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					The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5                                                                     Page 1

ISSUE 5            Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America for 52 years   May 2012

                                 THE PRESIDENT’S CORNER

I'm so glad to know that some people, at least the men, read my last
president's message. However, you need to go back and reread the
article carefully. It's the pickup who is topless NOT the owner.

If you are sitting at home wondering what to do, just check out the
activity calendar. Not only do we have loads of local events but there
are many long distance and super long distance events scheduled. I
saw several Model A's with new passengers riding along on the last
tour. Great idea, if you have an empty seat, call and offer a fellow
member a ride.

Remember to continue to mix it up! Step out of your comfort zone and sit with some one different
at a meeting. Walk around and chat with people you don't know to make them feel welcome. If
you want to get involved, just give me a call and I'll help you!

Happy Model “A”ing.…Patti Meneely


MEET WHERE:            Between McDonalds & Wal-Mart
                       Monterey Plaza --5502 Monterey Rd. San Jose
                       Wayne Innamorato 408-370-3438
MEET WHEN:             Saturday May 12 8:30AM

Tiffany Ford is hosting this event which should prove to be very fun and unique. We will meet at
our familiar place off Monterey Road at the Wal-Mart at 8:30 am and depart at 9 am. We should
get to Tiffany's around 10 am in time for coffee and donuts and then be ready at 10:45 for a tour
of the area. We'll start with a police escort through the San Juan Apple Valley then to historic old
town San Juan Bautista. From San Juan Bautista we'll travel over the San Juan grade into the
Salinas Valley and up and over the Old Stage Coach Road. After that we'll head back to Tiffany's
for a tri-tip lunch -- you won't want to miss this tour, especially the Old Stage Coach Road. So
check your oil, water, get your camera and let's get your A on the road!!!

       Next Board Meeting                      Next General Meeting                       SCVC’s Mission
May 29, 2012 7:30 PM                       June 5, 2012 7:30 PM                              Statement
Nicholson home (650) 327-1974              Harry’s Hofbrau                          “To further the association
307 Durham St. Menlo Park                  390 Saratoga Ave., San Jose,             and education of Model A
Page 2                                                                          The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5

                                  GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS
 Sunshine Report: P. Kopf reported: Jeannie Day had surgery and is doing well now.
      Sympathy card went out to Mark and Susan Colbeck for the passing of her father. Sign
      “Get Well” card tonight for Nancy Jorgensen. Packy Casalino had eye surgery.
      Note: Mary Lewis will be taking over for Peggy during May while Peggy is in Europe.
 Edsel Award: Won by Mark Barrett won for snapping off his horn adjusting part. $95 fix.
 Hard Luck Award: No winner this month.
 Bob Hazleton Award: Thanks went to R. & L. Fontaine, J. & J. Guzzetta, D. Cole, D.
      Rinaldi, L. Conger, L. Dal Canto and T. Kafer.

 MAFFI FUNDRAISING BRICKS FOR SALE:                                 Contact Chuck Christensen -

                                                  FROM THE SCVC LIBRARY
                Need info on how to
                restore a part for your car?

              E-mail Judy Dal Canto, our Club Librarian

                    CLUB OFFICERS                                         VOLUNTEER POSITIONS
PRESIDENT:              Patti Meneely              650-948-9301           Advertising:       Rodger Griffin
VICE PRESIDENT:         Will Lancaster             408-739-1444           Greeter:           Lewis Petty
SECRETARY:              Carol Mandere              408-528-0273           Historian:         Kelly Bybee
TREASURER:              Nancy Jorgensen            408-354-8627           Ladies’ Seminar:   Nora Elderton
MEMBERSHIP:             Bill Nicholson             650-327-1974                              Nancy Peters
ACTIVITIES:             Mark Colbeck               408-248-5747           Librarian:         Judy Dal Canto
                        Wayne Innamorato           408-370-3438           Men’s Seminar:     Chuck Elderton
EDITORS:                Susan & Dave Jones         650-960-2429           Newcomers:         Jay Day
                                                                          Participation:     Chuck & Nora
The Ford Script is published monthly by the Santa Clara Valley                               Elderton
Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America, P.O. Box 6918, San           Publisher:         Fred & Joyce
Jose, CA 95150. This newsletter is to aid in the restoration and                             Wilkinson
enjoyment of the Model A Ford automobile and keep club members            Raffle:            Shirley Hazleton
informed of events and activities. All members are encouraged to          Sunshine:          Peggy Kopf
submit articles of interest. Permission is granted to other               Vest Materials:    Liz Bueno
publications to copy material, provided that acknowledgement is           Webmaster:         David Van’t Hof
given. Email, mail or deliver all newsletter items to the editor by the   ACCC:              Terry Burtz
end of the monthly general meeting for inclusion in the Ford Script.      MAFCA:             Chuck Christensen
All correspondence concerning the Script can be sent directly to the      MAFFI:             Chuck Christensen
editor: Suggestions, photos, write-ups, and articles are welcome.         NCRG:              Mark Barrett
                        Susan and Dave Jones
                  email to:
Go to: for more information

