High School Cliques Video Reflection Identification Activity Identification Activity Identification Activity Identification Activity Identification Activity by MJJKZn


What is a clique?

A  group of peers that excludes other
  people (intentionally or unintentionally)
 Members of a clique may share similar
  ways of thinking, dressing or behaving
 Members of a clique normally share
  common interests or hobbies
Are cliques good or bad?
Benefits of being in a    Disadvantages of being in
  clique:                   a clique:
• Can make you feel       • Can be limiting
  included or like an     • May criticize
  important part of a       individuals with
  group                     different viewpoints
• Close relationships     • Members may feel they
  with peers that share     have to dress/talk a
  similar hobbies and       certain way
  interests               • May make fun of
                            others who are not in
                            their clique
High School Cliques
 Jocks
 Preps
 Gangstas
 Emos
 Skaters
 Bandies
 Goths
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3s8hy
Video Reflection
 Do you  agree with the cliques the high
  school students identified in the video?
 Do you feel they left out any group?
 Do you feel they identified each group
Identification Activity
Where did you go to middle
1. Southern Middle School
2. Tates Creek Middle School
3. LTMS/Morton Middle School
4. Other
Identification Activity
What is your favorite type of
1. Hip Hop
2. Country
3. Rock
4. Other
Identification Activity
What is your favorite type of
  program to watch on t.v.?
1. Reality
2. Sports
3. Drama/Suspense
4. Other
Identification Activity
What sport would you most like
  to watch?
1. Basketball
2. Baseball
3. Football
4. Soccer
Identification Activity
Which movie would you rather
1. Twilight
2. Transformers
3. Forrest Gump
4. Dodge Ball
Identification Activity Reflection
 Do you feel you are a part of a clique? If so,
  do you feel your membership in the clique is
  beneficial to you?
 Were you aware of all classmates that
  attended the same middle school as you?
 Were you surprised that some of your
  classmates gave the same responses you did?
 Which classmates were you surprised to
  find shared the same interests?
 Would you consider hanging out with some
  one new, that chose similar interest groups?

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