aperson really doesn’t success rate w i l l increase.
              whether theybelieve it or not.       want to give up anything,” dent wants to do good in my believe that theycanlose 20 “Remember there are no
              “You don’t have to believe in        Moms said. “Take a famous math class, they need to hang pounds,theywon’t. A person guarantees in life. Failure
              tides, but you will b thrown                                                            e
                                                   star or athlete for example; you around with m , Don’t hang mayhaveeverythingtheyneed i s when y ~ quit trying,”            u
              around in them,” Moms said.          will find they indeed
                                                              that             gave around people who don’tlike tolosethat20punds,butwith- Morns said.

             HCC’s annual children’s fair                                             Bible study program wishes to expand its exposure
                                                                                      The class is taught strictly learn, so students will not receive academic credit
             resounded with success                                                   Garrett Scoaains                    year later to teach Bible study     teaches here part-time.

                                                                                      Staff                               and has been heresince.
                                                                                                                                              evcr                The class i s taught strictly
             Ondrea Simonelli                  presented a magic show.                                                    Davis i s a minister and only       to learn, so studcnts will not        $e   1    ‘
             Staff Writer                      Wessel’s show entertained          Bible study i s here at                                                         reccive crcdit for the class.
                                               people of all ages. There were                                                                                      Davis teaches two classcs
                                                                               Highline Community Col-
                                               four showings; some people lege. I t h s been here for
                                                                                          a                                                                       containing the same mate-
                  The 15th annual Children‘s went back see asecond show- quite some time, t lack
                                                            to                                   but si                                                            rial everyThursday. The
             Fair was held at Highline Com- ing.                               of exposure has lent to the                                                         first class meets from 11
             munity CollcgconSaturday,             A puppet show washeld in ignoranceof i existence.
                                                                                             s                                                                     a.m. to noon, and the scc-
             April 25,1992 in Bldgs. 22,23, Bldg. 22. The      puppctshow                                                                                          ond class mccts   from noon
                                                                                  The Biblestudyprogram
             and 7. Approximatcly 750 chil- was “The n r c c Little Pigs,** has actually been at HCC                                                               to 1 p.m. Both of these
             drcn and parcnts attended the and lastcd about 20 minutes. since 1984, when i t was cs-                                                               classes arc taught in Bldg.
             fair.                             Thc childrcn laughed through-                                                                                       22, mom 204. All you need
                                                                               tablished by DaveDavis.
                  Each co-op preschool had out the show.                       Davis is not only the founder                                                       to attend class is a will-
             its own activity for the childrcn     Some of the activities the of the Bible study program                                                           ingness to  lcam the subject
             to participate in. For example, childrcn participated in were at HCC, he also teaches the                                                             matter and the assigned
    ,        Salmon Crcck Co-opPreschool the playdough table and a rice class personally. I n 1986,                                                                text. If you can’t get a hold
    ’        had warmingtray art and spin table. At the playdough table, however, Davis had to leave                                                               of a text, Davis will pro-
             art at its station. The fair pro- children could make whatever the arca but came
                                                                                          back             a                                                       vide you with one.
             vided snacks consistingo f fish they wantcd with rolling pins
             crackers and applc for the andhammers for tools.The

                                               rice table was a manipulative
                  Jo-Annc Cassidy, who activity. The rice was diffcrcnt
             works for thc King County colors to attract the children.
                                               Thcrc were shovels   with which
                                                                                          She says! He hears!
             children’s tccth. Cassidy said, thc childrcr~  could dig through
                                                                                      Isaid your                    0
             “Iam part of thc dental ficld the ricc.                                  presence
             tcam. Wc     go to schools in          “The childrcn said thcyrc-        was needed!
              King County and do a dental ally likcd the puppct show,      the
             screcning o f kids’ tccth.” magic show and woodwork-
             Cassidy uscd fiber optic light ing,” Jackie
                              a                             Crutz, Parent Edu-
             andlookedin childrcns’ mouths cationDcpartmcnt coordinator
              for problcms. I f shc saw any- said.
              thing wrong, she advised par-        TheChildren’s Fair was
              cnts to takethcir child to have sponsored by the Parent Advi-
              his or her tccth checked at a sory Council, Parent Co-op
              dentist’s office.                 Preschools, and ParentEdu-
                  In Bldg. 7, G. Toby Wcssel cation Department.

                                                                                                            ‘I’hundcrWord I’hursdav Mav 21,1992                             Paae 9

             Living in America causes somepeople to experience culture shock
             Khalid Altaee                    dents, shestudy
                                                              to                                                                                high
                                                                                                                                               lion                     because
                                                                                                                                                              in Afghanistan,              I
             Staff Writer                     at HCC.                                                                          equipment
                                                                                                                     level training and                                     on
                                                                                                                                                                know what is going in
                                                  Jahed i s living here with                                                 herc,andthearca
                                                                                                                     arc available                           country;
                                                                                                                                                        my now   but
                                                                                                                                                              right                     I’m
                                              her husband
                                                      and          two small                                         has a good
                                                                                                                           rcputation         for re- happywiththencwgovcmmcnt.
                 Zohra Jahed spent her first One                   is in first                                       search.’,                          Before,
                                                                                                                                                    nobody                  knew what wa..
            three years after leaving her     grade,
                                              one                       care.
                                                               is indayJahed’s                                                                    and
                                                                                                                                 main interesthappening.               All the bonder high-
            country, Afghanistan,in a Pa- haveThey
                                               also             family inAf-                                         activity currently is studying ways were    closed         and traffic
l           kistani refugeecamp. She and ghanistan.  Because           of the                                        English. “It i s not very inter- blocked. There wasn’t any way
!           her husbandwere treating Af- political situation there, she                                              esting forme because Idid aget  l to       food inside the country, or
            ghanistanrefugees.They are worries    about        her sister and                                        my studies inmy country, but aid. All wintcrpcopledidn’t havc
            both physicians.                   that she can
                                                       do        nothing be-                                          1started
                                                                                                                         classcs              besir-- enough
                                                                                                                                                           toeat;many          childrcndicd
                 Jahedhas been inthis coun- cause there i s no way to con-                                                                       from
                                                                                                                      ning from zero, like anatomy                              Right
                                                                                                                                                                lack of nutrition.
        ,*- try about two years. Her first     tact her.                                                                                                    hope
                                                                                                                      and physiology, to learn En- now I have                 that the high-
        ‘ year in America was difficult,          Jahed’s
                                                  husband               knew                                          glish terminology and pass and Afghanistan
            and. she did not like i t much English before he came to the a job,” she said.She             i s still the AmericanMedicalBoards.”Pakistan             is open,and they can
            because she experienced cul- United States so he passed the studying for that exam. “Basi- Another of her interests i s bringfood and medicinein. I’m
            ture shock. She knew some medical exams quickly. Now cally, medicine is not different, teaching a Persian language not sure whatwill happen in the
             peopleinSeattletocontactwho that he h s his degree in the and the terminology i s the same. class once a week to Afghan htun.There was a warbetween
             helpedher adjust. Shechose to UnitedStates, he i s looking for What is different here i s the tech-’ children.                              the people and the opposition,
             come to Highline Community a job. “Every M.D. must pass nology. Medicalinstrumentsand                      About thenew Islamicgov- butnow atleast thereisagovern-
             College because she hada the American Medical exam equipment in the hospitals, and emment being formally estab- ment in ourcountry,and the
             friend here.Because of the and get an American degree. office equipment, like comput- lished, Jahed said, “I                   can’t say people have the opportunity to
             kind teachers and helpful stu-    Then a foreign doctor can find ers, are what i s different here in I’m very happy about situa- rebuild their lives.”