Membership in SCVC is $25.00 per year, per family. Membership in MAFCA is a prerequisite for membership
in SCVC. Send $40.00 MAFCA dues to Model A Ford Club of America, 250 S. Cypress St., La Habra, CA
90631-5515 or join on the website:
The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5                                                         Page 3


*12 Sat.         Tiffany Ford tour and lunch in Hollister meet at 8:30 AM and depart at 9:00 AM
                 Between McDonalds & Wal-Mart
                 Monterey Plaza --5502 Monterey Rd. San Jose
                 Wayne Innamorato           408-370-3438
 13              Mother’s Day
*19 Sat.         Combined Seminars - Topic is genealogy 9:30 AM
                 Lange home, 1172 St. Anthony Ct. Los Altos (650) 961-6183
 20 Sun.         Friendship Day 2012, Gates open at 8 AM with the usual $15 gate fee -- info can
                 be found at
*25-27           NCRG Regional Meet in Sonora, CA
                 We will meet at 8:30 AM and depart at 9:00 AM from Christy Donuts in Park
                 Victoria Square (1291 E. Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, NW corner N. Park Victoria Dr.
                 & Calaveras Blvd.) Contact Mark Barrett 408-371-7553 or Will Lancaster
                 408-739-1444 for tour plans
 29 Tues.        Board meeting, Nicholson home (650) 327-1974 7:30 PM

*5 Tues.         General meeting, Harry’s Hofbrau, San Jose CA. 7:30 PM
*10 Sun.         Model T Low-land tour to Tiffany Ford in Hollister
                 Meet at Starting line on Palm Dr. at the Oracle Agnews Campus (Palm Dr. and
                 Lafayette St. in Santa Clara). Meet at 7:15 AM, depart about 8:00 AM
                 Info Pat Meneely 650-948-9301 Registration forms and information can be found
                 on our Website:
*14-19           NWRG Regional Meet in Boise, ID Contact Don Cole 408-370-2274
*18-22           MAFCA National Meet in Marquette, MI
*23 Sat.         Seminars - Safety switch installation, Collars & embellishments, Enos home
 26 Tues.        Board meeting, tentatively at Jorgensen home 7:30 PM

*3 Tues.         General meeting, Harry’s Hofbrau, San Jose CA. 7:30 PM
*14 Sat.         Tour to Moffett Field -- tour Moffett and picnic lunch
*21 Sat.         Seminars - Let me drive your "A"
 31 Tues.        Board meeting, Meneely home 7:30 PM
Page 4                                                                 The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5

                                      APRIL 7th SEMINARS
Car Judging Seminar: Thirty-three
members attended the car judging
seminar at the Elderton’s garage on
Saturday, April 7th.       Bill Cilker,
Chuck Christensen, Gene Mandere,
a n d Te d K a f e r s h a r e d t h e i r
expertise with the group as they led
teams through portions of the
judging process. Each leader spent
about a half hour on each of the
four cars presented. Thanks for
providing the cars go to Bill Cilker,
John Guzzetta, Bob Lewis, and
George Alexy. Also, a very special
thank you to our team leaders.
                                                                                 Intended as an
                                                                                 introductory exercise,
                                                                                 the seminar appears
                                                                                 to have sparked the
                                                                                 interest of at least a
                                                                                 couple of potential
                                                                                 new judges.         As
                                                                                 interest began to
                                                                                 wane for the majority
                                                                                 after the second
                                                                                 rotation, members
                                                                                 turned their focus to
                                                                                 the ever popular
                                                                                 seminar highlights:
                                                                                 coffee, donuts and
                                                                                 great conversation.

