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					                                                     VA NEWS___________________
Legislation                                              For those of you receive VA care, My      The American Legion
                                                     HealtheVet (MHV) is a powerful tool to
                                                     help you understand and manage your
US CONGRESS (H.R & SENATE)                           health. From that web site, you can: refill
     The American Legion has believed that           prescriptions; link to Federal and VA
the power and symbolism of the American              benefits and resources and keep personal
Flag should be protected. We have served,            health journals. To use MHV go to:
fought, and many of our friends have died  
for our flag and our organization has
stepped forward to protect that flag. There          LOCAL NEWS
are some who believe we should not fight to                                                        Clute-Phillips Post #938
protect our flag. There are others who               Blue Star banners are available from
don’t understand that the flag is not our            our post to present to family’s who has       Your 2010-2011 Officers
focus; or our sole effort. But until our             a member currently serving in our
membership, through resolution, says                 armed forces, stateside and overseas.         Commander         Kathy Kindle
otherwise, passing a flag protection
amendment will remain one of our
                                                     Please contact me or a member of the
legislative efforts. Please contact your             post to have a banner presented to            1st Vice Cdr      Gene Dinse
representative soon on this matter.                  them.
                                                                                                   2nd Vice Cdr      (vacant )
Supreme Court update                                       SUPPORT OUR TROOPS
                                                                                                   3rd Vice Cdr   Darryl Hageman
                                                     Meetings are monthly every 2nd TUESDAY
March 2011 On March 2, the U.S. Supreme
                                                     at 8pm from Sept thru June. Our Legion        Chaplain          Dan Pitcher
Court delivered an 8-1 ruling in favor of the
                                                     room is located above the Village Hall.
church’s right to conduct anti-gay
demonstrations at military funerals. The             We would like to see you there.               SGT-At-Arms Darryl Hageman
American Legion, which raised money through
its Burn Pit blog site to cover legal fees for the                                                 Adjutant          Harold Mufford
father of a fallen Marine whose funeral was                 NEW MEMBERS in 2010
picketed by the church, also filed a friend-of-                                                    Compliance Off. Harold Mufford
the-court brief in support of the father and         Bruce Williams
against the church’s disruptions of private          .                                             Finance Officer     John Burt
                                                      Be sure to welcome them if you see
The church is known for protesting with              them around .
                                                                
anti-gay signs, chants and slogans. They                                                               If you would like to read or
protest at military funerals under the belief
that the deaths of U.S. troops are God’s
                                                                                                   print a copy of the Department of
punishment for America’s tolerance of                                                              New York American Legion
homosexuality.                                                                                    LEGION-EARS newsletter, log on
                                                                                                   at .
                                                       Our ANNUAL MEMORIAL FUND drive has
                                                    started. Please help us sell all 300 tickets. The                                      Dec 2010
                                                    money purchases new flags for our veterans’                                           One of the 3
Commander’s Notes                                   graves on Memorial Day each year.                                                     fleece blankets
  We are doing well here in Middleport                                                                                                  raffled to fund
with our legion programs. Our Memorial Day                                                                                                our Family
and Veteran Day programs are well attended                     Call now for tickets.                                                      Support
by our veterans, their families and the public. I
am always amazed at the large gatherings of
our small village. We are well supported by the          LOCAL scene
community and we want to celebrate that by
                                                                                                         CHAPLAIN’S CORNER 
continuing our service to our community. We             Veterans Day ceremonies were
participate with Roy –Hart School district with     held at 11AM, Thursday, NOV 11th at
the School Awards program where we present          Veterans Park here in Middleport. We had
Awards and Saving bonds to deserving                a good show of veterans and the event was
students of the Middle and High schools. The        warmly attended by the local public. We
High School , with the help of the Guidance         extend many thanks to Boy Scout Troop
Office counselors, continue to provide us with      23 for their well-executed flag retirement
information and a room conduct our Boys                                                                 POST EVERLASTING
State interviews for selection of the most                                                                         Raymond Neuman, Sr.
qualified junior to attend the year’s program.
                                                                                                                   Nina Staschak
I attended the National Convention in
Milwaukee in August 2010.. It was well                                                                          “Lest we
attended by members from New York and                                                                          forget”
Niagara County. The Band of the
Tonawandas won first place in the
competition and lead the National parade                                                                Sons of the American
there. We had a beautiful day and lots of           Left to Right: Paul Collins, Harold
participants and parade watchers.                   Mufford, John Burt, Dale Schnackel
                                                    and Gene Dinse.                                     Legion
On another note, we are working to begin a           Afterwards, we gathered with the Auxiliary
new program at our Post. We want to start a         and Juniors in the Middleport Fire hall               If you would like to help us organize a
Sons of the American Legion Squadron here           where a larger than usual crowd gathered            squadron or know of someone who is
in Middleport. An SAL squadron is a program         this year for the delicious soups and               interested, please let us know.
of the American Legion. It currently boasts of      sandwiches that were prepared by members
325,000 members nationwide. Here in Niagara                                                             We are signing up charter members NOW!
                                                    of the American Legion Auxiliary.
County we have 4 squadrons, we will be the
                                                                                                            JUST ASK –is the motto of Dept
5th. We are collecting signatures NOW to            Tim Parks, son of Tom and Joan Parks gave              membership Chairman Mike Bowen.
submit to Department for a charter. If you          a very good overview of his experiences at
have a male descendent or are one yourself,         Boys State last summer. He thanked the                JUST ASK YOUR VETERAN FRIENDS TO
you can sign up. There is no age limit.             Post for selecting him for this opportunity.                        JOIN
      Questions? Comments?
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