             Condom machines provide anonymity at a reasonable cost
             Robert Whale                      said.“Remember the change    the machines on the upper machines,“K;ulostheCondom as their primary birth control
             Senior Reporter                   in thought from four or five floors of both buildings where Man” of Pro-Tech in Kent, the methodstands at47 perccnt for
                                               years ago to today. Now you  children would be less likely to condom machines     rcccivc light females and 25 pcrcent for
               As part of a continuing ef-     can’t pick up the paper without
                                                                            go*                               use. “could not make a living males. In her 1991 mastcr’s
          fort to decrease the risk of con-    seeing something about    AIDS    The machinesareconve-        off the machines,” he said. Hc thesis, “Gendcr Diffcrcnces is
          tracting sexuallytransmitted         or HIV.”                     nient for many students. They zdded that some of .&he bars Beliefs About Condoms
          diseasesand to prevent un-               The administration was   are the only place on campus                                        Among College Freshman,”
          wanted pregnancies among       its   concerned about the presence where night students can get                                        Amy Swadener Garcia offers
          students, Health Servicesat          of childrenoncampus. Former  condoms. The machines pro-                                          reasons people are reluctant to
          Highline Community College           HCC PresidentShirley Gor-                          of
                                                                            vide some measure anonym-                                           use condolns: i t seems like
          provides free condoms.                                            ity for those who wish to use
                                               don was afraid that the anger of                                                                 they are planning to havesex;
          Condoms are also available for       parents who found condoms    condoms but who are embar-
                                                                             in                                                                 guilt; decrease of sexual plea-
          50 cents each in the vending                                      rasscd by alternativemeans of                                       sure because of feel, tastc, Gr
                                               ~~~~~         ~

          machines located several of        “  We would rather have acquiring them.                                                            smell; expense;inconvenicrlcc.
          the restrooms.                     you protected or, at least,         The condoms are also of-                                                Despite this reluc-
               According to Nurse Practi- lowering your risk.”               fered free a basket in Health
                                                                                                                           Photo by Chris Bergs
                                                                                                                                                tance, Health Services at HCC
          tioner Mary Lou Holland of
           Health Services, the machines
                                                  Mary Lou Holland Services. woman comesHol- Health Services provides free will continue to promote thcir
                                                                             land, “If a
                                                                                          According to
                                                                                                       inand condoms.                           available and
                                                                                                                                                                   make condoms

           in the upper floor men’s and the possession of thcir children she’s not on thc pill or some- along his route use more use. Holland said, “Part of our
           women’s restmoms of Bldgs. might hurt the college’s repu- thing, and she’s got a partner, condoms in a night than HCC distributing them for frce and
           6 and 8 are testimony to an tation as a good neighbor. she’ll ask for adozen at in a month,and that the having them available hcre i s
           almost forgotten controversy, There were also concern from I have no problem with that.denizens of the bars tend to usebecausewe                      fecl so strongly
           They also provide a partial an-some of the faculty that the They don’t evenhave to ask; the condomsmore for jokesabout                       promoting abstinencc
           swer to the question of how to availability of condoms would theyjust come inand pickthcm and gags than             HCC students and decreasing risky behavior
              them who
           get the students                            promiscuity. Hol- UP.”                              and do.                                    health
                                                                                                                                                     education            that wc
           to accept the condoms.            land argued that the students
                                                                         The          availabilityofcondoms            R.J. DiClemente, in a say, ‘okay,           don’t have a
                                                                                                                                                             i f you
               “Actually, we had to get were adults and      that the need on campus,free or not, is no 1990 articlc in the “Journal of quartcr or 50 cents to put in the
           permission from the president for the machines was, after all, guarantee of their use or accep AdolescentResearch,” writes machincs, bc our gucst. Wc
           of the college to put thoseapressingsocialconcern.          So a tance,however. According to that the number of sexually would rathcr havc you protcctcd
           condommachinesin.” Holland compromise wasreached:Put               the man who replenishes the active people using condoms or, at least, lowering your risk.”’

    4                                                                                                                 Student writers’club encourages all to join
         ’                                                                                                            David Cross
                                                                                                                      Staff Writer
    I                                                                                                                    Elena Pcarcey, secretary of the Student Writcrs’ Club at Highlinc
                                                                                                                      Community College, wants to encourage all people with or without
                                                                                                                      writing classcsto attend a Student Writers’ Club mccting. Thc
                                                                                                                      meetings take place on the last Monday of every monlh in the
                                                                                                                      Gold Room, located on the second floor of the student union
                                                                                                                         Pearceysays,‘The clubisstillstrugglingto get going.”   me
                                                                                                                                                                                 r     has
                                                                                                                      only beenone meeting, whcre ao lauthor came to speak with the
                                                                                                                      group. Although still inthe making, there is plenty of time to catch
                                                                                                                      a meeting, because they will continue into the Summer months,
    Paqe 10                 ThunderWord ‘I’hursday May 21.1992

     HCC employee expecting three times the fun!
    Doctors report that the odds of having twinsare about 7/89; fhe odds of having triplets are about 1/8,000
    Kenneth E. Calkins                  has also given birth                                                                                    numbcrs for nationally-known
    Staff Writer                         triplet
                                        to              boys.                                                                                   companics suchas Gerbcr and
                                        Linda Carlson, sci-                                                                                     Pmcter and Gamble.
         Laura Hctrick, Pre-press cnce instructional                                                                                                Hetrick said that her two-
    coordinatorfinstructorat High- technician at HCC,                                                                                           year-old son Justin i s looking
    linc CommunityCollege, i s said that the trait of                                                                                           forward to being a big brother.
    planningto visit Swedish Hos- multiple births i s                                                                                           “He’s already told mc that he’s
    pital in late July or early Au- passed onby the                                                                                             going to,be momma’s     helper,”
    gust. I f agoes according to mother. She said
                 l                                                                                                                              she said. The =xes o f the ba-
    plan, she will give birth to trip- that this occurs                                                                                         bies have been determined by
    lets.                               when the woman                                                                                          an ultrasound test. They are
         Hctrick graduated from rcleases more than                                                                                              two girls and a boy.
    HCC in 1983 and has an A.A. one egg each month.
    dcgree in Printing. She has Carlson explained
    been a mcmbcr of the print that a son could Dass                                                                            K C     -   ~
                                                                                                                                                    Hetrick has worked the
                                                                                                                                                                          to ar- _.:
                                                                                                                                                range a leave of absence. Her
    shop advisory committee       since the trait on if he-had                                      Photo bv   Lewis    family a d friends,     doctor wants her to quit work
    then. In November 1991, she a daughter. In ge- Multiple births run in Laura Hetrick’s family.                       and the Hetricks        on May 22. She wanp to work
    became Pre-press    coordinator. netics,a trait canbeeitherdomi- rental stress of raising triplets have already received of    offers       longer. “I’m on shaky ground
    Hctrick i s rcsponsiblc for thc nant or recessive because“a lot can be alarming. Hetrick’s hus- hclp fmm thcm.                              right now,” she said. On May
    initial part of the printing pro- dcpends on chance,” she said. bandBillis eplployedas a repro-              Hetrickbelongsto theTrip       5, a surprise baby shower was
    ductions process. She takes The odds of having twins are duction mechanic at the Boeing let Connection, a national or-                      given for her by the students at
    the idea, dcvelops and formats about 1/89; the odds of having Space Center in Kent. He ser- ganization based in Stockton,                   the print shop.
    i t on the Macintosh computer triplets are about 1/8,000.              vices equipment usedfor print- Calif. This is a support group            Hetrick’s positionwill be
    andworksout        all the bugs.        Hetrick said that shc i s more ing. “Ourbig concerni s how we for mothersof triplcts. Hetrick       hcld open, and she i s plan-
    Oncc plates arc   made, i t leaves cxcitcd than scared about hcr will be affectedby layoffs at said shcreceives a quarterly                 ning toreturn i n January
    hcr dcpartment ands ready for pregnancy. She is expcricnc- Boeing,” Hetrick said. Hcr hus- newslcttcr; she also has re-
                          i                                                                                                                      1993 on a part-time basis.
    the printing press.                 ing no health problems,and bandhasbarclyenoughseniority ceived a expectant mother’s
                                                                                                                      n                         In Septembcr, she w i l l re-
         Multiplebirthsrun           in her biggcst concern s that her to protect job.
                                                               i                     his                     package that includes bro-         turn tofull-time        status.
    Hetrick’s family. Her sister babies will be born healthy.                  Maggie Brown, Psychology chures, reading materiel, and           Todd Remick, a student i n
    Cheryl has given birth to twin “My doctor says that I’m a star instructoratHCC,saidthat when- health tips. Other            items in-       the printing program, has
    boys. A cousin has given birth patient,” Hetrick said.                 ever there i s an addition to the clude discount coupons and a       been hired as her temporary
    to triplet girls. Another cousin        The financial burden and   pa- family, there will be a dilution listing of toll-free telephone      replacement.