                             Ed Enos gave a preview of the
                             scheduled June battery
                             disconnect switch seminar.
                             Tire kicking included Wayne
                             and Julie’s new slant window
                             sedan making its premiere
                             appearance, and Chuck’s
                             recently completed closed cab
                             pickup air conditioning
                             exercise. by Chuck Elderton
Link to more pictures:!4114&parid=root
The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5                                                                                        Page 5

                                                                                      Travel Aids Seminar:           Traveling in a
                                                                                      Model A is an enthusiastic part of women’s
                                                                                      participation in club activities. Twenty-two
                                                                                      women came to the April seminar to hear
                                                                                      about travel tips. A few suggestions were
                                                                                      what type of clothing to take, such as zip-
                                                                                      leg pants that convert into shorts, neck
                                                                                      coolers, jackets and gloves for cold-
                                                                                      morning starts; items such as passports,
                                                                                      Sr. pass for National Parks, itinerary to
                                                                                      leave with family; lumbar pillow, insect
                                                                                      repellent, sun visor/hat/glasses/lotion, zip-
                                                                                      lock bags.       The page of suggestions
                                                                                      makes a good checklist when packing.

On a long trip, one usually has anywhere from one, to maybe a
dozen or more maps if you’re going cross-country. To keep them all
in one handy place, the ladies sewed multi-pocket, folding map
pouches. Thanks to Vickie and Patti for bringing their sergers, and to
Jill, Nancy P and Nora for providing sewing machines.

Helen Christensen brought four quilts she made using ladies’ hankies
from our era and older. The hankies are the focal points and are
surrounded by solid and print fabrics that form each quilt. Stunning!
Lucky grandchildren!. by Nora Elderton

L i n k t o m o r e p i c t u r e s : h t t p s : / / s k y d r i v e . l i v e . c o m / r e d i r. a s p x ?

                            JOINT SEMINAR ON GENEALOGY - May 19

WHERE:                 Lange home, 1172 Saint Anthony Ct., Los Altos
!                      (650) 961-6183

In May the two Seminars will be combined and held at the Lange’s
house on Saturday, May 19 starting at 9:30AM. Martha Wallace is a
sought after speaker by numerous genealogy groups in Silicon Valley
and will describe how to use Federal Census Reports to fill in missing
information in your family tree. Martha is a retired middle school history
teacher who became quite serious about her genealogy research in the
1990s. In addition to spending lots of time hunting for ancestors, Martha
enjoys hiking in the hills and is a docent in era costume at the Rengstorff
House at Shoreline in Mountain View. She is a volunteer at the National
Archives, indexing Criminal Court Records for the mid to late 1800s.

PLEASE BRING YOUR CHAIRS. Also bring your sun screen and hats as overflow from garage
will be in the driveway. Rich Lange
Page 6                                                                        The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5

