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									Muhammad Medical College,
MB BS Prospectus
Entry 2011

   Muhammad Medical College
Welcome to Muhammad Medical College
                    I am very pleased to learn that Muhammad Medical College is all geared up to
                    induct fresh batch of aspiring would-be medical graduates, for whom this
                    prospectus is being brought out.

                    Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas, the only Medical Institute in lower Sindh, although
                    still in its 10th year of foundation, has earned recognition as thoroughly professional
                    institute committed to dissemination of quality medical education.

The six batches of medical graduates passed out to date from this college have been well received and
absorbed in the professional organizations and health care system of the country. This is in fact a tribute to the
devotion & dedication of its faculty & management who have set up well equipped labs and museums etc. with
most modern facilities. The University of Sindh takes pride in having such prestigious institutions in its fold.

Dr. Nazir A Mughal
Vice Chancellor
University of Sindh

                    As the world is turning into a global village, our future doctors face a gigantic task of
                    mastering Community Oriented Health Sciences on one hand and developing skills and
                    competence required at international level on other. Medical Education is changing very
                    rapidly and "Modernizing Medical Education" by NHS in UK is a glaring example.

                     A thorough understanding of modern aspects of Medical Education is most vital for our
                     students and doctors. At the same time full comprehension of concepts like Medical Ethics,
                     Evidence Based Medicine and Better Communication Skills should be provided to our
students. I intend to make full use of my experience of being a Fellow of two Royal Colleges and more recently,
an examiner of all four Royal Colleges of Surgeons of UK, for the benefit of our students. A close liaison is also
being developed with some UK institutes that will further help our future doctors.

Professor Syed Razi Muhammad
Managing Trustee
Muhammad Foundation Trust

                    As a medical student, you’re going to spend a significant number of the most
                    important years of your life at college.You’ll want to end up with a world-class
                    qualification – and you’ll work hard to achieve that. But you’ll also want a rich
                    and vibrant social and cultural life.

                      In Gives me immense pleasure to write these lines for Muhammad Medical College which
                      is recognized institution by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council to award MB BS Degree.
                      This is the only Medical College situated in the Rural Ares of Sindh especially in the Thar
Region. This Institution is Progressing day by day with academic activities like Annual Symposia & CME
Programs. In the year 2010 it added a Cap in its feather by recognized by College of Physicians & Surgeons
Pakistan in fields of Medicine, Surgery & Gynae / Obstratrics for imparting training of FCPS. MAY ALLAH

Professor Ghulam Ali Memon
Muhammad Medical College

Introduction            3
Why Study at MMC        4
Academics               11
Accommodation           13
Extra Curricular
Activities              15
How to Apply?
Rules and Regulations   19
Fee Payment
Fee Structure           20
Admission Rules         21

Entrance of Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas
                                                               Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas   3

                are from 1998
 Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas, which runs under
 Muhammad Foundation Trust, has clear mission to provide
 learning and training opportunities of international standards,
 and to provide adequate health facilities to the patients who
 need it most. Central to this aim is our desire to put students
 and the patients at the forefront of our attention.

 Professor Syed Razi Muhammad
 Department of Surgery
4 Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas

Muhammad Foundation Trust
Muhammad Foundation Trust is a registered trust consisting of highly educated
people of Mirpurkhas. This trust has been formed by a group of professionals &
educationists with deep root in Mirpurkhas, under the chairmanship of the Dr.
Syed AH Muhammad and leadership of Dr. S. Razi Muhammad.

 Board of Trustees

                 Dr. Syed Ali Muhammad                                  Engr. Syed Taqi Muhammad
                 Founder Chairman                                       Secretary Board of Trustees

                 Mrs. Razia Muhammad                                    Dr. Mrs. A. H. Muhammad
                 Chairperson                                            Trustee

                 Prof. Dr. Syed Razi Muhammad                           Mr. M. Ibrahim Soomro
                 Managing Trustee                                       Trustee
                                                                Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas              5

 Message by
 Dr. Syed Ali Muhammad
 Life is a strange phenomenon.Whether you do good things or bad things
 or nothing, it moves on. Time flies. Children become boys & girls, then
 young adults, then middle aged and then old people. (Shakespeare will
 count 7 stages, others less or more), but nevertheless, before you know,
 you are heading towards eternity, leaving all your loved ones and houses
 and land and earnings behind.That is because you never owned them.As
 Mir has said "Yeh hi jana keh kuch na jana haL.So bhi ik umr mein hua maloom.