    Respiratory care program provides quality health care workers
     100 percent of students from HCC have passed the national certification test
    Cheryl Vetsch                     with respiratory care for 21 ond-yearstudent and       anintemat     o nr .
                                                                                                          c u ty   It is one of the finest dents takethe national certifica- 0
    Staff Writer                      Students
                                      years.          receive a two- Virginia Mason, said that she three-state~gionalbumcenters, tion test which allows them to
                                      year Associate Degree Ap- wanted to do something in the andt respiratory care program practiceinthe state and
                                                              of                                            si                                                     country.
        Their focus i s l i f e and plied Science. ,The require- healthcare field, and college is one of the top ten inthe nation. In the last seven years, per-
                                                                                             the                                                                   100
    breath, and they’re among the ments are good math      skills and pamphlet about respiratory careWhile students lntrauma and cent h m HCC have passedthe
                                                                                                                        e ar
    best in the field because they achemistry prerequisite. “They                             she
                                                                       caught hereye. What enjoys acute am at Harborview, they test. The advanced exam is vol-
    havebeen trainedby theRespi- need people skills and know- most about beinga therapist is, also are exposed to a wider vari- untary it means more experi-
    ratory Care Program at                                                “the satisfaction fi-orp h  p
                                                                                                     e ety of patients includingneona- ence. Most from HCC take the
    HighlineCommunityCol-                                                 ing and knowing when you tal @ m a t u r en n) organ exam and 80 percent pass, com-
                                                                                                                        i f t and
    lege and in several of the                                            are finished, you make that r s n at the University of paned with the nation’s average
                                                                                                         t a
                                                                                                          nl t
                                                                                                         a ps
    country’s top-quality                                                 person feel bctter,” she said. WashingtonMedicalCenter. At of 50 percent.
    health care facilities.                                                Along with class instruction Children’s Hospital Medical            HCC h s the oldest p r o g m
        Respiratory Thera-                                                and lab work, half of their
    pists specialize in the
                                                                          education will include clini-   “...just making a
                                                                                                                                           inthe state, dating back to 1967.
                                                                                                                                           Washington has a total of four
                                                                          cal rotation at least four of patient feel better
                                                                                       in                                                  two-yearprograms and two one-
    andheartconditions.They                                               eleven Seattle/Everett/
    learn to work with sophis-                                            Tacoma hospitals beginning
                                                                                                         makes youhappy.” ortwo-yearprograms. “I’ve seen
                                                                                                                                           the field grow from ‘bare bones
    ticated life suppon equip-                                            asearlyasthesecondquarter,
                                                                                                                      -Joan Smith nothing’ to literally 450 (one-,
    ment, computers, and                                                  said a former HCC student, Center they will deal with gen- two-, and four-year programs)
    medication. Therapists,                                               anInstnrctorandClinicdCo- eral ( n critical) pediatrics.
                                                                                                              ad                           nationwide,”’ Hide said. The
    care extends to the respi-                                            ordinator, BobBonner. They        “Himle and B a r provide State RespiratorySociety, of
    ratory needs of newborns,                                             will work in groups of five an unbeatable team in keeping whichHirnleispresident elect,         is
    the elderly, and victimsof                                            and rotate every six wccks     HCCinthe forefrontinthe com- now looking at a four-year        pro-
    accidcnts, injury, and dis-                                           during fall, winter and spring munity,” Benson said.             gram for this area., Prcsently,
    ease. They are employed                                               quarters.                         Doug Wakefield,   former       there are 40 such programs the
     inhospitals,rehabilitationpro- how and why to pushthe right           Mike Benson, clinicalsuper- HCCstudentandclinicalinstruc- nation, he added.
     grams, extended care facilities, buttons,” Hirnlc said.           visor of respiratory care co- tor andnow day-shift supervisor Entrylevel salary is $24,oorpir
     hospice, homehealth care, ad-       Joan Smith, a second-year ordinator of student rotation at of Rq’iratory Care Services at to $26,000 or $28,000 tb
     ministration, research, busi- student at HCC who i s intern- Harborview,feels that HCC stu- Valley MedicalHospital in $29,000with a few years ex$
     ness, and education,             ing at Swedish Hospital said, dents are pRpared early criti- Renton, said,‘Theirtrackwmd rience. It can grow into mana-
         HCC’s program consists of “I   can’t hk of anything more calweproceduresandthatthey speaks for itself. Their students gerial or teaching positions.
     seven quarters,the first begin- frighteningthan not being    able are well-trained to use are 100 percent employable and Benson said that in the city,
     ning in summer. Every June, fo breathe, and‘just making a Harborview’s equipment.                   equallyascapableasmygradu- many directors of respiratory
     12 to 15 students graduate, said patient feel better makes you        Benson explained that ateinthec;oumry,andtheirtest care pmgrams and their staff
     Director and Instructor Bob happy.”                               Harborviewoffemoneofthefew records prove this,”                      have been affiliated with the
     Himle, who has been involved        Sue Gamble, another sec- level one trauma centels in the           Af&gradUatinginJUne,sftl- HCC program.
                                                                              0 . .


                                                                                                                                     Thunderword Thursday May 21,1992                                        Paae 11

                6               Bowie and Arquette go for laughs in new farce
                            Kerri Hummel                            fellow waitress at work. The          Lucy make a plan to rob their          After a successfbl robbery,        like her in more serious roles.
                            Staff Writer                            two gossip about the new bar-         own employers, but neither of      everything looks fine Lucy
                                                                                                                                                                  until                 The bcst part of the movie is
                                                                    tender, Monte (DavidBowie).           them can do the actual stickup,    forgets aspecialengagement             when Cecil and Dante arv act-
                       What do you get when  you                        Monte needs his green card        so Lucy’s friend, Viv, joins in    and a big bet madebetween              ing like a cuckoo clock. An-
                    put a pathological la and a
                                        ir                          so he asks all the waitxsses to       on the plan.                       Monte and the two restaurant           other memorable scene is when
                    clumsy Houdini fan together,                    be his wife. He’ll pay them, but          Viv is a lingerie designer.’   owners, Cecil and Dante. The           the waitresses aresitting in thc
                    topped off with the lethal                      first he needs to find a way to       She’s been working on a “self      betinvolvedjugglingwith                kitchen eating funky bread
                    cleavage bandit two crazy                       get the money.                        defensebra,”     which does a      Lucy’s life.                           sticks.
                    restaurant owners?                                  Lucy collects numerous            variety of things. It can be a         Thismovie wasgreat. David              Throughout the entire movie
                        You get “The LinguiniIn-                    items owned by Houdini. She           coin putseone minute and a         Bowie did an excellentjob, but         therearc little humorous re-
*   :           I
                  , cident.’, This comical movie                    sees a ruby he once owned,
                                                                                 ring                     lethal weapon the next. During     he should stick with his music         marks that are almost unnotice-
        1       .   starts out      Lucy
                              showing                               but she has no money.                 the stick up, Viv wears this       carcer only because he’s well-         able. For instancc, thc saying,”
                    (Rosanna Arquette) leaningup                        I t looks like the two will get   deadly bra and the customers       known  for     that. Rosanna            A meal without pic is like a
                    againstthe bar, talking to a                    married. But nope. Monte and          love it, She’s a hit.              Arquette is a good actress,but I        meal without sex.”
                                It can onlv happen in America:

