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					                                                                                                                                June 2010

                                                                                                The Official Newsletter of the Santa Clara
21st Century                                                                                           Valley Model T Ford Club

                                                                                               June 2010               Vol. XI No. VI

                                            LAKE DEL VALLE CAMPOUT
Slide behind the wheel and come camping with us! It was a picture perfect day when we left for Lake Del Valle on Friday, May 7th 2010. Five
Model T’s, two Model As and a Maxwell were given a hearty send-off by Chuck Christensen at Rancho. The sometimes grueling drive to
Livermore was fairly uneventful. Don Skow had to stop and do a little bit of tweaking, but everyone arrived at the Wild Turkey campsite
safely and somewhat relieved.

The group seemed happy with the campsite, once we realized the numerous holes in the ground were from ground squirrels and not snakes.
The rest of the day was spent setting up camp, greeting Sue Edwards who drove in from Sacramento with an extremely fine load of firewood,
greeting Glenn and Vicki Wildman who arrived in their motor home with special canine campers Molly and Bubbles, greeting Jean Boyden
who came for the afternoon, preparing dinner, socializing, and enjoying s’mores around the campfire. Once we were silent, the night
sounds began, mostly owls and frogs. Reportedly a curious skunk wandered through camp during the night. He left no calling card.

Saturday was another beautiful day. Activities included fishing, lunching at a local winery, visiting with Chuck and Helen Christensen who
came up for the day, exploring on 2 legs, exploring on 4 wheels, and for Molly and Bubbles Wildman, exploring on 4 legs. A lunchtime
mishap was Jim Boyden’s Fordor, with a seized distributor. After dinner, Vicki produced 2 amazing homemade lemon meringue pies, which
we enjoyed along with more s’mores. Despite the sugar high, everyone went to bed early.

Sunday morning alternated between gloomy and sunny. We chose sunny as we all celebrated Mothers’ Day with a brunch of omelets (with
Wildmans’ farm fresh eggs!), breads and fruit.

With gray clouds gathering, we packed up and left the park before any real rain started. But we still got caught by the showers, some more
than others (Bob and Mark Edwards).

Special thanks to Sue Edwards for the firewood and fire tending and Vicki Wildman for the fun omelet breakfast. Also, thank you to each
and every person who attended. You all made it a very special weekend.

Now the big question is…where will Henrietta the Snake appear next?             Barbara McKenzie

   Just exactly
    how many
  easy steps is
 this supposed
      to be?
                                                                                                                            This pole
                                                                                                                           possibly be
 I don’t know,                                                                                                            made to fit here.
 did you bring
   the direc-
                                                                                                                            Yeah, it does,
                                                                                                                            just bend the
                                                                                                                            heck out of it.
Directions!! We
 don’t need no

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                                                                                                                                     June 2010
                      THE MINUTES
                                                                          Sunshine: Bill Bratt reported that Marie Cavalli was recuperating at
                                                                          Brookside Manor convalescence facility in San Mateo.
Santa Clara Valley                             May 21, 2010
Model T Ford Club                            General Meeting              Old Business: Jackets, Bob Edwards reported that he has been
                                                                          credited for the returned jackets and hoped that the new shipment
Officers and chairpersons present were: Larry Johnson, Mike &             will be correct. It may be new business in the future.
Nadine Camicia, Allan & Lucy Greenberg, Bob & Mary Beaman,
Bob & Mark Edwards, Dick Hess, Peder Jorgensen Ivan & Sara                New Business; Allan Greenberg reported that Steve Erwin is selling
Jorgensen, Dave & Becky Harrison and Bill Bratt.                          his 27 Model T.

The meeting was called to order by President Bob Beaman at 7:30           Good of the Order: Happy Birthday Marie Cavalli, Sara Jorgensen,
pm. Bob welcomed our guests Rich Jensen and Bob Chase.                    Dick Hess, Gary Aslanian and Bill Bratt.

