what is your Doodles by OezankSatri


									WHAT IS YOUR doodles?

FELT MEETING bore, and your hands start making obscure scribble on your notebook page. Apparently,
beside can help reduce tension, according to studies, people who listen while doodling can also
understand very well what is being said.

However, be careful if your boss decided to analyze these doodles. According to Dr. Ho Law,
psychologists who use the method of images with the patient, "You can read a person's doodles like
reading a book." . This is because, says Law, doodles describe a person's mind.

Below is the meaning of a stroke according to the psychologist:

      Drawing on the left side of the paper suggests a cautious stance and focus on the past, while on
       the right shows the ease of hanging out and focus on the future, Doodling in the center indicate
       a need for attention.
      Boat, plane, cars. You want to go on vacation.
      Arrow. Up mean ambition; landscape means that you easily mamahami. Your arrows pointing in
       all directions? Means you have an open mind.
      Circle and a cross. chances are this show competitive personality.
      Star. . You tend to be idealistic. Five-pointed star indicates ambition, while the six point
       represents the ability to concentrate.
      Squares and triangles. Geometric forms show a regular way of thinking and clear.
      Beautiful faces. You are flexible and easy to get along.
      Animals. You like to protect other creatures.
      The liver. You are a sentimental.
      There was no graffiti. A blank page that does not mean you are less creative,because people
       who do not like scribbling tend accurately and directly, without further ado

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