                                Americans are crazed on whacky clubs and organizations
                                Robett Whale                        and a end to menstruation and
                                                                          n                               body parts, mouth sounds, cre-      about membership.                 gaps betwcen their teeth.
                                SeniorReporter ’                    masturbation. The     Ladies          ating symptoms of false physi-          To get into the International    The Jim Smith Society of
                                                                    would also iike to see the messy      cal abuse, brain removal and        Diastema Club of Spokatle, a      Camp Hill, Pa. is madc up en-
                                     The Encyclopedia of Asso-      outdoorenvironmentabolished           “developing weird feelings.” A                          a
                                                                                                                                              person must have “diastema” tirely of people named Jim
                                ciations has gathered statistics    as that would “make indoor                         of
                                                                                                          Practi tioner Uselessness De-       or gap between the teeth of at Smith. As of 199 1,there were
                                indicatingmorethan80percent         carpetingmucheasiertoclean.”          gree is granted to those whose      least two millimeters. Notjust morc than 1538 Jim Smiths,
                                of Americans belong to some             The members of the Insti-         skills are deemed sufficiently      any gap, one causcd “ex- male and female, on the mem-
                                                                                                                                                       but              by
                                kind of organization or club.       tute of Totally Useless Skills in     useless.                            cess tissue under the upper lip bership rolls.Golf tournaments
                                To a lesser extent, students
                                                     the            Dover,N.H.,devotethemselves               While membership in the          that grows downward, separat-
                                at Highline Community Col-          to learningand passingonskills        Institute of Totally Useless         ing the teeth.” Those lucky
                                lege share in the nationalcraze     that add absolutely nothing to        Skills may be open to any dedi-      enbugh to get in can be pmud See CLUBS, Page 12
                                to band together.                   society. Amongthesgskills are         catedstudent of theuseless,          that Madonna,  David Letterman
                                     According to DarleneWhite      bandana stunts, disappearing          other clubs are more selective       and Willie Nelson have similar
                                at HCC Student Services, there
                                are approximately 23 clubs on

                    ‘           campus. . There arethe old
                                standbys: physics   and
                                 writers’ clubs. Other clubs such
                                 as the Black Students’ Associa-
                                 tion, Latino Club, and    the
                                 American Indian Association
                                 reflect the ethnic diversity of
                                 this campus and community.
                                     Beyond this campus, there                                                                                                             FOREIGN LANGUAGE
                                 areorganizations with more                                                                                                                      Tutors available
                                                                                                                                  Tutors available
                                 unfamiliar namesand ‘goals.
                                 Some of them, such the Inter-
                                 nationalPrimate Protection                                                                                                     II
                                 League, are dedicated to the           I      Rage Pemt Petition
                                                                                       Committee                              TAZZA ESPRESSO                    I t           Attention Artists                       I
                                 preservation of endangered
                                 species; others seekto keepalive
                                 the memory of a singer or me-
                                 dia personality such as Elvis
                                                                        II                 CIU
                                                                                   Bill Waker @ 824-7Jn9
                                                                                                                  II     heated in Cafeteria Oa
                                                                                                                                     Bldg. 6
                                                                                                                                                     by                ecrylic paint diqkibfc cmyiic palet&
                                                                                                                                                                      sh&pagcs. Must s l before the umer is
                                                                                                                                                                        ova. $30 for a of it. Call 871-9152           II
                                 Presley, Bruce Lee or Mister                    Paid Fw Bv P e d e Far Perot        I      Please see ad on page 16

                                Ed.                                                                                       N e Financirrl Aid For College?
                                   There are otherclubs in the                                                        We offer scholanhips, fellowships, g n
                                                                                                                                                          r y
                                                                                                                                                          a               see Us k S U m m e r Employmat
                                book “Organized Obsessions”                    Classified AdverWng Rates                 loans and cooperative work    study.               Pamanent Part-Time Work
                                                                             $5 for 8 l c (34 rhrrckn p r h e )
                                                                                      nr                e
            1       4,      .
                                whose interestsor perspectives
                                are slightly different, One of
                                these is the Berkeley, Calif. or-
                                                                             PIcrSc call us at 8784710 ext. 292
                                                                                       Rmm For Rent                             Multi- Restaurant
                                                                                                                                                                                           ~   ~~~   ~~~~   ~~~


            1                            Ladies
                                 ganization,Against                              3BedroomrFa3Students
                                                                                        $300 A Month
                                                                                                                                  Meal Delivery
                                                                                                                               “All Your F~vorites   ...
                                                                                                                                                                             For More I n f o r m r t h
                                ,Women. Members are “becent                           utilitiisr ltncludad
                    4           ‘                                                                                                     o e
                                                                                                                            To Your H m Or Off’ice!!!”                Pkrsc call the ThunderWordat (206)
                                ‘ d swith a moral imperative
                                 l i
                                  ae                                         New Bedmorn Set. LmcaadInAuburn


            I           *         9 returnto the good old days.”                           uc33a3                                  call 874-8589                      8783710 cxt. 292 or stop by and we w
                                                                              Call After4 p.m. Ask For Crroline                 Soc our ad on page 4                        In Bldg. 10, mom 105.
            i                           causes promotedby
                                Among the
                                LAW are citizenship sperm


        Page 12                 Thunderword Thursday May 21,1992

                                                                   Sce-ne                                                                                                    1

                                           Poetry Winners
                               Highline Community    Conege’s Student Activitiessponsored a
                               poetry contest judged by Sharon Hashimoto and Dick Olson from
                               the writing department. The winners are as follows.

                             2nd                                                       1st                                       3rd
                                 TROPICAL STORM         *                             city admn teIe temp                The Snake River Stampede

        The pressure  builds                                                      administration, may i help you?                                grandstand,
                                                                                                                         While the crowds fill the                  1    -
        the air hangs heavy                                                   attorney’s office, please, w you hold?
                                                                                                          i              the Western Troubadours tune their guitars
                           like                                                   is that the mayofs line rin ing?       with a twang and a testing 1-2-3.
                               thick                                                                        f
                                                                                     come on now, just be bo d.
                                                                                                                         Lo ing flowing equestrians
                                                                                  remember, he’s only human,
                                                                                and may understand, so u ray,
                                                                                                                         ri e in orderly processions,
                                                                                                                         their four footed partners
        sweltering sizzling sultry sweat                                      you did not mean to os    c
                                                                                   tho i t is the 10thone today.
                                                                                                                  a,     cham i and tossing their heads.
        no wind.                                                                                                         C o n A T n g l e and reins dangle
        It’s almost suffocating,                                                                                         as the grand parade kgins
                                                                                  ys imessed up that transfer.
                                                                                   what? you say i t was who?
        but bewildering how i t can be so unendurable
        yet theseskies,
        so alluring.
                                                                                       lease help! ringing again!
                                                                                Ohno! w tisapemontodo.
                                                                                                                         zig-aFbawling grounds,
                                                                                                                                   ng across the
                                                                                                                         the cl ropers and their hazers
                                                                                                                         sidle a1ong side        calfs
                                                                                                                         who dodge snaking ropes.
        The Thunderheadslurch and grumble                                           you say you want i t when?             oss
                                                                                                                         N o e tightening, horses backing
        they roarand rage not far above.                                                                 u l
                                                                                 the meetingo m are f l today
                                                                                              ro s                       dragging doggies with determination,
                       edges reflect dark on the water below
        Their flat black                                                           from 8 in the morning 10.
                                                                                                          ’til           the ropers huny to tie legs in triangles,
        orotund with torrent rains,                                                                                      their arms fly in victorious vees.
                                                                                 yes, iknow that you’re the mayor,
                                                                                    how important i t is, and yes,                          at snorting steers
        and the Sun shins
        just above their cottony drifts                                          your office has been booked also.
        from untroubled crystalline blues.
                         and                                                       this day seems a temble mess.