The minutes that appeared in the Backfire were approved and the           Next General Meeting: June 18, 2010
minutes from the board meeting were read.                                 Next Endurance Run Meeting May 27, 2010
                                                                          Next Board Meeting July 12, 2010 at the Meneely’s abode
Correspondence: Peder Jorgensen reported that he had received
newsletters, a thank you letter form the Centerville Museum, a book-      Adjourned at 8:00 pm
ing invitation from the Winchester Mansion, fliers and Vintage Ford       Respectfully Submitted Bill Bratt

Treasurer’s Report: Mary Beaman reported that her computer was               ENDURANCE RUN AND LOWLAND TOUR
acting up so she could not pass out the balance sheet and the                           STAFFING
profit / loss statement. She shared the bank balance and gave a           Want to find out what you have signed up for? And what time it
brief report.                                                             occurs? And what you need to do? It is on the following website:

Programs: Dave Harrison announced that the evening’s program           
would be about the Lincoln Highway presented by Bob Chase.
Dave also announced that in June we would have a wrap-up about            If you find any errors or omissions, call Nadine at 650-691-9558.
the Endurance Run and in July the program will focus on tech and
safety about Model T rear ends.

Touring: Nadine presented two patches and reported that the June                           ENDURANCE RUN
tour would be the Lowland Tour. In July the tour will be to Sveadal.                   TECH INSPECTION AND BBQ
                                                                          All club members are invited to come to the Endurance RunTech
Public Relations: Allan Greenberg reported that since our last meet-      Inspection and BBQ at Bertolottis on June 12. The car collection
ing there have been two PR events. May 8th Wings of History               will be open for viewing and the BBQ will commence at 4:30pm. Get
Open House; Allan was pleased to see so many old cars partici-            your reservations and payment for the BBQ in to Pat Meneely by
pate, about 30. May 15th, the second event We and Our Neighbors           June 1. Cost of the BBQ is $18.
100th Anniversary. Future events include Memorial Day Parade on
5/31/10, and on 6/19/10 Saratoga Heritage Day.
                                                                                THE PREZ SEZ
Librarian: Dick Hess brought old Vintage Ford issues, car books
and CD’s.                                                                 We had a great presentation
                                                                          from Bob Chase on his spon-
Endurance Run: Peder and Mike announced that May 27th will be             sored coast-to-coast tour by
the last meeting for the Endurance Run and it will be at Gunn High        motorcycle of the Lincoln High-
School. Peder reported that currently we have 23 cars registered.         way. It’s amazing how much our
                                                                          highway system has improved
Lowland Tour: Larry Johnson reported that everything is ready to          since the 20’s. (However, there
roll. Members sign up!                                                    are still too many potholes!)
                                                                          Time to make those last minute
Historian: Lucy Greenberg thanked Sara Jorgensen for getting her          plans for the Annual Model T Speedster Endurance Run. Everyone
the patches for the scrap book.                                           in the club is invited to Bertolotti’s to see the cars and join the fun
                                                                          even if you’re not going on the Lowland Tour. If you want to attend
Refreshments: Sara Jorgensen announced that the goodies for the           the BBQ Saturday, see Patti Meneely ASAP for tickets. It’s SPRING-
evening were provided by the Greenbergs.                                  TIME, get your ‘maters ‘n ‘taters planted!          Bob

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                                                    TOURING TALES                                                              June 2010

LAKE DEL VALLE CAMPOUT                    (Cont’d from page 1)

    Now this is really roughing it,,,,, uhhhh,,,,,,, except
                         for the cot.                                           The culprit, the victim and Henrietta the Snake
                                                                                  who kept turning up when least expected.

    Just brought a few things, generator, refrigerator,                           Vintage dinner music, no electricity required.
         heater, satellite tv, and the kitchen sink.

                                                                       Couple of explorers on the little old ranch road. Okay, Troed, just
                                                                       how far are you willing to walk when one of these things breaks
    We spent a lot of time just sitting around in the                                                down?
      sun cause it was quite chilly in the shade.
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                                           MORE TOURING TALES                                                          June 2010

LAKE DEL VALLE CAMPOUT                  (Cont’d from page 3)

                                                                             Second place in the loaded car category
    Our leaders, enjoying the ambiance at the dining
       table, fresh Mothers Day flowers and all.

                                                                   On our Saturday tour to town, Glenn even found a bride and
                                                                                    groom who needed a ride.
   Omelets in a baggy!!! Learn something new every

                                                                           Ohhh,,,, the guys with out tops are suffering.
                  The breakfast crew.
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                                                                                                                                          June 2010

                 The original off-road vehicle, 1920.                                The original off-road vehicle still at work on the
                                                                                                   campout trip, 2010.