                May 1st General Meeting Minutes, by Carol Mandere, Secretary

Called To Order: By President Patti Meneely at 7:29 pm
Location: Harry’s Hofbrau, San Jose, CA Flag Salute was led by Fred Wilkinson
President: Patti welcomed long time member Patti Jones from Arizona.
Greeter: Jay Day introduced: Windy and Charlene Rowe. They have a ’29 coupe and ’29 AA Flatbed.
Raffle: Shirley announced the raffle income of $147.
Vice President: Will Lancaster had no report. Will has “Classies” for any Script ads.
Secretary: The minutes from April’s meeting were approved as printed in the Script. Corres: Received a Thank You
letter from the Alzheimer’s Assoc. for our donation and a flyer from Gaslight Auto Parts.
Treasurer: Nancy Jorgensen was ill. No report this month.
Editors: Dave and Susan on vacation.              Membership: No activity this month.
Activities: This month’s tour to Tiffany Ford. Please sign up, as they need a head count. Meeting at 8:30 (Monterey
Shopping Plaza) and leaving at 9 am on Saturday, May 12th. Sat., May 19th is the Wings of History event. Drive on
your own. Friendship Day, Sun. May 20th. NCRG Roundup is the 25th - 27th. Meet at the donut shop at 8:30 am
and departing at 9:00. Side street parking behind the shopping center recommended on this weekday. Lowland Tour
for all cars 1940 and older on June 10th.
Seminars: R. Lange spoke about the combined seminar on Genealogy. Park on the street if possible & bring sun
hat/chairs. Nancy Peters reported that Nora has pattern working paper. See Nancy P.
ACCC: T. Burtz reported that Senate bill 1224 was dead in committee. Read a short article on Non-operation of
vehicles from the ACCC newsletter. ACCC is helping him with his case.
Historian: K. Bybee showed a short documentary about Henry Ford.
Librarian: J. Dal Canto had available tonight: “How To Restore Your Model A” volumes 1 thru 4, “Fashion Facts”
and the Pattern catalog. Copies of “Model A Memories” from the 50th for $15 each. Judy asked for interest in the
Jack Passey book. She may add it to the library.
MAFCA: C. Christensen reported that the MAFCA rosters are ready. Check the May Restorer for the article on the
Pattern Project. Seeking 5 positions on the MAFCA Board. Please consider running. Board decided to select a new
printer for the Restorer. They will start with the Nov./Dec. issue.
MAFFI: C. Christensen reported that work has begun on the construction of the Model A Ford museum. They have
put a live cam on site. Check progress online at: Order blanks for bricks available. They still need
funds for the endowment to support ongoing maintenance of the museum.
NCRG: Mark Barrett reported that the fashion tea is sold out. The Hubley race will be Saturday night. Mark and
family will be having pizza dinner. Let him know if you want to join them. Tour up to Sonora and options for lunch
discussed by Will Lancaster.
Participation: C. Elderton reported that the quarterly report will be pushed back a couple of months due to their
travel schedule. Please remember to sign in for all events.
Sunshine: Jeannie Day had surgery and is doing well now. Sympathy card went out to Mark and Susan Colbeck for
the passing of her father. Sign “Get Well” card tonight for Nancy Jorgensen. Packy Casalino had eye surgery. Mary
Lewis will be taking over for Peggy while she is in Europe.
Vests: L. Bueno has patches and materials. Get ready for those touring season events.
Webmaster: D. Van’t Hof will now be sending out emails without everyones address visible. Better security. Send
pictures to D. Van’t Hof, D. Jones & K. Bybee from club activities.
New Business: Bill Cilker: Request for any member interested in judging to see him. He needs a couple of club
cars to block off the judging area Friday night, during the Roundup. See J. Guzzetta. Judges are also needed at the
National in Marquette. J. Day has cards if you need to find help fixing your car.
Mystery Part: T. Kafer reported that this month’s mystery part was a reverse idle gear and bushing.
Hard Luck: No winner this month.
Edsel: Mark Barrett won for snapping off his horn adjusting part. $95 fix.
Bob Hazleton Recognition Honors: Thanks went to R. & L. Fontaine, J. & J. Guzzetta, D. Cole, D. Rinaldi, L.
Conger, L. Dal Canto and T. Kafer.
New Cars: D. Peters bought Marshall’s ’30 coupe. W. Innamorato bought a ’31 slant window.
Good of the Order: K. Bybee has a Best Western room to offer for NCRG. L. Conger has an Aladdin Motor Inn
room also. President Patti: May challenge; To get your cars out and drive them!
Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, May 29th, @Nicholson’s 7:30 pm
Next General Meeting: Tuesday, June 5th - 7:30 pm at Harry’s Hofbrau Meeting Adjourned: 8:37 pm
The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5                                                            Page 7

                        Seen in the Shops on Fifth Ave. By Patti Jones
                                 (Taken from May 1929 Needlecraft Magazine)

                                              Contrary to predictions, reptile leathers for shoes
                                              continued to be in vogue during this period of fashions.
                                              Pumps like these are dressy with a higher heel and thin
                                              straps. They could be purchased in “watersnake”, lizard
                                              and genuine leather or specially treated calf resembling
                                              reptile leather. They could be dyed in many colors, often
                                              matching purses sold to complement the shoe.

                                              As the Summer was beginning, there were new       shoes
                                              created for warm days. They consisted of gaudy    prints,
                                              combined with colored leathers, and in pongee     fabric.
                                              Evening slippers of crepe de Chine were dyed to   match
                                              the wearer’s evening gown.