        Lightninglaunches                                                       you say thatnow you want copies?
        from the crashing colliding
                          of           clouds.                                     one for each pemn in town?            Tensions mount along  with riders.
                                                                                  you meanthe didn’t tell you,           As h w v m fl ,broncos vie with
        crisp erect shapes of bri ht electric lights
        escape like rockets into tke swellingsurges of sea underneath.                         L
                                                                                 the copy mac ‘ne brokedown?             airborn cow &)
                                                                                                                         who land to dine on dirt.
        From the boatdocks,                                                      tomorrow has got tobe be .kr.
        a radiant show of nature’s tameless                                      the sun wl come up and 1 hen,
        and thecalmness of the Heavens beyond    ...                         maybe sometime, themayor wil I call you,
                                                                                  to come back work ag ain.
        Violent viscous skyof tropical storms
        Teasing and tormenting
        refusing tolet out i threatening assault
                           s                                                                                              Clowns dance cheek to cheek
                                                                            Roberta Kay Good                              with wild-e ed brahmas.
        but comtemplating the expulsion.
                                                                                                                          White h & e d nosed matadors
        All this in a single glance,                                                                                      wave barrels like red capes,
        an almost touchable scene,                                                                                        la
                                                                                                                          e ing inside to hide from the
        from the shores Miami Beach.                                                                                      belrowing bulls, who ~I‘Yfollow.
                                                                                                                          As the eveningdraws to a close
         nancy j, palmer                                                                                                  pioneer S n sing of cool water
                                                                                                                          amidst tumbling tumbleweeds
                                                                                                                          Their veteranvoices lull little cowboys,
                                                                                                                          to dream of rodeos yet to come.

         Strange clubs attract strange members                                                                            eln
                                                                                                                          A a Pearcey

                                             Boring i s the reasonfor the   Fillmore, as usual, was cleared
         CLUBS cont. from Page 11        existence of the SocietyforThe     of having done anything.
           ”           ~

                                         Preservationand Enhancement            There are over 1001 clubs           Interested in running for a
        and softball games between of the Recognition of Millard            listed in “Organized Obses-
        teams of competing Jim Smiths    Fillmore, Last of the Whigs        sions,”complete with addresses,
                                                                                                                       Student Government
        are commonactivities. Cur- (Spemflow). This society cel-
        rently, the society is drawing ebratesmediocrityinAmerican
                                                                            telephone numbers and contact                    position?
                                                                            people. HCC students who
        up a composite Jim Smith.        culture as exemplified by the      would like to learn about them,      The following positions will be voted
        is named Jim
                                         13th president of the United
                      Smith., and that’s States.
                                                                            or who might be interested in        on by an all campus election on May                 a                I
        where Bob’s International of SPERMFLOW passed a crisis
                                                              Recently,     forming a local chapter o f the
                                                                            Stop Continental Drift Society,
                                                                                                                 27 and 28:                                          i                !

        St. Peter, Minn. comes in. when Fillmore’s predecessor              InternationalDullFolks Unlim-
        Membershipis open to“peop1e Zachary Taylor was exhumed.             ited,. or Flat Earth Society,
        around the world named Bob Had Fillmore been implicated             should look into “Organized                                                                          t’
        or who would like to be named in-PmWnt Taylor‘s death, it           Obsessions.” Except for those
         Bob.” Membersgather to reas- would have meant he had done           who already belong to the Fm-
        SUR each other that
         a boringname.
                             Bob is not something exciting. Members         crastinators Club-    in which
                                         breathed a sigh of relief when     case,do it tomorrow.

                                                                                                      ThunderWord Thursday May 21,1992                                                                                                    Page 13



I                                                                                     I

        HCC track members to end                 :is
                                    'HCC,!i;studenttop                                                                      . .
                                                                                                                 . .. .. . . . . .. .. . . . .. . . . .          . .

        season in championship meet
                                                                                                                        .. . .
                                                                                                                        . . . . .
                                                                                                                   ....... ..... ..... .. ... . .. . .. .... . .. . . . ... ... . .. . .. . . .
                                                                                                                                                     .                            .             .                             .       .
                                                                                                                     '.:. .... . . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . ... .. .. ... . . . . . .. . .... .. .. . . ... ..
                                                                                                                        . . .               .                    ..)                                    .        .   ..   .       .   .
                                                                                                                                                                            . . . . . . . .

                                                                                          Photo by David Cross
        Dave Knox, HCC track team member, clears a hurdle at a recent    et
        Simon Fishler                   meet
                                          that     will
                                                    held           this l0,OOO and 5,OOO meters.
        Staff Writer                    weekend at Clackamas Com-           Travis Sessler w i l l partici-
                                        munity Coiiege. The confer- pate inthe high-jump competi-
             The.HighlineCommunity      enee--meet w i l l be the final tion and Mike Giedt w i l l throw
        College track and field season competition of the season.       the shotput and discus.
        i s ending this weekend, May       HCCathletes qualifying for       The athletes havebeencom-
        21 and 22, with the Northwest- the conference meet include: peting since last autumn. The
        Athletics Associationof Corn- Dave Knox in the 400 meter conference final meet i s a

    '   munity Colleges conference hurdles, Dave Cross and Scott chance for them to prove that
        championship meet. The corn- Kinnimaninpole vaulting, and the year's hard workpayed off.
        petition will be amongst com- Garrett Scoggins in the 800           Pat Licari,coachof theHCC
        munity colleges in Washing- meters.                             squad, i s looking for respect-
        ton and Oregon.                    Also competing will be       able performances from mem-
             Lastweekendthe       H C C Shelton Jackson in the lO,OOO, bers of his club. "Because o f
        track team participated in a 5,000, and 1,500 meters. Travis the small numbers of our team
        meet at theUniversity of Wash- McMahon will run the 1,500 we don't expect to win the meet,
        ington. The UW competition meters, Curtis Buren the 100 but we expect good pointsand
        was aprelude to theconference meters, and Jamie Gardner the to finish high," Licari said.
                                             Highline Community College Talent Show
          Caps & Gowns
                                                     Friday, May 29 at 7 p.m.
          available beginning                  Presented by theBlack Student Union


                                              Advertising Representatives
                                           The ThunderWord i s currently accepting
                                           applications/resumes for Advertising Rep-
                                           resentatives for Fall Quarter. Training wl
               d'                          be provided this summer. Please leave ap-
                                           plications/resumes inBldg. 10, room 105 or
               Bookstore                   mail to:
              Bldg. 6
           (lower level)                            H i g h h e Community College
                                                          The ThunderWord
         Announcements                                Attention: Jennifer L. H i
             available                                       P.O. Box 98000
               now!                                 &S M o ~ w ,  WA. 98198-9800