             A DAY LIKE NO OTHER
Carl Brown and I have been talking for some time about going on a             It seems that a school in Morgan Hill had an incident with some
Model T Club event with me driving his Model T Speedster. It was              kids wearing clothes made of American Flag material and got sent
decided that the Wings of History Annual Open House and Fly-In                home. This has caused rallies on both sides of the issue. As Carl
at South County Airport in San Martin would be fine.                          and I approached the center of Morgan Hill , we noticed some big
                                                                              event going on ahead of us. There were American flags everywhere
I arrived at Carl’s house at 8:00 AM to find out Carl could not start         and some of the cars in front of us were waving American flags.
the car due to a dead battery. We attached a charger but that did not         Anybody who has seen Carl’s Speedster, knows it has a big Ameri-
seem to help. I said, “Let me crank it.” I started it and it seemed to        can flag attached to the back. (See attached picture for Carl’s T,
run ok. A model T will run a long way on just the ignition.                   Carl, and my grand daughter Morgan Wall) We were the hit of the
                                                                              event. Since there were no other old cars going through and Carl
We joined up with John and Dorothy Walker to drive down to the                had the big flag, they thought we were there just for them.
South County meeting point. We arrived right on time. When it
came to leave, I cranked Carl’s T up again and got in line to leave.          The rest of the day was relatively uneventful.    Stan Paddock
The T decided it did not want to go and died again. Everybody left
while we tried to crank it again. The engine did not want to start. I
checked the battery and it was totally dead. While we were trying
to get Carl’s T to run, two more Model A’s came and went. We were
left all alone. (sigh)

Two days before, I was at the San Jose History Museum working
with the restoration group there. One of our members offered up a
6 volt battery that he had no use for. I said I could find a use for it.
I took it home and placed it outside my garage.

From the Office Max parking lot, I whipped out my cell phone and
called my neighbor George Brown. In 15 minutes, George showed
up with the battery. We swapped the batteries and Carl and I were
off again.

Since we were late, we decided to take Blossom Hill to Monterey
Highway south through Morgan Hill and down to San Martin.

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                                                                                                                                        June 2010

     LOS GATOS HIGH SCHOOL SPEEDSTER                                                                             special custom made brackets to
                                                                                                                 lower the front (photo: front
                                                                                                                 brackets). These lowering
     (Dedicated to the memory of Jim Cullinane)                                                                  schemes made the front 20” and
                                                                                                                 the back 21” when measured from
It all began on June 10, 2006 with the annual Endurance Run and                                                  the top of the frame to ground.
Lowland Tour. Mr. Doug Muntz, Industrial Arts instructor at the
Los Gatos High School (LGHS) was along with many other specta-                To get an idea of the body design, several iterations were con-
tors who came to the lunch stop for the event at Dublin Ford. He             structed of cardboard. With a final design agreed upon it was
was an admirer of vintage race cars and was particularly impressed           decided to fabricate the body out of aluminum. Don Housman,
with the speedster built by the Gunn High School Automotive De-              whose experience with sheet metal fabrication and auto building
partment in Palo Alto. He thought it would be fun and educational            gave everyone instruction in working with aluminum. Many hours
for the students at Los Gatos High School to have a similar project.         went into cutting, shaping and welding of the aluminum body.
Doug sought out his friends, Peder and Maria Jorgensen to dis-
cuss his interest in starting a speedster project at LGHS. Peder and
Maria, long time residents of Los Gatos were in favor of such a
project and asked me to help enlist the support of the Santa Clara
Valley Model T Ford Club. Thus began the seeds for the second
high school speedster project.

The question that we all had at the time was, would there be suffi-
cient interest by the students in a speedster project. LGHS did not
have an automotive department where students came because of
their interest in automobiles. It was sometime after June that Peder,
Jim Cullinane and I brought our speedsters to the high school to
show students what speedsters were and to give rides. It was at
this event that it became obvious of the sufficient interest in launch-
ing a project similar to the Gunn High School project.