 However one thing is certain. If you do what you have been asked to do and refrain from what you have been
 forbidden with, Someone ensures that your beloved are properly taken care of, your name stays prestigious
 and your deeds carry on.

 I do not know if I would be able to see the seeds of my institutions of knowledge and treatment turning into
 full fledged trees, but I am sure that God almighty never lets any sincere effort go wasted. So I am sure that
 my and your children and all the future children of Mirpurkhas, Sindh and Pakistan will witness Muhammad
 Colleges, Institutes and Hospitals turning into centres of excellence and will be fully benefited by these
 institutions.And perhaps I will also witness from somewhere high up, my and your children smiling in these

 May God grant MMC, MMCH and MIST all the recognition and success that these institutes truly deserve.
Why Study at MMC?

MMC Ground Floor, Fourth Year Class room
                                                          Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas              7
Why study at MMC?

The most peaceful city of Pakistan
Apart from high academic standards and healthy
atmosphere, many families send their children to
MMC because of the peaceful nature of the city.        The Campus
The city of Mirpurkhas which in ancient times used     Muhammad Medical College is located just outside
to be the glorified Kaho jo Daro, the capital of       Mirpurkhas (6 km from Zero point) on Hyderabad
magnificent empire of Indus civilization, is one of    road. This is opposite Ratanabad Railway station
the most peaceful city of Pakistan. The history        near main bus stand. It spreads over 40 acres
shifted to the point where it became the capital of    owned by Muhammad Foundation Trust for its
Mirs' Sindh.                                           projects. All necessary facilities including building,
                                                       gas, electricity, telephone, e-mail. Internet,
Apart from the fascinating history, Mirpurkhas         transport, accommodation, food and drink spots
holds its position high as a city where people from    are available. Public transport operating along
all walks of life live with peace and harmony. It is   Hyderabad road provides frequent and regular
also called the city of Mangoes.                       access to the college. The college building is more
                                                       than sufficient to the requirement and has all the
Today, its golden history includes the name of the     necessary departments. Each department has its
largest non government educational and medical         own museum, laboratory and tutorial room, which
trust of Sindh outside Karachi, the Muhammad           are well equipped and fascinating. All facilities are
                                                       modern and up-to the mark. Students get clinical
                                                       training in nearby 500 bedded Muhammad Medical
Friendly Environment                                   college Hospital. There are hostels for boys and
                                                       girls. A new large state of art 3 stories girls' hostel
We pride ourselves on being a friendly School, with    has just been established.
excellent staff-student relationships.

                                                       The Muhammad Medical Collegeis located very
                                                       close to Mirpurkhas city, therefore a Shuttle
                                                       Transport Service regularly runs between the
                                                       college and the pick-up points. College bus is also
                                                       available for all students at the rate as prescribed
                                                       by the College. Fees will have to be paid for whole
                                                       year at the beginning of year. This has pick-up
                                                       points and predefined routes. The route will not be
                                                       changed for individual student.
8 Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas
Why study at MMC?

Problem Based
Learning (PBL) for
medical students
PBL is a key element of the medical curriculum. It
is an active way of learning that teaches students
                                                     Attached Teaching
problem-solving skills and teamwork while at the
same time allowing them to acquire basic             Hospital
knowledge. PBL involves groups of eight to ten       There has been great improvement in clinical
students working together to understand and          training of the students. Plenty of construction has
explain the central issues of a problem under the    taken place in MMCH leading to a total strength of
guidance of a tutor.                                 over 500 beds.

