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					                           Congregation B’nai Jacob
    February 2011                                          5771 Shevat/Adar
Mitchell Kornspan, Rabbi            Services                 Ron Friedman, President

Weekly Portion: Terumah       Friday, February 4th       Simcha Shabbat Service 7:30pm
C.L. 5:42pm
Havdalah: 6:45pm              Saturday, February 5th                Services 9:15am
                              Shabbat School                        9:45am-11:45am
                              Torah Class                           1:00pm

Weekly Portion: Tetzaveh      Friday, February 11th           Early Service 5:30pm
CL: 5:50pm
Havdalah: 6:53pm              Saturday, February 12th               Services 9:15am
                              Shabbat School                        9:45am-11:45am
                              Torah Class                           1:00pm

Weekly Portion: Ki Tissa       Friday, February 18th          Early Service 5:30pm
CL 5:59pm
Havdalah: 7:02pm               Saturday, February 19th              Services 9:15am
                               Shabbat School                       9:45am-11:45am
                               Torah Class                          1:00pm

Weekly Portion: Vayakhel      Friday, February 25th       K.I.S.S. Service 7:30pm Kita Bet
CL: 6:07pm
Havdalah: 7:10pm              Saturday, February 26th               Services 9:15am
                              Torah Class                           1:00pm
            Sunday, February 27th Family Education Program 10:00am
                                                         Then the 51st anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah arrived.
                                                         I wondered: where has the time gone? I still recall
                                                         being 13 years old, walking in the middle of the
                                                         streets to shul, because there had been a snow storm,
                                                         and the lump in my sore throat, as I stood before the
                                                         congregation and chanted the services, my maftir and
                                                         haftarah. Wasn’t that just yesterday?

                                                         Imagine how amazed I was and so grateful to my
                                                         wife, who planned and made the delicious Kiddush,
                                                         and cleverly hid so many surprises I would experience
                                                         that day. Toda rabba, Penny, for all the intricate
                                                         planning and work you did to make this such a
                                                         memorable event, including the balloons!
Dear friends,
                                                         Penny prepared a bulletin board of pictures and
 I commemorated two important events last month and      articles about my early years and Rabbinate. She fine
this: the 19th anniversary of my father’s passing, and   tuned the events of the day, including parts in the
the 51st anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah.                  service for all religious school students, and aliyot for
                                                         all Bar and Bat Mitzvah alumni: Eve, Josh, Julian,
When confronted with these realities, I reflected more   Brandon, Rafi, Eli, Elana, and Syd. Ron Friedman
and more about life and its meaning. I thought about     called me to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah, with special
the influence my parents had on my siblings and me,      flair, and Josh Friedman delivered a fabulous charge
teaching us love for Torah and Judaism. I can still      that made me smile and made me tearful.
visualize the passionate discussions my father and my
uncle used to have about the parasha on Shabbat. I       Penny gave two presentations. She first shared a funny
remember how we always went to shul and loved to         tribute written by Barry Davis, like a page from Rashi.
learn.                                                   Barry Davis is a congregant from Youngstown, who
                                                         you may remember came to B’nai Jacob for my
As a “rebellious teen”, I decided to stay home from      installation. Afterwards she gave a thoughtful drasha,
Shabbat services. (This was allowed only once! After     a serious message regarding communication.
that, it was understood and expected that I be in shul
for Shabbat.) I am thankful that my parents inculcated   So many helped! Toda rabba to Iris Fuchs, Keith
a love for shul, and an expectation of what we should    Groman, Annie Appel, Franck Hagendorf, Cassie
be doing as young adults.                                Martinez, Aaron Bradley and Olivia Olson, and Janet
                                                         Finkel. Each of you added so much to my simcha.
You may imagine how moved I was when Dad’s
yahrzeit occurred on the evening of December 25th        Imagine my surprise and joy in seeing almost every
and the day of the 26th, that we had a minyan. I knew    family in our congregation coming and celebrating
many would be unable to come, but you made it a          with us, especially on such a cold wintry morning. It
point to be at the synagogue for the minyan. I am        was like my Bar Mitzvah all over again!
additionally so grateful to Penny who served a
marvelous Seudah Shlishit, Shabbat meal, before the      I am moved to tears, as I reflect on all of this, but they
minyan in honor of Dad.                                  are tears of joy. Thank you all for being such an
                                                         important part of my life, of our lives.
I realized it would be a real challenge for Sunday. I
wrote about this to Rabbi Cattapan, the Rabbi of         B’shalom,
Temple Achduth V’Sholom. He spread the word to
Temple members, and I again was and am so moved          Rabbi Mitchell Kornspan
by his assistance, and the members of the Temple who
joined with us to have a combined minyan. We also
shared breakfast that day sponsored by Mike Adams,
Yuval Fuchs, and Virgil Mocle. The camaraderie that
filled the shul still warms my heart.
                                                           Here is the way this will work. We will soon be
                                                           including in a future bulletin a list of the stores
                                                           from which Scrip cards can be purchased. (We
 Applications for the Bill and Clara Brosler               will send a shortened list but the entire lengthy
 Youth Leadership Award and the Minnette                   list can be found at the web site:
Baum Israel Scholarship are available in the
             synagogue office.                             (http://www.glscrip.com) You will write a check
                                                           made out to Congregation B’nai Jacob and
                                                           indicate the gift cards you would like to
                                                           purchase on the form. The synagogue will then
   The sisterhood would like to say we're
                                                           on a regular basis (for example, monthly) write
 sorry for forgetting to thank Paula Adams
                                                           one check to the GL Scrip Center. Once the
 for helping make the latkes for Hanukkah.
                                                           gift cards are sent to the synagogue, we will
                                                           distribute the cards as well as a fresh copy of
                                                           script list to the individuals who ordered them.