The next step was to generate a Document of Understanding (DOU)
between the SCVMTFC and the Los Gatos High School. A DOU
was generated and brought to the Club Board for approval. This               Jim Cullinane offered to loan his 1926-27 Model T motor to the
DOU differed from the one generated for Gunn in that ownership               project. In a recent test drive of the speedster, the composite timing
of, and funds for the speedster, would be the responsibility of              gear broke in many
LGHS. This did raise some questions and concerns by some of the              pieces and it became
Board members, but was finally approved and delivered to LGHS                necessary (or desirable)
for their acceptance and approval. Final approval occurred on July           to take the motor apart
27, 2006.                                                                    and rebuild it. New
                                                                             rings, valves, timing
At the beginning of September in the 2006-2007 school year a Speed-          gear and reworked
ster Club was formed at LGHS and a freshman named Joseph Hsieh               transmission were in-
was elected president. It was at this time that the Model T Club             stalled. (photo: of mo-
circulated the need for parts to begin the assembly of a speedster.          tor) Recently, Susan
It was gratifying to see the generosity of Club members and others           Cullinane donated the
who donated so many parts that allowed the project to begin.                 motor to the LGHS
                                                                             speedster project.
The first order of business was for the Speedster Club, Doug and
the Model T Club advisors to agree on a design for the speedster.            The speedster has progressed to a stage that is ready for the En-
                                    Here is where the knowledge              durance Run. It took four years to bring it to this point as compared
                                    and experience of Jim and Peder          to two years for the Gunn speedster. The additional time required
                                    became very important. Many              to build the speedster is due to the fact that the speedster project is
                                    drawings were made to show               an after school activity and competes with many other activities
                                    the various possibilities which          that students need to find time for. We met once a week from about
                                    lead to the final design. It was         3:00 PM to about 5:30 PM. There were times when there were more
                                    decided to “Z” the back end              advisors than students. Students who worked on the project for
                                    (photo: Z back end) and to use

                                                                    page 6                                     (Continued on page 7)
                                                                       June 2010

                                                                        and Allan Greenberg. (photo: Doug, students with speedster)
PROJECT             (Cont’d from page 6)
                                                                        It was a great experience working with Doug and the students. The
most of the four years were Joseph Hsieh, Sean Powers, Robert           students were so eager to learn about the Model T and old cars in
Ewing and CJ Griffin. Along with the faculty advisor Doug Muntz,        general. All went smoothly and well during the four years of build,
the Club advisors were Jim Cullinane, Peder Jorgensen, Steve Erwin      but occasionally there were mishaps. For instance, while checking
                                                                        the bands of the transmission after test driving the speedster, the
                                                                        students removed the transmission cover and some nuts and wash-
                                                                        ers. One of the washers fell to the bottom of the transmission. It
                                                                        took a while to fish the washer out. Another time with rags stuffed
                                                                        in the transmission, someone cranked the engine and tangled the
                                                                        rags in the gears. Wow, was this a job to untangle. I image there
                                                                        were others, but I think that should suffice. Things like this were
                                                                        good learning experiences for the students.

                                                                        On June 13, be sure to look for speedster number 906 in the lineup.
                                                                        The number of the LGHS speedster was chosen because it was the
                                                                        starting date of the project; a project that Doug, students and Club
                                                                        advisors can be proud of. We wish Doug and all the students who
                                                                        worked on the speedster, and those who will work on follow-up
                                                                        activities, much enjoyment and success in the future.

                                                                        Allan Greenberg

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                                                                                                                                June 2010