                                                     A new department of Cardiology with CCU have
Students’ Advisory                                   been started. A department of Urology with
                                                     Dialysis facilities have been added. A new unit has
Service                                              been started in the department of Gynaecology &
                                                     Obstetrics. A 17 rooms doctors' hostel has been
This department covers a wide range of students’     completed and started at MMCH.
academic and non-academic activities such as
counseling, accommodation, students’ health          Construction of a new state of the art OPD
services, students’ record, discipline and other     complex has also been started.
matters related to students.
                                                     Another major improvement is that in every
                                                     specialty, there are senior doctors who now reside
                                                     in Mirpurkhas and are hence available for clinical
                                                     training and patients care 24 hours a day, seven
                                                     days a week. This has greatly improved the
                                                     attendance of the hospital.
  I chose to study at
  Muhammad Medical                                   MMCH has purchased and brought in from UK
  College because I had                              hospital instruments worth over 20 million of RS.
  heard very positive                                Hence we now have a good functioning ICU with
  comments about the                                 monitors as well as Ventilators, better equipped
  quality of the teaching                            and larger operation theatre suite, a state of art
  and the down to                                    gastroenterology ward (with a consultant
  earth atmosphere and attitudes of both staff       gastroenterologist from UK), a much improved
  and students.                                      Gynae & Obstetrics department with much better
  When compared to other medical college in          attendance in labour ward and regular Gynae list.
  Sindh, MMC seemed like the best place to be!       Eye, ENT and Paeds departments are also much
                                                     better equipped.
  Mona Fatima, MB BS
                                                         Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas   11

An academic year comprises three regular terms
of three months each. The last three months of the
academic years are allocated to the Annual
Examination. Usually Annual Examinations will be
held in November every year.

Examination Department of MMC, headed by
controller of Examination Dr. Ausaf Hussain, will
conduct the Enrolment of all students admitted.
This department is also responsible for arranging
and holding all the examinations and declaring their

Schedule of Final Examination
The schedule of the Final Examination is followed
by the announcement of the University of Sindh.

Policy of the Examinations and Attendance
Examinations will be held at the end of each year
by University of Sindh. Pass marks in each
examination will be 50%. If a student fails to attend
classes for two weeks continuously after start of
session without any written application submitted
beforehand, his / her admission shall stand
cancelled automatically without any notice. If a
student is unable to attend classes for ten days or
more during the session without informing in
writing to the Chairperson of Department, his /
her admission shall stand cancelled. A student will
not have more than 4 chances of passing Part-l or
Part-ll of First Professional Examinations, availed or
un-availed. Failing Fourth attempt, student's name
will be struck off college register (as per PM&DC

Boys Hostel, MMC, Rattanabad
                                                           Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas          13

Custom built on-site separate hostels for boys and
girls are available which are among the best in all     Library
Medical Colleges of Pakistan. Both are owned by         There is an ample sized library with reading room,
MFT. Hostels are built with state of the art            separate sections for teaching staff and counter. It
buildings with excellent facilities and opportunities   has almost 3000 books related to medical sciences
for study in peaceful atmosphere. Students              and about 5000 medical journals. It has a senior
requiring hostel will need to pay hostel fee for one    librarian with other support staff. It has an
year at the time of admission. Non-Aircondition         audiovisual corner that provides computer &
accommodation is Rs.48,000/- per annum and Air          Internet facilities to the students. The Library is a
condition accommodation is Rs. 84,000/- per             major center of health science literature. It is
annum with one meal. This will be non refundable.       equipped with up to date information and retrieval
At the end of one year, students will have to           facilities, books and journals for the students and
deposit a fee for another year or leave the hostel.     faculty in basic medical sciences, clinical sciences,
Strict rules and regulations have to be observed        community health, nursing etc. Avail this facility by
regarding timings of meals, visitors, leave, week-end   getting the books for their interest and increase
off from premises.                                      their knowledge.

Canteens                                                Mosque
A Number of canteens provide students, staff,           A mosque is also constructed for daily prayers in
patients and visitors with regular meals, snacks and    the campus.
drinks round the clock.
Extra Curricular
                                                            Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas          15
Extra Curricular Activities

Messiah                                           Student Profile
                                                  Umer Bakka, MB BS,
Students enjoy various activities outside
                                                  graduated Feb 2010
their educational routine and receive
education with fun and pleasure. A faculty
                                                  Muhammad Medical College
member heads each society to guide the
                                                  students work hard and play
students in carrying out their activities.
                                                  just as hard!
Muhammad College Magazine called
"Messiah" is edited and published by the
                                                  That’s definitely the best thing about studying here.
students to express their views and to
                                                  Many medical colleges have struggled to keep their
publish literary creations.
                                                  unions and social activities
                                                  thriving, but that’s not the case at MMC. This isn’t just
                                                  down to commitment from the students, but also the
Sports & Social Club                              staff who always show their support by attending
                                                  sports matches, drama productions, and key events
The sports and Social Club provides sporting      such as the annual Symposium.
and recreational activities for students and
other members of Muhammad Medical                 Muhammad Medical College does its best to listen to
College. The club is committed to the belief      students, and promotes feedback and provides
that participation in these activities enhances   resolution where possible. Tutors are always happy to
the well being of students and staff of the       assist, and the libraries have very well thought out
Muhammad Medical College so that they are         opening hours, policies on books, and study areas to
better able to meet the demands and               suit everyone from silent individual study to group
obligations of an academic and working life       work facilities. Many staff members have been
with balanced and healthy life style.             nominated for awards from the governing university
                                                  for their teaching and commitment to students.