Paqe ? 4               Thunderword Thursday May 21,1992

HCC athletics find success despite obstacles
Consistency hard to come by in community college structure
                                    demicprogramhas to offer. cost.”                                    for athletics. In smaller com- participation. I t i s the most
Oebi PhilliD@                       It’s had a positive influence on Callero said,“Men’sbas-            munities there’s less variety of equally right thing that could
Staff Writer                        us.*’ Harrison was basketball ketball i s most visible. We entertainment. We have PLU be done, but on a post-second-
                                    coach at HCC for 13 years                     to
                                                                 until don’t have wony about field- gamesand the University of ary level, when it comes to fi-
                                    he became the   athletic director ing, and we’re always assured Washington gamesto attend.’* nances, to be equally balanced
     Highline Community Col- three years ago.                          of having enough members on Callero added, “It doesn’t take it’s difficult. We wantto keep
lege has continued to gain                  HCC Head    Coach Joe the team.”                                                 O
                                                                                                                            0 O
                                                                                                        much to see that 6, O people balancebut the fact of the mat-
notoriety among the compet-                       “We an
                                    Callero said, have                     According to a basketball in the stands pay for them- ter is we have to beg, borrow
ing communitycollegesand            outstanding program, and they      playerupdate Harrison has selves. UW has more than a and steal torecruit 11 girls.
the Northwest Athletic Asso- doan incredible job for the maintainedfrom 1977 to1990, $18 million surplus for sports, Themenare here and it’s a
ciationof Community Colleges situation we’re.        in.”     Callero only 50 players that attended and both the men’s and numberone priority in their
(NWAACC).     However,   this       added, “The four-year schools HCCstayed for the full two women’s basketball are self- lives.”
task has not been easily recruit freshmen and they stay years.Out of those 50, only supportive.’*                                               Despite the obstacles, HCC I
achieved or maintained. De- with them: high schools have three are actually working in                       HCC was one of the first has been an         NWAACC cham-
spite obstacles such as fund- the sophomore, junior and se- the athletic field today.Pete               community colleges develop pion in volleyball five out of
ing, a high turnover rate among nior class, but in community Hackett, one of HCC’s former a soccer t a . Plans are being eight years andmen’s cross-
part-timecoaches,and main- collegessome players stay basketball players who gmdu- made to have both a men’s and country has placed first in the
taining interest, HCC remains fora quarter.**Callerosaidthat ated in 1983, said, “It just women’s                team.       Mackintosh conferenceeighttimes.The
consistent in reaching its goal in the average year the school wasn’t worth the pain of play- said, “It’s still in the develop- NWAACC 1990-91 Chmpi-
of athletic excellence.              recruits eight new basketball ing, so now Iplay for recre- mental stage.”                               ons’ Tournament      results
     The Washington     State Jun- players. About50percentdrop ation. To go to the NBA you                   Mackintosh said,  “Team         showed three recent victories
ior College Athletic Confer- out becauseof academic or fi- have to have some great               physi- sports seem to go over better for HCC: first place inboththe
ence became the     NWAACC in nancialproblems.                         cal attribute or be Hackett thanindividualizedsports such men’s cross-country and vol-
  1964, as five schools met to                                                                           as track and field. Those are leyball, and third placein men’s
 form a league. HCC joined in                                                                            the trends we’re dealing with. track.
 196 1 and has been   active in the    “We have six coaches that have gradu- Even though women’s track                 the                      Further obstacles have been
conference since.
            ever The                   ated fromHCC. In athletics we talk about                          and field might not succeed, presented.      HCC’s  Women’s
 NWAACC consistsof 29com-                                                                                we’ll see men’s cross country
 munitycolleges, eight which
                                       giving back, to speak. There’s six of us continuing. People comehere Basketball Coach Dale
                                                            so                                                                               Bolinger will be retiring in
represent Oregon 2 1which              here that you may say are doing that.We for that.”                                                    August, along with Callero.
 represent Washington.                 know what the academicprogram has                           to        Harrison said,“Women’s          Neither have‘made definite
     The NWAACC annually offer. tt’s had a positiveinfluence on us” track and field numbers plans. Bolinger said, “It’s go-
 honorsthosewhohave            im-                                                                       dropped and we couldn’tjus- ing to be tough onthe depart-
 proved thequality of athletics
 at northwest community col-          -    HCC Athletic Director Fred Harrison
                                                                                                         tify keeping theprogram.”
                                                                                                                                             ment bringing in not only
                                                                                                                                   added, coaches, but people who are

 leges. In 1988 the NWAACC        L
                                                                                                         “Women’s track and never part-time and on assignment”
 initiatedthe first Roll of Honor,                                                                       could get enough people     to turn McConnaughey said, “It’s an
 followed the next year by the            According
                                             Donto                     said, “I’m just an average guy out. The gals were outstanding,        ongoingproblem, part-time
 Hall of Fame Awards.                McConnaughey,one of the who took some pride in play- but we couldn’t get enoughof coaches not teaching oncam-
      Jn the past years, seven problems in recruiting i s that ing, but knew that I
                 four                                                                         wouldn’t them. to field the program.,’ pus or being availablefor the
 HCCfaculty membershave              the students have to satisfy go to the NBA.”
                                                                  eli-                                   McConnaughey “Thesaid,              studentson aregularbasis.”
 made the Roll of Honor: Dick gibility to stay on the program. Callero said that on av- men’s track and field and cross McConnaughey added, “It
 Wooding, Eileen Broomel, Student athletes are required to emge a coachspends six to country are verysuccessful.                             makes i t difficult. We have a
 Jesse Caskey, MargeCom-             maintain 12 credits with a 2.0 eight days a week, five months Approximately 15 people pretty high turnover of part-
 mand,  Jack Mackenroth and g.p.a. andare often their grades straight,andthenspendsthe                   turnedout for this year’s team.” time coaches.**
 Everett Woodward. Jack fall. The athletes spend least off-season recruiting. Coaches
                                                               at                                            Title I X requires equal op-       Callero said, “FredHarrison
 Hubbard received the greatest three hours per day preparing, make approximately $1600 a portunity for women in sports, and Don McConnaughey have
 honor in 1989 by receiving     the with additionaltime during year. Most of them hold part- as enforced by the federal kept the ball rolling years,                for
 Hall of Fame Award. In 1991 matchesand for out-of-state time jobs just to survive. goverment. Although the bud- andby providingstability, they
 John Littleman, HCC volley- games. Twelvecreditskeep                   Callero i s also a carpenter. gets forboth men’s and have allowed the opportunity
 ball coach, was named them onfinancial aid, but they Callero said, “We don’t do i t women’s sports are somewhat to have two new coaches come
 NWAACC’s Coach of The earnnocredits                     for their in- because of themoney. It’s a comparable, Mackintosh said, in,”
 Year.                                volvement.                        commitment. Just because    I’m “We don’t have many sports
                                                                                                                           as                    Callero said that everyone
      This year’s NWAACC                  Bruce Mackintoshhandles making 25 cents an hour, I’m for women as for men. If we from the groundskeeper, pur-

 sports committee has three ac- the funding for the athletic pro- not going to I’m not going can’t develop moresports for chasingdepartment,mainte-
 tive HCC members: Kelly grams. Mackintosh said, “At- to recruitanymore.**                                                  to
                                                                                                          women, we have do what we nance crew, and division’s  the
 Beymer for volleyball; Dale tempts have been made to            bring     Callero said, “There’s noth-have to do.” Headded, “We’re secretary Nancy Kirshner, has
 Bolinger for women’s basket- in the people, but hard when ing like the experience andre- giving i t the best we but i t contributed to HCC’s athletic
                                                        it’s                                                                     can,
 ball; and Don McConnaughey, they’renotbeingdeveloppd.                  ward you get when you are a has to be in cooperation with success,
  HCC’s Physical Education Soccer i s big in high schools, coach and you a young stu- others.”
  Departmer~t   head i s chair for and so i s volleyball, basketball dent go from an impression-              Hackett said, “Before Title
 both cross-crountry and track and softball. Tennis went out            able high school student to a I X the women’s programs were
 and field.                           in the 80s.”                      responsible college graduate.” underfinanced and over-
        HCC’s Athletic Director           Mackintoshadded, “Swim-           Calleroattributesanother      looked,” Hackett’s wife was a        Attend the informational
 Fred Harrison said, “We have ming went out about years problem at HCC to of sup- volleyball player at HCC, and
                                                                                                                                                1:30, May 31 @ the D s  e
 six coachesthathavegradu-            ago. We had the pool, there port and community involve- he said, “Theydidn’t eat at the
                                                              but                                                                                   Moines Library
 ated from HCC. I nathletics we was only one community col- ment because HCC is a com- I same places stay at as nice of or
 talk about giving back, so to lege to competeagainst.”                 mutercollege.         H e said, qualities of hotels.” Callero           For More Information
 speak. There’s six of us here Mackintoshsaid, “The biggest “Western Washington, Skagit said, “Title I X is appropriate                                    calk
 thatyoumaysayare            doing cost in sports i s travel, if we Valley, Centralia and Lower for the high school and               junior   Bill Walker: $247929
 that. We know what the aca- have to drive to Oregon, it’s Columbia have great support high school level to enhance


