Reflective Essay Prompt by MJJKZn


									                      Reflective Essay Prompt

              All students taking English 101 at Wenatchee Valley College must take
              the final in-class exam. The exam is a new type of essay called a
              Reflective Essay; in this type of essay, the writer reflects on her/his
              experience in the class, and examines what learning occurred. The
              purpose of this essay is to consider what you’ve done well, what
              learning you have acquired, what you still want to do, and why the
              class was important to you. In order to do this successfully, you must
              consider any learning that you’ve acquired over the course of the
              quarter, compare that learning with what your writing was like before
              the course, and speculate about how the learning you’ve acquired in
              this class will help you in the future. Consult your notes from the
              Exam Prep Day for how the exam will be administered and what
              appropriate topics to write about might be.

              Check out the handout called “Ideas for Writing a Reflective Essay” in
              the document library. Look at the section of your book on In-class
              exams for hints on how to prepare yourself for actually taking the test.
              Review notes from our Exam Prep Day for what to write about.

              Make sure to follow Ms. Shank’s hints for exam preparation, during-
              exam calming hints, and review all notes. Make sure to come to class
              on time, as our time slot is only two hours; you won’t get two hours
              for your exam if you get there late.

Due Date:
              The exam will be December 13, 8-10 am, in Sexton 6003.

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