Literary and Debating                             My elective was one of the most interesting
                                                  experiences during my time at MMC.

Literacy and Debating Society organizes
literary activities like quiz competition,
Mushaira and inter-class debates.
16 Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas
Extra Curricular Activities

Inter Collegiate
Competition Held
at MMC
MMC holds an Inter collegiate in various sports
and stage programmes. This has rekindled the sprit
of healthy competition among the boys and girls in
the region.

Inter collegiate competitions held at other colleges
and Universities. MMC has regularly participated in
these competetions specially cricket and debates.

Annual Mushaira is held where poets among
students and faculty participate along with the
renowned poets of the region.

                                                       Student Week
Parents Day                                            A student week is held every year where students
A Parents Day is planned where parents will come       of MMC compete against each others. Following
and watch their children participate in various        events are particularly popular:
activities. A musical concert with dinner will be         a. Cricket
held the same evening.                                    b. Table tennis
                                                          c. Athletics
                                                          d. Debates
                                                          e. Quizzes
                                                          f. Qirat & Naat
                                                          g. Bait Bazi
How to Apply?
                                                             Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas         19
How to Apply?

Candidate should submit along with the application
form, a complete record of school and college
academic achievements including marks sheets,             The interview is currently an integral part of the
which must be certified by the Principal of the           selection process. We use it to assess your
concerned College. An applicant may apply on one          determination, communication skills and
category of seats only, i.e. regular or CADP. No          personality, and it also gives you a chance to meet
switch over will be permitted during the                  people involved with the course. The intense
curriculum.                                               competition for places to study medicine and
                                                          dentistry means that every year we are not
                                                          able to interview all applicants, and no offers are
Who Can Apply?                                            given without an interview.

Boys and girls with 60% marks in Intermediate             Interviews take place between November and
Science (pre-medical group) can apply. Applicants         December. An interview lasts for 15 to 20
should have passed their examination from any             minutes.
Board of Intermediate and Higher Secondary
Education or two A level examination with pre-
medical subject or equivalent examination.                Selection
                                                          Applications are reviewed within the Admissions
Pakistani nationals abroad are also eligible provided
                                                          Office to check that they meet the minimum
they possess the requisite academic qualifications
                                                          academic requirements. Any applications which do
with equivalent certification. If at any stage, it is
                                                          not meet the academic requirements stated in this
found that student had less than 60% marks in F.Sc.
                                                          prospectus will be rejected at this point.
his/her admission will be cancelled and the college
will not bear any responsibility. All foreign nationals
                                                          Our selection panel gives all applications received
will have to clear visa procedures, migration and
                                                          by the 1st November deadline equal consideration.
obtain equivalence certificate and other clearance
certificates from all-relevant departments and

Rules & Regulations
The College Academic Council has established an
admission cell. The cell will be responsible for all
matters pertaining to admissions e.g. admission
test, interviews and selection of candidates. The
Cell provides guidance to parents and students.
Admissions will be strictly dealt on Merit basis.
After the completion of admission process, the list
of selected candidates will be exhibited on college
notice board. Students can also contact college
office for their results. Failure to submit full fees
within 48 hours of announcement of results may
cause withdrawal of offer of admission. The
decision of Muhammad Medical College will be
20 Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas
Fee Payment