                                                           This is a great way for us to raise funds for the
                                                           synagogue on a regular and continual basis;
                                                           there is no charge to the synagogue for
                                                           participating and there is no fee for you (except
                                                           of course for the purchase of the gift cards
          “Confronting the Shoah”                          from stores from which you anticipated
                                                           spending money anyway!).

The Fort Wayne Jewish Federation invites you to attend     We hope many of you will be interested in this
   "Confronting the Shoah." The course will provide
participants with a solid background regarding the Nazi
                                                           program. We will let you know in the bulletin
  Holocaust. Taught by IPFW Professor and USHMM            the deadline for receipt of orders and checks in
Mandel Fellow, Dr. David Lindquist, the sessions will be   the synagogue office.
        held at the Temple, 5200 Old Mill Road.
The two hour classes will begin at 7:00 P.M. and will      If you have any questions, please contact Iris
be held Tuesdays: Feb. 1, Feb. 8, Feb. 15, & Feb 22.
For more information please contact the Federation
                      at 422-8566.
                                                           We look forward to a successful fundraising

We have recently enrolled our synagogue in a
fundraising program for non-profit
organizations called “Great Lake Scrip”.
Through the GL Scrip program, you can order
gift cards from a wide variety of stores (such as
Kroger, Speedway and Casa’s among many
others) and the synagogue receives a certain
percentage of the amount spent on the gift                           Rummage Sale in Summer
card. For example, say you wish to obtain a                             at the Synagogue
$50 gift card to Subway. You would pay $50,
obtain a $50 gift card and the synagogue                          If you have anything you would like to
obtains from the GL Scrip Center 3% (or $1.50)                 donate for the rummage sale, please bring it
of the amount you spent. A $10 gift card to                     to the synagogue and place it in the utility
                                                               room. We would appreciate everyone's help
Dunkin Donuts results in 10% (or $1) to the
                                                                  in making a successful rummage sale.
synagogue. This can add up quickly!                              Further details will come soon. Call the
                                                                      office if you have any questions.
Feb. 5, 2011 / 1 Adar, 5711 Terumah                 Feb. 12, 2011 / 8 Adar, 5711 Tetzaveh
Triennial Cycle: Sh’mot 25:1- 25:40                 Triennial Cycle: Sh’mot 27:20 – 28:30

Hashem tells Moshe what He desires to be            The people were commanded to bring pure
brought as free willing offerings for the           olive oil to Moshe for use in the menorah. The
construction of the Mishkan, the portable tent      oil used was only the first few drops pressed,
of Meeting. Gold, silver, and brass metals are      making it top quality. Aharon and his sons’
listed along with dyed wool, animal skins,          duties included tending to the menorah. The
wood, oils and spices. Other items are              garments worn by Aharon, the cohen gadol,
enumerated for furnishing and building this         and the garments worn by his sons are next
edifice designed by G-d. Precise instruction for    described. Aharon’s attire in particular was
the ark follows for 12 verses. Dimensions for       quite intricate and splendid. While all the
the gold ornamentation are described. The           Cohanim wore four garments of white linen,
shulchan for the showbread and its dishes etc.      Aharon, as the cohen gadol, wore four
are next explained; they are specified in 8         additional garments. The extra garments were
verses. The remainder of the cycle elucidates       of rich color. The most magnificent and
the menorah, to be constructed of pure gold.        mysterious was the breastplate, which had
The cups holding the oil are patterned after the    twelve different gemstones set into it, one for
almond blossom. Perhaps the most                    each tribe. Additionally, the names of the tribes
complicated aspect –the menorah was to be           were engraved on two onyx stones that helped
pure gold in one piece. This task was so            to support the breastplate. The names on the
intricate, Moshe was given a visual blueprint by    stones are listed, and great detail regarding the
the Eternal.                                        breastplate is provided.