             THE GENERAL STORE                                           WANTED: Model T frame, front and rear running gear, all or part,
Stuff for sale or trade. Submit your ads to Bob Meneely, 26044            Gunn student building electric T, Michael Norcia, 650-704-4126,
Duval Way, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022, (650) 948-9301,            (06/10) by the 3rd Friday of the month for publication           WANTED: Dead or Alive. I am searching for a 1914 Runabout that
on the first of the next month. Ads will be run for 3 months unless       I restored in 1952. It was sold in 1962 and was last seen in 1972
cancelled.                                                                at the Milpitas Ford Swap Meet. Hard to say what it looks like
                                                                          now, but the engine number was 43091, split lower windshield,
FOR SALE: 1921 model T Ford speedster. Was on the endurance               dented radiator tank. Would like to recover or find its current
  run two years ago and has been almost completely gone through           condition. John McGinnis, 408-353-5608,
  and freshened up since. Car is yellow, has 21" model A (yuck)           (05/10)
  wire wheels and is ready to tackle the tech and answer the chal-
  lenge of the run again. Asking $6900 OBO. Car is in Grass Valley
  and can be delivered for cost of gas. I was going to keep it, but
  I need the money and space for my newest (oldest?) project.
  Wayne Sheldon, 925-980-6908. (06/10)
FOR SALE: Four 19” Model A spoke wheels, 1930-31, $100 OBO,
  Ernie Roeder, 650- 341-9400, (05/10)
FOR SALE: Generic engine overhaul stand, $50, Chuck Christensen,
                                                                                                  TOWNE FORD SALES & LEASING
  408-739-8424, (05/10)
                                                                                                  1601 El Camino Real, Redwood City
FOR SALE: 1912 model T
                                                                                                  (650) 366-5744
  speedster, hot motor by
  Tommy Holthaus, low
  head, hot mag, electric
  start, disc wheels, tons of
  brass, EJ lights, brass
  lights all around, rare anti
  theft steering wheel,
  Ruckstell axle, new tires,
  and a sealed gas tank.
  $12,000, tierod@, (408) 221-5062. (04/10)
FOR SALE: 5 Model T wire wheels w/ hubs, good shape, need                          ENDURANCE RUN STORE
  sanding & paint, $1200 OBO. Ron McKenzie, 510-792-7154.
  (04/10)                                                                 HAVE YOU SEEN THIS YEAR’S ENDURANCE
FOR SALE: 1914 Model T                                                    RUN T-SHIRT??? THEY ARE OUTSTANDING!!
  Brass Runabout, dark blue/
  black fenders, tires, wheels,                                          FOR SALE: 2010 Endurance Run T-shirts all sizes, $15 each. Get
  top & seat very good con-                                                them while you can.
  dition, runs off magneto, &                                            FOR SALE: Endurance Run DVD’s with 2009 trailer added to the
  charges 12V battery, Halo-                                               original DVD material. Includes lots of Low Land cars from
  gen headlights, current reg-                                             2009. Get yours for $10 each. Or get some great posters of the
  istration. ALSO: Aermore                                                 Endurance Run, Henry Ford, and Model T’s at Yosemite, $5
  #2 exhaust whistle. ALSO:                                                each.
  4 spark coils. ALSO: mid-                                              Contact David Harrison at 408-377-4978 or email
  20’s rebuildable engine
  block w/ cam, crank, pis-
  tons, rods, 3 dip pan, intake manifold, head, hogs head, fly-
  wheel. ALSO: professionally rebuilt magneto coil set. ALSO:                          FUN STUFF ON THE NET
  professionally rebuilt starter complete. ALSO: 4 21” Model A
  wheels. Larry Rummel, 415-407-1315, (04/       
FOR SALE: 1928 Chevy one ton flat bed truck, in need of restora-
  tion, it runs. $1600 OBO. Bob Edwards, 510-432-2021 or 650-366-                            WHERE IS IT?
  1481. (03/10)                                                          Somebody out there must have our club charter, we have been
WANTED: A set of E&J 466 headlights, Byron Hight, 408 / 314-             looking for it for years. Just think about it for a while, maybe
  8174.         (06/10)                                                  someone will remember where it is.

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                                                                                                                                  June 2010
                        THE CALENDAR
                                                                            and Tractor Association. Antique crafts demonstrations. An-
                                                                            tique collectibles displays. Activities for kids. Featuring steam
                                                                            automobiles with a demonstration of a Stanley Steamer. Music
                                                                            by J.P. and the Rhythm Chasers. Food by Peggy Sue’s Restau-
                                                                            rant and O’Brien’s Café. Dances from the 1920’s and 30’s by the
                                                                            Danse Libre dance group. Trolley car rides. The blacksmith
             Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club                           shop and many of History San Jose’s vintage buildings will be
2010 Tours and Events (club events in bold)                                 open. Free event. Contact is Allan Greenberg, (408)997-0879.

