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									Works Cited Page
   Your Works Cited page is where you will list all
    the sources you used in your paper.

Warning: if you don’t follow all
 these instructions IN ORDER,
 your WC page will be wrong,
 and I will not take your paper
 with a messed-up WC page.
 Open a brand new Word document.
 Open your Handbook to page 61.
 Get out all your Source cards.
To begin:
 Put your Source cards in alphabetical
  order according to the first word on the
  card. (Might be title, might be author’s last
 Put them to the side.

NOTE: DO NOT put them in order by the
 Source Letter. This will be wrong.
Pull up your new Word doc.
   Save it in your home folder as “Works Cited
   Go to Format>>paragraph.
   Find the section of the grey box labeled
    “Spacing,” and the white box labeled “Line
   In this box, select “Double.”
   Now, in the same grey box, find the section for
    “Indentation,” and the white box labeled
   In this box, select “Hanging.”
   Click on “OK” at the bottom.
In your Word doc…
 Center.
 At the top of the page, type: Works Cited
     Donot boldface it, underline it, or make it
 Hit enter ONCE.
 Un-center (left align).
   Get out your alphabetized source cards.
   Type each card into your Works Cited page EXACTLY
    the way it is on your card.
       Do NOT hit enter while you are typing each card. Just keep
        typing, and it will automatically go to the next line if it needs to.
       Make sure to include all the punctuation you need.
       The title of a book, website, magazine should be UNDERLINED
        OR in ITALICS, NOT BOTH.

   When you finish your first card, hit enter ONCE.
   Begin typing your next card.

   Type out all of your Source cards in this way.
Interviews: (Skip this slide until
after Oct. 25)
 Now turn to page 48 in your Handbook.
 Write the information for your interviews
  on page 48.
 When you are sure it is perfect, move to
  the next slide.
     Remember—the    dates are written in MLA
     format: 10 Oct. 2010
Interviews: (Skip this slide until
after Oct. 25)
 Go back to your Works Cited Word doc.
 Figure out where each interview would fit
  in your list alphabetically.
 Type each interview into your Works Cited
  page, just like you did with your Source
  cards. Make sure they fit in alphabetical
Look back at page 61:
   Does your page look just like the example?
   Check:
     Is it evenly double spaced, with no extra spaces?
     Is it all alphabetized together?
     Is there a hanging indent?
     Does it say Works Cited at the top? Did you spell it
      right, and capitalize it right?
     Does it include ALL of your sources from your paper?
    Now, for the most important part:
    DONE! You might have to come back to this slide next
   Print off your Works Cited page, and get out a highlighter.
   Pull up your Part 3 on your computer.

       Move to the next slide when you have these things ready.
Check your sources:
   Read through your Part 3 until you find the first
    source you use.
   Highlight that source on your Works Cited page,
    and write your Part 3 page # next to it.
   Keep reading until you find the next source you
   Highlight that source on your Works Cited page,
    and write this Part 3 page # next to it.
   Keep reading through your Part 3, and do this
    for every source you find.
Now, look at your WC page:
   Your Interviews should not be highlighted.
   Every other source should be highlighted, with a page #
    next to it.

If this is NOT the case, SEE
    ME immediately!!!!!!!!!!
                 Otherwise, move to the next slide.
Pull up your Part 4: (Skip this
slide until after Oct. 25)
   In your Part 4, you should see a few parentheses with
    your interviewee’s last name in them.
       These should happen after you use a direct quote (see page 57
        for an example).

   Find the first place you see this, and highlight that
    interview on your WC page. Write your Part 4 page #
    next to it.

   Go to your next interview, and do the same thing.

    IF you don’t see this at least ONCE for
     EACH interview, SEE ME immediately!
Final Check:
   Now every source on your WC page
    should be highlighted. If it’s not, you have
    a problem. You should see me to help fix
    it. If you don’t fix it now, I probably won’t
    take your paper.
What now?
 If you are not done with part of your paper,
  write it.
 If you have any Ms or 0s in the gradebook,
  fix them.
 If you are finished writing the first draft of
  your whole paper, congrats! You rock!
  Come see me and I’ll tell you what to do

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