A pasuk to ponder: “The cherubim shall have         Garments to ponder: There are many things
their wings spread out above, shielding the         to comment upon regarding the attire of the
cover with their wings. They shall confront         cohanim. One of the most inexplicable is the
each other, the faces of the cherubim being         idea each individual garment had the ability to
turned toward the cover.” 25:20                     atone for a particular sin. For the purpose of an
                                                    easier read, I will use English translations for
Seforno has much to say on this pasuk and           each item.
what it depicts. Here is a very condensed
summary. All people desire to have union with       The linen pants worn atoned for being
the Creator, and each one is capable to a           unfaithful.
varying extent. This can be achieved by             The linen tunic or shirt atoned for murder gone
observing the manifestations of G-d in this         unpunished.
world and studying His intervention in history.     The belt (wore higher, around the heart)
Inspiration must come from on high, but there       atoned for unkind, wrong thoughts from the
is without question to be a merger of heaven        heart.
and earth to make for perfection here in this       The turban worn by either the cohen or cohen
world. Since one cherub is portrayed as male        gadol atoned for arrogance.
and the other female, this depicts the initiating   The robe atoned for improper speech.
and responding activities in our lives. The         The apron atoned for idol worship.
cherubim’s wings upward and faces looking           The choshen or breastplate atoned for
downward at the lid of the ark simply remind us     wrongful judgment of people.
that while our inspiration must come from           And lastly, the head plate engraved with the
Heaven, understanding G-d comes through             words “holy to G-d” upon it, atoned for
careful study of what He did and continues to       brazenness or blasphemy.
do here in our corner of the universe. The          The first four garments were worn by all the
bottom line- look to the Torah and study it, but    cohanim, but the last four were only worn by
be aware of the Shechina, the ever present G-       the cohen gadol. What symbolism do you see
d. He is not just a G-d of past history.            with the clothing and its corresponding sin?
Feb. 19, 2011 / 15 Adar, 5711 Ki Tissa               Feb. 26, 2011 / 22 Adar, 5711 Vayakhel
Triennial Cycle: Sh’mot 30:11- 31:17                 Triennial Cycle: Sh’mot 35:1 – 37:16
Hashem commands men age 20 and up to be              The cycle begins with the reminder Shabbat is
counted via the half-shekel. There was no            to be kept holy. Free will offerings are being
distinction made according to wealth; all gave       accepted to build the mishkan, which included
the same amount. The silver collected was to         gold, silver, brass, fine linen and more were
serve a specific function for the Mishkan.           needed and were given in abundance. Skilled
Cohanim needed a laver to hold water for             laborers were asked to come to work. The
washing their hands and feet before performing       items necessary to build as well as to furnish
the services; it was formed with brass.              the mishkan are mentioned. People brought
Particular spices were collected and blended         everything required. They seemed happy to
with olive oil to create sacred anointing oil,       give of their personal goods and jewelry.
used on everything in the mishkan as well as         Women spun wool and wove linen – the blue,
for the priests. Moshe was to gather three           the purple and the scarlet. The people are told
specific herbs and mix them with frankincense        of the selection of Betzalel to head up this
to create the incense to be used only in the         massive job and that he has been provided
mishkan; Moshe cannot make any of this for           with the wisdom required for the task. Aside
personal use. Hashem designates Betzalel as          from doing the work, Betzalel and Oholiab are
the ‘contractor’ for this work with Oholiab as his   to be engaged with teaching others, inspired by
principle helper. However, G-d gives wisdom to       Hashem, to complete the Tent of Meeting.
all involved with this colossal project. The last    Details of the sets of curtains, weaving and
six verses emphasize none of the work is to be       dimensions are given. Fifty seems an important
done on Shabbat. The last pasuk is one you all       number, for the loops and the clasps are listed
know.                                                separately as 50. Verses 20 – 34 identify the
A pasuk to ponder: “It is a sign between Me          measure and the wood for the planks used; 35-
and B’nai Yisrael forever; for in six days the       38 stipulate the veil and curtain design. The
L-rd made heaven and earth, and on the               next nine verses speak of the ark and the
seventh day He ceased from work and rested.”         closing seven verses inform us about the table
31:17                                                for showbread.
We are familiar with this pasuk because of the       A thought to ponder: Between 35:1 and
Kiddush recited on Shabbat. In the Torah, this       36:8, the word lev (heart) is used 13 times in
concludes several verses telling us to keep          some form. A few times it is plural, but mostly it
Shabbat because it is a sign. But what sort of       is singular and the heart is being described as
sign is Shabbat supposed to be? For example,         wise or willing. Our commentators tell us the
traffic signs give very specific information         wise heart refers to the knowledgeable or
regarding what you are to do in an exact place       skilled one. In Egyptian captivity, few had
under certain situations. Signs are never            expert craftsmanship in their portfolio. The
intended to be vague and misleading, rather          willing, as it sounds, were willing to give. This
they are to be clearly understood. So, is our        is the main theme through 36:8; we hear of
sole obligation to ‘rest’ on this day? The last      people giving whatever they could for the
word in English, rested, may not be the very         construction of the mishkan. Afterwards we are
best translation for the Hebrew word va-ye-na-       hearing details of the actual construction. While
fash; its root, nefesh means soul. Ramban            I agree with our Sages’ interpretation of wise, I
edifies, from this we understand an additional       find it interesting that the word ‘wise’ drops out
soul is given on Shabbat. Further, Seforno,          when the erection commences. So I am
explains this soul assists us in experiencing        inclined to think that the word wise can also
and concentrating on the spiritual dimension of      legitimately refer to those willing hearted souls
the day. We are all spiritual beings. We must        who gave. We all have heard emotional pleas
find the time to nourish and exercise that           for funds. We get swept up in it, and
element within ourselves, and Shabbat is             sometimes we write the check, but sometimes
undeniably the perfect G-d given time.               we don’t. Wisdom knows when to give.
                                           February Congregational Donations

