Girls Vacations and Getaway Trips

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					                     Girls Vacations and Getaway Trips

Even more important than the location and activities, choosing which of our girlfriends to
bring (and which ones to not invite) can make the difference between everyone enjoying
themselves or not. So begin with deciding which girlfriends to invite. Remember that
some friends are more fun in different types of environments and us girls can be a bit,
well... catty. So group your friends according to personality, not just by who you feel
closest to.

Decide the length of the trip and the best travel days for everyone. Some of your
girlfriends will have more trouble getting away during the week, but you'll spend a lot
more traveling, shopping, getting into nice restaurants and spas on the
weekends.Sometime the right weekends trip can feel like you had more of an actual
vacation than ten days going somewhere else.

Next, look into different destinations and what type of getaway you're looking for- do
you want to relax at a spa getaway in a big city like San Diego or New York City, a
shopping splurge in San Francisco or Chicago, a wild-and-crazy Las Vegas trip, get
adventurous outdoors river rafting or hiking in Montana or Aspen, or relax on the beach
in Newport Beach or Miami?

And consider that there are some really wonderful places that you might not have even
considered going to like Park City, Utah, Seattle or Sun Valley Idaho. Some of the best
spas in the country are in Scottsdale, Arizona or St George, Utah, and Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina and Orange County, California have some amazing beaches.

Next, research some hotels and flight options (and don't forget to ask the hotels about spa
packages and specials that they might be running during certain months or travel times),
book your girls trip, and don't forget to schedule your transportation. Sometimes it's
easier to get around by taxi than it is to find parking and deal with rental cars.And often
the cost of getting a town car is about the same as a taxi, so don't forget to ask.

Traveling on some days, like Tuesday or Wednesday can also save you a lot of money
and hassle as they are slower than Fridays, Mondays and Saturdays.

Cruises can be a great option if you don't want to worry about transportation, meals,
activities, rooms, and scenery. Some of the best travel deals and vacation destinations are
cruises, and there's nothing quite like being on the open sea with thousands of strangers
to help you meet some new friends.

Get some girlfriends, book your next trip, and have a blast! When you get back, let me
know- I love to hear the stories about people's adventures... Cheers!

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