IDENTIFICATION OF PIPE BY COLOR                                              COLOR CODING OF PIPING
                          NBC Amended Rules and Regulation (PD 1096)                          NATIONAL BUILDING CODE (Rule X – Mechanical Regulations) pp196
                           Rule XIII Electrical and Mechanical Regulations

   COLOR     MATERIAL PIPED             PIPE IDENTIFICATION                        DIVISION              DESIGNATION                     COLOR

 RED       Carbon Dioxide              Carbon Dioxide
           Water (Fire Service)        Fire Service Water                    Steam                  High Pressure                WHITE
                                                                                                    Exhaust System               BUFF
 ORANGE    Acetylene                   Acetylene
           Blast Furnace Gas           B.F. Gas
           Gasoline                    Gasoline
           Grease                      Grease
           Hydrogen                    Hydrogen                              Water                  H.P. & L.P. Fresh Water      BLUE
           Oxygen                      Oxygen                                                       Salt Water                   GREEN
           Oil                         Oil
           Tar                         Tar
           Producer Gas                Producer Gas
           Liquid Petroleum Gas        LPG
           Oil and Water               Oil and Water                         Oil                    Delivery                     BRASS BRONZE
           Vacuum-High                 High Vacuum                                                  Discharge                    YELLOW

 YELLOW    Acid                        Acid
           Air-High Pressure           H.P. Air
           Ammonia                     Ammonia
           Steam-High Pressure         H.P. Steam                            Pneumatic              All Piping                   GRAY
           Steam-Low Pressure          L.P. Steam
           Water-Boiler Feed           Boiler Feed Water
           Water-Hot                   Hot Water
           Water-High Pressure         H.P. Water
                                                                             Gas                    All Piping                   BLACK
 GREEN     Air-Low Pressure            L.P. Air                              Fuel Oil               All Piping
           Argon-Low Pressure          L.P. Argon                            Refrigeration          Pipes and Fittings
           Helium-Low Pressure         L.P. Helium
           Nitrogen-Low Pressure       L.P. Nitrogen
           Water-Cold                  Cold Water
           Water-Distilled             Distilled Water
           Water-Low Pressure          L.P. Water
           Water-Treated               Treated Water
           Oil and Water               Oil and Water

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