                                           Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
                                           We enjoy the Rebbetzin's commentary
                                                                      Lis and Hugo Kahn
February Birthdays                         In memory of Stanley Kornspan        Ovadya
5-Bea Ochstein
6-Etta Gepsman                             In appreciation
6-Joey Goltz                                                 Adolph and Adrienne Brateman
7-Paula Adams
10-Linda Carson                            Kiddush Fund
                                           In memory of Helen Zaslawsky
10-Joshua Friedman
                                                         Adolph and Adrienne Brateman
12-Kathy Stoller
14-Steve Crell
                                           In honor of Bee Siegel's birthday        Ovadya
14-Rabbi Kornspan
14-Brooklyn Schreier
                                           In honor of Scott and Theresa Trauner's
15-Rachel Wyman
                                           wedding anniversary                    Ovadya
19-Jonathon Mark
21-Aliza Tourkow-Rosoff                    General Fund
22-Hugo Kahn                               In appreciation
22-Jason Barile                                 From your neighbors and Christian friends
27-Andrew Sarratore
                                           Yahrzeit Fund
                                           In memory of Frances Herman
                                                                               Steve Herman
                                           In memory of John Schmitz              Elsa Jacob

February Anniversaries
5-Dave and Carolyn Current
14-Jerry and Sue Pownall
17-Dr. Marc Nusholtz and Dr. Mary Wilger