                                              Small silk envelope purses dyed to match the wearer’s
                                              shoes are “tres vogue” for the year. It was stated in the
                                              article “Of course you know that your handbag should
                                              match your shoes…”         Envelope style purses were
                                              predominant and some with metal trim.

                                              Scarves are accented with the “watersnake” pattern for
                                              this style year. Many silk scarves in bright colors are
                                              trimmed in “watersnake” skin pattern to complete the
                                              purse and shoe ensemble.

                                              It should be noted that during 1928-1929 buttons were
                                              predominately used as fasteners on shoes. After that,
                                              buckles were in vogue for the remaining of the Model A

                                              Technical Fact
                                      submitted by Chuck Christensen

From the February 15, 1928 edition of Ford News: "During 1927, a total of 2,767,350 square feet
of blue print paper was used for the various plans and specifications prepared at the Dearborn
engineering laboratories in connection with the development of the new Model A and AA truck.
In January, 1927, a total of 148,350 square feet was required. This increased to 234,400 square
feet in July and 350,750 feet in December. The year's total was an increase of 143,150 feet over
1926. During the last five years consumption of blue print paper has increased 1,681,900 square
feet, only 1,085,450 being used in 1923. During this time the number of men increased from one
to seven."
Page 8                                                              The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5


April 15th (tax day) is usually a day people want to skip but not our club. April 15th turned out to
be a beautiful day and quite a tour. We met at 8:30 at Almaden Fashion Plaza and enjoyed
brownies compliments of Pat Hawkins in celebration of her and Gene's birthday -- happy
birthday. Twenty-nine A's and a few modern cars rolled out onto the roadway at 9am equipped
with four maps and headed for our first stop; Chitactac-Adams Heritage Park. By the time we all
got to Jack’s we added another two A’s plus a cool Corvette for a total of 49 member families
which accounted for approximately 70 people in attendance.

Even with the available emergency pee pot (thankfully which no one
used) the stop turned out to be a bit of an extended stop but no problem
as everyone enjoyed each others company while we waited. With
                                          everyone relieved and ready to
                                          go we headed out to Jack
                                          Passey's home for a look at his
                                          car collection.

It was easy to find Jack’s driveway
thanks to Pat Lovejoy who was waiting
at the entrance plus Pat instructed the
lone CHP to stop traffic just before
Jack’s driveway.

I think our reputation preceded us as Jack's wife Mona had two big batches of cookies for
us. Jack was amazed at the number of people and A’s that visited but he was more than happy
to share a few stories and of course share his cars. He also allowed us to see his collection of
airplane models and car memorabilia upstairs, which he normally keeps as off-limits, so that was

                                                           Judging from the comments no one
                                                           was disappointed with Jack’s collection
                                                           and everyone left with at least one
                                                           favorite, be it a Lincoln, Packard,
                                                           Locomobile, Pierce Arrow or maybe
                                                           even a model A. I’m sure everyone
                                                           really appreciated that Jack is a special
                                                           and rare individual in the antique car
                                                           circle and it was really a special treat to
                                                           meet him and see his collection.
                                                           (Continued on Page 9)
The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5                                                                Page 9

From Jack’s we turned to map #2 and headed to
Carmona’s BBQ Deli – and listening to the smacking lips
I’m guessing everyone was well fed!! John and Juanita,
the owners, set up their restaurant to accommodate our
group and it turned out to be a gigantic social hour and
more like a family BBQ and as we ate we were joined by
Jack, his wife Mona and his helper Tom. We ate, drank
and we were happy!

