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Bank of Calcium


									Saving money seemed to be normal.
But if saving Calcium, hmm ...
looks like you need to try.

Surely you've heard the word 'osteoporosis', the dreaded bone women approaching old age
(menopause). But, really osteoporosis only in women at menopause only?

Your bones 'proceed'

Since the fetus is still in the womb, bone cells have started to grow with the accompaniment of
bone weathering process. This continued until the age of 20 years, the rate of bone growth that
began with the pelapukannya balanced. Naturally, the age of the bones begins to decline at age
35 years. Densities begin to decline 0.5-1% a year until the menopause. After 5 years
postmenopausal, depreciation increased to 3-5% and then 1% per year in subsequent years.

Not only are women

Osteoprosis can affect anyone, male or female, either in menopause or not. This is due to the
bone, which is a buffer body, is a living tissue that forms a continuous mnenerus. Strong bones
depend on whether or not adequate bone-forming elements, such as Calcium, Magnesium and
vitamin D.

The following table calcium needs by age and gender *:


Age Keb. Calcium (mg) Wis. Calcium (mg)

9-13 th 1300 1300

14-18 th 1300 1300

19-30 th 1000 1000

31-50 th 1000 1000

51-70 th 1200 1200
> 1200 70 th 1200


<18 th 1300

19-30 th 1000

31-50 th 1000


<18 th 1300

19-30 th 1000

31-50 th 1000

Meet the 'bank' your Klasium

Beauty fades because of osteoporosis? Of course you do not want that. then be wise. Before the
process of bone weathering occurs, be diligent 'saving' of calcium. so you will not be a 'big baby'
in old age.

The most appropriate way is to eat high calcium foods. Try to be creative with
memadupadankannya in the form of diet. The secret is you have to know what foods are high
calcium. The following info will help you.

Foods Calcium (mg)

Dairy Products

Non-fat powdered milk 1/3 cup 300

Skim milk 1 cup 300

Yogurt 227 gr 300

Cheddar cheese 28 gr 204

50 ounces tofu 258

Bok Choy, 1/2 cup, cooked 126

Horseradish 1/2 cup, cooked 99

Green vegetables, 1/2 cup 90


Mackerel, 1/2 cans of 225

Salmon, 1/2 cans of 200

Sardines 4184

Fruits (per 100 g)

Mandarin Oranges 14

Pineapple 7

Bananas 6

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