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Anniversaries
Terumah      Jonathan Brateman
Tetzaveh     Steven Crell
Vayakhel     Michael Lewis
February Yahrzeits
                      Shevet   February   If you would like to make a donation in
Dorothy Moyer        27        31-1       honor/memory of someone, please fill out
Ben Hersh            28        1-2
                                          the form and submit it with your check to:
Sadie Zinn           28        1-2
Herman Rudensky      28        1-2
Eunice Greenstein    28        1-2
                                          Congregation B’nai Jacob 7227 Bittersweet Moors
Molly Bleifeld       29        2-3        Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46814
Irving W. Rifkin     30        3-4
Sol Greenberg        30        3-4        I have enclosed $_________in honor/memory
                     Adar                 of:________________________________
Gertrude Kessler     1         4-5
Jesse Ross           1         4-5        From:_________________________________
Sam Pass             1         4-5
Frieda Barris        1         4-5          Fund Preference: Please indicate which fund
Theresa Perlman      1         4-5                    you prefer to donate to:
Pearl Leah Gladstone 2         5-6
Fred Fidler          2         5-6        ___A.J. Ochstein Fund
Edward Brower        2         5-6        ___Building Fund
Abraham Kritzer      3         6-7        ___David Siegel Memorial Fund
Alexander Welcher    3         6-7        ___General Fund
Max Salon            4         7-8        ___Kiddush Fund
Stephen Bosell       4         7-8        ___Levy/Levin Endowment Fund
Dr. Albert Kudysh    4         7-8        ___Library Fund
William Siegle       5         8-9
                                          ___Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Sam Rozeen           5         8-9
                                          ___Seth Horwitz Education Fund
VC Anderson          5         8-9
Anne Milz            7         10-11
                                          ___Simon/Hannah Crell Education Fund
Yetta Hassan         8         11-12      ___Sisterhood Nursery Fund
Jacob Bernstein      8         11-12      ___Torah Maintenance Fund
Robert Babich        9         12-13      ___Winnick Memorial Garden Fund
Louis Walter         9         12-13      ___Yahrzeit Fund
Abe Kaufman          9         12-13
Fannie Gary          11        14-15
Nathan Liff          12        15-16
Paul Rath            12        15-16
Ruth Finkel          12        15-16
Anne Lee Marcus      13        16-17
Rose Ochstein Kaplan 13        16-17
Sarah Cohen          13        16-17
Sam Jacobson         13        16-17
Dorothy Kay          14        17-18
Frieda Kretzman      14        17-18
Mordacai Falakovicz  15        18-19
Max Levant           15        18-19
Ida Stern            15        18-19
Julius Schwarz       17        20-21
Daryoush Boudaie     17        20-21
Tauba Schachter      18        21-22
Calla Lowenhar       18        21-22
Abraham Goodman      18        21-22
Doris Tillinger      19        22-23
Louis Zweig          19        22-23
Samuel Nemeroff      20        23-24
Sayde Marlin         20        23-24
Isadore Babich       20        23-24
Rebecca Levin        21        24-25
Leonard Rifkin       22        25-26
Betty Cohen          22        25-26
Ken Horwitz          23        26-27
Sam Kay              24        27-28
                                                                                                  Non Profit Organization
Congregation B’nai Jacob                                                                          U.S. Postage Paid
7227 Bittersweet Moors Drive                                                                      Fort Wayne, IN
Fort Wayne, IN 46814                                                                              Permit 1402
(260) 672-8459
Return Service Requested
Rabbi Mitchell Kornspan

President                Ron Friedman
1 Vice President         Mike Adams
2 Vice President         Dan Bradley
Recording Secretary      Mort Schaffer
Financial Secretary      Estelle Greenberg
Treasurer                Ruth Minkoff
Past President           David Bussell
Past President           Josh Tourkow

Board Members            Donna Tourkow
Jennifer Schuler         Paula Adams
Marc Nusholtz            Yuval Fuchs
Pam Friedman             Dan Appel
David Miller             Janet Finkel

                      Take a Jewish culinary adventure beyond bagels and brisket when Tina Wasserman, author of
              Entrée to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora, joins us the weekend of March 4-6 as
              the Temple’s scholar-in-residence.
                      Trained in nutrition and education, Tina is a popular food educator and has been the food columnist for
              Reform Judaism magazine since 2003. Weekend highlights include:

               Friday, March 4 – 7:30 p.m.: Sample Tina's recipes from her website and book following the Shabbat service.
               Saturday, March 5 – 12:00 noon lunch and 12:30 p.m. program: Attend a Lunch-and-Learn: "Beyond Bagels &
        Brisket: A Culinary Journey of Jewish Traditions Around the World" following the 10:30 a.m. Shabbat service. If you would
        like a boxed lunch for $10, reservations and payment are required no later than Wednesday, February 16 by calling the
        Temple office at 744-4245 and sending a check to 5200 Old Mill Road, Fort Wayne, 46807. There is no charge to attend only
        the program, but please make a reservation.
               Sunday, March 6 – 9:45 a.m.: Religious School students and families will learn about Jewish cooking at a family
        education program.

         We are seeking additional sponsors for Tina's visit to offset costs of the weekend. Space is limited and spots are
being reserved now. Sponsors are invited to a special hands-on cooking demonstration, discussion and “small plates”
meal on Saturday night. Reserve your sponsorship ($50, $65 or $100 per person, with cookbook and other options) by
calling the Temple while space permits. Tina's cookbook is available for $30 in the Temple Gift Shop, along with a
selection of her recipe greeting cards.
         We are grateful for the generosity of the Dr. Harry W. Salon Foundation, the Temple's Kathryn Kann Mendelblat
Fund, and our sponsors for their contributions toward the weekend's expenses. Questions? Contact Co-Chairs Kathy
Sider or Cindi Wismer.

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