Capacity matrix: The Civil War by MJJKZn


									 Capacity Matrix: Peace Keeping
 Group:IB History of the Americas
 Know                                                                                                   Do
          LWBAT                 PROFICIENT              ADVANCED                       PERFORMANCE TASK: the
                             13–15: Answers are         16–20: Answers are clearly     students will choose the manner
                                                        structured and focused,        of performance task to
                             clearly focused on the
                                                        have full awareness of the     demonstrate their skill as they
                             demands of the
                                                        demands of the                 wish as long as it follows the
                             question. Specific
                                                        question, and if appropriate   read, write, discuss, and present
                             knowledge is
                                                        may challenge it. Detailed     format. Students will be
                             applied as evidence,
                                                        specific knowledge is used     responsible for citing their
                             and analysis or critical
                                                        as                             sources and presenting these
                             commentary are used
                                                        evidence to support            papers in a MLA format. A
                             appropriately to
                                                        assertions and arguments.      Student developed rubric must be
                             produce a specific
                                                        Historical processes such as   attached and partners may not
                             argument. Events are
                                                        comparison and contrast,       duplicate their final product. The
                             placed in context and
                                                        placing events in context      plan, do , check, and adjust must
                             there is sound
                                                        and evaluating different       be included as a reflection of
                             understanding of
                                                        interpretations are used       learning. Once you start your PT
                             historical processes
                                                        appropriately and              you are on the clock, you have
                             and comparison and
                                                        effectively.                   three (3) days to complete task or
                             contrast. Evaluation of
                                                                                       deduct 30% for each day of non
                             different approaches
                                                                                       completion. Thank you
                             may be used to
                             arguments presented.

Explain the aims or
objectives and effects
of Wilson and the
Fourteen Points on
the participants and
peacemakers of the
post WWI era
Analyze the terms of
the Paris Peace
Treaties 1919-20:
St Germain, Trianon,

Explain the
geopolitical and
economic impact of
the treaties on
Europe; the
establishment and
impact of the
mandate system

Analyze and explain
the enforcement of
the provisions of the
treaties on US
retreat from the
Washington, London,
Geneva conferences

Analyze the Ruhr
Crisis (1923);
Locarno and the
“Locarno Spring”
(1925) and their
effects on
peacekeeping efforts

Explain the
international effects
of depression and its
threats to
international peace
and collective
security: Manchuria
(1931-33) and
Abyssinia (1935-36).

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