May 27 (Thu), SCVMTFC Endurance Run Meeting at the Gunn
   HS Auto Shop, 7:30pm.                                                                PUBLIC RELATIONS
June 12-13 (Sun), SCVMTFC 41st Annual Endurance Run and
   Lowland Tour.                                                         Model T’s traveling and visiting: We have been invited to the
June 18 (Fri), SCVMTFC General Meeting, program will be tales            following. If you are not busy and not taking one of the regular
   of the Endurance Run and Lowland Tour.                                Model T tours, you might consider promoting our Model T hobby
June 27, Palo Alto Concourse, has a separate class for pre-16 Model      by going to:
   T’s this year, David Pava, 925-932-2923 home, 925-933-9792
   x106 office,                                          May 31 (Mon), Memorial Day Parade, Vista Park, Hyde Park Drive
July 4, SCVMTFC Tour to Sveadal for brunch, reservations a must,            and New Compton Drive in San Jose.
   contact is Doris Skow, 408-313-7235.                                  June 19 (Sat), The SCVMTFC has been asked to participate in the
July 17, Anniversary Month at Tiffany Ford in Hollister. All Ford           Saratoga Heritage Days. This event takes place in downtown
   Clubs are invited.                                                       Saratoga.
July 23-24, Long Beach Model T Club Swap Meet, 7:00am, 4961              June 26 (Sat), The SCVMTFC has been invited to participate in the
   Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA, 310-542-3315 [ ask for Bob]               Reid Hillview Open House. We will meet at the Reid Hillview
July 25 (Sunday) Vintage Vehicle & Family Festival, a Museum of             Airport between 9:00 and 9:30 AM. The airport is located at E.
   American Heritage fund raiser in Palo Alto will celebrate the            Capital Expressway and Cunningham Ave. in San Jose.
   history of the Ford Motor Company. This annual event is lo-           July 4 (Sunday) The SCVMTFC has been invited to participate in
   cated at the El Camino Park, 100 El Camino Real in Palo Alto. A          the Rose, White and Blue Parade in San Jose. The parade as-
   donation of $20 per vehicle is appreciated. 650 321-1004 or              sembles at the parking lot behind stores located at intersection                                                          of Shasta Ave. and West San Carlos (behind Cash n’ Carry) at
August 1-6, MTFCA Western National Tour will be held in and                 8:00 AM (parade starts at 10:00 am) and ends at The Alameda in
   around Whitefish, Montana hosted by the Rocky Mountain                   San Jose.
   Model T Club. We have 10 cars going.
September 12 (Sun), SCVMTFC hosts the 10th Annual Antique                Contact Allan Greenberg if you can attend any or all of these. 408/
   Autos in History Park, noon to 5:00 PM. Antique autos, fire
   equipment, bicycles and motorcycles. Early Day Gas Engine

    40 Years ago, June 1970
The first annual Model T Endurance Run
and Lowland Tour was held. There were
24 Ford speedsters and 56 Lowland cars.
Lunch stop was at Codiroli Ford in
Livermore for fried chicken. First place
winner was George Montillier from Palo

      25 Years ago, June 1985
The 16th annual Endurance Run and Low-
land Tour was held. The lunch stop was
at The Orchard restaurant on Hwy 132,
about 70 miles from San Jose. That’s a
long way to go for lunch in a Model T.
And of course this June we will be having
our 41st Run and going to Hollister for
                                                                page 9
                                                                                                                         June 2010

SCVMTFC is a chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America..
General meetings are held the third Friday of each month at 7:30
p.m. in the Maridon Room, Lima Family Mortuary, 464 N. Win-
chester in Santa Clara, CA. New members and curious visitors are
always welcome—you don’t have to own a T to belong or to visit.
2010 Officers:                                                              SHADE TREE MECHANIC
  *President:         Bob Beaman                  408/996-3110
  *Vice President:    PederJorgensen              408/358-3398         Here is a new gadget on the market. It is a fan belt guide,
  *Secretary:         Bill Bratt                  650/341-8859     designed to keep that wandering belt in place and on the pulleys.
  *Treasurer:         Mary Beaman                 408/996-3110
 *Backfire Editor:    Bob Meneely                 650/948-9301
2010 Coordinators:
  *Touring:        Nadine Camicia                 650/691-9558
  *Programs:       David & Becky Harrison         408/377-4978
  *Membership:     Ivan Jorgensen                 408/348-8359
  *Tech & Safety:  Mark Edwards                   650/576-1481
   Endurance Run   Peder Jorgensen                408/358-3398
                   Mike Camicia                   650/691-9558
  Lowland Tour:    Larry Johnson                  408/354-1261
  Librarian:       Dick Hess                      408/354-5321
  Web Site:        Allan Greenberg                408/997-0879
  Refreshments:    Sara Jorgensen                 408/813-4966
  Historian        Lucy Greenberg                 408/997-0879
   Sunshine        Doris Skow                     408/243-6661
  Public Relations Allan Greenberg                408/997-0879

  SCVMTFC membership is $20 per year. Send dues to Ivan
                                                                        Available from Snyders (part # T-3964-FBG) for $16.50.
     Jorgensen, 654 Whitethorne Dr., San Jose, Ca 95128
 Membership in Model T Ford Club of America is encouraged.
 Dues are $35 per year. Send dues to: MTFCA, P.O. Box 126,
                  Centerville, IN, 47330-0126

Santa Clara Valley
Model T Ford Club
P.O. Box 2081
Saratoga, CA 95070

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         SITS ON

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