                                                                                                       ThunderWord Thursday May 21,1992                        Page 15

    Hard-hitting Hipp seeks heavyweight crown
    Larry Claflin                    World of Sports.”                    for his hand speed and power-        against left-handers. Jankelson wants Hipp to stick toa tactical
    Senior Reporter                     At 6’ 1 ” tall, Hipp will enter   ful left hook, as for the notori-        thnt
                                                                                                               said he        didn’t know i f fight and not’sacrifice defense
       Joe “The Boss” Hipp, of the bout at 230 pounds. He i s a           ety that surrounds him. He i s       Hipp’sbeing a lefty was      an  for a knockout,“but i f one
    Federal Way. i s a left-handed Yakima native, and one-half
                                                           is             thegreat-nephew of the late                                                 -
                                                                                                               advantr;ge, “but i f it’s worked comes great,” Jankelsorl xiid.
    professional  heavyweight        Blackfoot Indian and one-half        JohnWayneandacted            with    into the gamc plan, i t could       Jankelson bclievc.; t h . \ t
    boxer. He i s a quiet, collected German.                              Sylvester Stallone the movie
                                                                                                in             be.”                             Hipp i s quite nlrrrkctab!e !“.
    athlete, wholeaves the talking      Jankelson i s confident that      “Rocky V.” “Joe will con-                Jankelson said that terms ofcharisma. ; d !!lilt       :b;.h

    to his omnipontent jab. and Hipp will beat Morrison by
                         left                                             vince him (Morrison) fairly          Morrison i s an outstanding couldbeacareerfight for hiiy
    hismanager. Roland Jankelson.dominating rounds with lateral           early on that he in the wrong
                                                                                             is                fighter. buthe has never faced “If he wins this fight, he c d d
        Hipp (24-3) i s scheduled to movement, agility,            and    place at the: wrong time, and        anybody with the pure punch- be a darling of the public,”
    fight Tommy “The Duke” strength. “Joe will hit Tommy                  that acting i s tl better career,”   ing power of Joe Hipp. He Jankelson said. He hopes that
    Morrison (32- 1) on June27. in like he has not experienced,”          Jankelson said.                      knows that  Hipp has thoability his boxer’s next matchwill be
    Reno,Nevada.The bout will Jankelson said.                                  Morrison, who i s right-        to knock out Morrison, but i s against whoever i s the Heavy-
    be televised on ABC’s “Wide         Morrison i s known as much         handed, has history of trouble
                                                                                        a                       notgoingtoattempt                                 of
                                                                                                                                         it. He weight Champion the World.

     Alzado death a lesson
    Doua McCormack                   inoperable bmin cancer   that    thesportssection       i s thetoy
    Sports Editor                    would eventually end his life.   department of the newspaper.               0

         People in and around sports
                                        Immediately following the and little kids still fulfill their
                                     revelation, Alzado went public dreams in its contents. I can
                                     with the news. He studied all accept that, but this i s one sports
                                                                                                                 :Register at following
                                                                                                                 0                                                                i
    love toassign values to every- of the possibilities and came to fan who i s not willing to watch                                                                              0
    thing. If you are so inclined, the conclusion that the cancer his heroes die needlessly.                                                                                      0

    you can break down how much caused by his extensive
                                     was                                   The most frustratingaspect
                                                                                                                 i *Student Activities, :

    Roger Clemens makes for ev- steroid use. Alzado appeared           of this dilemmai s that the play-
    ery strikeout he throws;how on television;pleading with ers, the people
                              or                                                      directlyaffected,          0                                                                0

    muchevery Cortez Kennedy steroid userseverywhereto                               the
                                                                       will not allow NFLto imple-                                                                                0

                                                                                                                        Bldg. 8
                                                                                                                 0                                                                0
    sack is worth. You can deter- cease their use of the drugs.        ment full-time steroid testing.           0                                                                0
    mine the pocketvalue of a            I t was a poignant moment Instead, they hide behind their               0                                                                0
    Superbowl, or a golf touma- for sports f m s everywhere. union and refuse to budge.
    ment. After all, sports i s a This once proud warrior, the             Even if madatory testing

                                                                                                                 *    *Multicultural                                              e
    business like anyother,and        same man   who butted heads on was instituted,playerscould                                                                                  0
     money i s the crank that turns fields of green in front of mil- dodge being identifiedthrough
     the motor. Too often, how- lions, was reduced to tears as the use of masking agents and
                                                                                                                 : Student services,
     ever, people become obsessed he realized the inevitable na- otherevasive methods. Alzado                                                                                     0

     by the rush of athletic domi- ture of his situation.
     nance and lose of thecon-
                                                                       took a test during his come-
                                         Lyle Alzado didn’tn that back effort -- while he was us-
                                                                                                                         Bldg. 6                                                  0
     sequences.                       another win was worth his life. ing steroids -- and passed.
          Lyle Alzado was   one of H e was victimized by the win-
     those people. His recent death at-all-costsattitudethat
                                                                 has ironic and tragic situation.
                                                                                                     i s an
                                                                                                                 : *Women’s Programs,!
                                                                                                                 0                                                                0

                                                                                                                 0                                                                0
     i s something that should give perverted sports to the of roid users are so determined to
     pause to us all. Throughout his being a deadly endeavor. continuetheir use they         that
                                                                                                                 0       Bldg. 21                                                 0
     NFL career. and during his at- Somewhere along the line we won’t allow themselves to be
                                                                                                                 : *Switchboard,. Bldg.
     temptedcomeback, Alzado replaced sportsmanship           with a helped. Ceasing to use ‘roids
     used steroids on a regular ba- paycheck; honorable competi- would take away their edge,                     0

     sis. They helped him become tion with a willingness to risk their advantage over the next
     stronger, faster andmeaner.                                                        fail
                                      ourselves in the nameof a vic- guy. What they to realize i s
     They also killed him. Alzado tory.                                that in theend,they        will all
     was told by doctors that had         Somebodyoncesaidthat         lose.

           R                        See U s For Summer Employment
                                             Five Different Start Times (Shifts)
                                                       $7.00 an hour shifts

                                                                                                    7.50 an hour shift
      I    P                                     8 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m.

