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									Clinical Coding Liaison Officer

London - Russell Square

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH), situated in the West End
of London, is one of the largest NHS trusts in the United Kingdom and provides first class
acute and specialist services both locally and to patients from throughout the UK and abroad.
The new state-of-the-art University College Hospital, which opened in 2005, is the focal point
of the Trust alongside six cutting-edge specialist hospitals. UCLH was one of the first trusts to
gain foundation status.

The Trust has an international reputation and a tradition of innovation. Our excellence in
research and development was recognised in December 2006 when it was announced that, in
partnership with University College London (UCL), we would be one of the country’s five
comprehensive biomedical research centres.
Alongside our relationship with the world leading UCL and Royal Free medical school, we
enjoy close links with London South Bank and City universities offering the very best in
training and education.

This post will be based at the Eastman Dental Hospital, with support being provided by the
Coding Department. The Clinical Coding department is a part of the Planning and
Performance Directorate which also consists of Performance and Information Departments
that are responsible for all Trust management information, reporting both externally and
internally, as well as Commissioning services and Systems support. This post will assist in
providing vital management information to clinicians and managers which helps to improve
the patient journey.

Job Purpose

The post holder is responsible for providing high quality and timely coded clinical data. This
requires the application of all coding rules and conventions pertaining to ICD-10
(International Classification of Diseases, Version 10) and OPCS-4

      The Clinical Coding Team consists of 15 Clinical Coding Liaison Officers, who are
       responsible for the clinical classification of approximately 90 000 inpatient episodes a
      As UCLH is a tertiary referral Trust the types of cases presenting to the Trust hospitals
       are generally of a higher complexity to many other trusts and require experienced and
       highly knowledgeable Clinical Coders.
      The Eastman Dental Hospital has 85,000 Out Patient attendances per year which
       includes New Patients, Follow Up, Day Cases and Inpatients.
      The Clinical Coding Team aims to deliver 100% of patient episodes to be clinically
       coded by locally set monthly deadlines. If this is not fulfilled the Trusts cash flow
       could significantly be impacted.
      Participate in a comprehensive training and professional development programme to
       keep-up-to date with changes in both national standards and local policies.
       Promotion of the clinical coding function and personnel across the trust with clinical

Duties & Responsibilities

       Provide accurate, timely and complete clinical coding to the directorates for all
        specialities across the trust.
       Participate in regular training sessions in order to develop and enhance coding
        speciality skills.
       Update national classification books and manuals in line with national standards
        released by the NH
       Connecting for Health professional governing body. For example Coding Clinics and
       Participate in monthly audits of completed work with the Clinical Coding Manager in
        order to provide accurate and qualitative coding standards.
       Demonstrate a high level of skills in the use of International Classification of Diseases,
        volume 10 (ICD-10) and the Office of Population, Census and Surveys, volume 4
       Liaise with the Information Department with regards to timeframes for the completion
        of coded data.
        Identify and report errors found on the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system e.g.
        incorrect consultant designation.

Knowledge, Training and Experience

       Have a minimum of three years experience following formal training for six to nine
        months in the procedures of correctly interpreting and using the International
        Classification of Diseases (ICD) volume 10 modules and the Office of Population,
        Census and Surveys (OPCS) volume 4 module.
       Obtained the Accredited Clinical Coding (ACC) national qualification or equivalent
        (minimum of 5 years experience).
       Attend refresher and specialist coding courses to update knowledge and skills and
        feedback any findings or points of interest to the remainder of the department and
        implement in day-to-day practices.
       Have a sound knowledge of the importance of clinical coding and its uses and an
        understanding of data quality issues.
       Have good knowledge of medical terminology and abbreviations.
       Have a good knowledge of the basic human anatomy and physiology.
       Be aware of and actively be involved in the development of new information systems.
        For example the Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and Medicode system.

Ref Code: ADV334762PAC6
Closing Date: 30/06/08
Salary: £19,683 - £25,424
Position Type: Permanent

How to apply
To apply please visit:
or email with ADV334762PAC6 as the email subject

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