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Booking Your First International Flight by rudi.siswantox


									                   Booking Your First International Flight

Forget about getting a travel agent-just open your internet and do it yourself. I know it
can be overwhelming but trust me it can be fun and in many instances will save you
money. It is in the travel agent's interest to sell the most expensive tickets when your goal
is to get the cheapest. You also expose yourself to a lot of unnecessary up-selling when
you go through an agency. They offer you their partners' hotel rooms which most of the
time are low quality or overpriced and their tourist activities which I personally find

So here's what you can do:

1. figure out where you want to go (asia, europe, us, russia, etc. you can be more specific
and choose a city)

2. make sure you have a visa to enter this country (check visa free countries list)

3. decide when you want to leave and return (make sure it's within your visa validity. if
you are employed make sure to check with your employer, too. You want to come back
to your job)

4. set a budget for your flight (trips from Manila to other Asian countries normally do not
cost a fortune
especially if flight is booked 2 months in advance. check online promo sites like ensogo
and deal grocer for discounted tickets)

5. have your credit card and passport beside you as you will need to input your details
(some airlines such as Cebu Pacific allow over the counter bank deposit within 24-48
hours for the tickets but most of the time credit cards are needed)

6. make sure you have a reliable internet connection as you would not want to waste time
re-inputting data when the connection fails as is the case with PLDT

7. beware of the baggage allowance (if you are traveling light, it would save you a lot of
money. if you need to bring things make sure to bring only the important ones to avoid
paying over weight baggage fees. something to look forward to when you become a
frequent flyer is the generous baggage allowance they give to elite flyers)

8. wait for the emailed itinerary and save it on your iPhone instead of printing

You can go directly to the airline's website or you can check flights via online travel
booking websites which offer not only cheap flights but also hotel deals. For best deals, I
compare the direct airlines' cost with Kayak's and Expedia's offers.

Here are some of the airlines I have taken:
-United/Continental Airlines
-Cathay Pacific
-Austrian Airlines
-Asiana Airlines
-Air China
-China Southern
-Cebu Pacific
-Zest Air
-Air Phil Express
-Philippine Airlines

I'll do more comprehensive airline reviews in separate posts. If you're thinking of taking
one of these airlines in your trip, let me know so I can share with you my tips and
experiences. Good luck on booking your flight!

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