                                                            Permanent Part-Time Work
                                                                  Located in Kent
                                                                            Sunday Thursday

           S                                             Tuition ReimbursementProvided
                                                         Sign Up In Job Placement Or Call

    Page 16                  Thunderword Thursday M a y 2 1 , 1 9 2

    Interior Design students to
                              host an open house                                                             Students can register
    Senior Reporter
                                     gram offersa two-year dcgree
                                     for those who are ready to gct
                                                                        thc program has “a pretty fair
                                                                        dcmand” sincc many homc
                                                                                                             to vote on campus
                                     jobs in interior designing right   owncrs arc starting to remodel       S h a m McCormack                 bcforc an clcc
               Community             away anda transfer dcgrecfor       thcir homesnthcr thanbuy new         Staff Writer                          The voluntccrs
                                                                                                                                                         consist               of
    Collcgc’s Intcrior Dcsign stu- those who wish to continue   their   ones. Also thc    samehome                                             eight studcnts;md!ivestaff mcm-
    dents will be cxhibiting their education at Washington State        owners are interestedintalking          Highline Community    Col-     belswhowcnttotwo-hourclasscs
    best work to l c lbusinesses, University.                           to designcrs before theybegin      lege students staffcanregis- downtown on their time so
                                                                                                                           and                                       own
    high schools, and technical          Fourteen Interior Design       remodeling. Pratt     said, “we    ter to voteon campus. Carolyn they could leam how to register
    colleges, as well as to fellow students assisted in some de-        have a lot of our students w o k - Johnson, an office assistant in people to vote. Startingthis
    HCCstudents, at anopen
    on May from 4 to 7 p.m. at HCC ComputerLab, and some
    the HCC Library.
                              house signing of Bldg. 30, the new

                                      students are currently working
                                                                        ing.” Many of them get jobs
                                                                        working for architects andas
                                                                                                           ties Office, has
                                                                                                                               VWE         *-&
                                                                                                                                                                      and extend-
                                                                                                                                                              ing throughout the
                                                                                                                                                              summer, Johnson
        Inadditiontotheopenhouse on space planning of Green                  Beverly Lago, coordinatior    to get HCC stu- A:&*.   ,   .   4    ~  ,
                                                                                                                                               ‘e...   ~      and her volunteers
                                                                                                                                                          - ’s: ~ , r ~
                                                                                                                                                        Lln U - ~
                                                                                                                                                             \ A &.       ,\

    activities,graduatingstudents     River Community College’s         o f the open house, who also i s
                                                                                               registered   dents            to                               willhaveboothssct
    will be presenting their portfo- Computer Department.               an Interior Design student   says   vote.                                             uptwiceamonthin
    lios containing a collection of      Interior DesignDepartment      that the program teaches stu-           Johnson wants                                 Bldg. 8, or outsidc
    thcir last two year’sprojects.    Coordinator Donna Pntt said       dents how to do color drawings      to get many stu-
                                                                                                                   as                                         i f weather permits.
    The students work has been on the Interior Design program           in Color Drawings classes as        dentsandstaffpos-                                      Johnson wants
    display inthe Librarysincc May “teaches students how to dc-          well as how to do delinations  in  sible rcgistercd to

                                                                                                                                                              studentsand staff
     15 and will remain on display sign the interiors of houses,         Drafting classes. Students in                   the
                                                                                                            votc before lo-                                   membmwhohavc
    until thc May 29.                 hospitals, offices, cvcn fu-
                                                         and             thc program also learn how to                                                        not registcrcd to
        HCC’s Interior Design Pro- neral homes.” Pratt alsosays          make models and sketches.
                                                                                                            cal primarieson
                                                                                                            Sept. 15, and the
                                                                                                                               1                         to vote know that
                                                                                                            presidential electionon a .3. then: are variouslocationson
    Asbestos to be removed from Student Services building She fecls that thcrc is a need c ~ p u s w h e ~ t hcando SO: the                                          cy
                                      lcased. Saundcrs thinks that Duncani s kccpingan opcn mind            amongstudentsto xgistcr tovotc switchboard, the multicultural
    Asbestos, cont.                   thcy will not bc using them for about it and says shc is going to andshc wants to makc i t c;lsicr office, and Counscling in Bldg.
                                      this projcct.                    think of i t as “a summer homc.” forthem. “’Frccdomofchoi~is 6, Studcnt Activitics in Bldg. 8,
    from page 1                           While thc asbestos i s bcing     Sincc t h C Couscling OffiCC hcc and they shouldgrab it,” and Women’s ProgrmsinBldg.
                                      rcmovcd, thc offices in Bldg. 6 will be moving, Assistant DeanJohnson  said.                             21 A. Hours vary.
         A contractor the project and in thc other buildings will o f Students Michacl Grubiak is
                      for                                                                                        Sheand hcr 13 voluntccrsonHCCstudcntsmdstaff’mcm-
    has not yct bccn dctcrmined                                        rcady to start packing his ban. campushavc drcady mmagcd txirs ~ T wclcornc to hclp John-
    and will not bc until Junc 2;                                      necessities in order to move to to gct 288 studcnts and somc son inhcrcffortto rcgistcrpcoplc
    however, HCC does havc While the asbestos                          Bldg 8. Grubiak said, “It’ll be staff mcmbcrs rygistcrcd to votc to vote; all they hwc to do is
    Gactano (Yogi) Iodiceand Lcc is being removed,                     fun. It’ll be very intercsting.” before thedeadlinc forthe pmsi-attendonc             two-hour class. I f
    Hall, two certified asbcstos the offices in Bldg.                      Sincc thc offices will not bc dcntial primaryon May 19. Thc intcratcdcont;tctJohnsonat878-
    workcrs, on  staff, in case of an                                  moving until mid     June, fall and dcadlinctorcgistcr is 31 days 3710 cxt. 535..
    emcrgcncy situation.
                                       6 and in the other
                                                                       summer registrationtraffic
         The statc capitol has al- buildings will have                 should be finishcd by then.
    lowed prisoncrs that arc close to move elsewhere.                  Duncansaid,“there         will bc
    tobeingrclcascdtorcmovc                                            signs all over campus”   pointing
    asbcstos. Saundcrs saidthat i t have tomovcclscwhcrc. Duncan thc direction of whcre cvery-
    i s a way theycan lcarn a trade says that moving the Rcgistra- one is. Duncan also said that                                  Reverse Discrimination:
    that will help them find a good tion Offcc to the Gold Room of new maps the campus will be
    paying job once they arc re- Bldg. 4 will be “a challenge.” printed.                                          On May 29, the Black Student Union will be sponsoring an
                                                                                                              open forum panel discussion entitled, ‘The Myth of Reverse
                                                                                                              Discrimination.’, The forum will take placein Bldg. 7 from 2-4
                                                                                                              p.m. A l l students are encouraged andinvited to attend, regard-
                                                                                                              less of their sex or race.
               MagnWy Yaup JaB Opportunities

                Become a Biotechnician at
                Seattle Central Community College

               Join a multi-billion dollar industry with job
               opportunities in human health and medical diagnostics,
                                                                                                              Tazza Espresso
               agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, aquaculture
               and pollution control.                                                                            Full Service Espresso
                Biotechnologists work in labs that develop cancer-                                                 Bar and Bakery
                fighting drugs, hardier
                                                    toxic     waste-                    .
                eating bacteria and other products that impact our                                                           Located in Cafeteria
                lives.                                                                                           Satellite Espresso Bar Located By Building 6

                More than 60 biotech firms operate in the h g e t Sound                                                      “GRANITN’
                region, making it the fourth largest biotech employer
                in the country.
                                                                                                                           Exciting new iced drinks
                                                                                                                                               Caffe Latte
                Seattle Central offers the ONLY 2-year program leading
                to an Associate of Applied Science degree in Biotechnology.                                                                    Lemonade
                An internship with Q biotech,-
                                             1’   . ia part of the program.
                                                  . _ L   b b . i   I                                                                            Guava
                You can join this exciting field. Cl Seattle Central’s
                                                   a                                                                            Located in the Cafeteria
                Biotedrndogy TrainingProgram today at 587-3858 for
                information on fall quarter mgistration. ’                                                                                                                           .

c                                                                                                                                                                                        e

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