The fee will have to be deposited only and only at the Habib Bank Limited at the campus of Muhammad Medical
College within 48 hours of announcement of results (which will be done soon after the interview). Failure to pay
the full fee within 48 hours of announcement of results may result in withdrawal of offer of admission.The receipt
must be obtained.Any claim of fee paid anywhere other than the designated branch of Habib Bank Limited situated
within MMC will not be acceptable.Tuition fee charged annually by the college will recover only a small portion of
the high expenditure incurred on medical education. The students will have to pay fee in advance at the time of
admission; thereafter, fee for 2nd year and thereafter would be paid by 10th of October.This means that students
admitted in 2010-2011 session will need to pay their fee for second year before 10th October 2011. i.e. before their
first year annual examinations. If there is a delay in payment of fee, Rs. 5000/month of fine will be charged.This will be
counted from 10th of each month. If 10th is holiday, last date will become 9th and so on. If a student fails and repeats
a year, he / she will have to pay 30% of tuition fee due for that year he / she repeats (separate for normal and CADP
admission). He / She will pay full fee due from next year after passing exams and getting promotion. Fees paid
(including hostel fee) cannot be refunded. If a student withdraws admission after the classes for an academic year
starts (even for a single day), his/her fee for that year will be fully charged. All payments to the College through
cheques / pay order or Bank Draft shall be drawn in favour of Muhammad Medical College.

Fee Structure:
Prospectus Fee                     Rs. 500/-
Entry Test / Processing Fee        Rs. 1,000/-

                                                   Standard                     *CADP

 Admission Fee                                   Rs. 1,00,000/-               Rs. 1,00,000/-           Rs. 1,00,000/-

 Tution Fees:
                               First Year        Rs. 4,50,000/-               Rs. 7,00,000/-           Rs. 7,00,000/-

                            Second Year          Rs. 4,50,000/-               Rs. 7,00,000/-           Rs. 7,00,000/-

                              Third Year         Rs. 4,00,000/-               Rs. 4,00,000/-           Rs. 7,00,000/-

                            Fourth Year          Rs. 4,00,000/-               Rs. 4,00,000/-           Rs. 7,00,000/-

                               Final Year        Rs. 4,00,000/-               Rs. 4,00,000/-           Rs. 7,00,000/-

* College Academic Development Program
                                                                Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas            21
Admission Rules

Admission Expulsion:                                        Re-Admission
The Principal of MMC as well as Managing Trustee of         Students seeking re-admission will be considered
MMC reserve the right to cancel the admission of            only:
student who fall in the following categories:                  Ÿ If the application is received within one year of
   Ÿ If a student suffers from physical, mental,                  the period of withdrawal.
      psychological health conditions and in the               Ÿ If the attendance & course grades at the time
      opinion of the College Medical Board, is not                of withdrawal from the College were
      likely to continue/maintain the required                    satisfactory.
      academic and other standards.                            Ÿ If the conduct and behaviour was satisfactory.
   Ÿ If a student’s conduct / behaviour is not the             Ÿ A re-admisison fee of Rs. 50,000/- will be
      required standard of the College.                           charged.
   Ÿ If a student fails to pay the College fees /
      Penalty (including transport and hostel fee) in
      the specified period.
                                                            As Muhammad Medical College is affiliated with
                                                            University of Sindh, its students will have to fill-in and
Withdrawal From the                                         submit the enrolment form along-with the required
                                                            fees at the beginning of FirstYear.
Student desiring to withdraw from the College
during the term or year must notify the Principal in

They are required to get the required clearance from
all departments including Finance Department. If an
academic year has started, it means the student has
utilized the tuition fee. If he / she then withdraws, the
fee can not be returned.

Transfer Policy
All transfer of students from other Colleges may be
allowed in accordance with PMDC rules if the seats
are available. In all cases No Objection Certificate
from the concerned University and College are to be
obtained. A transfer fee of Rs. 1,00,000/- is to be
charged whether student is transferred to or from
               Muhammad Medical College

Admission Office                                                          Islamabad Office:
Muhammad Medical College                                  314/A, Mian Sawan Road, G-10/1,
P.O Box No. 61, Hyderabad Road,                                         Islamabad, Pakistan
Ratanabad, Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan
                                                                   Tel: +92 (0)51 2110331-2
Tel: +92 (0)233 862182, 862391                                     Mob: +92 (0)345 8520327
Fax: +92 (0)233 503700

Lahore Office:                           This guide has been produced by the Publications
436,Block E, First Floor, HBL Branch,    and Web Office for Muhammad Medical College.
Main Boulevard, Johar Town,
Lahore, Pakistan                         The information given in this prospectus is correct at the
                                          time of going to press. The College reserves the right to
Tel: +92 (0)42 35172992-3                     modify or cancel any statement in it and accepts no
Mob: +92 (0)345 9599914-15                responsibility for the consequences of any such changes.
                                                                         Designed by Imtiaz Hussain Sial
                                                                                        IT Department
                                                                           Muhammad Medical College

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