SPE-YP Board Meeting by MJJKZn


									SPE-YP Board Meeting
October 20, 2009
Jenny Young, YP Chair
Matt Wandstrat, Delta Chair
Mike Nicley, Social
Tracy Page, Programs
Carlos Torres, Vice-Programs
Kyrston Brooks, Career Guidance
Myrtle-Rose Padmore, Vice-Social
Troy Pittman, Continuing Education
Monika Valjak, Student Section
Dozy Ekweribe, Student Section Vice

Not Present:
Mike Vial, Secretary
Berik Zhakiyanov, Membership
Gani Sagingaliyev, Program

 Minutes from 09/10/09 Board Meeting were voted into the record
 YP Board meetings are scheduled for 2nd Thursday of the month with the meeting
   location alternating between New Orleans and the Northshore.
 The next board meeting will be by teleconference November 10, 2009 around lunch.


Matt Wandstrat, Delta Chair, spoke to the board
 Keep lines of communication open between Delta board and YP board
 Voting members of the Delta Section board hold offices with natural ascensions. The
   board is composed of the Chair, Past Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Programs,
   Membership and then non-voting members which head up the various sections.
 Would like to see YP members on the Delta Board.
 Why is there a need for two boards? YP is an initiative by SPE International to keep
   younger members involved and that they continue to be active, contributing members
   of the organization.
 It is acceptable and encouraged to invite non-SPE membership to SPE events to
   attract new members.
 Everyone is invited to the SPE Delta Section board meetings.

Jenny, Chair
 Introduced Matt Wandstrat, SPE-Delta Chairperson to the group
 Exxon Chalmette refinery field trip is still in the pipeline tentatively scheduled for
   Reimbursement for ATCE luncheon – Tracy needs to be reimbursed
   LSU PETE department field trip, asked Monica work on scheduling a field trip

Action Items:
 Jenny will email Jarred about the ExxonMobil Chalmette Refinery tour.
 Plan the November 10th teleconference board meeting.

Tracy and Carlos, Programs
 September’s Technical Event at WINO was a success.
 Still planning the November Technical Event, one option is Rick Farmer with
   Crescent Drilling
 The Chalmette Refinery Tour can be the December Technical Event.
 Solicited suggestions for speakers and events.

Action Items:
 Will look into setting a date for John Dribus with Schlumberger to come give a talk
 Will work on November’s Technical Event

Social, Mike N. and Myrtle-Rose
 This month's T^3 was a huge success. Thanks to FMC for sponsoring. 33 attendees
    on the sign-in sheet, actual attendance 40-45. Potential donor list is complete.
 Upcoming: November’s Happy Hour to be held the 2nd Tuesday on the North Shore,
    in conjunction with XYZ LT. The venue will be The Barley Oak in Mandeville and
    we should have $500 Halliburton sponsorship.
 Pre-Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball fundraiser gala benefiting GNO STEM is
    tentatively scheduled for January 21, 2010.

Action Items:
 Mike N. will be writing an article for submission into the newsletter for next month
   due by 11/15.
 Mike N. and Myrtle-Rose to get with Jan about a referral to help find a place to hold
   the fundraiser. When a date is set, email Jan and she will get it put in all the pertinent

Berik, Membership
 Will be teaching 3 Energy for Me classes.
 Energy for Me is seeking volunteers to help teach the classes.

Action Items:
 Sign in sheets from our events should be sent to Berik so he can send non-members
   info about joining SPE.

Kyrston, Career Guidance
 Job posts and resumes should be forwarded to Kyrston for consideration for inclusion
   on the YP website.
   Registration links can be created by adding an event to the online Calendar. This link
    can be included with the flyer so that we can track attendance.

Monika and Dozy, Student Liaisons
 Monica, Dozy, and Gani met to discuss a plan of action
 Scheduled a working meeting for later this month
 Monika: If we contact LSU SPE student rep (Lauren), we also need to include LSU
  Grad student rep (who is Paulina Mwangi), because the communication between
  undergrads & grads at LSU has challenges. That can be face-to-face contact, email,…

Action Items:
 Monika will contact LSU and try to set up a field trip at the PETE department. Keep
   Mike Sparicino in the loop, he is the LSU liaison.
 Dozy will try to include Mike N.’s write up for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Troy, Continuing Education
 Tried to get in contact with JD Estes concerning the ExxonMobil Chalmette Refinery
   tour. JD is no longer the contact point and he suggested a call placed directly to the

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