Next on the agenda and on Map #3 were the Rodgers
House and Agricultural Center located in the Watsonville
Fair Grounds. The Rodgers House, normally closed on
Sundays, was opened for us. We were met by eager
docents outside the gate and escorted inside where we were split into groups for touring the
various buildings, including the very first group to have a look inside their new community
building- the highlight being their antique bar which was quite impressive. While there was much
to see and visit I think the Rodgers House was the standout of this visit. Built in 1870 as a
farmhouse it was eventually occupied by Carrol and Esther Rodgers in 1920 – Esther was the
sister of John Steinbeck. It is a designated Historical Landmark and was moved in 1998 to the
Fairgrounds where it sits today.
                                    By the time the last group ended their tour it was around
                                    3:30 and some A’s had departed. It was time to turn to Map
                                    #4 and head home, but wait, what about ice cream? A
                                    mention of ice cream and apple pie swept the remaining
                                    crowd – a call was made to Gizdich Ranch – they are open
                                    until 5pm was shouted out – how do we get there? – Don
                                    Cole says follow me!! A stampede to the parking lot where
                                    our trusty A’s fired up and we were off on a mini renegade
                                    tour! The CB’s cracked – what map do we use – no maps
                                    just follow Don was barked back – I’m guessing 10-12 A’s
                                    pulled into Gizdich Ranch which at that time of the day
                                    injected life into the ranch, and eat pie and ice cream we
                                    did!! As we left Gizdich ranch I pulled out Map #4 and
                                    headed home – got my A in the garage around 6pm and
                                    thought there isn’t a better way to spend April 15th than with
your Model A and your Model A friends – what a great bunch of people! by Wayne Innamorato
Link to more pictures:!4114&parid=root
Page 10                                                     The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5

              CLASSIES                         For Sale 1929 Model A Sport Coupe
                                              in excellent condition. Forest green body
 FOR SALE Now is your chance to own an        and black fenders, white canvas soft top,
almost compete set of THE RESTORER            brand new Firestone WW tires on
magazines. I am selling VOL. 1-1 through      sandblasted and powder coated, bright
VOL. 55-4.   This set is missing but 40       yellow 21 inch wheels. Originally a trunk,
ISSUES out of 334. Many hard to find early    now Reupholstered rumble seat with
issues.   Contact me for further details.     removable cushions.
$400 or B/O     Pat Jones (406) 360-6463      Step plates on                 4/12      running boards. Re-
                                              cored radiator, new
                                              stone guard and
  For Sale New parts from Bratton's,          Quail. Working horn.
30% off retail       Bratton's part numbers
shown with each part.:                        Mechanical brakes.
  1. 6670_Motor Mount/Flywheel Bolts,         Original 6 volts system with alternator.
$2.75 (retail $3.95)                          $13,000.00
2. 2610_Full set of Service Brake Linings
                                              Giorgio Perissinotto, Santa Barbara
Scandinavian type, $53.20 ($76.00)
                                              (805) 637-9810
3. 9170_ Stainless Steel Valves, original
style Full set of 8, $49.00 ($70.00)
Michael Lee
(408) 279-2494                         4/12    FOR SALE "Henry's Lady's Cook Book"
                                              with a Manifold Cooking Section +128
 FOR SALE Model T RAJO-”B” head               pages of scrumptious, time-tested recipes.
                                              A great gift Idea for Model Aers. 5% of all
(408) 842-3962(H) (408) 828-9261(C)
                                              sales goes to the Model A Ford Foundation
Glenn Wildman              4/12
                                              Order from our Web Site
 WANTED 1930/31 headlight bar.                Or Send a check To: PMAC
 John Polland (408) 226-6933                  PO Box 35702               4/12     Phoenix, Az 85069
                                              $10.50 ea. (includes postage)     5/12

 FOR SALE 1931 AA stake side truck. For information
contact Glenn Wildman (408) 842-3962
Email:! !          !    4/12

 ROOMS AVAILABLE Hotel room for one person for the NCRG meet at the Aladdin Motor
Inn. Larry Conger (408) 966-4601
Hotel room for NCRG Meet at the Best Western. Kelly Bybee. (408) 374-3724
Room at the Birchmont Motel for MAFCA National Meet. Will Lancaster (408) 739-1444
The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5                                                                          Page 11


                                                                      Aries Restoration & Painting
                                                                             Model A & Model T
                                                                         Also Ford V-8 Our Specialty
                                                                              Joe Davis 650 - 948 - 6424
                                                                              La Honda & Hollister, CA


                     Fran and Gil Troutman
                    Intero Real Estate Services
                              12900 Saratoga Avenue
                                 Saratoga, CA 95070
                                      DRE #’s 0588866 / 01367327

 Local Expertise-                                                     See Jay Day if you need any help getting
 Global Connections!                                your car on the road
                                                                                Call 408-244-8108
Page 12                                                      The Ford Script, Volume 53, Issue 5

The Ford Script
2820 Steinhart Ct.
Santa Clara, Ca. 95051!          Please help support SCVC by purchasing a dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau